130 Innovation Strategy Examples

What do Google, Microsoft, and Apple have in common?

Aside from being technology giants, these companies have a similar approach: they implement an innovation strategy that disrupts the current state of the market. Read on to learn how innovation strategy helps these companies stay on top!

🔝 Top 10 Innovation Strategy Examples

  1. The Google Company’s Management
  2. Innovation Planning and Design
  3. The Chocolala Company New Product Development
  4. Laptop Industry’s Characteristics and Analysis
  5. Global Projects' Organizational Strategy & Culture
  6. Apple Company's Corporate Governance
  7. Honda Company's Innovation Management
  8. Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Innovations
  9. Global Business Management and Strategies
  10. Computer Company's Innovation Plan

🚀 What Is Innovation Strategy?

Organizations cannot expand without innovation. In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive market, providing your customers with the new value is essential for business growth and longevity. An innovation strategy allows business leaders to formulate a detailed and thorough plan geared towards organizational changes and value addition within the business.

How to Create an Innovation Strategy?

Creating an innovation strategy requires taking several steps:

  1. Identify where to take advantage of innovation.
  2. Conduct a case study focusing on risks and rewards (you may use a template.)
  3. Focus on improving the existing business model.
  4. Fill a particular financial revenue gap.

What Is the Purpose of an Innovation Strategy?

An innovation strategy is meant to present a detailed plan of creating a new value that will be popular with the customers. It helps ensure that all company’s departments work toward a common goal that will allow them to achieve long-term success.

📚 Types of Innovation Strategy

There are four types of innovation strategies. Let’s study them in detail:

Proactive This strategy encourages a company to make a breakthrough innovation and cause disruption in the market’s conventional way.
Active Active innovation strategy relies on preserving existing markets and technologies and preparing for quick responses to sudden technological changes.
Reactive This innovation strategy favors low-risk opportunities. It involves deploying a tactic and then waiting to see how the market responds to it.
Passive This innovation strategy depends on customer demand. When you use it, you wait for customer feedback before making any changes to a product or service.

🔥 Top 5 Innovation Strategy Examples

Every enterprise uses different strategies to stay on top in business. Below are the top 5 examples of successful companies’ innovation strategies. Check them out to understand the topic better!

Microsoft Innovation Strategy

Microsoft tends to rely on incremental innovations, which proves very successful. However, in recent years they have steered their focus to fostering radical innovations and taking a more proactive approach to advance into different markets.

Google Innovation Strategy

Google’s innovation strategy is uniquely dynamic and far-reaching. Assigning one particular innovation strategy will not do justice to their flexible scale solutions. They invest plenty in research and analysis to introduce radical disruptions in the market.

Coca-Cola Innovation Strategy

Coca-Cola has been leading in the innovation department, and they ascribe their success to always having a radical approach. They believe the only way forward is by introducing new value for consumers. Their most recent innovation includes their Freestyle mobile app.

Amazon Innovation Strategy

Amazon’s innovation strategy always takes its platform and startup culture into account. Amazon focuses on extensive and proactive marketing efforts and adjusts its implementation strategy according to many innovative categories.

Apple’s Innovation Strategy

Apple’s strategy is proactive. They gain advantage by disrupting the market with a constant reinvention of their products, thus making competition irrelevant.

Other companies with great innovation strategies include:

Are you interested in more innovation strategy examples? Check them out on the web page below!

