Staffing for Australian Business Success in China


Every man and woman who is a business person normally says that the success of any organization depends on its employees, and this is also very true when the Australian business people would like to open any business organization in China, it is very important they keep the number and the quality of their staff in place.

All organizations having multinational dealings should have their human resource management personnel well vast with information or knowledge about how to handle cultural and ethnic diversities and they should be able to put up with the best international management practices and this leaves the Australian business organization not only to select qualified Australians and relocates them to china but the human resource department must hire and trains the Chinese internationals. This is very important because it will bring most benefits for instance interaction of cultural teams, the sharing of best management practices in the field of business and last but not least it will make employers have more opportunities to relocate and gain international experience (Welch et al., 1994).

Every country has got its specific avenues and rich fertile soil for the continued growth of business and this is no exception to china which has several opportunities for business development and it will only occur if an organization has the right quality of staff to carry out its mission and this will enforce those companies that are planning to open up in China to manage their human resource to that of international standard. Therefore for countries who are interested in working in china should have and be ready for their human resource departments to work with their employees on a corporate level to identify the best practices that should be instilled on to their employees for them to succeed in their operations worldwide (Nonaka, 1994).


One of the most important elements for the success of the business operation in china by Australian employers is the acquisition of the right skills by the employees. In any organization that is keen on growth, it is very vital for it to train its employees with the right skills; this means that skills are practiced abilities that the learner acquires through the repeated application of knowledge. Most of the employees have the best chance to acquire skills on various issues when they are in the middle career period.

Some of the right skills that employees who are working for Australian businesses in china should include;

The ability to make the right decisions

One of the most important skills that an employee who intends to work in an international organization should possess is decision making ability, not just the ability to make decisions but the ability to make the right decisions in and when presenting the organization outside. Working in an international market like china will require the employees to be able to make the right decisions every time, especially when giving feedback or other information to customers, this shows the confidence and openness of the organization.

Decision making ability normally depends on an individual, so the employees should focus more on improving the quality of their decisions since they are very crucial, for they can make or break the image of an organization. However, those employees

who are not natural decision makers are able to make proper assessment of a situation but they are not very effective in implementing their assessment within the organization.

The ability to make good decisions which will eventually enable you to solve a problem within or outside the organization is very fundamental for the survival of the organization a competitive environment; therefore every employee should possess the skill.


Secondly, employees who intent to work in a busy country with a diverse cultural background like china should be ready to take responsibility for the business performance but challenge that many of these employees and other large organizations face with regards to accountability is that it is often such a personal quality. Since accountability is personal it is very difficult to instill it at once in every employee in the organization but they will learn it gradually and it will stick on them like a habit.

Accountability occurs in a top down and it will be very easy if the top management lead by example quality that all people in an organization will want to emulate. This will make fresh group members to see what is occurring and follow along in the encouraging action.

Presentation skills

Other than technical skills which enable an individual to be great at computers, selling, art, and music, the second most important skill an employee should have in life is the ability to express themselves fully at any group.

This is very important to those employees who are aiming to work in china since all promotions of the company products depends on it, in addition to that customers will always require better presentation at all levels and eventually, most important of all, an individual self esteem and confidence depend on the ability to communicate well with other people.

Listening and observation

It has been research and it is very clear that a focus on listening on both individual and organizational levels can lead to better teamwork and productivity, leads to fewer conflicts and errors, more innovation and recruiting advantages.

Through good listening and correct observation skills employees will be able to win most of the Chinese market share, since Chinese people love People who know and respect them, and who have a good experience working with them. Personal character and style can make an enormous difference. When the company employees develop and maintain a good and personal relationship with their market customers, it will be possible to gain a larger market since this will boast the company image on the eyes of the customers


Attributes are very different from skills, they are individual qualities and characteristics that are focused on leadership and are usually acquired at a later stage in a manager’s career and some of the examples that and employee who is ready to work for an Australia industry in operating in china should have include,


It is advisable that all employees should be professionals; this is a very important quality since it is a clear indication to how far the company has grown, and how mature its employees are in comparison with other firms in the market.


Every employee should show enthusiastic attributes at their place of work, this shows that one is happy doing the job, this will also act as a bait to attract more customer in the firm. More so, employees who are happy doing their job shows clearly that everything is well on the organization and this will make business partners to deal with the firm in open arms.


Having self confidence is the immediate key of winning customers to any side, this is so because self confidence initiates giving the right answer to any question asked by a customer, it also brings out the correct answer from an employee, since the organization is operating in an conservative environment where being straight forward and correct is encouraged, this will be a create boast to the firm.


