Tide to Go Product Introduction in Egypt

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Trading in the international market has been the trend in the recent past. Many companies are trying to expand their market from a single country to multiple of countries. Globalization could be the greatest motivator to unprecedented interest in international trade. Globalization has opened up countries creating an environment that encourages international trade. The basic reason that motivates various companies to trade internationally is to reduce business risk take advantage of expanded market (McGillivray 56). Companies have realized that trading in a single country is more risky than when market risks are spread across several countries. Trading internationally expands a company’s market and creates great opportunity for growth. Being successful in international trade is not an easy task; a company must evaluate the target market to ensure success. To be successful in introducing its product in a new market, thorough analysis of the target market followed by strategic marketing plan is necessary.

Caper International has been successful in Canada and various other countries. Caper International has a variety of consumer products. The products have been successful in Canada, Unites States, and various South American and European countries. Among its successful products is Tide to Go, an instant stain remover. Caper International wants to expand the market scope of this product. Egypt is chosen as a target market and is hoped to be an important entry point to African and Arab countries market.

Tide to Go is successful instant stain remover. The product is designed to eliminate fresh drink and food stains instantly. It removes fresh stains from a variety of foods and drinks including Ketchup, coffee, tomato juice, and fruit juices.

There is a variety of stain removers available for laundry at home. However, many people are stranded when their cloths catches stain while they are away from home and cannot use conventional stain removers. This can happen when someone is having a meal at an eating point. Tide to Go is intended to make an easy fix to such situations by providing instant stain removal (Procter & Gamble par 5). Packed in easy to carry packages, Tide to Go can be carried along as a solution to mishaps that put stains on cloths. Tide to Go pens are designed such that they can be easily disguised in pulse and briefcase. This makes them easy to carry and easily available in case of unexpected stain.

Living styles of many people have been affected by changing social economic factors (McGillivray 87). Social economic changes have led to many eating places and ‘eating on the run’ culture. This is a culture where people carry food stuff and eat along the way, in cars, in offices and other places away from their homes. Most of the people who are involved in eating along the way mainly constitute of mothers with children, Travellers, college students and professionals. These groups will constitute the main targets for the product.

Egypt is chosen as the target country for the product. Egypt is one of the most popular countries in the world for its contribution to World History. The country is located in the north of Africa. The country neighbours the Mediterranean ocean in the north. The country is a transcontinental country with Sinai Peninsula forming a bridge to southern Asia. The country is mainly dry with many people settling along the banks of river Nile. The country has one of the highest population in Africa. More than half of its population live in densely populated urban areas most of which are spread along the banks of river Nile (Fawzy 1-3).

Egypt has a well developed economy. It has one of the most developed economies in both Africa and Middle East. Economic activities in the country are diverse; the country has well developed tourism, industry, agriculture and service sectors. Internal and political stability in the country are major factors behind Egypt’s economic development.

Egypt is chosen as the target country since it offers great opportunity for success. The countries large population creates a good market for the product. The economic situation of the country makes success more probable. The country has a diverse economy that is considered to be one of the most fast developing economies in the world (Allissa par 9). Fast growing economy coupled with high population creates high chances for success. In addition, the geographical position of the country has positive effect to the success of the product. The country also acts as a gate to other African and Arab markets.

Culture Analysis

Egypt is considered as a cultural country. The ancient Egypt culture has great influence to world culture. The country has more than five hundred years of civilization that has resulted to the modern Egyptian culture. The current Egyptian culture can be viewed as a mixture of ancient culture and modernity. The ancient Egyptian culture was characterized by high appreciation of fashion, respect for pharaohs and reverence for gods. Ancient Egyptians were highly religious; a condition that continues.

Modern Egyptian culture is the most relevant to introducing Tide to Go in the market. Modern Egyptians culture is highly influenced by modernity. Since Egypt is highly cosmopolitan, its modern culture is close to those of other cosmopolitan countries. The country has people of different cultural background. However, ancient culture still influences the modern culture.

Egyptian culture is highly influenced by global culture and urban life. Being a tourism destination, Egypt has opened doors to foreign visitors that have influenced its culture. With 51 percent of its population living in urban areas, Egypt has a culture that is highly influenced by urban life. Most people live is small urban areas and major cities such as Alexandria and Cairo.

