91 Employee Development Strategy Examples

To be successful, a company should constantly evolve. The same thing might be said about individuals. Today’s business world is rapidly changing, and keeping employees up-to-date with current trends is crucial. That’s why employee development is a number one priority for many successful businesses.

If you want to know more on the topic, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ve collected all the essential information about employee development strategy together with A+ essay examples.

🔝 Top-5 Employee Development Strategy Examples

  1. H&M Employee Training and Development Strategy
  2. Human Resource Development Consultancy for Business
  3. Employee Training Management Strategy
  4. Strategic Leadership Integration and Action Plan
  5. Strategic Management and Employee Performance

📍 What Is Employee Development Strategy?

Employee development strategy is the process by which a company aims to improve employees’ skills and knowledge. The company invests its time, money, and effort to stimulate workforce development. Skill-based workshops and leadership development programs are incorporated to enhance employees’ productivity and competitiveness.

📊 Employee Development Strategy Classification

Companies use various employee development strategies to improve employee productivity and adaptability. The following are some of these strategies:

Onboarding The onboarding process involves various processes that help the new hire get familiar with the company’s culture and processes. It may take some time for hires to adjust to a new environment, but these approaches greatly contribute to their productivity.
Directed & self-directed courses Training courses help new employees learn or upgrade their skills. The first is directed learning, where an experienced member (in-house or outsourced) teaches the hire new skills. Second is self-directed learning, where new employees learn skills on their own.
Workshops & conferences Organizing conferences and workshops regularly help employees adapt to new skills more effectively. Also, it allows them to interact with other members in the same field, further enhancing their morale and job engagement.
Job shadowing A job shadowing program involves employees working alongside more experienced staff members. Training of this type helps employees gain insight into the roles and responsibilities of their seniors.
Mentoring Mentoring involves senior members advising and assisting new hires. Additionally, it improves employees’ self-esteem, confidence, teamwork, leadership skills, time management, and overall performance.

Examples of companies with great employee development strategies are:

🗺️ Steps to Create an Employee Development Plan

  1. Write down a plan. A plan that you have in your head will not be as effective as one that is written down. Writing an employee development plan will help you to review, analyze and prioritize your goals and objectives.
  2. Assess the employees’ skills. The next step is to assess the skills of the employees. You can determine which skills an employee already has and which ones need to be developed by including a skills assessment in your plan. Conducting interviews or skill tests may help you in this regard.
  3. Identify what you need from your employees. Next, you have to identify your expectations from your employees. You are basically planning for a long-term scenario. Consequently, you will be able to devise a training strategy for your employees.
  4. Plan the events. In this step, you plan seminars or workshops to upgrade your employees’ skills. A trainer (from outside the organization) can also be hired to train the employees.
  5. Get the necessary resources. By investing in resources, such as courses, software programs, and books, you can help your employees learn and become more skilled.

Moreover, you can also check out the examples of retail strategy essays that are collected below.

