Staffing the Organization Options

Innovation is one of the factors contributing to the success of any business. For instance, the use of innovative recruiting strategies is one of the ways to achieve a competitive advantage as they are associated with the use of creative methods by employees (Mathis, Jackson, & Valentine, 2013). It has been found that such methods enhance organizational performance and the overall satisfaction of the staff. Nevertheless, the research on the use of innovative recruiting strategies is limited and statistical data are often unavailable (Johnson, Lukaszewski, & Stone, 2016). However, it is essential to try new options and ways as hiring talent are critical for an organization in the modern business world. In order to recruit people for a call center, it is possible to employ such creative strategies as the use of mobile-based technologies and recruiting from local educational establishments.

Mobile technology has become a common communication channel utilized by people of different backgrounds and ages. Mathis et al. (2013) note that millennials, as well as X-generation and a significant proportion of baby boomers, tend to prefer mobile devices to share and obtain information. Although the utilization of mobile devices and channels has attracted certain attention of researchers, statistical data on the matter is still limited. Researchers concentrate on the impact of innovative strategies on organizations’ and employees’ performance rather than estimating the extent to which this technology is used (Johnson et al., 2016). At the same time, it is possible to assume that the use of mobile channels is becoming a trend (Mathis et al., 2013). Although the exact rate of organizations employing this strategy is unknown, mobile technology is mentioned in numerous studies (Johnson et al., 2016). Therefore, it is natural that HR managers should utilize this platform to recruit employees. Moreover, this method can be beneficial to recruit various employees including blue-collar workers and managers since, as mentioned above, this technology is used by different populations.

In order to recruit people, it is possible to utilize mobile-based software that encompasses close interaction (Johnson et al., 2016). Simulations can also be employed as these tools have proved to be effective (Mathis et al., 2013). However, these platforms are rather costly, and the development of the corresponding software needs time. Mobile-based instant messengers should be used as an affordable and accessible channel. Various groups and communities are created, and people having certain common interests share information every minute. The HR professional will benefit from the use of this technology especially when it comes to recruiting younger generations. It is noteworthy that the search should not be confined to job-related topics as candidates can be found in communities that focus on such areas as traveling, entertainment, education, romance. All these people are potential employees who will perform different roles in the organization.

Another effective way to locate talent and hire people has become slightly underestimated. Rivera (2015) emphasizes that the vast majority of organizations seek candidates in a very limited number of educational establishments. Reportedly, 90% of employees recruited through this channel are graduates of a setlist of colleges. The lists are based on the facilities’ prestige, and they are rarely updated (Rivera, 2015). Hence, it is possible to recruit graduates, alumni, or students directly from local educational establishments. Since the new office will be only 20 miles away, it is necessary to concentrate on this area. Every educational facility has departments or professionals who work with alumni, graduates, and students regarding possible employment.

The HR manager should address these departments through online channels and visiting the establishments. Mathis et al. (2013) note that flexibility is one of the major factors contributing to effective recruiting. Therefore, organizations widely hire people who work from home or have flexible working hours. These working conditions seem attractive to the student population. Moreover, distance learning students and graduates should also be recruited. Call centers often work long hours and shifts so hiring from different parts of the country is beneficial. It is possible to consider positions at different organizational levels as candidates will become effective managers and employees. This method is not widely used among organizations, and there are no signs that it is becoming a trend. However, the fact that it is mentioned in professional literature suggests that it can draw HR professionals’ attention in the recent future.

To sum up, HR specialists are likely to benefit from the use of such innovative strategies as mobile-based technology (instant messengers) and recruiting people from local educational establishments. These channels are affordable and accessible, which is crucial for an organization that has a tight budget and needs many employees within a short period of time (only two months). The mentioned innovative tools will be effective in locating candidates who will be employed at different organizational levels (including managerial positions). The utilization of mobile-based platforms has already become a trend, which indicates that the method is effective. The recruitment of students and graduates from a wide array of educational establishments is not a trend yet, but it can be widely used in the recent future.


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