304 Global Strategy Examples

Every big business wants to enter the international market. It’s not hard to see why: it helps companies expand their target audience, not to mention having a globally-recognized brand name!

All this can be achieved with the help of a global strategy. Keep reading to learn more about it!

🔝 Top 10 Global Strategy Example Essays

  1. International Management in Business Globalisation
  2. Digital Marketing: Information Significance
  3. IPhone Product Marketing Plan
  4. Unemployment in the United Arab Emirates among Locals
  5. Global Virtual Team and Business Communication
  6. Customer Relationship Management in Lebanon Banks
  7. Global Business Management and Strategies
  8. Hyundai Company’s Strategic Marketing Plan
  9. Risk Management and Corporate Governance
  10. Global Impact on Purchasing and Supply Management

🌍 What Is Global Strategy: Definition

A global strategy is a strategy developed by a company to expand into the international market. In short, it is a detailed plan that businesses pursue if they aim to expand or target growth internationally. It’s usually beneficial for companies and consumers to boost trade, open global supply chains, and encourage economic activity.

What Are the Main Objectives of the Global Strategy?

Not all companies have the capacity to facilitate expansion internationally. But what are the main objectives of global strategy for those who decide to go that route? Well, the aim is to increase the sales abroad and gain more brand exposure, leading to greater credibility and an improved reputation.

What Are the Resources Required in Building a Global Strategy?

The primary resources in building a global strategy are:

  • available funds,
  • quality control,
  • a lengthy time frame to accomplish the strategy,
  • commitment and effort from the higher-ups,
  • innovation.

Companies must also decide whether they need to adapt their resources for domestic markets.

👔 Types of Global Strategy in Strategic Management

The three main types of global strategies are standardization, international, and multinational. Here’s what each of them entails:

  • A standardization strategy involves selling the same product in every location. The central management makes critical decisions about the product and is not delegated to the local markets.
  • Most businesses begin their global expansion with an international strategy, which includes exporting or importing goods and services while keeping a head office in their country of origin. Usually, international strategies prioritize the company’s domestic market while doing business abroad, which is why the headquarters is still maintained in the home country.
  • A multinational strategy is a form of international strategy. It entails catering to each individual market and having physical business locations and employees based in multiple locations.

✨ Global Strategy Example Companies

To understand the topic better, check out the following real-life examples:

Walmart Global Strategy

After acquiring local businesses, Walmart adapts its operations to local customer behaviors and reaches out to a wide range of consumer sectors. This is the essence of Walmart’s global strategy.

Apple Global Strategy

Apple’s global strategy used during the iPad launch is an example of standardization. iPads are the same no matter where you buy them – Apple’s customers like that they can get products like this anywhere in the world.

Dunkin’ Donuts Global Strategy

Dunkin’ Donuts’ products embrace cultural differences instead of shunning them. They developed the Grapefruit Coolata in Korea, Mango Chocolate Donut in Lebanon, and Dunclairs in Russia, to name a few.

Nike Global Strategy

“Nike by You” (formerly known as NIKEiD) is one platform the company uses to appeal to its international market. Nike can produce personalized products that fit various cultural preferences and styles by putting the power of design in the hands of the consumer.

Coca-Cola Global Strategy

Another great global strategy example worth exploring is that of Coca-Cola. The company concentrates on smaller community programs and devotes time and money to various charitable efforts.

Victoria’s Secret Global Strategy

The popular lingerie chain looks and feels the same no matter where you buy your clothes. As a point of entry, they rely primarily on an export model and the opening of stores in smaller locations such as malls and airports.

Want more global strategy examples? Check out the list below!