📝 Innovation Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Apple Company: Enterprise Risk Management
    Using enterprise risk management tools, this report evaluates the risks that Apple Inc. faces and how it can overcome these risks to remain competitive in the global market.
  2. Innovation in Competitive Business Environment
    In recent years, many new startups have been established, and some have become seriously competitive organizations in their sector.
  3. Eastman Kodak Company's Marketing Analysis
    Eastman Kodak Company has been operation for more than a century and has expanded its market from the US to all regions across the globe. The company was started by George Eastman.
  4. Apple Company's Strategies
    The paper will examine the strategies employed by Apple Company Technologies in its quest to conquer the technology market.
  5. Business Transformation: Innovation, Creativity and Design
    In creativity, there is the addition of values to the new product or idea introduced by the creator. The design has connotations of coming up with a plan for creating something.
  6. Innovation Computers Company in US
    Innovation Computers is a multinational company that plays a leading role in providing its customers variety of quality products and efficient services which include IT and computing technologies.
  7. Emirates Airlines' Operations and Improvement
    This paper reviews the operations of Emirates Airlines to identify its strengths and weaknesses and suggest ways through which it can improve its operations.
  8. Google Inc.'s Marketing Strategic Capabilities
    The report examines the Google company’s internationalization marketing strategic capabilities to present recommendations for improvement.
  9. Balfour Beatty Company's Innovation
    This report presents how Balfour Beatty manages its innovation. For many critics, the construction industry is not innovative.
  10. Tesco Innovation Strategy Analysis & Examples
    Wondering how is Tesco innovative? 🧺 This report assesses Tesco innovation strategy in line with the available theoretical frameworks. 🔬 Read the paper to discover Tesco innovation examples and teamwork! 💪
  11. Tata Group Innovation Management
    The following report is about innovation management in the Tata Group. In the introductory section, the report provides a general overview of the importance of innovation.
  12. Etihad Airline Project: Strategic Management
    Etihad Airways should focus on supplying its consumers with premium products that suit their needs and experiences. The premises should be furnished in a luxurious manner.
  13. Apple Inc.'s Innovation Challenge and Management
    The paper uses Apple Inc. to review the concept of innovation by covering the aspects of organising innovation, innovation strategy and organisational structure.
  14. Timberland Company's Innovative Strategies
    In this paper, the focus will be to discuss innovative strategies that Timberland is using to overcome the challenges that it faces in the market.
  15. Apple Inc.'s Innovation Action Plan
    The innovation action plan will evaluate the weaknesses and the strengths of Apple’s innovation management structure.
  16. Unilever Innovation Management & Strategies
    Working on Unilever innovation case study? 🧴 Consider researching collaboration of Unilever trade partners to create strong brands. 🧼 This and many other aspects are discussed in this article about Unilever innovation strategy and technologies. ➡️
