89 Technology Strategy Examples

It is essential in business to embrace technology because it runs the world and brings various strategic benefits. A tech strategy is a set of decisions relevant to the use and development of technologies that benefit an organization.

If you’re looking for technology strategy examples, you’re in the right place. We’ve collected Coca Cola and Zara technology strategy examples, together with many other A+ essays and papers on the topic.

🔝 Top-10 Technology Strategy Examples

  1. LensCrafters Company Strategic Management
  2. Technological Changes and Their Impact on Business
  3. Process Control Inc: Marketing and Technology Strategies
  4. United Parcel Service's Information Technology Use
  5. Apple Company Internet Technology, Marketing and Security
  6. Application of Linear Programming in the Oil Industry
  7. Strategic Use of IT in Business
  8. Company's General Business Strategy
  9. Managing Project in IT Analysis
  10. Ethics and Information Technologies in Business.

📍 What is Technology Strategy?

A technology strategy is connected to the use and development of various technologies that help a business prosper. Successful technology strategy examples are organizations that utilize technological tools to improve efficiency, scalability, and profitability. Without this strategy in place, you could fall behind the competition.

A well-developed tech strategy must align with your overall business plan. It must also outline critical principles and integration tactics for implementing your IT tools to achieve short- and long-term objectives.

📊 Tech Strategy Types

The McKinsey Technology Trends Outlook for 2022 supports the belief that information technology will continue to catalyze change in the business and marketing landscape. To help build the proper framework for your strategy, one needs to know the different types of technology strategies.

Enterprise-level Global organizations that employ IT talents from all over the world must have an enterprise-level strategy for tech implementation. Also known as enterprise IT, this approach offers a comprehensive and consistent level of expertise and tools across all branches. It provides the whole enterprise with a sustainable roadmap for digital acceleration and adoption that resonates with your target audience and aligns with organizational objectives.
Business-level This strategic approach involves identifying value-creation opportunities within an organization. These decisions and the choices of technology tools to use are critical to an organization’s success because they capture the value that enables that firm to earn a profit.

For an IT strategy to succeed, it must not function as a separate yet functional unit. It must be incorporated into the overall HR and business strategy. Indeed, the performance of the suite of IT tools can directly impact overall business performance.
Product-level Your business might have multiple product categories. It is important to develop a tech strategy aligned with each of these products and at various stages of product life cycle. Different technologies and strategies might be required for each of these steps in product development. This strategy often includes ideation, product testing, building product prototypes, etc.
Project-level When developing products, companies often undergo different phases, each identified as a separate project. Different strategies must be developed for each project to ensure continuity and focus for the team tasked with overseeing each project.

🏅 Great Technology Strategy Examples

To help formulate your strategy, check out these top technology strategy examples.

  1. Coca-Cola Technology Strategy. The Coca-Cola technology strategy is the best example of adaptation. They are incorporating digital experiences for consumers to customize how they experience their favorite beverage. They also introduced the myCoke platform to facilitate store owners in the faster replenishment and distribution of supplies.
  2. Zara Technology Strategy. Zara’s technology strategy involves big data, such that it can focus on user experience and technological innovation. They use data analysis to boost the predictive capacity of each facility in manufacturing the most in-demand sizes for each garment. This strategy allows maximum savings and sales potential for each inventory.
  3. Harvard University. Harvard University has one of the best examples of tech strategy for an educational institution. Their IT strategy included higher education trends prediction, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and determining key university priorities.

Other examples of companies with great marketing strategies are:

