Masiya Telecommunications Company’s Business Activities

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Executive Summary

This is a research report that looks into the business activities of Masiya Telecommunications Company, its strategic position in the market, and answers the question on the need, role and strategic value of a marketing and advertising department. The report looks at the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats the company faces, the best strategy for the company to adapt to stay in the market, and provides a critical view of the role of a marketing and advertising department for the company. It looks at why the department should be incorporated. Qualitative and quantitative research was conducted to determine the benefits that could accrue as a result of such incorporation in line with its goals and objectives.

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Masiya services provider Telecommunications Company has established in 20011. However, since its inception, it does not have a marketing and advertising department, which is fundamental in disseminating information about its services to its customers and how to make more customers. The research was conducted in the company due to its unique position as a market player, its reputation, its good organizational structure, excellent service delivery, and the uniqueness of the services it offers coupled with its long term plans and market strategies. These enabled it to remain competitive in the market by retaining its customer base and aggressively expanding while maintaining strong customer relationships and answer the questions; does the company need a marketing and advertising department, and what role would it play, how will the company benefit by incorporating it?.

The marketing department’s role would include Identifying customer needs and wants, analyzing current trends, and anticipated customer needs2. An increase in the customer base results from convincing them of the quality and value of the services provided. In addition, to maintain a strong customer base and customer relationship, the marketing, and advertising department could invest in providing innovative solutions for the company’s limitations in achieving its goals and objectives. This could lead to customer satisfaction, which translates to increased sales, a bigger market share, increased profits, and a better and sustained competitive advantage.

Industry and Issue & SWOT

SWOT analysis of the company was done on the firm. Interviews were conducted with the managers of the company for the purpose of collecting information on how the company operates in maintaining its customer base, increased profits and a competitive advantage3 And the role a marketing and advertising department could play in enhancing and maintaining the company’s competitive position.

These analysis provided information in answering the question on the need for a marketing department, the role it would play when incorporated, the benefits which could accrue and the difference it could make when incorporated in contrast to when the company is run without the department.

4Its key strengths, warranted products, competitive prices, and advantaged position were a strategic advantage for the company. A small budget for the market, a small number of branches, and challenges paused by others could be competitors was also another issue of interest. Challenges paused by companies with similar business interests played a key role in the precarious position of the company. The current economic conditions may also adversely impact the company and its operations. Thus, the research was conducted to determine how to counter all these adversities in the market by researching the need for a marketing and advertising department.

Information could play a vital role in the form of advertisements, with company involvement in intense campaigns. A timely response to these issues could help strengthen the company’s position in the market. This could be in the way of advertisements and intensive marketing promotions.

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SWOT Analysis


These brought to light the company’s position and possible solutions on the issues affecting it. A SWOT analysis was conducted on the company to establish its key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. There were reported findings that Masiya Company had no rivals providing the same services and products, offered competitive pricing, and had warranties on its products. The research was to establish how these advantages could be maintained and how best to implement that. However, certain weaknesses were found inherent in the company.


Reported findings of the company’s 25 minutes distance from the city placed it at a disadvantaged position in terms of timely service delivery. The time lag between customer order and provision of services also had an adverse effect on the company operations and profit maximization. In addition, the company had no branches in the Emirates. This denied the company an increased customer base and more profit generation.

The small amount of money budgeted for marketing and advertising reduced the company’s ability to sell itself to existing and anticipated customers — a potential weakness in view of the threats the company faced.


Companies with similar business interests and with the same products and services may eye and endeavor to join the market dominated by Masiya Company. This could result in increased competition for the existing market, a reduced market share for Masiya Company coupled with the devastating consequences of the current economic uncertainties. Besides, current shareholders may sell their shares and leave the company. What could be the strategic plan to counter all these?.


The research reported that Masiya was the only local company, a key factor in strengthening its position, customer base, customer relationship, and, consequently, a bigger market share. In addition, the company provided fair prices for its products and services as compared to companies with similar products and services. Another key opportunity was that the company provided a timely delivery of its products and services in relative comparison with other companies operating in similar business ventures.

Research Plan

The research plan incorporated the administration of interviews to gather relevant data from the finance manager, customer service manager, and the Chairman of the company. The mangers were interviewed and data collected about their views on the issue in question on 5“creation of a Marketing Department.”

The questionnaires were developed and posted to the relevant managers after an arrangement with the secretaries who made arrangements on the best and appropriate time for conducting the interviews. A follow up was made to the effect that the pending interviews were allotted time and an appropriate venue for conducting the interviews determined beforehand.

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Observations were made on the effects of creating a marketing department for the company. In the domain of satisfaction for its customers, inter-departmentalization, and teamwork for the best interests of the company. Teamwork played a key role in quality management.

To provide a basis for ease of interpretation of information, information obtained was presented graphically. This made the interpretation and comprehension of the information easy. Graphical information from other companies was also studied and compared with information from the company in question.