  17. Nissan Company’s International Marketing Strategies
    This paper gives an overview of Nissan motor company and the automobile industry. It also gives some of the marketing strategies that have helped to enter into the international market.
  18. Microsoft Company’s Innovations and Culture
    Analyzing innovation at Microsoft in 2022? The main innovation activity for Microsoft as an organization continues to be within the development of the Windows operating system.
  19. Innovation and Action Plan for Its Implementation
    Innovation is the current driver of organizational change. Organizations that choose to make it part of their agenda should do it at levels that encourage their full exploitation.
  20. Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    The most valuable gain that entrepreneurs can attract from innovations is value. Innovations are only useful if innovators make real life and practical use for them.
  21. Samsung Innovation Examples and Entrepreneurship Style
    Looking for some good Samsung innovation examples? 📳 There are plenty of them! In this paper, we analyze Samsung innovations and the processes that have made the company flourish. 📈 Let’s discover how Samsung gained the competitive advantage over its competitors. 🏆
  22. Google Inc.'s Product Innovation and Performance
    As discussed by Edenlman and Eisenmann, the Google Inc. case study analyzes the process of growth of the company in terms of product innovation and policy frameworks.
  23. Culture and Technological Innovation in Organizations
    Culture and innovation is an important and integral part of the organization. This is because the new, improved technology brings about high-quality products and services.
  24. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company's Innovation Management
    Innovation management is an interesting topic that has been actively discussed by scientists over the last few years.
  25. La Roche-Posay Company: Digital Innovation Strategy
    Several potential consumers of LRP have switched to the digital media, and therefore, the marketing strategy required needs to be digital.
  26. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    This paper reviews entrepreneurship and innovation cases, "The Southwest Airlines: entrepreneurship culture," "Reinventing in innovation at google," and "Nothing unique to offer."
  27. The Most Innovative Companies in 2016
    Many organizations struggle to make the correct choice to support innovation, while other companies aim to enact innovative management plans and activities.
  28. Small Business and Entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia
    Small businesses play a critical role in the Saudi Arabian economy. Thousands of young adults in the country are employed directly or indirectly in small businesses.
  29. Innovation & Success of Entrepreneurial Activities
    Innovation is an integral part of human development, as well as the specific company or organization with a process of management based on its characteristics and strategies.
  30. Apple Company: Innovation Action Plan
    This paper will discuss the application of innovation at Apple. It will highlight the cultural barriers and enablers that facilitate innovation at the company.