📝 Technology Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Benefits of Business to Business (B2B) Messages
    Business to business messages using electronic exchanges is a part of modern-day business transactions, ensures speed, accuracy and privacy of business communication systems.
  2. HP Teleconferencing Applications Adoption
    This paper aims to work out a plan to adopt new telecommunication solutions such as HP Halo telepresence applications in an organization.
  3. Apple Inc. Managing Technology and Innovation
    This article presents the innovations process of technology giants Apple Inc. Apple Inc. started with an aim to increase its market share and dominate the smartphone arena.
  4. Strategic Business IT Related Tasks
    This work consists of the accomplished tasks on worldwide web impact on humanity, IT business solutions, and strategies.
  5. Managing Change and Innovation in SME
    Newer process generation, implementation and evaluation are integrated part of organisational innovativeness in terms of operation and management.
  6. News Corp.: HRM Innovation and Change
    Learning organizations are those who do not accept change as a reaction to a condition or event rather as a ladder towards a new business proposition.
  7. Bag Manufacturing Company: Business Plan
    This is a company which will be laptop carrier bag maker and distributor them within North America before being distributed world.
  8. The Role of Technology in Restaurant Revenue Management
    Let us take the example of a restaurant. It is a business related to the service area of the economy. For a manager of a restaurant, technology can offer different ways to improve sales and increase profit.
  9. Saudi Basic Industries: Low Software Quality
    The core problem of the research is to identify which software SABIC should use as it has low quality software globally.
  10. EIG Inc.: Online Marketing and Advertising
    The use of the internet in marketing is currently increasing at a high rate, and many companies have set aside big proportions of their budget for us in online marketing.
  11. Customer Satisfaction in Banking Business
    The focus on the customer has forced the banks to have a customer center that works as a call center. In most cases, they are toll-free stations.
  12. Development of a Time Table Management System
    This project aims to develop a timetable management system. Different types of technologies are used in this timetable management system.
  13. Supply Chain Management and Technology Impact
    An efficient supply chain management does not merely confine to technology, but it relies on the course of action.
  14. IBM: History, Innovations and Future Strategy
    IBM is currently working to construct a computing system that can not just comprehend questions asked but also answer those questions as quickly and precisely as possible.
  15. Business-to-Consumer E-commerce: The Characteristics and Trends
    Business-to-consumer is one of the tools that every new business must adapt, especially if they intend to extend their presence to a global level.
  16. Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited Company's Analysis
    Ceramic Fuel Cell Company is one of the most progressive companies in the world in terms of technological development, especially in the development of fuel cells.
  17. Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited: Company Analysis
    Ceramic Fuel Cell has set itself as the global leader in SOFC technology. Already it has developed fuel cells together with their fuel stacks that are a source of clean energy.
  18. Web 2.0 Effects: Web 2.0 Tools and Communications
    Web applications are fast-moving toward web 2.0 technologies. Web 2.0 has rich communication features like blogs, instant messages, and wiki.
  19. ERP Implementation – The Best Way to Enhance Business Communication
    Enterprise resources planning is a technological strategy that is used to enhance communication in the organisation. The paper also describes pros and cons of ERP implementation.
  20. A New Mobile Phone That Is Compatible to Projectors
    Development of technology is a well-cited demand of consumers of mobile phone sets and innovation in the field becomes the single indicator of success.