📝 Global Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Apple Company's Activity: iPhone
    Business essay sample: Apple is one of the global corporations that produce computers and smartphones and offers customers innovative ideas and shares valuable decisions.
  2. Amazon Company's Rivalry in the E-Commerce Industry
    Business essay sample: The increasing number of natural disasters and cataclysms taking place in the USA and abroad pose a threat to Amazon’s financial performance.
  3. Lenovo Company's Globalization and Viability
    Business essay sample: This essay provides an insight into ways in which Lenovo uses the globalization of production, markets, and institutions to increase its viability.
  4. Strategic Business Management in Globalization
    Business essay sample: Globalization has the potential to remove political boundaries and traditional geographic making room for the entire world stage as business theatre.
  5. WD-40 Company Strategic Marketing Analysis
    Business essay sample: Despite recent challenges experienced in some European economies, the market for WD-40 Company products has remained attractive.
  6. Global Financial System: Functions and Risks
    Business essay sample: This paper shows the main functions of the global financial system are to promote savings and investments, provide credit services, facilitate payments, manage risks, and develop trade policies.
  7. Vodafone Company's Global Strategy and Mission
    Business essay sample: Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the UK. The company’s mission is designed to make the organization a communications leader in an interconnected world.
  8. Brand Management for Ireland's Tourism Industry
    Business essay sample: This reflective paper attempts to classify the effectiveness of designing and implementing brand strategies in Ireland.
  9. Internationalization of Business: Management Report
    Business essay sample: This is a management report that identifies the key trends and analyzes the issues affecting the global business environment.
  10. Innovation Computers Company in US
    Business essay sample: Innovation Computers is a multinational company that plays a leading role in providing its customers variety of quality products and efficient services which include IT and computing technologies.
  11. Auto Parking Business Project
    Business essay sample: This paper presents a case of expansion of business in the global market. The paper focuses on Auto Parking business.
  12. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation: Globalisation Impacts
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses how Mitsubishi Motors Corporation handles environmental and how bio fuel policy influence the company’s sales in its European markets.
  13. Emirates Steel Company: International Business and Globalisation
    Business essay sample: Emirates Steel is a company that majors in the production of steel. It is the largest steel company in the Middle East region.
  14. Toyota Company in China: Global Strategy
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the focus is on analysing the current problems that Toyota is facing in China and strategies that can be employed to address them.
  15. McDonald's Company International Expansion
    Business essay sample: This paper delves into the expansion of McDonald's into various international markets and the various problems it needs to address to penetrate them.
  16. United Parcel Service Company's Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: The current paper aims at discussing the peculiar features and working details of one of the well-known American package delivery companies, United Parcel Service (UPS).
  17. Coca-Cola Company Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: This research paper aims to explain the process of institutionalization of the TQM in the Coca-Cola Company and also to explore the extent this TQM has affected the work culture.
  18. Human Resource Policies for Staff Performance
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses how effective are the bank's performance management policies specifically appraisal/promotion, compensation and disciplinary policies.
  19. HSBC Performance Appraisal System and Career Development
    Business essay sample: The training and development plan of HSBC entails induction, job-related coaching, and personal development. Its aim is to equip employees with relevant job skills.
  20. Balancing Work and Life for Young Professional Women
    Business essay sample: In a multinational setting, employees, especially women, are hard-pressed to offer more, productively, in a continuum of high performance benchmarks set by the corporations.
  21. Performance Management System: Advantages and Disadvantages
    Business essay sample: Although the concept of performance management is relatively new to the global business environment, it has already become an integral part of the corporate processes.
  22. Operations Management: Processes and Resources
    Business essay sample: Operations management (OM) is a faculty of management that is concerned primarily with supervising, designing, and controlling processes within a production function.
  23. Motivation and Job Satisfaction: ADNOC Company's Case
    Business essay sample: The paper is aimed at locating the talent management approaches in the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company that can be applied in the environment that lacks sustainability.
  24. Global Drinks' Enterprise Resource Planning System
    Business essay sample: This proposal describes a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system offered to the company Global Drinks and investigates its effects on the company’s work.
  25. Marketing Tools for Young Kuwaiti Entrepreneurs
    Business essay sample: This work investigates marketing tools affecting Kuwaiti entrepreneur’s, specifically social media tools, and the motivation of using such tools.
  26. Global Scale Business Ethics Models
    Business essay sample: This report emphasizes the importance of studying business ethics and the business people’s awareness of the most efficient applications of ethical philosophy.
  27. Corporate Social Responsibilities in Construction Industry
    Business essay sample: Corporate social responsibility is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. This paper covers CSR and its role in the construction industry in Jordan.
  28. Public Organizations Embracing Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: The government of the UAE has managed to introduce considerable improvements not only into the private but also into the public sector during recent years.
  29. Electrolux Company's Business Studies and Strategy
    Business essay sample: One of the most outstanding stakeholders of Electrolux is the targeted community of consumers who are located in various markets across the world.
  30. Dynamic Organizations and Impact on Productivity
    Business essay sample: The study examines factors that create dynamism in organizations and how they affect productivity lays down a mechanism to manage the changing environmental factors.
  31. Supply Chain Management Role in Enterprise Planning
    Business essay sample: Effective supply chain management of an organisation ensures that the systems for supply chain management reduce various costs that are associated with supplies.
  32. Tesla Cars Company: Marketing Strategies and Channels
    Business essay sample: The proposed study will focus on investigating marketing methods for Tesla to help it survive in the market for its new technology products.
  33. Internet Service Quality Influence on Consumer Intention
    Business essay sample: The study focused on determining the influence of internet retail-service quality on the ability of consumers to make a repeat purchase.
  34. Emirates Airlines' Global Strategy Implementation
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to prove that the advantages that Emirates Airlines has as well as its success are achieved due to the implementation of thoroughly-designed global strategies.
  35. Kuwait Airways' Revenue Management Strategy
    Business essay sample: The study will examine Kuwait Airways' business models and revenue management strategies to establish essentially needed improvements.
  36. Value Management
    Business essay sample: The stakeholder management is the decisive factor for the success of any project whether small, large or complex.
  37. Climate Change Impact on Business Activity in Malawi
    Business essay sample: The agricultural sector is one of the key economic sectors in Malawi’s economy. It plays a very important role in Malawi’s economy by influencing the significant macroeconomic factors.
  38. Corporate Responsibilities in Jordan Construction Industry
    Business essay sample: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) gained popularity in 1970s as a policy function to encourage corporations run their operations responsibly.
  39. Emirates Airlines' Operations Management Analysis
    Business essay sample: The research project analyzed the operations management of Emirates Airlines while considering how OM has influenced the competitiveness of the company in the UAE.
  40. Marketing Relationship with Other Functional Areas
    Business essay sample: Studying 🤓 the relationships and interdependencies between marketing and other functional areas? This essay sample ✅ describes the interrelationship between marketing and other departments in different marketing processes, and the importance of marketing.

