73 Employee Retention Strategy Examples & Analysis

Replacing an employee is expensive for a company as it needs to spend money looking for new candidates. Moreover, new staff might require training and time for adaptation.

On this page, we discuss how business gurus like Google, Amazon, and McDonald’s keep their employees. You will find examples of the best employee retention strategies and discover the metrics used by human resources managers.

🔝 Top 5 Employee Retention Strategy Examples

  1. Compensation for Employees
  2. Google Company Employee Turnover: Causes and Effects
  3. Employee Empowerment Principles and Methods
  4. The Role and Appropriateness of Group Decision-Making
  5. Servicescape: Employee and Customer Responses

🧑‍ Employee Retention Analysis – What Is It?

Employee retention defines a company’s working climate. Below you can find its detailed meaning, metrics, and its framework.

Employee Retention Definition

Employee retention is the ability of a company to keep workers for as long as possible. The higher the employee retention rate is, the better. It means that most employees are satisfied with the company and are willing to work for it. On the company’s side, it means that a company spends less money on recruiting and onboarding.

Low employee retention shows that an average worker doesn’t stay long. It might indicate that something is wrong with the position or the company. There can be many reasons, including low salary, uncomfortable schedule, the monotony of tasks, etc.

Employee Retention Metrics

Here are the most popular employee retention metrics in 2022. You can count some of them using financial and RH data; others require questionnaires.

  1. Average employment length. The number of days, months, or days an average employee works in a company.
  2. Overall retention rate. The number of workers who stayed during a given period divided by the number of workers at the beginning of the period.
  3. Overall turnover rate. The number of workers who left during a given period divided by the standard number of employees in the company.
  4. Voluntary turnover rate. The number of workers who voluntarily left during a given period divided by the standard number of employees in the company.
  5. Involuntary turnover rate. The number of workers who involuntarily left during a given time divided by the standard number of employees in the company.
  6. Turnover costs. Total spending on the hiring process during the given period divided by the number of workers who left the company within this period.
  7. Employee satisfaction. Measured using surveys; for example, NPS template.
  8. New employee satisfaction. Same as previous, but for new employees.

🌟 Top 5 Employee Retention Strategies

Have a look at these employee retention strategies that work best for different companies:

Creating great hiring and onboarding processesA positive impression from the beginning will motivate a new employee. With the help of virtual tours, presentations, or video lessons, candidates will be more enthusiastic and go through the adaptation period easier.
Building strong corporate cultureRegular meetings, team building, and other corporate activities make employees feel part of something bigger.
Supporting diversity and inclusivityEvery employee should receive equal treatment, salary expectations depending on the position, and other support.
Implementing good referral programsWith employee referral programs, a company receives more qualitative candidates than from posting on job websites.
Establishing opportunities for vertical and horizontal growthAll employees should be motivated to seek job opportunities within one company. Companies will benefit from it as their employers are already familiar with the team and the projects.

💼 Employee Retention Strategies Examples

Big corporations usually use advanced HRM strategies. Let’s take a look at short employee retention strategy analyses:

Google employee retention strategy

Google puts a lot of effort into the hiring process. The company provides its employees with numerous perks that cover education and recreation time. They develop their corporate culture based on the employees’ preferences and comfort. Google also maintains transparency: detailed information about its hiring processes, sustainability, diversity, etc. You can study it online or download pdf files with more detailed information.

Amazon employee retention strategy

Amazon is more attentive to candidates’ qualities than credentials: they might skip some interview stages to make this process quicker. The company provides promotion opportunities so employees can build a career there. Also, those who voluntarily resign from Amazon never get a chance to work there again.

McDonald’s employee retention strategy

Mcdonald’s fights high turnover rates of restaurant staff. It focuses on inclusivity, incentives, perks, and the financial motivation of employees. Regarding higher managerial positions, Mcdonald’s provides growth opportunities for newcomers and longtime employees.