💡 Essay Ideas on Technology Strategy

  1. Amazon Kindle Technology as an Innovative E-Business Platform
    The paper discusses briefly the Amazon Kindle technology history and offers an insight into how the technology has been fancied by book readers and publishing firms.
  2. Organization Structures
    Different organizations have different hierarchical structures while some have adopted models which allow them to achieve proper operations easily.
  3. Volvo Company's Operations Management
    The key areas in Volvo that need operation management include management of quality, management of production, cost management social responsibility environment, and logistics.
  4. Knowledge Management Plan For Kamuga Sportswear Inc.
    In today’s competitive world, organizations are shifting from relying on material assets to using intangible assets.
  5. International HR Management Case Study
    The international human resource management is a key to the international expansion of a company and involves preparing staff members to work discharge their duties in various operations
  6. Computer Technologies to Be Installed at TVU Hotel
    The renovations being conducted at TVU/London School of Hospitality and Tourism Hotel should consider the installation of computer technologies that will assist in the management of the hotel.
  7. Technology Management as a Dynamic Capability
    The process of managing resources faces a number of risks where critical decisions must be made to achieve the goals.
  8. Modernization Case Study: Deloitte
    The migrated system should be continually improved to ensure it increases client interactions through the use of the mobile application and its future-ready flexibility.
  9. Apple, Inc.: An Overview of the Company’s Socioeconomic, Macroeconomic, and Other Aspects
    This report has consistently discussed the key socio-economic, macroeconomic, technological, demographic, legal, and political aspects that limit Apple Inc.'s free activity.
  10. Google Company's Model Analysis in Global Technology Market
    This analysis presents a complete company model analysis for Google that has ensured increased profitability over the last five years.
  11. Qatar Airways and Air Arabia: Comparative Analysis
    Despite the fact that Air Arabia does not have as many resources as Qatar Airways, it is investing in new technologies to attain better efficiency.
  12. Innovations: A Large-Scale Process with Outcomes
    More and more innovations are being introduced that increase the efficiency of processes and improve the quality of products.
  13. How the “Batterygate” Scandal Affected Apple
    Due to the growing concerns, Apple was forced to respond to the claims. In late 2016, Apple responded that it would carry out investigations over the matter.
  14. The Boeing Company: Organization Structure
    This paper will expound on the Boeing Company organization's formal structure, culture, leadership, environment, and possible change needed.
  15. Adidas Speedfactory Relocation Project Assessment
    The most recent project that Adidas has launched is related to the relocating of its speedfactories that manufacture sporting shoes using robotics from Germany and the USA to Asia.
  16. Transformative Leadership in Apple Company
    This paper discusses the most applicable model of leadership that has contributed to the improved growth of Apple Company for many years.
  17. Digital Integration of 3D (CAD) Virtual Environment
    Technology is fast changing today’s world. This is both at personal and career levels. Arguably, technology and innovation have made both home and work life.
  18. Jack Ma's Strategic Leadership at Alibaba
    This paper discusses the theoretical perspectives of strategic leadership based on the example of Jack Ma and his contribution to the success of Alibaba.
  19. Coca-Cola’s Strategic Technology Plan
    Coca-Cola has embraced emerging technologies in product development, advertisement, delivery, and process efficiency.
  20. Strategic Management in Psion
    Psion can consider the most practicable solutions as it is detected by experienced management. A set of possible courses will be determined.

👍 Good Technology Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. "Good to Great" Performance in Jim Collins' Book
    The "Good to Great" book by Jim Collins helps companies to make a change from a good performance to a great one. Collins explains the concepts of good to great performance.
  2. Airbus: Innovation and Change Case Study
    As an example to analyze from the perspective of introducing appropriate organizational innovations, the case study of Airbus will be used.
  3. Impact of Information Technology on the Logistics and Transportation Industry
    Information Technology (IT) promotes effective communication and ensures value-enhancing relationships in logistics and transportation
  4. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company's Artificial Intelligence Implementation
    This project aims to implement expert systems management at Goodyear Tire Company. The main sources of finance include personal savings, loans from a bank, etc.
  5. Analysis of Sony Group Corporation
    The paper analyzes the Sony Group Corporation - one of the leaders in the sphere of consumer and professional electronic products.
  6. MANUP Operation Department and Organizational Development Intervention
    The MANUP Operations Department's situations are conflicts between leaders and employees, increased competition in the mentorship industry, and technological needs.
  7. Social Media and Teamwork in Organizations
    The paper provides information about the importance of using social media in work and aspects of teamwork and its impact.
  8. Advances in Developing Human Resources
    This article talks about the vital development of human resources, gender, and organizations, development of organizations and faculty.
  9. Working Capital and Its Management
    Working Capital is a measure of the efficiency with which a company conducts its operations and the financial conditions of a company in short run.
  10. Uber’s Business- and Corporate-Level Strategies
    The given assessment will primarily focus on the analysis of Uber’s business-level strategies, corporate-level strategies, competitive environment, and market cycles.
  11. Mercedes Benz Corporation's Policy and Strategic Management
    This paper analyzes the following parts of the Mercedes Benz company's operation: market environment, resource and capability, and strategic fit.
  12. Powered Industrial Trucks, Fatalities, and Safety
    In the modern world, operating powered industrial trucks (PIT) still poses a risk to the life and health of employees.
  13. Key Theories of the Nature and Exercise of Leadership in Organizations
    Leadership means different things to different people, and a definition of it often depends on the defining person’s perspectives, philosophies, traits, profession, and values.
  14. AT&T Company's PESTEL and SWOT Strategic Analyses
    The current business report analyzes AT&T Inc. from the perspective of PESTEL and SWOT and addresses the internal and external environment of the firm.
  15. Apple Inc.: Challenges and Strategies
    Throughout its history, Apple has been facing several challenges but managed to deal with them through well-thought strategies.
  16. IT Application and Global Organizations
    The complexity and unpredictability that characterize our global and chaotic business environment elude comprehension and therefore control.
  17. The Tesla Firm's Business Model Within the Industry
    This paper examines and discusses Tesla’s business model within the context of its industry to understand the company's unique appeal to customers today.
  18. Uber: Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Assignment
    The paper aims at analyzing the aspects of strategic management of Uber as a major transportation shared economy enterprise on a global scale.
  19. Self-Service Technologies Application in Organizations
    This paper analyzes the application of self-service technologies within organizational systems. It explains the technology’s benefits to organizational processes.
  20. IBM: Analyzing the Financial Situation
    International Business Machines (IBM) is an international computer technology and IT consulting business that has its headquarters in New York, United States.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Technology Strategy