💡 Essay Ideas on Global Strategy

  1. Walmart Company's Global Strategy and International Business
    Business essay sample: This paper presents the analysis of the global strategy and international business with respect to Wal-Mart. The paper provides a detailed analysis of Wal-Mart and looks at some approaches.
  2. Zimmer Motor Company Global Strategy
    Business essay sample: The following essay is a strategic plan of the Zimmer Motor Company an Automobile company based in the United States of America.
  3. Aramex Company's Operations Management
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this report is to provide an analysis of the operations management system of Aramex in relation to the company’s business goals and objectives.
  4. Improving the Quality of Staff’s Performance
    Business essay sample: Promoting change and the improvement of quality standards is essential for a company aiming to become a global leader.
  5. Apple Company's Sustainability, Values and Innovation
    Business essay sample: Apple has been known in the IT market for quite a while due to the disruptive technology and the brilliant solutions that have become its brand image.
  6. The Coca-Cola Company's Grand Strategy
    Business essay sample: The major strengths of Coca-Cola include its strong brand name, use of powerful marketing approaches, quality vision and mission statements, and effective logistical operations.
  7. Leadership and Strategic Management Relationship
    Business essay sample: The paper explains the relationship between strategic management and leadership and applies management and leadership theory to support organisational direction.
  8. Nokia Company's Success Exploration
    Business essay sample: Nokia group consist of four key businesses which include; mobile phones, multimedia, networks and enterprise solutions.
  9. Google Incorporation's Human Resource Practices
    Business essay sample: Google Inc. needs to manage its international branches and offices more efficiently to ensure that all benefits provided by the company are also available in the foreign offices.
  10. Sky Company Limited' Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: Sky Company Limited is private company that specializes in the production, manufacture and distribution of soft drinks and beverages around the world.
  11. The Coca-Cola Supply Chain & Operations Management
    Business essay sample: The Coca-Cola drink has a rich history and is currently considered the most popular and top-selling soft drink in the world because of its taste and recognizable brand affiliation.
  12. Coca-Cola External Environment & Internal Factors Analysis
    Business essay sample: Coca-Cola's external environment is a very broad topic to investigate. 🥤 Let’s dive into Coca-Cola's external and internal analysis today. 📊 You’ll find out the company’s most appropriate strategy and some of the major factors influencing its market position. 🏆
  13. Federal Express Company: Global Environment' Strategies
    Business essay sample: The research examines the evolution of Federal Express by analyzing its value creation frontier, determining the most competitive building block and the globalization impact.
  14. Under Armour Company's Globalization
    Business essay sample: Under Armour deals with high-quality athletic wear that meets the diverse needs of sports. It has been able to venture into global markets and manage global business commendable.
  15. Starbucks Strategic Plan & Global Market
    Business essay sample: Researching Starbucks strategic plan? ☕ Read the paper to learn how Starbucks has attained an optimal market position in the specialty business. 🥇 However, the Starbucks company can enhance its performance by implementing strategic marketing recommendations. ❗
  16. Global Companies and Their Industries' Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper provides an analysis of five companies namely FreshDirect Inc., RBC Bank, FedEx Corp. Blackberry Inc., and HSBC Holdings Plc.
  17. Hyundai Motor Company and Globalization Impacts
    Business essay sample: As an organization that operates in an international environment, Hyundai Motor Company has to respond to the forces of globalization.
  18. Global Macroeconomic Policy Indicators
    Business essay sample: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at purchaser’s price is the gross value added by all citizen producers in a given economy added to product taxes less subsidies excluded in the value of the goods.
  19. China’s Economic Resurgence’s Global Implications
    Business essay sample: China's economic rise and sustainability have been facilitated by the economic reforms instituted towards the end of the 20th century.
  20. Natural Resources and Economic Development Nexus
    Business essay sample: Countries that have natural resources are perceived to also have better bargaining power on the global platform.