Egypt has a population of about seventy million people. Fifty two percent of the Egyptian population is literate with males consisting 63 percent of the literate. Most people participate in economic activities through the country’s main economic sectors such as tourism, agriculture, industry and service sector Unemployment rate of the country stands at 11 percent, which is among the lowest in the region.

Arabic is the main and official language in Egypt. Other languages such as English have found their way to the country. Religion is a major culture factor in the country. The major religion in Egypt is Islam with Muslims making up 94 percentage of the population. The part of the population mainly consists of Coptic Christians. Religion is way of life for both Muslims and Coptic Christians. Family life is a cultural issue that is worth noting in Egyptian. Egyptians have strong family ties. Women and children are highly respected in society.

Cultural factors favours introduction of Tide to Go in the Egyptian market. Egypt is highly a modern society that engages in modern social economic factors. The high population provided sufficient market to target the new product. Many employed Egyptians are in formal employment that calls for neatness. Urban life has influenced the way of life of most Egyptians. Eating places have been in the increase as many individuals and family members take meals away from their homes. Culture of carrying food stuffs is also on the increase. It is often for professionals and college student to carry food stuffs as they go to working places and colleges.

Tourism has direct and indirect positive influence on introduction of the new product in the Egyptian market. Tourism involves travelling from one place to another. In the travels, the tourists and workers in tourism sector carry food stuffs. This creates opportunity to clothes to be stained and require instant remedy. Tourism has influenced the way of life of most Egyptians. Presence of many luxurious hotels has increased the number of Egyptians who visit these hotels.

Environmental Analysis

Environmental analysis is an important activity before going to international analysis. The analysis helps to understand the risks involved in a market (Bowen, Hollander & Viaene 105). It also helps to understand the positive factors that can help to market a product. Before introducing Tide to Go in Egyptian market, it is appropriate to conduct a thorough environmental analysis. Environmental analysis provides important information specific to viability of Egypt as a target market. As a new product in the market, Tide to Go will require a favourable environment that ensures consistent growth and a shorter break even.

Political Environment

Political environment is an important factor to consider before going into international trade. Before introducing a product in a foreign market, it should be ensured that the prevailing political environment would favour entry and expansion of the product. Political environment can have direct or indirect influence on business. Political stability has direct influence on business risk. On the other hand, a county’s policies can have either positive or negative influence to international trade.

Political stability is a major factor to consider before going to international trade. Political stability is a positive factor that makes Egypt to be a favourable country to introduce Tide to Go. Political stability is a major factor that has enabled the country to attract a lot of foreign investment in the recent past. The country has the highest political stability in Africa and Middle East. Despite being positioned in a region with high political instability, Egypt has been able to maintain a consistent political stability. The internal political environment has been characterised by calmness and sobriety. The relationship between the country and its neighbours has been favourable. Besides, Egypt has had good relationship with international community.

Egypt is a republic that respects the principles of democracy. The political system is based on the framework of presidential republic. The country has a president that is the head of state. The president is elected through a competitive election. Laws for the country are formed by the government and two chambers of parliament, Shura Council and the people’s Assembly. Currently, the country is in a new phase of democracy where it aim strengthening democracy and enhancing freedom.

Egypt’s political environment has been favourable to international trade. The government and legislature have been developing policies that favour direct foreign investment. The government have also been promoting bilateral and multilateral trade by entering into economic agreement with other countries. Political stability is Egypt has been consistent. Despite of political instability in its neighbouring countries, it is estimated that the consistency is going to continue.

Political environment in Egypt is favourable for introduction of Tide to Go in the market. With the prevalent political environment, the product will be able to be introduced and possible grow. Government interference in introduction of the product is likely to be low. Consistent political stability in the country lowers the risks associated to business environment. This will enhance confidence in making investments in the country. It will also lower cost and enhance investment flexibility. Since all parts of the country are politically stable, Tide to Go can be marketed in all parts of the country.

Economic Environment

Economic environment is an important consideration in international trade. Economic environment determines whether a product would be successful in a certain market (Bowen, Hollander & Viaene 111). Economic environment is an important consideration to make before introducing Tide to Go in the Egypt’s market.