📝 Employee Retention Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Organizational Culture, Employee Performance and Customer Retention
    Understanding the correlation between corporate culture, employee performance, and customer satisfaction is paramount because it helps to boost a competitive edge of an enterprise.
  2. Management Practices and Employee Relations
    This paper considers changes in the management practice and how that has impacted on role of unions as determiners of employee participation and involvement.
  3. Foundation of Work and Employment Relations
    This paper gives an insight into the issue of foundation of work and employment relations through looking into three articles that cover employment issues.
  4. Chinese Multinationals: Generational Differences and Perceived Subjective Well-Being
    This dissertation explores the factors that impact the subjective well-being and generational differences of employees working for multinationals in China in the post-70s, 80s, and 90s.
  5. The Impacts of Employee Benefits
    Personnel motivation is one of the main issues for all companies that value their reputation and the trust of employees.
  6. Organisational Change and Employee Turnover
    The article “Organisational change and employee turnover” by Morrell et al. reveals that increased voluntary turnover in an organization can lead to dwindled performance.
  7. Google Company's Planning
    The human resource manager of Google Company should come up with strategies that encourage teamwork in the organization.
  8. Stress in the Organization
    Many people think that stress is a simple problem, but stress is complex and often misunderstood. Many definitions have been put across in trying to explain what stress is and what it entails.
  9. The Quiet Employees Holding Your Company Together
    The article discusses traditional and new approaches to identify the best performers in companies, considers the leader-member exchange (LMX) theory.
  10. Values, Attitudes, Job Satisfaction and Achievements
    This paper focuses on values, attitudes, and job satisfaction. These are elements of organisational behaviours, which relate to and influence organisational achievements.
  11. Labor Relations and Innovations in the Field
    The paper focuses on innovation in human resource management and labor relations to improve the collaboration between people and reach organizational goals.
  12. Employee Computer Monitoring: System Analysis
    Different scholars discuss productivity argument, privacy argument, security argument and liability argument related to employee monitoring.
  13. Ethical Culture at the Workplace
    Unethical behaviors are associated with weak ethical culture of an organization where unacceptable behaviors are not defined or where ethical culture is not promoted.
  14. The Unemployment in the Gulf Countries
    The six Arabs Gulf states for the past ten years have been facing an increasing number of unemployment. This paper analysis the unemployment trends in the Gulf States.
  15. The Organizational Culture Effect on Employee Performance
    Organizational culture refers to a collection of essential norms, understandings, assumptions, and values, which employees share.
  16. Employee Discrimination at Workplace
    This paper explores cases of workplace discrimination, the basis of discrimination, and propose effective ways of stopping the widespread and persistent employment discrimination.
  17. Employees Motivation Theories in Business
    If we take a brief look at all employees motivation theories, it is quite obvious that the hierarchy of need theory specifies the basic needs of a person.
  18. Why Raising Minimum Wage Is a Good Idea?
    The subject of raising the minimum wage is very emotional and often attracts confrontational debate between those who oppose the idea and those who support it.
  19. Minimum Wage Effects on Economies
    This paper presents two perspectives on the issue of the minimum wage in economies: despite the criticism, a minimum wage is vital for reducing income inequality.
  20. The Employee Engagement Problem
    Engagement strategy in a specific organizational context, using a medium-sized insurance business as an example of boosting Employee Engagement on a corporate level.
  21. Work and Non-Work Inverse Relationships
    This paper critically establishes that indeed an inverse relationship exists between work and non-work issues.
  22. Employee Relation and Human Resource Management
    Employees’ relations refer to a body within an organization, concerned with maintenance of employer-employee relationship in order to aide towards satisfactory productivity, morale, and motivation.
  23. Information Overload and People Analysis
    The global society has entered a new information age which transformed all social spheres and interaction between people.

💡 Employee Retention Strategy Technology Strategy

  1. Managing Human Resources in the Organizational Context
    The job of a Human Resource (HR) manager might seem comparatively easy and lacking the connection to the rest of the organizational processes.
  2. Introduction to Management
    For the purpose of this paper the organization ‘Starbucks Corporation’ is chosen to analyze the factors of motivation and performance of the employees and the teamwork being employed in the corporation.
  3. Minimum Wage and the Poverty Gap
    This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of an increase in the minimum wage policy and does an increase in minimum wage decrease the poverty gap.
  4. Hilton Hotels Corporation: Multicultural Workforce Management in the Hospitality Industry
    This paper will attempt to justify existing multicultural employment policies enforced in the Hilton Hotels Corporation based on current research on effective workforce management.
  5. What Is Human Resource Management
    Human resources management in practical term is very much beneficiary, optimistic and the use of resources in making them more flexible and useful.
  6. The Importance of Human Resource Program Implementation
    This paper discusses the importance of human resource, organizational behavior, role of the office of human resource management.
  7. McDonald's Strategic Management of Human Resources & Innovation
    This report aims center on the idea of human resource management strategies and human resource behavior of McDonalds eating place ltd.
  8. South Korea Strategic Human Resource Management in the Hotel Industry
    The objective of research is to discover and equip the industry with the needed and appropriate resources, to be competitive, flexible and able to face both present and future challenges.
  9. Human Resource Management: A Critical Analysis and HIV/Aids-Related Policy
    In many workplaces, management has developed a policy on HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. Such policies should be circulated widely and all workers should understand them.
  10. Poor Issues Management Case Study            
    Issues are the events that are outside the power of the organization. It may affect the organization in some way or the other and the organization must manage the issues in appropriate time.
  11. Human Resource Department: Mr. Richey Odio Interview
    An HRD professional acts as a strategic advisor to help in the decision-making processes in the human resource management department.
  12. Global Staffing Strategies in Acquisition Cases
    This report explores the functions of human resource management and the changing roles of HRM to deal with the acquisition and other changes in a company's overall strategy.
  13. Staffing and Retention Processes Analysis
    In any organization human resource has to be employed so as for the company to maximize the return on investment minimize the financial risk and increase the profits.
  14. Effective Retention Policies and Motivation in Low Management: Why Employees Leave Organizations
    In today’s competitive world, the success of any organization actually depends on both the customers and the organization.
  15. The Process of Recruiting and Retaining Employees
    This paper examines both the internal and external factors that may affect the process of recruitment and retaining employees.
  16. Staffing for Australian Business Success in China
    Every man and woman who is a business person normally says that the success of any organization depends on its employees.
  17. Human Resource Management
    The most valuable asset of an organization is its human resource. Human resource management is an integral component of an organization.
  18. Programs for Retaining and Motivating Employees
    Orientation is a term used in reference to that process that gets new employees acquainted with organisation in question,the work units of such new employees,as well as their jobs
  19. The Australian Cladding Company: Strategic HRM
    A long term strategy has to be implemented for retention of the best employees, and the company should focus on moving forward and should stop moving backward.
  20. HR Development and Strategic Human Resource Management
    The main aspect of a successful implementation of HR missions could be seen in acquiring key characteristics of a strategic HR development.
  21. The Influence of Change on IHRM
    The research will evaluate the strategic importance of IHRM and the impact of such factors as economic, social, and political pressure on IHRM.
  22. Managers and Employees Roles in Poor Economic Conditions
    The current economic environment is forcing companies to watch every move in their cash flows and grab every little opportunity to either save money.
  23. Unilever: Developing HRM Strategy to Support Organizational Strategy
    In this is paper it examines the gradual HR policies, functions, and strategies which contributes to the acceleration of the company. Unilever is a global company.