  21. Risks and Opportunities in Managing Global Teams
    Business essay sample: This report will focus on an in-depth exploration of risks and opportunities from global teams and managerial processes to mitigate threats in a volatile business environment.
  22. Volterman Smart Wallet: Strategic Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The strategic marketing plan for Volterman smart wallet focuses on how this company can use its limited resources to achieve market success.
  23. Corona Beer in the Global Markets
    Business essay sample: Although Heineken is the most distinguishable beer company globally, Corona remains its closest competitor in the exported beer category.
  24. Human Resource Manager's Role in Global Teams
    Business essay sample: In the last decade, multinational corporations have embraced the use of global teams because of the demands generated by globalization and advancements in technology.
  25. British Petroleum as a Major UK Energy Organization
    Business essay sample: BP must outline the progress that has been made so far in mitigating the outcomes of the oil spills and the lessons that have been learned.
  26. Médecins Sans Frontières Corporation's Global Citizenship
    Business essay sample: Médecins Sans Frontières as a multinational corporation is involved with offering of humanitarian services across the globe in disaster areas.
  27. Leadership Action Logics and Transformations
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to explain numerous leadership action logics such as diplomats, strategists, alchemists, opportunists, experts, achievers, and individualists.
  28. Is GDP Relevant in the Context of Globalisation?
    Business essay sample: Globalization is one of the forces shaping current macroeconomic realities. It is the process of the elimination of the geopolitical barriers to trade and communication.
  29. Dell Computers: Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: Dell has enjoyed great success in delivering quality products and solutions to its clients while its current sales levels are high and business growth is imminent.
  30. Global Market Segmentation Analysis
    Business essay sample: Market segmentation is the process of dividing a large market into subsets of customers with common characteristics or common needs.
  31. Will Oil Peak During the Next 20 Years?
    Business essay sample: The International Energy Agency (IEA) describes non-conventional oil as chemical additives, coal-to-liquids, gas-to-liquids, extra-heavy oil, and oil sands.
  32. Internalization Theory and Eclectic Paradigm
    Business essay sample: Before internalization theory, it was assumed that FDI was the natural form of the local production strategy. Internalization theory pointed out that licensing was an option.
  33. Global and Local Market Place in a Changing World
    Business essay sample: The World Trade Organization is one of the most powerful institutions. This international organization establishes the rules of trade between nations, handles trade and enforces the GATT agreements.
  34. Sharp Corporation: Global Strategy
    Business essay sample: The success of Sharp Corporation is a result of its focus on strategies. The discussion will focus on the global strategy of the company: both internal and external elements.
  35. Theory of Demand and Supply of Houses
    Business essay sample: Research of how the theory of demand and supply affects the supply and demand of houses. Analysis of business environment of OPEC. SWOT analysis for Nestle Foods company.
  36. Digital Marketing: Global Strategies
    Business essay sample: The Internet and the development of WWW have changed communication patterns and greatly impacted marketing channels and techniques.
  37. Blockbuster Marketing Strategy Analysis [SWOT, Porter’s Forces, & Marketing Mix]
    Business essay sample: Researching Blockbuster marketing strategy? 📀 This paper analyzes Blockbuster strategy concerning its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 🔍 Read thoroughly to learn more about Blockbuster business model and marketing strategies. ✅
  38. Company Problem Solution: Global Communications
    Business essay sample: This paper looks at the various problems facing the company and the initiatives the company can take to ensure its survival in the global market.
  39. Managing in a Global Context
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the importance of managing people in a global context, organizational development, change management and its' psychology and managers' role.
  40. Nortel Networks Corporation's Operational Issues
    Business essay sample: The case study is about the Nortel Networks Corporation regarding its operational issues overseas and how the company has utilised its various marketing strategies.