📝 Employee Development Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Bahrain Development Bank' Employee Turnover
    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the causes of employee turnover in organizations in Bahrain Development Bank that operates in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  2. Teamwork Effectiveness and Development Stages
    Teamwork refers to a situation where human society combines efforts and thoughts through shared goals to enhance the quality of the activities they are undertaking.
  3. Strategic Management and Leadership Skills Development
    The successful implementation of specific methods in the work process is quite a reliable way to achieve a high level of operational success and become an example for colleagues.
  4. Leadership and Management Skills Development
    Leadership and management skills are crucial for every individual who has to work with a group of people in any field.
  5. Employee Promotion and Development Practices
    This internal action research seeks to assess the organizational practices to help with the development of senior employees that have the desire to be promoted.
  6. Workplace Learning and Knowledge Management
    This essay examines how have the concepts of knowledge work, and communities of practice changed the ways we think about and carry out training and development in the workplace?
  7. Human Resources Training, Learning and Development
    Learning theories and styles are of fundamental importance in the process of planning the employees’ training and development.
  8. Café Team Reorganization and Effectiveness
    This paper examines how to promote a café's team effectiveness by discussing leadership style, resolution of possible conflicts, opportunities for obtaining input and feedback.
  9. Leadership Development and Authentic Leadership
    Leadership development is particularly critical in unlocking creativity and innovative capacity of organizational members to enable organizations to achieve their goals.
  10. Student Team's Structure and Work Process
    The effectiveness of a team relies on the team building strategies used to improve team operations and processes.
  11. Hersey-Blanchard Leadership Model
    In general, leadership can be described as a process of social influence through which one person is able to enlist the aid of others in reaching a goal.
  12. Group Work and Virtual Team Development
    Most people think that the barriers posed by technology are the main hindrance to the success of virtual teams and virtual team development.
  13. Economic Development and Population: Malthus and Ricardo' Views
    Malthus was concerned about the impacts of the supply of basic goods on population growth. Ricardo's interest was the balance between value and distribution of resources.
  14. Introduction to Management
    For the purpose of this paper the organization ‘Starbucks Corporation’ is chosen to analyze the factors of motivation and performance of the employees and the teamwork being employed in the corporation.
  15. Group Development and Conflict Management in Business
    The report looks at the group development, conflict management, and group leadership of a team of five band members whose main function is to perform concerts.
  16. Toyota Motor Corporation's Career Development & Education Programs
    The present research will seek to explore the benefits of career development and education and discuss best practices using Toyota Motor Corporation as the case study.
  17. Hilton Hotels Corporation: Multicultural Workforce Management in the Hospitality Industry
    This paper will attempt to justify existing multicultural employment policies enforced in the Hilton Hotels Corporation based on current research on effective workforce management.
  18. McDonald's Strategic Management of Human Resources & Innovation
    This report aims center on the idea of human resource management strategies and human resource behavior of McDonalds eating place ltd.
  19. Managing in a Global Context
    This paper discusses the importance of managing people in a global context, organizational development, change management and its' psychology and managers' role.
  20. Training and Development as a Strategy
    Training and development are two very important roles in organizations. Although these two roles are related, they differ in the mode of their execution.
  21. Human Resource Department: Mr. Richey Odio Interview
    An HRD professional acts as a strategic advisor to help in the decision-making processes in the human resource management department.
  22. Development of Staff Through International Assignments
    The development of staff through the international assignment is one of the major steps which have been carried out by the human resource departments of different organizations

💡 Essay Ideas on Employee Development Strategy

  1. Employee Motivation and Maslow’s Theory
    Motivation is one of the main factors which influence personality of employees productivity. Maslow developed personality theory based on needs and desires of an ordinary man.
  2. Susan: Strategic Human Resource
    Susan is currently facing challenges in its human resource function. There are challenges when it comes to the culture of control amongst various generations in the organization.
  3. Employee Development Plan According to the US Labor Statistics
    The current dynamic business world, characterized by the increased application of technology in business processes calls for employees to keep on improving their skills.
  4. Human Resource Planning: Employee Benefits
    Human resource management stops with neither the hiring nor the allocation of tasks to the employees. It is a continuous process that deals with many factors.
  5. Dar al Hanan School of Jeddah Needs Assessment
    The paper intends to define the needs assessment process carried out in the Dar al Hanan School of Jeddah to collect information regarding teachers' first aid knowledge.
  6. Employee Retention and Development Strategies in Small and Large Companies
    Examples of differences and similarities in employee retention and development strategies implemented in large and small enterprizes.
  7. Nike Inc.'s Career Advancement Programs
    This work seeks to explore the effects of shadowing and mentoring interventions designed for career development and advancement strategies at Nike.
  8. Improving Employee Motivation: Business and Management
    Motivation plays an essential role in maintaining people’s productivity and performance in school and work to attain specific goals.
  9. Avatar Ireland: Human Resource Management
    Currently, Avatar Ireland is in the process of restructuring, and its HR function is one of the highly affected areas in the company.
  10. Strategic Leadership Driving Organisational Performance
    Strategic leadership is critical to organizational performance as it shapes the firm’s vision, mission, values, and overall culture.
  11. A Customer Journey for a Business Class Customer
    The paper discusses customer journey for a business class passenger can be planned from the perspective of the airport that is offering the transportation service.
  12. Personal Leadership and Coaching Manual
    Leadership coaching is a powerful training tool for managers that helps business managers at all levels use leadership skills for maximum productivity.
  13. Organizational Climates Improvements for Marginalized Employees
    Modern organizational management can be conceptualized as a multi-faceted set of practices and tools. It includes a wide variety of aspects of an organization’s life.
  14. The Performance Management System of IKEA
    For IKEA line managers to introduce improvements and plan required training courses, they monitor staff and keep them up to speed on performance levels.
  15. Designing a Training Program for Employees Engagement
    The current paper states that tech companies need new ideas. A special program may help them to prepare employees to work differently.
  16. How to Promote Employees’ Working Conditions at a Fast-Food Restaurant
    The paper addresses the problem of U.S. employees working in fast-food restaurants making a pittance, having few benefits, and labor in squalid conditions.
  17. Amazon Company's Ethical Problems and Challenges
    This paper provides a report of the ethical problems and challenges that employees have been undergoing while working at Amazon, all in the name of quality customer service.
  18. The Walt Disney Company's Organizational Culture
    At the Walt Disney Company, the culture emphasizes details, aiming to create as perfect a picture as possible for the guests.
  19. Companies Code of Ethics
    To have control over business functions or activities, resources, and public image is crucial in managing entities.
  20. Business Ethics of Trio Consultant Company
    This paper will focus intensely on the ethics program of Trio Consultant Company which we shall adhere to as we work to serve others effectively.
  21. Effect of Corporate Scandals on Employee Morale
    3M has developed a sustainability strategy and a corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan that it fails to follow.
  22. Project Participants vs. HRM and Project Managers
    The performance appraisal is a critical determinant of employee satisfaction, career aspirations, creativity, and productivity.