Research Plan outlines and Comments

The research plan on the company entailed conducting primary research, which entailed conducting an interview with the chairman of the company, finance manager, and the customer service manager on the 17th of October, 2009, then at different times. Each primary interview took approximately 3-5 minutes. Prior arrangements for the interview were made by calling the secretary in the relevant departments. Qualitative and quantitative researches were done.

To verify the hypothesis, a research plan was put in place. Primary and secondary data were collected, which acted as a basis for verifying or refuting the hypothesis. The research proposed that the management, in acting as a team for the best interests of the company, create the marketing and advertising department. The research plan was in line with the problem to be researched; on the role and impact of the marketing and advertising department.

Interviews were conducted to gather the relevant data for decision making, and questionnaires were posted, which acted as a basis for decision making. The primary sources focused on interviews and questionnaires administered to the relevant management, while secondary research was conducted through information obtained about the company through the internet and other media.

Primary research

Primary research focused on interviewing the management on various issues affecting the company according to the flow of interviews recorded below.

Mr. Ahmad AL Hassani,” Chairman of Masiya

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1. What is the specialty of the company?

The specialties of the company are high performance, easy deployment, and effortless management. The employees take maximum effort to produce a high profit. They always give preference to the requirement of the customers. Masiya Telecommunication Company provides unique services in the United Arab Emirates.

2. What are the functions of the Masiya Telecommunications Company?

The main function of the company is to find out the most flexible and efficient solutions and apply these solutions to the current information technology6 Field. They provide excellent support to employers. The company always looks for the best strategic solutions for profit maximization.

3. Which type of services do you offer to the customers?

Mainly Masiya will provide various telecom and IT solutions to the customers.

4. What is the company’s product range?

We offer various multimedia services to customers.

5. Do you provide any services for indoor and outdoor communication?

The company provides a lot of facilities for indoor and outdoor communication. Employee activities include maintaining, enhancing, and managing existing networks with an emphasis on finding solutions for coverage problems. They optimize quality GSM network coverage for indoor environments.

6. How do the services of the company influence the customers?

The company is particularly concerned with the needs and expectations of the customers by considering their requirements and finding solutions to their problems by providing them in the form of a package.

7. Has a partnership with other firms helped improve the company’s performance?

Masiya has a number of significant partnerships. This helps the company to perform better by taking care of their products and services. ORACLE (Largest enterprise software company), Airwide (The leader in next-generation mobile messaging infrastructure and applications), Sun (head in servers, storage, and software), Vantrix (a leader of mobile contend delivery), MATERNA (Europe’s primary independent software and mobile technology solutions company), IFS (component-based software providers), etc. are some of the main partners of Masiya Telecommunications.

8. What problems does the company face currently? How do you plan to address them?

The company has no marketing department, which is very important for companies in selling their services and products. In addition, the advertisement scheme is very poor. In order to overcome these difficulties, the company is trying to give more consideration to marketing and advertisement.

Other companies’ organizational charts were studied along with the company’s inter-departmental structure in comparison with those companies with similar business activities.

Secondary Research and Observations

The secondary research focused on information gathered through the media and other electronic sources’ current issues, the internet, government publications, journals, newspapers, books, and other credible sources7.

Currently, the company is faced with the issue of the absence of a marketing department, which forms the basis of selling company products and services. Lack of a better advertisement scheme and proper marketing mechanisms are another issue requiring due attention. The prime importance of a marketing department revolves around increased profits, improved customer relationships, and a strong customer base. The core functions of a marketing department are to disseminate information about the company to the people, thus improving its customer base while creating goodwill. This translates to increased sells, profit maximization, and a good reputation. In addition, other activities include advertising, distribution, and promotions of goods and services.

However, the company faces many limitations. It takes almost half an hour to reach the company premises. There are no branches for the company in Emirates. Thus, the number of company employees is small. So, the marketing department is essential in the company. “The marketing department lies on the strategic side of the business, and they use market research to address the needs and requirements of customers and potential customers.” (What Does The Marketing Department Do: Summary para 1).

Customer needs and wants will have to be determined by the company through the marketing department. This adds weight to the need for a marketing department. The marketing department helps in identifying customer needs, customer behavior, requirements, and gather information about company reputation. Precise information about the customer decision-making process could be well understood by the company management in laying its marketing and profit maximization strategies. The report proposes that the marketing department be properly structured. The competition in the market is monitored by the marketing department. It helps in generating new ideas for the progress of the company.

In the company, the advertisement scheme is very weak. It has to be improved. Advertising is a major need for a company. “Advertising is paid, nonpersonal communication that is designed to communicate in a creative manner, through the use of mass or information-directed media, the nature of products, services, and ideas.” (Advertising Effects para 1). “Advertising has the power to create awareness, inform, and persuade.” (Advertising Effects: What Advertising Does Not Do para 2)8.

From the above discussion, the marketing department could play an important role in making clients aware of where it’s situated and the kind of services it offers. It helps in the promotion of business. Advertisements should be done such that the customers are attracted to the services of the company. The difference between the company’s products from others should be explained (Swinton 15). There are various methods by which advertising can be done. It can be done through newspapers, televisions, journals, internets, etc.