👍 Good Global Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Operational Analysis and Effectiveness in Organization
    Business essay sample: The role of operations in the day to day functioning of organizations is very important, especially in the manufacturing sector.
  2. The Global Green Consumer
    Business essay sample: The global green market has had a major impact on consumer markets across the world. Consumer demands are overly now shaped by the products they are purchasing having a 'green' aspect.
  3. Walmart Company's Global Leadership Strategies
    Business essay sample: Walmart has applied effective leadership theory in its day-to-day operations, which has seen great changes in its current new markets.
  4. Starbucks Corporation's Global Expansion
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to highlight the global expansion of Starbucks. The paper will focus on the foreign market, scale, timing, strategy, and mode of entry.
  5. DPWN Company: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Porter’s Five Forces for DPWN company, reasons of the success of DPWN, SWOT-analysis, market expansion strategy, diversification, and acquisition strategy.
  6. Strategic Supply Chain Management Role in company
    Business essay sample: To compete with rival companies or for value adding or altering its features and design,strategy of Supply Chain Management play very important role.
  7. Tesco Company's Business Environment
    Business essay sample: Environment analysis is essential for making decisions for the future. It provides details into opportunities available in the market situation.
  8. Global Inequality and Less Developed Countries
    Business essay sample: Global inequality has had many impacts on developing countries. With inequality, you find that the rich countries benefit at the expense of the poor countries.
  9. Global Supply Chain Management Definition
    Business essay sample: Global supply chain management is the advanced and globalize picture of the old traditional supply chain management.
  10. Report on E-Business Between China and USA
    Business essay sample: From the analysis of e-business, USA provides better quality than China. China's technological and economical level is the obstacle of its insulate.
  11. The Main Demand and Supply Factors
    Business essay sample: During the last decade, economic growth in developing countries has led to increased per capita income of and per capita consumption by respective citizens.
  12. Air New Zealand Company's Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: The Air New Zealand company is primarily involved in the transportation of cargo and passengers on scheduled airline services. It is based in New Zealand.
  13. Managing Human Resources in Modern Organization
    Business essay sample: The topic of the paper is the developments in human resource management that have taken place to date with the focus of modern demands of management.
  14. Analysis of CRH Plc. International Group
    Business essay sample: CRH Plc is an international building material group located in Ireland. CRH Plc’s departmental line organization structure seems to be effective for attaining business objectives.
  15. Nike: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Nike has been a very leading company in the athletic footwear market. It has always given tough competition to its rivals Adidas.
  16. The Coca-Cola Company's Business Plan for 5 Years
    Business essay sample: The beverage industry in which the Coca-Cola Company operates is the carbonated beverages market or the carbonated drinks market.
  17. BAT Company and the Structure Group, UK: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Research indicates the primary goal of any business is to increase its market share in its industry in order to increase sales which in turn lead to an increase in profit levels.
  18. Understanding Workplace Diversity
    Business essay sample: Diversity in the workplace encourages non-discriminatory practices, thus helping people from diverse backgrounds. It is generally inclusive of all the employees of the workplace.
  19. Mode of Global Market Entry. '. Goldendrops'
    Business essay sample: The global market has become so complicated and advanced that only the strong and competitive firms are able to survive
  20. Costco Wholesale Corporation: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The Costco Corp. has analyzed its current situation according to some aspects, like business environment, globalization’s effects, diversification, and ethical issues.
  21. Dr. Reddy’s Pharmaceutical Company: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Dr. Reddy’s is a highly competitive company in an industry, which is growing. The company is moving in the right direction armed with a strategy to maintain cost leadership.
  22. Fostering a Healthy Organizational Culture
    Business essay sample: This essay considers management and leadership at W.L. Gore. This company has a wide product range consisting of items such as shoes, electric cables, guitar strings.
  23. Destination Marketing Characteristics
    Business essay sample: Destination marketing is an activity that is aimed at marketing a country’s tourist destinations, cities, country, and regions.
  24. Pilgrim Pride Corporation: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The structure and the strategic decisions of the modern business organizations are well established and particularly defined to achieve their vision with skill management teams.
  25. Global Strategic Leadership in the Domino’s Pizza
    Business essay sample: This paper has taken Domino’s Pizza to investigate thoroughly a set of critical reflection on the organisation, and conducted an experiential learning scheme.
  26. General Points about Business
    Business essay sample: The general idea about strategy blurs within the mire of many concepts, terminologies, jargons, and scholarly publications.
  27. Saudi Telecom Company's Knowledge Management Plan
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes the knowledge management in the Saudi telecom company and how they help in a different kind of strategy formulation.
  28. Apple Incorporation's Strategic Analyses
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses the internal and external environment of Appl. Various models assist in the analysis, including PEST factors, Ansoff matrix, Porter’s five forces.
  29. DHL & FedEx: Comparison and Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper would compare and analyze the two large companies DHL and FedEx to recommend the prospect of these organizations, evaluate the TOWS Matrix of DHL and FedEx.
  30. The Microsoft Corporation: Problem of Growth Rate
    Business essay sample: The main problem with Microsoft Corporation is its growth. The growth rate of the business has become negative in 2006.
  31. Future for Purchasing: Collaborative and Electronic
    Business essay sample: Globalization has opened new avenues for global integration of functions like operations, logistics, procurement, and marketing in the upstream part of the supply chain.
  32. The Software X: Power of Predictive Business Intelligence
    Business essay sample: Software X will compete within the business intelligence (BI) category, generally accepted to mean the combination of data warehousing and market information tools.
  33. Oxiana and Zinifex: Managing Organizational Change
    Business essay sample: This study takes up the issues emanating from the merger of two well known gold and iron mining companies, Oxiana and Zinifex.
  34. Furniture Company: Marketing Research and Enhancement
    Business essay sample: This report identifies the future changes in the trends of the furniture market and also recommends possible strategies which can be helpful to recover from this situation.
  35. Industry Analysis on the Global Fast-Food Industry
    Business essay sample: The industry analysis constitutes scrutiny of the dominant economic features, competitive forces, key driving factors, and key success factors of the industry.
  36. Automobiles Markets Problems Over the Last Two Years
    Business essay sample: The automobile industry today has been flooded with very many car products that exhibit a high degree of homogeneity in functionality and performance.
  37. ING: Crisis Management
    Business essay sample: The different types of risk management and assessment procedures. The concept of crisis management, taking ING as a case study for this assignment.
  38. International Marketing in the Parker Pen
    Business essay sample: This paper undertakes to study the international marketing strategy used by parker pen. Parker pen is a company that has gone global which sells products over 154 countries worldwide.
  39. Able Corporation in the Global Market
    Business essay sample: This research paper and analysis provides an in-depth study into a project implementation, its design, phases and success.
  40. International Marketing Plan for SABIC Innovative Market: Entry into the Australian Market
    Business essay sample: Saudi Basic Industries Corp - one of the world’s leading producers of chemicals and intermediates, industrial polymers, etc. Australia is a possibly gainful new market for SABIC.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Global Strategy