👍 Good Employee Development Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. The Concept of Resilience in Business
    The paper introduces the concept of business resilience; it underscores the current organizational dynamics, it also explores previous studies related to this topic.
  2. Wells Fargo Dubious Accounts Scandal Analysis
    Wells Fargo’s scenario highlights the dangers of poor developing practices. Often built through the years, the imperiled negative public image takes great and sincere efforts to rebuild.
  3. Transactional and Transformational Leadership in the Construction Industry
    Innovation has become the basis of development for companies, and leaders have to adapt their management approaches as well.
  4. The Benefits Consultancy for the Apex Organization
    The consultant convinces the president of Apex manufacturing why the company needs a benefits consultant's services and prove that the proposed methods can guarantee results.
  5. Analysis of Brilliant Lights Company
    The paper analyzes the case study of Brilliant Lights company that faces a range of strategic and organizational problems.
  6. Servant Leadership Style and Its Effectiveness
    The servant leadership style has been practiced in various fields, it allows the leader to build strong teams with members who are committed both professionally and individually.
  7. Blue Limited: Employee Recruitment Strategy
    This paper focuses on the employee recruitment strategies of Blue Limited, a textile processing company, highlights some of the alternative recruitment strategies.
  8. The Walt Disney Company's Strategic Analysis
    The Walt Disney Company operates in a wide variety of entertainment areas including parks, accommodation, streaming and others.
  9. Project and Change Management Compared
    Project Management is a set of methods, knowledge, skills, and tools to develop, create, and improve a product with signs of uniqueness.
  10. Studies in Organizational Theory and Behavior
    An individual may have been brought up in a different environment and taught to behave differently from the organization’s culture.
  11. A Plan for Changing an Organizational Objective
    The essay presents the organizational culture of the enterprise, the need for change, the developed plan, the possible adjustments, and the likely results.
  12. Ethical Environment and Diversity in the Workplace
    The ethical environment in the workplace is important since it supports the employer's positive reputation and improves the moral state of the employees.
  13. Leadership's Role in Healthcare Organizations
    To avoid the repetition of systematic mistakes, employees should be guided by clear work regulations. The role of the leader is essential here.
  14. Employees' Conflict Management and Communication
    To manage the conflict the compromising style is found to be effective, while the open communication method is the most suitable to address the resolution.
  15. A Successful Business: Projected Time and Expenses
    The paper discusses the peculiarities of a successful business. Considerable monetary and time investment is needed for this business to flourish.
  16. Recommendation for Human Resources Management
    The paper argues that nowadays, human resources management requires close review and feedback on employee performance.
  17. Kitchenware Company Managing and Leading Change
    The paper aims to explore how organizations approach change management, taking the Kitchenware Company as an example.
  18. Training Foreign Workers at the EcoLab Company
    A dialogue with a future employee, and the ability to find a common language and convey the basic standards of the company are the necessary bases for training before hiring.
  19. Jeff Bezos' Resonant Leadership in an Organization
    The study is based on theories of leadership and culture in an organization by examining the degree to which Jeff Bezos's resonant leadership style is transformational.
  20. Servant Leadership Annotated Bibliography
    The annotated bibliography of the research articles related to the leadership styles' impact on the workforce.
  21. Leadership Dilemma in Public Organizations
    This paper analyzes a case of a new leader working in the State Department of Wildlife Purchasing, who faces certain challenges related to her leadership.
  22. "The End of Diversity As We Know It" Book by Martin Davidson
    In his book "The End of Diversity as We Know It", Martin Davidson attempts to elucidate the failure of traditional diversity methods and introduce a model of systematic inclusion.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Employee Development Strategy