👍 Good Employee Retention Strategy Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Employee Involvement: Human Resource Planning
    This report will analyze the ways that an organization could plan for its human resources; it will briefly talk about other aspects of human resources development.
  2. Employee Relations for Organizations' Success
    Employee relations are very vital in shaping the future of the organization. The psychological contract in the workplace is about striking a balance between output and input.
  3. Influence of Reward Practices on Employees’ Performance
    On a global scale, the effectiveness of corporations can be critically determined by the kind of human resources development systems that they put in place.
  4. Human Resources Reward Systems
    Business organizations use various types of rewarding systems to motivate and acknowledge employee performance, some of them are described in this paper.
  5. Waterway HR Issues: Employee Retention Strategies
    This paper seeks to determine a human resource management in Waterway Industries that is a canoe manufacturing company, headquartered at Gosford, NSW.
  6. The Salary Systems: Pay For Performance
    Pay for performance is a payment scheme that is designed to tie the payments of employees to their job performance, it is used by human resources departments of corporate organizations.
  7. Leadership and Management in Restaurant Business in UK
    Again restaurants are one the best business ventures as their rate of return on capital is very high provided they are well managed.
  8. Employee Retention in Human Resource Management
    This article provides a literature review that discusses the differences in employee retention in the public and private sectors.
  9. Staff Turnover: The Real Bottom Line
    The aim of this research project will be to determine the influence and importance of job satisfaction on staff turnover.
  10. Options for Management
    This essay uses a case study to evaluate the effectiveness of various plans that can be adopted to ensure the performance of a company.
  11. Employee Retention and Development Strategies in Small and Large Companies
    Examples of differences and similarities in employee retention and development strategies implemented in large and small enterprizes.
  12. Analysis From the Lens of an HR Director
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the disadvantages of PAC’s current employee relations strategy and propose a solution.
  13. Analysis of Google Way of Working
    Google is one of the most popular and profitable search engines in the world which creates a unique culture and perception of human resources.
  14. Employee Motivation and Retention
    A company needs to keep close contact with its employees to analyze their behavior, ensure that they are motivated, and predict their intentions to leave.
  15. Rewards Satisfaction Elements’ Impact on Employees’ Turnover
    The final aim of this data analysis is to identify the impact of different elements of rewards satisfaction on employees’ turnover intentions.
  16. Factors of Employees’ Resistance to Change
    Every organization needs to change to successfully adjust to new circumstances in the market and improve its efficiency as well as the ability to stay competitive.
  17. Rater Errors in Performance Management
    This paper analyzes the article “What Drove Your Last Performance Evaluation?”, providing a personal understanding of the article, and agreements with the article’s author.
  18. The Role of Motivation in the Management of Employees
    Several approaches to organizational behavior and theories of motivation play a distinct role in explaining current practices to the management and organization at the workplace.
  19. Employees' Compensation Benefits
    The employee benefits and privileges entail a variety of cash, indirect or non-cash compensation customarily provided to the workers besides the regular salaries.
  20. Lisa and CD Transport Ltd. Case Study the Law and Business
    CD Transport & Delivery Ltd should have avoided limiting Lisa from conducting other businesses with her truck. It should have communicated with Lisa.
  21. Contributing to a Management Training Manual
    The paper focuses on the processes of problem-solving and decision-making for outlining the best resolutions for the workplace environment.
  22. Employees Management: The Main Aspects
    Managing employees is important in every company since it monitors productivity via the utilization of resources. This essay focuses on the main aspects of employees management.

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