  1. Information Systems Management
  2. American Automobile Industry
  3. Effect of Global Challenges on India
  4. New Marketing Strategies for Woolworths
  5. Analysis of the Current State of the BMW Company
  6. Japan and South Africa: Country Analysis
  7. FedEx Malaysia: Company Analysis
  8. Golden Circle Company's International Marketing Plan
  9. "Global Marketing Management" by Kotabe and Helsen Book Summary
  10. Apple Inc. Managing Technology and Innovation
  11. Abercrombie & Fitch Company's Retail Strategy
  12. Outsourcing and Other Staffing Trends
  13. Strategic Business IT Related Tasks
  14. Crompton and Smythe Ltd.'s International Human Resource Management
  15. Global Considerations and Company Management Strategies
  16. Consumer Goods Industry: Strategic Trends and Issues
  17. The Bank’s of America Standards and Tactics
  18. Virtual Recruiting: Meaning, Channels, the Impact on Business Organizations
  19. JIT: Strategic Plan and Implementation
  20. The Concept of International Human Resource Management
  21. Profit and Non-profit Organizations
  22. Marketing Management. The Value Chain Process Coty UK
  23. The England Supermarket Factors
  24. XYZ Company: Start in China
  25. The Japanese Economy: Keiretsu System
  26. Technical Changes in Vodafone
  27. Sony Ericsson Company's Marketing Plan
  28. Personal Finance Tesco Company
  29. Managing Change and Innovation in SME
  30. Strategic Management by Example IKEA
  31. Wal-Mart: Their Strategy to Globalization
  32. Getinsa Saudi Arabia – A Case Study
  33. Emaar Saudi Investment: Company Analysis
  34. Product Positioning in Oligopolistic Markets
  35. Florist Boutique + Café: Business Plan
  36. Management Theory and Practice
  37. Selecting Candidates in Multinational Corporations
  38. Boost Juice Bar: Brand and Product Management
  39. Ernest & Young: Invest in Saudi Arabia
  40. Benihana of Tokyo: Case Study
  41. PowerGen: Global Corporate Strategy
  42. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Arab Word
  43. Unilever: Developing HRM Strategy to Support Organizational Strategy
  44. IKEA: Essentials of Strategic Management
  45. General Motors Company: Pricing Strategies
  46. Telstra: Change Management Strategy
  47. Strategic Analysis of Coach Inc
  48. Underground Economy: Term Definition
  49. Dr. Café: Integrated Marketing Communication
  50. Tuvalu Wines Expands: Case Study
  51. Toyota and Ford: Supply Chain Management
  52. International Monetary Fund: History, Roles and Challenges
  53. Jampa Textile: “Think Global Act Local”
  54. Sprague Warner-Kenny Corporation: Company Information
  55. The Prospects of General Electric Company in Saudi Arabia
  56. Thai-Lay Fashion: Company Analysis
  57. Success of Wal-Mart
  58. Tourism and Economy in the Middle East