  1. Learning and Development Manager in Walmart
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the required skills and adequacies for the position of a learning and development manager in Walmart.
  2. Non-Union Representation in the Workplace
    Over the last 12 months, REBU managed to achieve an impressive 54% profit rise. However, this evident progress was followed by emerging problems in organizational culture.
  3. Motivation Versus Discipline for a Leader
    While subordinates with high work rate levels and professional discipline require less attention from the leader, they still need extra motivation to perform their duties.
  4. AGC’s Human Capital Management Goals: Analysis and Solutions
    The unified approach adopted at AGC, however, does not allow taking the cultural specifics of the staff members into account.
  5. Lean Safety and Health Management Principles
    Lean safety in organizations can be discussed as a systematic approach to managing these types of waste in order to guarantee effective and safe processes.
  6. Recommending Stand-Up Desks for Employee
    The paper analyzes how standing desks could improve employees` state of health and increase their productivity during working hours.
  7. Types of Interpersonal Conflicts in a Workplace
    This presentation includes four major parts: definition of interpersonal conflicts, their classification, reasons for their occurrence, and solutions on how to resolve them.
  8. Fair Labor and Living Wages: Business in Ethical Focus
    Many individuals will desire to do business with a company that has a record for regularly being ethical in how you yield products and how you necessitate workers.
  9. Martin Marietta: Corporate Ethics Management
    Martin Marietta is a leading supplier of building materials and a producer of technology. This paper aims to address the Martin Marietta case of corporate ethics management.
  10. The Influence of Absenteeism on the Workflow
    The paper discusses absenteeism. It is one of the reasons why a company's revenues or the performance of a business/organization may decrease.
  11. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and Consequences
    The article recounts the Triangle waist company fire incidence of March 25, 1911. It recollects stories from individual witnesses and news articles.
  12. Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Management
    This paper reviews a case where a colleague with the ailment was discriminated against at work due to changing working shift patterns.
  13. Project Management, Leadership and Strategy
    The literature review investigates the scope of project management regarding leadership and strategy, their impact on the work of organizations, results, and further evolution.
  14. Researching of the Organizational Changes
    This paper lists the main positive and negative aspects of the dynamics of change and the approaches that managers use to help employees accept change.
  15. Maslow’s Motivation Theory in Relation to Job Satisfaction
    Over the years, several motivation theories have been developed, including but not limited to Herzberg’s two-factor theory and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
  16. Being an Amazon Employee: Organizational Analysis
    There are numerous organizational analysis theories, and four diagrams among them explain a range of critical social concerns.
  17. Discussion of Diversity and Ethical Codes
    The paper discusses organizations should encourage diversity in workplaces to ensure that all individuals can work in a particular company.
  18. Integrated Commercial Inc.'s Strategic Management
    Integrated Commercial Inc. aims to revitalize the company’s human resources, which have faced a myriad of challenges over the past three years.
  19. Social Media Policy to Control and Monitor Employee Online Behaviors
    Organizations need effective social media policies to control their employees’ behavior on online platforms in a world with a dependency on social media.
  20. Training and Development: Embracing E-Learning Concept
    The process of shaping staff members’ attitudes to the idea of continuous e-learning requires adopting a combination of the Transformational and Situational Leadership approaches.

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