Multinationals’ International Strategic Planning

Businesses that induce global outreach must have unique approaches towards their international market. The marketing strategies should incorporate an efficient planning technique. Crafting an international strategy is important when dealing with different international policies and the diversified multicultural market. Therefore, crafting a strategy involves effective planning, having a visionary mind, venturing into appropriate, executable strategies, and lastly, learning from the immediate competitor (Hieu & Nwachukwu, 2019). Therefore, each company should adopt the integrating model with a global outreach. Companies like The Walt Disney, Coca-Cola, and Nike, Inc dictate the international market. Therefore, a company that decides to seek and own a section of the international market has to craft a global strategy anchored by a well-organized mindset that focuses on consumer attraction and satisfaction.

The Walt Disney Company

The global opportunities coincide with the current strategic plans concerning the internal organization structure. Disney decided to adopt a new approach of combining its scattered entities into one single company. The management was also centralized to ensure all activities were foreseen with one business mindset. The goal was to analyze the global market from one perspective to capitalize on the already existing global market (Mucha & Jefferson, 2018). The company focuses on creating a new Disney hub by combining its parks, resorts, and consumer product services to bring the Disney stories and the characters to life. The main aim of such a game-changing strategy was to give the consumers a new feeling about their services.

The company has an unparalleled franchise that includes studio and media frameworks that stand out as the content engines that anchor Walt Disney. However, the company has merged different managements, which previously outsaw a new strategy of supplying technology-based media through live streams (Mucha & Jefferson, 2018). Therefore, the company has a vision that ought to utilize a combined strategy that dictates the use of one segment to control other franchises. Disney provides a wide range of outstanding entertainment across the globe, from animations to on-demand films. The new Bamtech segment aims to provide quality streaming services by broadcasting original and licensed programs by using a third party like Hulu.

The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola company has existed for quite some time, and it has given its competitors a hard time being understood. Currently, the company decided to brand its different franchises like Coca Cola Zero, Minute maid, and Coca Cola life under one brand Coca Cola all aimed a using one global theme –taste the feeling-. The company embraces the diversity of its workforce by trying to advertise its products using a cultural-suggestive brand (Coca-Cola Bottlers, 2021). The strategy raises the energy of workmanship between its employees. Previously, the company had focused on multiple brand campaigns; however, the latest brand approach has helped to simultaneously celebrate the brand and the products.

Coca-Cola’s global outreach is through little involvement with the local bottlers situated across the globe. The Coca-Cola system accepts the local bottlers to trade on their name even though the company only sells the concentrates and the syrups to these bottlers (Coca-Cola Bottlers, 2021). The effective system of distributing the concentrates results from a well-established supply chain. Coca-Cola Company decided to create a Bottling Investment Group that ensures the local bottlers get the required investment and expertise.

Nike, Inc.

The company has invested in the geographical region that is sports apparel. North America and China, for example, host a variety of sporting events, providing Nike with a ready market. The company arranges tender meetings during sporting events to furnish the event with necessary supplies. North America, for example, is recognized for its passion for football and baseball. Nike takes these advantages and starts aggressive sales of the associated sport merchandise to the players and the fans. The company brand has been accepted internationally following its strategic plan of controlling oversee subsidiaries, thus helping them maintain consistency in general product development and helping curb the issue of redundancy (Nike, 2021). The company has a working policy of on-time delivery and the aspect of redundancy help in cutting down the general operating costs.

The Low production costs techniques are invaluable to Nike’s product cycle, which helps introduce undisputed new merchandise into an already existing Market. Sports organizations have created confidence in Nike’s quality and supply chain. The company has an unforgiving policy of beating the order deadline no matter the prevailing situation (Nike 2021). The policy has helped the company reach the acceptable standard of sports equipment. Nike applies the global strategy of expansion whereby it is currently planning to capture the new promising market in northern and central Asia. Portland’s centralized research and development facilities have helped Nike coordinate production across different subsidiaries.

The three companies have exhibited an endless yearning for international acceptance. They are all focusing on the international market by providing explicit products. Working with the local companies in the distribution of their products seems to be efficient, as in the case of Coca-Cola. The companies are working towards a centralized form of management whereby decisions are made at the top level. For instance, working under one brand and theme has helped Coca-Cola click global acceptance. Nike has also adopted a unique strategy of fully identifying a single market and exploiting it. These aspects reflect the global strategies that aim to conquer the global market.


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