✍️ Global Strategy Essay Examples for College

  1. The Impact of Global Crisis in Albanian Markets
  2. Wok to Walk: Marketing Plan Proposal
  3. California Pizza Kitchen's Strategic Analysis
  4. Applied Research Methods - Mergers & Acquisitions
  5. Brand Development Strategies of Wal-Mart and Tesco
  6. Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development
  7. Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited: Company Analysis
  8. Management in the Global Economy
  9. Company Analysis of Easyjet
  10. Globalization and Its Effects on Organizational Structure and Management
  11. Global Supply Chain and Business Issues
  12. Industry Base Case Study: Korean Airline Ground Handlers
  13. Gulf Falcon Air-Conditioning Systems Fixing Company: Managing the Market
  14. The Growing Outsourcing Trend in Today’s Business Market
  15. Ford Motor Company: Strategic Marketing and Way Forward
  16. Case Study Analysis: The Rise of IBM
  17. Tengelmann: International Business
  18. Contemporary Developments in Business and Management
  19. Global Business Issues. Global Prospects and Strategies
  20. Lufthansa Going Global. Company Analysis
  21. Lufthansa: Going Global and Managing Complexity
  22. Customer Care and Case Study of Emirates
  23. History of Supply Chain Management
  24. Starbucks: Multi-Channel Growth
  25. Global Financial Crisis on Dubai
  26. Marketing Communications Plan: Audi
  27. Information Technology for Management in the Digital Economy
  28. Starbucks: Detailed Company Analysis
  29. International Human Resource: Company Global Expansion
  30. Wal-mart: Company Background, History and Strategies
  31. Recession Impact on Car Manufacturing Industry
  32. Recession Impact on Car Manufacturing Industry: Toyota Company
  33. Global Corporate Strategy PowerGen
  34. International Business Strategy: Case Study on Clippy Bag
  35. Stakeholder Analysis: FIFA 2014 World Cup
  36. Marketing Plan for Kraft Foods
  37. Shangri-La Hotel Group Case Study
  38. Easy Jet Marketing Plan and Reflection Report
  39. An Application for Smart Toys: Exploring the Toy Industry Opportunities
  40. Phantom and Wakame: Companies Analysis
  41. Why Macy’s Inc. Cannot Keep Up With Online Competition?
  42. IKEA’s Path of Internationalization
  43. Tesla Inc.’s Operations and Success
  44. Strategic Management Research Project for Caterpillar Inc.
  45. Project Management for the Energy Industry
  46. RAK Ceramics: Case Study
  47. Apple Inc.: Smartphone Industry
  48. Valtech Company: Role of HRM in Strategic Management
  49. Cash Flow Management at Apple Inc.: Financial Consequences and Improvement Strategies
  50. Singapore Airlines' Radical Circles & Vision Transformation
  51. Netflix Inc.'s Strategic Audit for 2019-2020
  52. Management Report: Tesco Personal Finance
  53. Information Technology Management
  54. Business Analysis of Company Tesla, Organization Save a Rescue, and Restaurant Eleven Madison Park
  55. Korean Air Analysis
  56. Advanced Micro Devices Company's Strategic Analysis
  57. CFO Report on Colgate-Palmolive Company
  58. The Evaluation of Saudi Telecom Company

