Business Ethics of Trio Consultant Company

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Business ethics is the kind of behavior which the company decides to adhere to in its daily operations with its environment. Ethics guide the business deals with its employees, customers, suppliers, and the rest of the world. The aim of the business should not be making money only but also developing a good reputation to the society through its conducts. This paper will be focusing deeply on the ethics program of our new company which we shall adhere to as we work to serve others effectively. Our new company will be referred to as Trio Consultant Company in this paper.

Trio Consultant Company will be committed to ensuring that all employees are treated fairly with respect. Health and safety will be the base for us to achieve our set objectives. The company will maintain a safe and healthy working environment; provide its employees with all desired resources, equipment and resources (Hill, 2008). All types of risks which may be present in the working environment shall be eliminated to ensure that everyone is safe within and around the company. No employee shall be allowed to use any type of a drug or alcohol within the working environment.

In the working place of Trio Consultant Company, all the employees shall be rewarded fairly on the basis of their qualifications and performances level. No form of discrimination shall be used when promoting or rewarding our employees’ age, gender, marital status, religion, physical disability, tribal, skin color etc. all that will be based on merit. All employees shall have equal chances of advancing knowledge and skills. The employees information shall be respected and treated with confidentiality.

Environmentally, Trio Consultant Company shall maintain all the environmental policies and be accountable for its environmental performance. Under all circumstances Trio consultant employees shall not serve as the managing directors, or perform as employees outside business interests (Hill, 2008). No employee of Trio Consultant Company or member of his immediate family should be engaged in inappropriate involvement with a supplier, customer or competitor for instance serving in a business entity that deals with Trio Consultant Company. The employees or members of the immediate family should not be involved in activities which require the use or misuse of any disclosure of confidential information of Trio consulting company. Employees or members of the employees’ immediate family should not make use of the employee’s position with Trio for his or her gain or for a third party.

The operations of the Trio consultant company shall be conducted in a socially responsible manner. The company shall continuously work towards improving the quality of life of people and well being of communities. To achieve this we shall be offering support to health facilities, education, and other environmental initiatives. The company shall work with the rest of the community to contribute in solving community challenges. Trio Company as a whole shall respect and honor the authority of the governments in all countries it shall conducts its businesses (Hill, 2008). When employees are responsible in providing the company’s information to the government representatives, they should be accurate and comprehensive. It’s the duty of Trio employees to safe guard the company’s assets such as funds, company functions, intellectual property, etc.

For the business code of ethics to be effective in the company the training program which should be meant to enlighten all the employees about the ethics shall be made available. The trio consultant company shall produce a document outline stating what the training shall be aiming to accomplish. The training program is not optional but mandatory to every employee of Trio consulting company. Each member should be provided with a copy of the company’s code of ethics, the company relevant compliance laws discussion, the decision making model of the codes of ethics, and all the resources to be used for support and help (Hill, 2008). During the training all employees are entitled to understanding the underlying meaning of the business code of ethics by requesting for any clarification or asking any relevant questions. Through this, the employees will be in a position to comply with the laws that apply to their jobs.

The training will be mainly focusing on the five basic aspects of ethical training such as how to be responsible, respecting one another, treating others with fairness, art of being honest, and compassionate. Other minor topics which shall be covered are on how to use the internet, not misusing computers for other activities not related to the Trio consultant company and avoiding misusing other company resources.

The training must cover the matters concerning reporting any violation of ethics to the relevant personnel. The employees will be reassured that no offence shall go unpunished as a way of discouraging the employees from violating ethical codes of business. trio consultant company shall make use of in house training programs which is the most successful as it is an ongoing continuous program which keeps employees always attentive to the business code of ethics.

For Trio Consultant Company to make the training program effective some key elements must be put in practice. Firstly, the team of directors must take an active role facilitating the training program efforts (James, 2004). Some experts must be involved to educate the employees about the essence of values on top of the rules and laws to enhance principled behavior within the company. The training must be made interesting which will be aimed at encouraging full and active participation of the employees. The training program must be related to the real world scenarios which employees face in their day to day activities. Finally all the learning in the program should be applied to the job experiences which will reinforce the ethics training and the whole course components.

Currently, its wise for any form of business to search for innovative ways to ensure that the company’s set objectives are met effectively. The use of continuous monitoring and auditing has proofed to be a positive way of working towards the achievements of the goals and objectives (James, 2004). Trio Consultant Company as a new company shall have a system of monitoring, auditing, and ways through which all misconducts should be reported. Trio Company shall advance its efforts by implementing and making continuous monitoring and auditing disciplines possible within the organization.

The main areas which should be emphasized on are the company’s processes, inside and outside transactions, all the systems and controls. An effective continuous auditing and monitoring will contribute in adding value and improving the overall company’s performances (James, 2004). The company shall benefit from having transparent operations and reporting areas of concerns at the right time. The company shall put extra efforts to ensure that there is implementation of the automated collection of audit evidence and indicators by both internal and external auditors. Continuous auditing would be used by Trio Consultant Company to act as an early signal system of detecting failure of the control system on timely basis than the traditional way of detecting failures.

Trio Company shall also adopt a system of continuous monitoring whereby an automated feedback mechanism shall be applied to ensure that all other systems and controls are operating as expected, and all the transactions are processed effectively. This department where continuous monitoring and auditing shall be performed will be responsible the give the reports of the outcomes on timely basis to the responsible personnel for the right actions to be taken (Hill, 2008). Trio Company shall have several benefits of applying the system of monitoring, auditing, and reporting like effective controls and improved performances, transparent operations with less complexity, and reduced cost of timely reporting.

For Trio Consultant Company the business ethics shall be reviewed and improved where necessary to ensure that the duties are executed effectively. Other purposes of conducting the review of ethics are to measure agency compliance with the minimum required ethics in different levels. Review as well is measure of effectiveness of the program in terms of the system adopted by the company. The Trio consultant company’s team of management shall be conducting an exercise of meeting with the employees regularly to have a chance of reviewing ethics together. The fact that changes are inevitable our company is entitled to some positive changes which will require improvement of the business ethics.

To ensure our business ethics are reviewed successfully several internal activities shall be followed. Team leaders shall have some responsibilities of reviewing the results of employees’ ethics assessment. The most recent questionnaire outcome should as well be reviewed by the team leaders. The planned review shall have appointed personnel to whom these results shall be reported. These personnel would have the authority to inquire for any information from the team leaders as well as any relevant comments which may be required by him. All the results from the team leaders and from the personnel should be preserved to be discussed with the team of directors as deep as possible. At this point the strength and the weaknesses of the ethics program are pointed out for the necessary action to be done. The board of directors shall then investigate the compliance of ethics program with the ethics agreement to see whether there are cases of dissatisfaction.

The company’s ethics office shall therefore determine the following: whether the management team shall have a meeting for ethics training for the current calendar year. Deciding on whether there are some specialized personnel who may be require during that meeting to address some crucial issues. This office is also responsible of evaluating the disciplinary actions which the company has taken during the previous period. This office shall also be liable in providing the management with the number of written counseling over the previous business period. Finally, the number of financial disclosure reports from regular employees would also be expected from this office. All this done regularly shall improve the productivity of the Trio consultant company, and be the best services providers to the nonprofit organizations.

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