An individual who is ready to accept change any time is a very essential asset to a company operating in china, since there is a need for bright employees by most companies, who are able to analyze and adjust to changing circumstances like the different culture, different climate, and different people in terms of talking accent and even food different. Such employees are therefore able to solve challenging problems, and rapidly appreciate the new ideas.

Challenges of doing business in Сhina

Failure by business employees to take into account business risks, market differences from the west, and underestimating local competition from other firms, are among the biggest mistakes global consumer market companies who want to enter into Chinese market continue to make when looking to expand or start-up in China, this is according to a research by Alfred Lau (Lai, 2005).

The research results further indicate that most businesses entering the Chinese market need to be aware of the unchanging nature of the Chinese people, since they really like their domestic products over other foreign products and this is a very big problem because it will take a greater sales promotion strategy to change their thinking about foreign goods (Rowen, 2003).

Apart from these there are other challenges that affect most of the company operating in china and these are as follows;

First, the Chinese government puts on strict regulations for those foreign companies who are willing to do business in china and this even hinders the expansion plan of those business that are already in china.

Secondly, Eighty per cent of foreign companies surveyed said that the assets infringement of various companies pose a significant threat to their businesses in China, therefore this make most of the business operation fear to go to china. Furthermore, nearly twenty per cent of those surveyed agree that they over estimated the potential of the Chinese market, and a further 16 per cent even admitted they wrongly believed they would get rich quick (Wang, 2003).

Literal review

When an organization is going under strategic change, employees can experience high levels of stress as their jobs, areas of responsibility and roles also change. Yet various researches are quiet concerning how the public respond to managerial change, particularly towards promoting responses to adjustment. As a first step to outlining areas for prospective study this paper considers a variety of personality and organizational strategies that may be effectual in reducing workers pressure and associated problems.

However, before an organization implements these strategies, employees must adopt the role of change agent and encourage them to take action to solve the problems that stress them. But at a personal level, employees should practice to respond to the stress created by organizational change by using problem and emotion focused strategies, this will help them to be productive especially when dealing with different culture in china. Also it is very important in coping with transformation are the individual resources of workers, as well as a sense of toughness, attitude regarding having power over their work settings, and the availability of communal supports inside and external of the business.

Ways of retaining employees

Identifying retention goals

At the apex of the listing of intangibles is how a corporation defines greatly appreciated workers and next determines its preservation goals. Income is predictable; companies that recognize this are less probable to undergo fatality whilst it happens. Certainly, the most excellent way to shun from turnover is by anticipating and preparation for it. Somewhat than trying to let everyone to be equally contented, a corporation must target those employees who are most essential to its current functioning and future growth. Whilst doing everything with the motive to hold on to targeted staff, companies ought to keep probable successors in mind.

Managing employee expectations

Just as corporations have to truthfully assess its own prospects when it comes to preservation of workers, so it has to direct the potentials of its staff. Though it is vital to maintain people motivated and passionate, it is similarly vital to disperse impractical expectations for quick endorsement or speedily increasing responsibility. And, just as staff requires truthful evaluations of their credible paths in the corporation, so they require having a sense of the company’s growth tactics and goal.

Workers who believe personally valued, appreciated, and cared for by their superiors are far additional probable to bond with a job than persons who do not. HR managers frequently say that bosses must struggle to demonstrate interest in and apprehension for their staff by taking care of their families, participating in corporation outings and social activities, visiting staff when they are sick, and expressing concern in other ways.

This individual interest must begin from the manager and trickle down through the range of levels of the organization. Clearly, the more sensible the concern, the more effectual it is probable to be, but even just going through the motions is enhanced than ignoring this essential wish to humanize a corporate relationship.

Welcoming newcomers

One of the most significant basics in a company’s worker preservation tactic is an assurance to ensure that the newcomers feel saluted.

Some preservation apparatus straddle the line flanked by touchable and intangible. These comprise independence, empowerment, credit, and recognition Upper-level managers are far additional probable to stay if they are given the autonomy they need to make a mark and if they are given public gratitude for their successes.

Firms should ensure that everyone understand that top level Chinese firms managers will have the prospect to move on to senior supervision positions; if a glass ceiling seems to exist, with all of the top positions staffed by expatriates, the turnover rate is likely to be higher. One strategy of making the opportunity of promotion clear is to spot high-potential employee s and place them on an accelerated career track, In addition to staff top positions with local managers. Your orientation plan should grow with your association.

Consider raising an orientation plan for existing employees if your corporation undergoes a premeditated re-alignment, acquires a supplementary or experiences other main changes. Employees who comprehend where the organization came from and where it is heading to, usually feels a stronger logic of employment ownership.


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