🏆 Best Global Strategy Research Titles

  1. Managing Finance by Investment
  2. Financial Management of International Business Entities
  3. Global Financial Crisis Effect on the Saudi Market
  4. SABIC Acquisition of GE Plastic
  5. Sell-Side Equity of a Smallcap Company: Flow International
  6. Critical Evaluation of Marketing Strategies PepsiCo
  7. Islamic Bonds – Sukuks, Risk Factors Study and Analysis
  8. Difference Between Islamic and Conventional Derivatives
  9. Salim Group's Company Analysis Since 1990
  10. The Economic and Financial Effects of Dubai World Company
  11. Internship in Harley Davidson, Saudi Arabia (Dammam)
  12. International Accounting and Finance: Globalisation of International Financial and Accounting Reporting Standards
  13. The Sustainability of Apple’s Success
  14. Apple Inc.: A Global Company Linked With Electronics
  15. Barnes and Noble Business and Industry Overview
  16. Islamic Finance: Sharjah Islamic Bank
  17. Capital Asset Pricing Model Is Not in the Context of Asset Returns
  18. Analysis of Supply Chain Management in Business
  19. Information System for Managers
  20. Analysis of the Rebirth of IBM
  21. The Immense Success of IKEA
  22. HRM Practices and Their Role in Organizations
  23. Tempur Sealy International Perfomance
  24. Tesco's Performance in the Retailing Market
  25. The Marketing of McDonald’s
  26. USPS: Management of Organizational Change
  27. Women Leadership and Generation Z
  28. Strategic Management Analysis Nike
  29. Next Plc Company's Technology & Business Environment
  30. Business Management & Decision-Making Report
  31. A Report on Delta Electronics Company (Thailand)
  32. Sephora as the Leader of the Cosmetics Industry
  33. International Human Resource Management: Decision-Making Process
  34. Union of Companies to Buy a Uniform Insurance Policy
  35. The Leadership Challenges of Today
  36. Brew Time: Starbucks in the Indian Market
  37. Apple, Inc.: Marketing Plan Analysis
  38. Coca-Cola Company: Strategies Coca-Cola Implemented
  39. Nestlé USA: Assessment of the Company’s SCR Activities
  40. PepsiCo's Marketing and Population Trends in Mexico
  41. The Purchase Intention of Chocolate Amateurs for Bean-to-Bar Chocolate
  42. Hilton Worldwide Holdings: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  43. Positive Organizational Change at Ericsson Telecommunication Company
  44. Apple Inc.'s Supply Chain Sustainability
  45. IT Application and Global Organizations
  46. Uber: Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Assignment
  47. Business Ethics and Law Relationship
  48. Vapiano’s Response to the Competitive Environment
  49. Forever 21 Company’s Turnaround Strategy Report
  50. AMP: Ethical Standards in the Multinational Business Setting
  51. New Business Opportunities During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  52. Developing an Understanding of Cultural Differences in Business Companies
  53. Blossoms Boutique Retail Store's Operation Management Plan
  54. Heineken Firm's Corporate-Level and International Strategy
  55. Self-Assessment of Entrepreneurial and Managerial Traits
  56. Analysis of Supply Chain Risk Management
  57. Multinationals' International Strategic Planning
  58. The Walmart Company's Analysis and Strategies

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