💡 Essay Ideas on Innovation Strategy

  1. Google Company Innovations
    This paper is devoted to the analysis of the Google Company pointing out its strengths and weaknesses in order to determine recommendations for its future development.
  2. Types of Innovation in Business
    Organizations where people are ignorant about change and innovation will automatically fail to innovate since the employees will tend to oppose and criticize things that they know nothing about.
  3. Innovative Widget Company's Customer Relations
    A customer of Innovative Widget Company had ordered a web widget for his company’s website to use it both in the company’s website and in the social network.
  4. Innovation-Triggered Change and Leadership Styles
    This paper aims to explore the varieties of leadership styles that promote changes in organizations and their significance.
  5. Innovation Importance to International Business
    The innovation is a rather important issue that needs to be considered by every company, especially by those that operate in the international area.
  6. Nucor Corporation Strategic Management
    Nucor's success can be attributed to several strategic options that the company adopted following the financial difficulties it faced in the 1960s.
  7. Innovations and Change in Organizational Functions
    Innovations and changes help organizations function effectively in a chaotic world. Some even do engage in radical changes to their basic business processes.
  8. Approaches to Innovation Analysis
    Innovations may be thought of as successful inventions and vary in significance, breadth of application, and degree of newness or change.
  9. Company's General Business Strategy
    A company business strategy involves coming up with the overall direction of the company, its goals and performance metrics, and arranging for the resources with which to achieve that strategy.
  10. Sources of Energy Review
    This paper describes the main sources of energy: Fossil Fuels, Water Power, Wind Power, Nuclear Power, Tidal Power, Biomass Power, Solar Power, and Geothermal Power.
  11. Innovation Strategy and Management in the Large Companies
    Large companies with experience approach innovation management through the long-term strategy of product development that includes the culture of innovation, risk-taking, and tolerance to mistakes.
  12. Business Innovation - Entrepreneurship
    Innovations can be defined as processes through which entrepreneurs are involved in the conversion of opportunities into ideas that are marketable.
  13. Main Types of Business Innovation
    The paper adducts four main types of business innovation and explores all the approaches of the innovations implementations.
  14. The Apple Inc.: Company Review
    The Apple Inc company is a private company and operates in the context of a private company in the United States.
  15. Managing Change and Innovation in Gillette Company
    The main problem faced by management is resistance to change and innovation caused by fear of change and personal attitudes of employees.
  16. Innovation Management Characteristics
    The essay explores the nature of innovation management, its steps, strategies, and leadership styles that are present now.
  17. Innovative Management in the Engineering Industry
    This paper introduces the reader into understanding the boundary between innovation management and success in an engineering organization by critically incorporating.
  18. IBM Company: Assessment on the Innovation Capabilities
    For IBM, innovations result in two groups of forces, competitive and monopolistic. The key drivers of success can be divided into internal and external drivers
  19. Rogers’ Five Factors in Marketing Innovation
    Roger's theory proves that every innovation should go through several stages of acknowledgement and this path adheres to five factors as motives for further innovations` evaluation.
  20. Apple Inc. Managing Technology and Innovation
    This article presents the innovations process of technology giants Apple Inc. Apple Inc. started with an aim to increase its market share and dominate the smartphone arena.
  21. How Innovation Can Help Countries to Overcome the Crisis
    The purpose of this paper is to show how innovation can provide a competitive advantage to a firm when most economies are under the world’s largest economic and financial recession.
  22. Consumer Goods Industry: Strategic Trends and Issues
    The consumer goods industry can be characterized by companies selling and or manufacturing clothing; cosmetics; household items; electronics; beverages; drugs; food products; etc.
  23. Microsoft: Managing Change and Creativity in Organizations
    This paper will try to ascertain if Microsoft has always been an innovation oriented company. It will also study the culture, structure and the rewarding process of the company.
  24. Nespresso: Role of Innovation and Renovation
    This paper seeks to look at how innovation and renovation play a key in ensuring that a business stays on top of its competitors. It does this by examining a case study on Nespresso.
  25. Leadership Style and Innovation in Workplace
    Key features of leadership are found to be the encouragement from the leaders for organizational innovation; their planning for long-term vision and their passion to innovations.
  26. Nestle and the Nespresso System Analysis
    Nestle company was established in 1867 by Henri Nestle in Vevey, Switzerland and is currently one of the top nutrition, health, and wellness company in the world.
  27. Managing Change and Innovation in SME
    Newer process generation, implementation and evaluation are integrated part of organisational innovativeness in terms of operation and management.
  28. News Corp.: HRM Innovation and Change
    Learning organizations are those who do not accept change as a reaction to a condition or event rather as a ladder towards a new business proposition.
  29. Airline Passengers: Service Innovation & Branding Strategies
    Innovative and attractive services are an answer to customers who are demanding. So marketing of the services for airline passengers can be several types.
  30. Mobile Money Transfer
    The paper explores the intersection between Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments and identifies the 12 principles of innovation for markets at the Base of the Pyramid.

