Report on Starbucks Website Review


We are the communication specialist for the company, and we have been assigned the responsibility to undertake a review of the company’s internal and external communications. Therefore, we have decided to review the Starbuck website and give fine details of the same. I took the liberty of reporting to the concerned executive management to ensure improved communication for the better sustainability of our organization.

The task force will address the website’s content and evaluate its effectiveness in the operation of its business. The potential course of action has also been outlined in this report. It will also outline the pros and cons of the web content, information relayed by the web content. Also, the report will provide recommendations to ensure effective and efficient communication to achieve the company’s success.

According to statistics, the company achieved an increased number of followers with 26% of approximately 3.3 million followers (Moniz & Torgo, 2019). From this, they had posted a total of 240 posts, among which 77% were photos. The company often posts photos of its goods but in a unique and very attractive manner. Starbucks coffee company uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for advertising its products and has a huge number of followers.

In business activities, the most important aspect is appropriate communication. Therefore, the task force is to undertake a comprehensive study of the Starbucks strategy to establish the key aspects of objective achievement. Firstly, we are to look at how the company management is laid, given that it matters a lot. Secondly, we shall undertake the type of content of the company, how they are designed. Finally, it is important to look at the nature of its content to achieve its uniqueness and attractiveness.

Pros and Cons of The Web Content

The Starbucks web content has some advantages and the in its applications. Firstly, the company posts pictures of its products attractively and uniquely. Therefore, it is a crucial strategy for promoting its sales, given that it is a way of making potential consumers visualize what it can be to use the product. In such a setting, the customers subconsciously place themselves in the photos and are incredibly good to use the experience.

Besides, it establishes visual proof regarding the products since such proofs encourage beliefs. Also, its content enables the development of trust with its prospective consumers. It helps them to see explicitly the quality of products they will receive once they make an order. Therefore, it becomes easy to win over prospective consumers, especially with high quality and attractive photos (Moniz & Torgo, 2019). Finally, it is an impeccable way of quickly conveying messages to reach a significant number of prospective consumers.

Oppositely, Starbuck’ web content is associated with disadvantages in the promotion of its products. Firstly, the entire process takes a lot of time, from the set-up to taking the picture, editing, and uploading it to the web. In connection, the quality and attractiveness of the picture come with a corresponding increased expenditure in the cost of equipment and expertise. Also, the web content can be misleading, which can be videos may be misleading if they are not designed with good expertise.

The Starbuck coffee company’s web sends messages to promote existing products and upcoming products to the market. For instance, it relays messages concerning new products by the company, describing its price and ingredients and the availability of the same. Besides, its web also pops messages of rewards available for all the consumers and how they can be achieved.


The Starbuck Company should seek to adjust its operations for sustainability. Firstly, it should establish an effective plan that ensures that it outshines its competitors. It can be achieved through a proper focus on maintaining the quality of its web content. To maintain it, it should adopt different designs during its promotion. For instance, it can change the company’s logo over time to appeal to its consumers.

It helps do away with the monotony that often comes with what its consumers have long been known or identified. Secondly, continued promotional rewards should be kept consistent. It makes customers come back and serves as a way of appreciating frequent consumers of the products. There is always a desire to be appreciated with the frequent purchase of products from the same place. Such rewards should also be extended to more social media platforms to create more awareness of the product. Finally, it is important to plan for unforeseeable uncertainties which might arise, given that change is inevitable.


In conclusion, it is crucial to adopt an impeccable way of relaying attractive messages to customers. Social media has become the most comprehensive platform to reach all desired target groups globally. For that to happen, it involves good strategies that relay information and those that entail unique and attractive settings. Furthermore, the platforms help in engaging the consumers of the products with the company. Therefore, it helps in getting useful information that can be utilized for the improvement of the products. The tests and preferences of individuals vary completely. Hence, it can be a way of adjusting a single product to develop another product that is appealing to other parties.


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