Effective Business Communication Analysis

To effectively communicate with people been a manager what he or she should do is to know which language to use. This will mean that with communication there is need for clear language that will be lead to clear information been received by those who are been addressed therefore a manager has to choose a language that will be understood by all people so that if they have to persuade them then they can have the information interpreted as required. In identifying the barriers that prevent employees from accessing higher education is a step that the managers should take and plan so that they offer adult learning the people. This is because learning is important because it helps a person to know what to do so that they can know the changes that are taking place in the world around them. The importance of education to people will mean that they will have knowledge that will lead to achievement of what the organization is in need for high production to be achieved. The manager should ensure that the employees are aware of educational opportunities and how to access them this is important in that with the information then they can have the knowledge that is required. In order to increase awareness to people then managers should increase the methods for making people aware and they are publishing short articles in the company newsletter and making educational part of each employee’s performance goals and hosting the changes that are required. (Abelson, 1998).

Another method that a manager can use will be to expose employees to authentic academic experiences like holding training courses at a local education institution or inviting faculty to teach none credit offerings. This will mean that with the training then the employees will know why it is important to have education with them and from this point they will see the need for getting more training. The employees should be reminded of the educational options that are available to them so that they can further the education and take this furthering of education as part of the culture. What I mean is that the education should be taken as important thing that people should have so that they get best positions in the work place. This will mean that with high qualifications then one will have access to promotion and other benefits that will be provided ion the company or organization where they work. As part of employee annual performance evaluation then manager should ask the employees what they want to do with respect to professional development and encourage them to take advantage of the tuition assistance program that is given so that they get high education. employee education has been a tremendous channel for building the value for both the corporation and the workforce. But due to budget constraints then the company should take strategy that will lead to training of employees so that they achieve high education. (Abelson, 1998).

One is the strategy that can be used will be to have partnering with the key providers who can address content and pricing needs and also the corporations are supposed to develop an internal means of prioritizing their training needs and the correlation of investment that is represented. The manager has therefore to recognize the importance of investment in both training and education and must also recognize that trade offs that are involved. Training is more company specific and tends to be more short term focused and often relates to the internal policies, technical skills and the functional areas. But with education then it is a much broader idea and has the focus on long term pay of, expanding an employee’s knowledge base, communication abilities and critical thinking beyond the narrow scope of a particular job. This means tat education will take the people out of their comfort zones but the training helps people become more comfortable within one field. With education then people are able to see their on the job experiences in a broader manner for example education the employees about positive and negative things that are brought about by globalization will create some discomfort in the short term and may seem to have little direct relevance to the individual performance but is creates awareness to people about the workforce that will be required so that the company may have future competitive success. Within in mind the benefits for education then a manager should come up with strategies that will give extra time for adult employees to get education. (Adam, 2000).

Therefore a manager should cooperate with the organization son that they create time for those who want to learn as it can be seen it is important for people to learn so that they can know what is taking place in the world around them. What I mean is that with high education then people will have information and know the challenges that are likely to occur in their place of work. The things that take place are like the rights for employees to get benefits like promotion and allowances so that they can have change to their way of life. This will mean that a person who ids not educated will not know what he or she is required to get from the organization and they will be forced to work for many hours with low payments but with education they will claim for their rights as employees and they will not be taken for granted. This will be important as the organization that has many people who are without education will lead to poor performance because they will lack skills that are required. Therefore a manager should come into agreement with the employees to provide time for workers to go and learn. The time can be created through having shifts in that they will require time for each one to work sop that they get the extra time. This working in shift is important because the workers will have extra time that will be spends in learning. It is therefore important and managers should keep it as rule that all the workers have time to work and time for their education. They can have also distant learning program been in place this will mean that with this kind of learning what the people will require is to get relevant information concerning what they want to learn and from this they will be able to achieve the education that is required. This is important because with this learning the people can be able to work and at the same time have their duties carried out. In this kind of learning there will be quality programs that will be provided this means that it will cater for the adult workers and they incorporate adult learning theories into their courses so that they help enhance the learning experience of students. The another thing is with this distant learning the organizations that are concerned will be able to recruit faculty and instructors ion a national basis and not ;limited to identifying instructors from a local area. This provides them with much large pool of talents to choose from in order to hire the best and brightest instructors who will provide quality and benefits to the learner. (Adam, 2000).

With the changes in technology then there are opportunities for developing and delivering curriculum in a distributed environment and this will mean that within distant learning the opportunities are not of equal quality. Therefore a manager should know and understanding the importance of customer responsibilities so that they can know how to deal with tuition that has to be paid. There are risks that are related with tuition reimbursement polices and how to manage these risks has been a problem. Therefore the corporations have to work out the problems through developing approaches that will manage these risks so that they can increase their return and there are many polices that managers can deploy. The accredited higher education institutions need to align their investment in program development to more effectively impact business outcomes this concept to align learning strategy with business goals is important because the higher education degrees program are build on the accumulated knowledge of the past generations as well as the research methods, the content of such programs are significantly more valuable in developing the critical thinking, analysis, synthesis and team building capabilities of corporate executives. This will mean that with this program then all will get education that is required and this will be through getting time for whatever work they are ready for in future. The tuition reimbursement should be provided to people so that they get more knowledge. This will mean that if employees get this tuition paid then they will know why the education they require is important and this will lead to attainment of new talents. Therefore a human resource manager should come up with a plan on how to pay for the tuition that is required so that they get education program to the line of employees they should also plan for making use of these new talents in that individual career development plans are essential for high potential people who will be beneficiaries of this investment in education. Therefore a manager should ensure that they have this tuition reimbursement for the employees and put it a rule so that they see the benefits that are attached to this education. With this education then one will get experience which is important for a progress in an organization what I mean is that the employees who accept to be trained will be more experienced and will know what they are expected to have for the organization to have high performance. Therefore the managers should come up with campaigns so that they have people informed on what they are supposed to get so that they have this education. In each organization the manager should be free with workers so that they show them why it is important to have education. This will mean that managers should not be out always but should have time for the workers to know what they require and from this base then they will come up with right information that will lead to accept the employees to get education. (Alice, 1999).

In dealing with time schedule the managers are supposed to ensure that they create extra time for workers this will be to come up with programs that will provide time and at the same time they have the performance of the organization raised. Therefore managers have the task of ensuring that they give training to workers constantly this will assist these workers in knowing what they are required to do and from this step then they will know what the organization requires. What I mean is that the managers should ensure that all workers get time for their education and this will be through persuading them because mostly the adult employees do not know the importance of extra learning therefore they will stick to the first experience that they had before this will mean that the organization performance will jot be to the standards that is required because they will not know the changes tat are taking place in the world. This will mean that the performance of the organization will remain low and will have financial problems because the workers will not be ready to make adjustments according to changes that take place in the world. Therefore it is the task of a manager to persuade the workers so that they see the importance of learning and from this point such workers will be able to incorporate the knowledge they have and change there view about the world changes which will further change the organization performance. This will work through effective communication from the managers to employees so that they know exactly what they have to do for betterment of organization. (Alice, 1999).

Effective communication is something that is very much important and if a company has to succeed it should ensure that the managers take their part through communicating well to the workers. This will be through giving them details of what they are supposed to do as workers so that they have the changes that are required in the organization. There are many benefits that are supposed to be received if organization has to succeed. Some of these benefits will be to have experience which will be through getting in touch with new changes that are taking place in the world and this will lead to high performance of organization. It is therefore important for organizations to offer tuition reimbursement for workers so that they get high education and still training is very much important.


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