👍 Good Innovation Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Financial Economics: Term Definition
    Financial economics is into creating models in obtaining the implications from the theories. Regularly, the principles account for the financial decisions that act reasonably.
  2. Entrepreneurship Concept in Business Sphere
    Entrepreneurship has the potential to support economic growth, and the government can demonstrate its interest in this engine by making it a priority.
  3. Sony’s Brand Strategy: The Effectiveness Brand Strategy in the Creation of Brand Value
    Due to the measures that the management has in place, the Sony brand will continue to reverberate across the Electronics sector, but this can only be for some time.
  4. Apple Company Managing Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    Apple changes the way people behave. The innovation process requires different competencies, strategies, structures, cultures and leadership skills.
  5. IKEA Company's Innovation and Success
    The IKEA analysis showed that the idea of innovation is also necessary for addition to the ability to implement it in accordance with the mission of the organization.
  6. Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Luxury Market
    The paper is aimed at reviewing the most important components of the business success such as industry analysis, grounding of materialism theory as well as social class analysis.
  7. Canada Innovations: Productivity in Canada and Impediments to Innovation
    Canada has been facing productivity challenges due to factors related to competition, management, low increase rate in productivity level, etc
  8. Global Geographies of Innovation in University of Massachusetts
    This paper will outline and explain the global geographies of innovation within the University of Massachusetts.
  9. Organization and Innovation Capabilities
    This paper is concerned with outlining how the capabilities of an organization coupled with innovation can affect the existence of the same.
  10. Marketing of Innovation and High-Tech Products
    The paper gives a vivid analysis of the new concept, showing a critical analysis of how much it has or has not been able to assist different companies in achieving effectiveness.
  11. WL Gore Company's Innovative Corporate Culture
    One of the companies that have been identified within the leading innovative companies’ lists in the world is WL Gore.
  12. Saudi Airlines: Firm Overview and Assessment
    Saudi Arabia airlines purchased a total of thirty-eight new airplanes to add to their fleet. As more destinations keep opening up for the company, there will be more acquisitions.
  13. Entrepreneurship in the Book “Sir Alan Sugar. The Bibliography.”
    This paper is aimed at carrying out an analysis of the three themes namely: - resources, innovation, and failure of an entrepreneur.
  14. Managing Change and Innovation
    The purpose of the paper is to identify how best to implement organisational change through the analysis of the LSC as a case study.
  15. Improvements for the Performance Management Strategy in Organization
    The introduction of the framework that will allow keeping the company ahead of its competitors is crucial for maintaining the quality of its performance and managing it accordingly.
  16. Innovation in Action: Zara Stores Case Analysis
    Zara Home should ensure that it produces affordable products because this will be an eye catcher for most clients.
  17. Western Telephone Manufacturing Case Analysis
    The foundation of a business is people who generate new ideas and develop innovative approaches. In this way, WTM limited its options, standing a new philosophy on an old foundation.
  18. Industry Innovation Report: Amazon
    The trends of Amazon which helped it become a worldwide online retailer include the focus on customer experiences, advanced logistics and testing new ways of shopping.
  19. Innovative Policies and Products of Samsung Electronics
    Samsung Electronics is one of the most innovative enterprises that regularly releases new merchandises, subsequently challenging its competitors.
  20. Huawei: Innovation and Commercialization
    The present report will focus on how Huawei has managed to commercialize innovation, achieving a higher market share and growing sales through the process of innovation management.
  21. Sustainability in the Banking Industry
    The banking sector should adopt policies that align with evolving sustainability goals in the global economic and regulatory environment.
  22. Staffing the Organization Options
    To recruit people for a call center, it is possible to employ such creative strategies as mobile-based technologies and recruit from local educational establishments.
  23. Walmart Organization's Innovation Strategy and Practices
    Incremental innovation means Walmart is dedicated to making minor changes gradually, which later impact a huge transformation of business.
  24. Modernization Case Study: Deloitte
    The migrated system should be continually improved to ensure it increases client interactions through the use of the mobile application and its future-ready flexibility.
  25. Evaluating a Corporate-Societal Relationship Preparation in the Nike Company
    The paper discusses the aspect of corporate social responsibility in the context of Nike, one of the world's leading sportswear manufacturers.
  26. Selecting a Marketing Strategy for UMC
    This paper discusses selecting a marketing strategy for mental health service provision offered at UMC, including product, price, place, and promotion description.
  27. Innovations: A Large-Scale Process with Outcomes
    More and more innovations are being introduced that increase the efficiency of processes and improve the quality of products.
  28. Intel’s New Plant Assembly in Vietnam
    The U.S. chipmaker Intel infused millions into its Vietnam division, its greatest chip gathering and testing site universally.
  29. Leadership Model Applied in the Apple Brooke LLC
    The paper discusses various leadership styles applied by a leader and a caregiver handling vulnerable children at Apple Brooke LLC.
  30. Organizational Performance and Leadership
    Leadership is important in a world characterized by change and generational differences at the workplace. Changes occur in organizations on various issues.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Innovation Strategy