Nowadays, Media is most commonly used for advertising purposes. If more advertisements are given in the Media, more people become aware of the company. This will lead to more sales, which in turn will lead to increased profits. The company should spend more amounts on advertising. There will be no loss due to this because advertising will increase profits. Advertising will reach a large number of people. Advertisements will help remove the unawareness of the customers about the products or services. If the customers become aware of the product, they easily purchase the product without hesitation. Advertising thus increases the sales of the company and simplifies work for salespeople.

A marketing and advertising department is very necessary for the company to function efficiently and effectively. More budgetary allocations for and the creation of a marketing department could improve the company’s position in business (Masiya Inaugurates Regional Baghdad Office 5).

Problems Encountered

Despite the fact that the research went as planned, certain problems were encountered on the way. Management were not ready to divulge detailed information about the financial position of the company, besides their failure to grasp the real need for the research on the need for a marketing and advertising department, their quest and need for using more resources on a new department while it was currently evident that the company had been doing well financially and had a good market share and customer base translating to good profits. Further still, respondents needed further elaboration on certain research questions and, at times, viewed certain questions as infringing on their privacy. However, all relevant data was successfully collected for the research, and the research ended successfully and according to plan.

Competitive Market Study

The research environment

According to the report, the market environment for Masiya company’s core business activities envisaged a more efficient and flexible provision of services and products. Excellent support from employees played a vital role in customer support, and customer innovations9. Through excellent customer relations, the IT solutions provider for indoor and outdoor services helped add value to company operations. This generated customer confidence and maintained a competitive edge in view of competitors or new rivals in the market (John 35).

The needs and expectations of customers and value addition to its services provided a basis for innovative solutions to current and expected company problems and challenges. Timeliness and an easily accessible environment coupled with customer information impacted positively on the company operations (Gitman, Lawrence, and McDonald 25-27).

The marketing environment laid a demand for improved customer service delivery and improved product quality.

Research Questions

The researcher wanted to answer the research questions and find out the need for a marketing and advertising department and benefits that may accrue.

  1. What role would the marketing and advertising department play?
  2. What benefits could be realized for the company should the department in question be incorporated within the company?
  3. How best the company should remain competitive in the market and maintain its position in view of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?
  4. What is the company’s current position in the market, how can it move to the next level, and what is the managerial view on the management structure?

Research and Research Findings

The research was conducted to verify the hypothesis in view of the research in question. It was conducted to confirm the need for creating a marketing and advertising department at the Masiya Company. The research was to find innovative10 Solutions of maintaining customers and improving on the customer base in view of the presented opportunities and threats from new entrants to the market (News and Events Masiya).

The primary research focused on the key strengths of the company, its core business activities, services provided to the customers and how service delivery was differentiated with companies with similar business activities, how the company uses its services to influence customers to purchase its products and services and the value addition for its products and services, how a partnership with other companies plays a role in strengthening the company position. Further, the primary research focused on the problems currently affecting the company and innovative ways of tackling them.

In conducting the research, an interview was conducted to determine what approach was excellent in handling customer dissatisfaction and other issues affecting the company.

A marketing and advertising department could impact on company operations with observable increased sells, increased customer base, improved service delivery, new customers, and the retention of new and existing customers in an innovative manner (Advertising Effects 15).

Conclusion on Research Issues

According to the research, it was established that there was need for the company’s products and services to be advertised, innovative solutions for its products and services, analysis of customer needs and wants, a study of customer behavior and consumer trends, a dissemination of company information about its products and services, and a strategic way of addressing the company’s weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. Accordingly, it was found out that a marketing and advertising department with specialized personnel to run the department was vital.

There was also a need for the current management to be convinced about the need for a marketing and advertising department on the benefits that could accrue as a result of incorporating such a department in its management structure. Among the benefits which could result from the creation of the department could include, knowledge of the current and future trends of the market, calculation of risks and uncertainties seen and unforeseen, increased customer base among the host of benefits which would result from the incorporation of the marketing and advertising department. This was based on an analysis of the research findings.

The researcher was satisfied with the research findings and was able to answer the research problem; the need for a marketing and advertising department.


According to the research findings, the company could benefit from the department, which could formulate the best strategies for marketing it. The department could formulate the best innovative solutions to the company’s problems. Run by specialized personnel, the department could play the role of safely calculating the company risks and uncertainties, and advising the top-level management on the best strategies to adopt to avert any could be current and future risks.

Specialized personnel could be the best trained for carrying out investment appraisals in the current and anticipated markets, carry out inventory and sensitivity analysis on its products in view of the bad economic times and provide the best cost-benefit analysis for its operations. Specialized personnel could conduct a continuous market survey to determine customer behavior, consumer trends, product quality and differentiation, demographic data and could be best placed on analyzing that data relevant to the market needs and company goals.

According to the research findings, it was brought to light that the management was not specialized personnel in carrying out marketing and advertising activities, besides, the company was run without due regard for specialized marketing information, which was undesirable for any company.

Thus the research successfully answered the research questions, and the problem was worthy of finding a solution to. In view of the data obtained, the researcher was best placed to affirm that a marketing and advertising department was indispensable.

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