Benefits of Business to Business (B2B) Messages

B2B Message 1

Business to business (B2B) messages using electronic exchanges is a part and parcel of modern-day business transactions. B2B not only ensures speed and accuracy of messaging but also, to a large extent, the confidentiality and privacy of business communication systems. The use of an electronic hotline could also be seen as a medium of electronic communication in the modern era. Through a hotline, it is possible to pass on messages from one part of the globe to another, without any kind of spatial barriers or loss of time. (Delmater, 1999, p.3).

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“Parent Hotline does exactly what it says, it provides parents a hotline to the school. The school rings the service from any location to leave or update a message for parents to listen to. “(How it works, 2009).

  • Description of the purpose: In most cases, the use of hotline messaging is for urgent messages. There are also facilities for the deliberations during the use of the hotline to be tape-recorded for official records. The purpose of the message is to convey or gain urgent messages regarding school matters or other significant issues affecting educational pursuits.
  • Sender: The sender may be the person who uses the hotline first to call the receiver. It is often seen that messages in the hotline are brief and succinct, and in tune with the communication needs.
  • Receiver: In most cases, the receiver of the hotline message is a parent who is informed about school matters over the hotline.
  • Environment: The environment is the school environment for education purposes and the messages are informative about emergency matters concerning the wards and children of parents who are being hotlined.
  • Technology: Electronic communication thru B2B exchange phone technology is being used for this
  • Noise: Hotline communication ensures the least noise or operational interferences
  • Feedback: The system of hotlines ensures immediate feedback is possible and two-way instant communication is possible

B2B Message 2

The next instance of B2B Messaging is the voice mail system, which could allow businesses to remain in contact with clients even when they are away.

With new technology in place, it is possible to “deposit your pre-recorded message into the targeted recipient’s voicemail.” (Simonson, 2009, Outbound voicemail messaging: How to beat the voice mail trap, para.2) at the click of a mouse.

Voice mail technology has come a long way since it was first invented. Its commercial applications are enormous and could be put to better use through modern technology and innovative applications.

A typical B2B messaging would be for replenishment of goods along with the supply chain system. In such a case, it is important that messages are acknowledged and replied to as soon as could be possible, with details of shipments. It is necessary that in the B2B environment, both buyers and sellers share transparency, goodwill, and understanding about each other’s position.

  • Description of the purpose: In most cases, the use of voice mail arises when the party is not currently contactable. The messages may be placed in the voice mailbox and prioritized. The purpose of voice mail is to convey or gain urgent messages regarding business matters or other significant issues affecting day-to-day business.
  • Sender: The sender may be the person who uses the voicemail first to call the receiver. It is often seen that messages in voice mails are needed to be urgently answered upon opening of voicemail box by the recipient.
  • Receiver: In most cases, the receiver of voicemail messages is a party that needs to be contacted. For instance, an invitation for a management training session needs to detail the time, venue, and agenda for the session.
  • Environment: The environment is the business environment for communication purposes
  • Technology: Electronic communication thru voice mail technology is being used for this
  • Noise: Hotline communication ensures the least noise or operational interferences
  • Feedback: The system of voice mail ensures savings of time and ensures a higher degree of operational convenience.

Business to Business 3

Case Illustration

Dear Ms.Orsag,

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Your May 3 letter in which you claim that the Rigo FAX 391 was received in a damaged condition has been carefully considered by us. We inspect all our machines carefully before packing them, and we pack them carefully in strong boxes with Styrofoam supports that hold them snugly. Thus, we cannot understand how the damage could have occurred.

Even so, we stand behind our product and will replace any that are damaged.

However, we must ask that first you send us the defective one, so we can inspect it. After your claim of damage has been verified, we will send you a new one.

We regret any inconvenience this situation may have caused you and assure you that problems like this rarely occur in our shipping department.

Scott Hinderbran. (Lesikar, & Flatley, 2005, P.145).

  • Description of the purpose: This message seems to discourteously present the view that the buyer is responsible for the damages of the sold product. The wordings could have been chosen to reach an amicable settlement but this is not evident in this B2B message.
  • Sender: The sender has taken clear steps to avoid responsibility in this case. He has even gone to the extent of distrusting the customer by asking him to send the goods before a replacement is made. This does not help the seller in building business for the future.
  • Receiver: This sends negative vibes to the receiver. He feels that he is being distrusted and being degraded by the negative attitude of the seller, who is not even willing to think about the possible cause of the damages, let alone identify the origin of the problem.
  • Environment: The environment is not conducive to sound selling practices with the seller eschewing liability for the product even before a formal investigation and assessment. Finally, both parties may adopt aggressive postures and refuse to come to conciliatory terms.
  • Technology: Not much use of technology or display of professional skills is evident in the proceedings of this case study.
  • Noise: There is evidence of conceptual and execution errors, including the use of words and phrases for a customer.
  • Feedback: his obviously would depend upon the reactions of the buyer after receiving this B2B message. However, this message has done little to assuage the feelings of the buyer and create harmonious scope for settlement of disputes. Given the environment and purpose, it is seen that the message and technology used have not conformed with the needs of the business and the need to foster future relations with the customer.

The business-to-business message example that has ABC Company asking to create a working relationship with XYZ Company.

August 04, 2009

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M/s. XYZ Company Limited,

1165 Second Avenue,

Des Moines, IA 503-9631

Dear Mr. Watson,

Sub: Extension of credit for 90 days on your bills raised on us.

We have been one of your most valued and prompt customers for the last 24 months. Due to increasing working capital constraints, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet your bills on presentation.

We have, however, discussed these matters with our bankers and are in the process of reviewing our Cash Credit limits with them. However, till such negotiations are finally settled, we would request you to kindly extend us ad hoc credit facilities for 90 days’ payment. Hope you would appreciate our present economic predicament and agree to this temporary arrangement.

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We shall revert to the earlier system, once we get the fund clearance from our bankers.

The accrued interest on such an arrangement shall be met by us upon presentation of your bills.

We hope that you would take the necessary steps to enforce this from our current business invoices with you.

Thanking you,


Cynthia R. Willis

Credit Manager

ABC Co. Ltd.

The example of unfavourable reply message to ABC Company

August 07, 2009

Ms. Cynthia R. Willis

Credit Manager

M/s. ABC Co. Ltd.,

7743, Boers Street,

Allanta, GA 30329.

Dear Ms. Willis,

Ref: Your letter dated August 05, 2009, seeking credit facilities.

We thank you for your above letter.

As a matter of policy recommended by our Board of Directors in their meeting dated July 04, 2009, we have stopped granting credit to any of our customers, present or future. We shall also be holding out this policy decision in all our transactions without prejudice to the level of off takes.

Our Board of Directors had considered your request in right earnest and found that your present credit ratings are quantitatively much lower than what we could expect. Moreover, the present economic scenario does not justify an ad hoc allowance of credit without considering other important criteria.

Although your company has been a major client, we have found that you are not maintaining a 2:1 asset liability match. Moreover, your payments in the last few months have not been tidy and many of your cheques were held up in the banks for lack of funds at your disposal.

We would, therefore, request you to kindly bear with us until such time your credit position is installed and we are able to serve you better with credit facilities. Until such time, we have no option but to allow the present cheque-on-delivery system to continue. However, as a special gesture, we could allow you to avail of 15 days from sight of bills from our end.

We appreciate the fact that you are one of our reliable customers and look forward to a continued business relationship with you.

Thanking you,


Smith Grey

Sales Manager.

XYZ Co. Ltd.


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