  1. Finding a New Leader for Almay Company
    The problem at hand is related to management and leadership, where these positions were previously held by the George family for generations.
  2. Logistics Outsourcing Opportunities
    The paper states that logistics outsourcing is essential and should be encouraged to improve the performance of companies in different industries.
  3. Transportation Companies' Challenges and Solutions
    The research paper discusses the challenges and solutions thereof in detail in the transport and logistics sector.
  4. Logistical Issues Faced by Organizations
    This paper is designed to overview the common logistical issues organizations face, their reasons, and the ways they can be addressed.
  5. The Walt Disney Company Analysis
    Disney+ is the product of its digital age and will serve as the company’s forefront product to share the latest media content with millions of consumers.
  6. Organizational Characteristics and Changes
    The impact of various changes in an organization has both positive and negative effects on the organization's structure and functioning.
  7. Electric Vehicles: Socio-Economic and Legal Environment
    The electric vehicles (EVs) market has captured the global perception of the consumers through its low carbon emission and fuel efficiency.
  8. Techfite Firm's Problem and Emerging Technology Solution
    The paper discusses strategies that could enhance the security performance of TechFite's firewall and provide the corporation with extra storage space.
  9. The Role of Technology in Interpersonal Communication in Business
    The article are instrumental in addressing modern-day interpersonal communication in the business environment.
  10. Nokia’s Supply Chain Management
    The presented project is devoted to the in-depth analysis of Nokia’s supply chain as an example of technologies’ integration, optimization, and sustainability management.
  11. Approaches to Collaborative Organizational Changes
    The example case of the college running indicates the complex situations that can emerge when a single leader attempts to decide an organization's future all by themselves.
  12. Attitudes Towards Artificial Intelligence in Accounting
    This literature review aims to reveal the peculiarities of AI's perception in accounting by interested parties and highlight specific views on this process.
  13. Hansen Technologies Ltd.'s Financial Data of 2020
    According to the current business research, Hansen Technologies provided essential information about property, plants, and equipment in the 2020 financial report.
  14. Dallah Al-Baraka and AlFaisalia Group: Overview
    Dallah Al-Baraka, which was founded in 1969, is a Saudi Conglomerate that was established by Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel.
  15. Platform Business Emergence and Application
    The platform business is a relatively young model but has penetrated multiple fields with great success, despite having multiple challenges and a highly unpredictable future.
  16. Fishcare Company Rationalize the R&D Work and the Cross-Functional
    For a long period, fish has been viewed as food. It is a rich source of protein. However, due to innovative minds, people came to realize that fish could also be a pet.
  17. Risk Management Strategy for Amazon
    Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world, known for its disruption of the retail industry through technology.
  18. "It Doesn’t Matter" by Carr
    Nicholas Carr’s article "It Doesn’t Matter" explains the impact of technology in the modern business environment.
  19. Sales Manual Report: Approaches and Management
    The sales manual report has effectively introduced CS international company, which works with Seneca World Traders Inc.

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