  1. Transformative Leadership in Apple Company
    This paper discusses the most applicable model of leadership that has contributed to the improved growth of Apple Company for many years.
  2. Digital Integration of 3D (CAD) Virtual Environment
    Technology is fast changing today’s world. This is both at personal and career levels. Arguably, technology and innovation have made both home and work life.
  3. Unilever UK Firm's Innovativeness and Creativity
    The importance of innovation has increased to a level that needs intensive investment, making the Unilever organisation note the need for a different way to initiate creativity.
  4. Jack Ma's Strategic Leadership at Alibaba
    This paper discusses the theoretical perspectives of strategic leadership based on the example of Jack Ma and his contribution to the success of Alibaba.
  5. Lean Six Sigma and Innovation
    The tools of innovation described in this paper correspond to the ideas proposed by Lean Sigma Six and can contribute to the improvement of companies’ performance.
  6. Transactional and Transformational Leadership in the Construction Industry
    Innovation has become the basis of development for companies, and leaders have to adapt their management approaches as well.
  7. Analysis of Brilliant Lights Company
    The paper analyzes the case study of Brilliant Lights company that faces a range of strategic and organizational problems.
  8. Tesla Motors Company's Innovation Management
    This paper explores the significant aspects of Tesla’s innovation, and discusses the factors that have influenced it and the outcomes of this technological process.
  9. Airbus: Innovation and Change Case Study
    As an example to analyze from the perspective of introducing appropriate organizational innovations, the case study of Airbus will be used.
  10. Personal Philosophy of Leadership Development
    This assignment requires me to articulate a personal philosophy of leadership development and my development as a leader.
  11. Employee Engagement in Decision-Making
    ​Employee engagement in decision-making has been lauded in many studies, indicating its relative effectiveness in elevating organizational performance.
  12. Mubadala Investment Company's Human Resource Management Practices
    While Mubadala’s HR department has a well-tailored approach to managing human resources, it still needs to adjust its practices with regard to the changing trends.
  13. Management Assessment: Strategic Leadership of Innovation
    This paper highlights the results from management assessment indicating personal strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style.
  14. Mercedes Benz Corporation's Policy and Strategic Management
    This paper analyzes the following parts of the Mercedes Benz company's operation: market environment, resource and capability, and strategic fit.
  15. Employee Performance: The Influence of Innovation
    In the face of constant striving to enhance employee productivity, HR specialists apply different strategies and approaches to improve working regimes through innovation.
  16. Theories of the Nature of Organizational Culture
    This paper will critically review some of the most notorious theories concerning the nature of the organizational culture.
  17. Importance of Organizational Culture in Business
    The paper argues high-quality management of the organizational culture gives a business a certain competitive advantage and strengthens an enterprise’s position on the market.
  18. Ocean Mist: Intrapreneurial Innovation
    The given proposal resolves around the company growing vegetables, Ocean Mist, one of the leading producers and suppliers of vegetables.
  19. McDonald’s Leadership and Competitive Advantage
    The paper focuses on the assessment of McDonald’s in terms of the company’s approach toward leadership and its competitive advantages, as well as proposes strategies for growth.
  20. The Tesla Firm's Business Model Within the Industry
    This paper examines and discusses Tesla’s business model within the context of its industry to understand the company's unique appeal to customers today.
  21. Human Resource Management: Duke's Team-Based Approach
    Rosenblum was forced to think about environmental learning after realizing that the offices of the doctors could be transformed into a collaborative effort involving technology.
  22. Transformational Leadership of Ms. Haifa Alhamazani
    The current paper presents an overview of transformational leadership and explains the success of Ms. Haifa Alhamazani in changing the perspectives of a conservative society.
  23. Ford Motor Company: Strategic Analysiso
    Ford Motor Company had a difficult 2020 fiscal year and lost several positions in the 2021 Fortune 500 list. It is unclear whether the situation is so drastic.
  24. Ethical Organizational Culture and How It May Affect Innovation
    The aim of this paper is to assess ethical organizational culture and how it may affect innovation within an organization.
  25. Brannigan Food Need for Low-Risk Strategies
    Brannigan Food’s current situation and relatively low innovation potential can signify the need for low-risk strategies, such as the fourth proposal.
  26. Marriott International Inc.'s Managerial Analysis
    The hotel industry has been notoriously difficult to manage due to the seasonal nature of the demand and the challenges of developing a unique competitive advantage.
  27. HP's Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    This paper discusses the strengths and weaknesses of HP’s treatment of corporate entrepreneurship, and HP’s IPO metrics in evaluating new ideas and their significance.
  28. Ford Motor Company: Company Information
    According to Auto Punditz (2021), Ford managed to sell 4,19 million vehicles worldwide, which is the eighth result in the overall chart.
  29. BYD Company's Internal Environment Analysis
    The BYD company's commitment to transforming the global automotive market has been enhanced through attractive and supportive company culture.
  30. Cultural Influences on Innovation, Innovation in the MENA Region
    The purpose of the paper is to recognize how innovation is influenced by cultural differences — specifically social conventions in each region.

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