Egypt is one of developing countries that have high economic developing. The country’s major economic sectors have been doing relatively well. Unlike other countries, Egypt has a high sustainable economy (Fawzy 12. The country has developed various sectors of its economy to ensure that the country does not depend on a single economic factor. Tourism is a major contributor to the country’s economic. Being a place of early human civilization, Egypt attracts a lot of tourists that contribute highly to the country’s economy. A part from tourism, the country has well developed agricultural, industrial and service sectors.

Egypt has the highest non oil GDP in Aran countries. The 2008/2009 gross domestic product for the country was estimated to be 856.7 billion. This was a 7.2 percentage growth from the previous fiscal year. To this GDP, the private sector contributed 62 percent while the other portion came from other sectors. The gross domestic product for the 2009/ 2010 fiscal year is estimated to reach 1.038 trillion. This is among the highest GDP’s in Africa making Egypt a better investment option. Despite of hard global economic environment, Egypt registered growth in most economic sectors.

Egypt has a relatively free economy. According to recent rating, Egypt is rated as the 94th country with free economy. The government have been making policies aimed at ensuring the country has an economic environment that favours investment. The country has had steady economic reforms since the year 2004. This has resulted to great strides toward economic freedom. Reduction in the average tariff rate has contributed highly to increasing economic freedom. Competitive tax rates in the country have created a favourable environment for international investors.

Legal Environment

When considering going to international trade, it is appropriate to consider the legal environment of the target market (Bowen, Hollander & Viaene 124). Before introducing Tide to Go in the Egyptian market, the legal environment should be evaluated. An appropriate legal environment should ensure that investment in the country is protected by law. In addition, it should ensure that unnecessary bureaucracy legal requirements are avoided.

In the last ten years the Egyptian government has been making reforms to ensure that a favourable business environment is created. The main aim of the reforms was to shift the country’s economy to market oriented economy (Fawzy 19). Ensuring that the economy was in line with market oriented economic policy, various legislative changes were required. The legislative changes were necessary to ensure that the country was able to compete in the global economy (Allissa par 3). To do this, Egypt has been implementing the necessary legislative changes gradually in the last ten years. The legislative changes have aimed to motivate investment but also ensure a stable economy. For example, a special economic zone law was passed in 2002 to motivated both local and foreign direct investment in the country.

Licence approval is a major inhibitor to international trade. Egypt has been working to ensure that licence requirements are eased. Through ‘One Stop shop’ investors can easily acquire the necessary licences required to trade in Egypt. For example, licences in the new economic zones can be acquired within fifteen days because of the ‘One Stop Shop’. GAFI has been progressively working to ensure that legal requirements for investment do not discourage investment but ensure smooth running of businesses. As the primary governmental authority mandated to facilitate and regulate investment, GAFI is always ready to assist investors and foreign traders as they do business in the country. GAFI offers a variety of service that includes registration and licensing.

The prevailing legal environment is that which encourages international trade. The legal environment guarantees safety of investment in the country. The legal requirements for trading in Egypt are favourable. Legal environment is favourable for Tide to Go to be introduced in Egyptian market. The legal environment will enable the product to be easily introduced and enable smooth growth program.

Technological Environment

Egypt is among the most technologically advanced countries in Africa and Middle East. Use of information technology in the country is high. Internet connectivity in Egypt is the highest in Africa many families having internet connections in their homes. Egypt has a well developed transport and communication system. The country is well connected with a network of roads. Water transport in the country is among the most advanced in Africa and Middle East (Fawzy 17). Neighbouring Mediterranean ocean in the north, the country can be accessed from any part of the world. The country has well equipped ports that handle many cargo ships. Alexandria, the country’s biggest port is among the ports with the best facilities in the region. Communication within Egypt is enhanced by modern communication facilities. Advanced telephone connectivity, mobile phone, and a free media are important pillars for communication in the country.

Establishing Tide to Go is new market requires a well developed technological environment. A well developed technological environment would lower cost of doing business. Egypt has a good technological environment. The advanced technological environment would make market entry and expansion easier. Advanced transport and communication make transport of goods to the country easier and communication within and out of country better.

Marketing Analysis

Besides having a good product a market, marketing is very important to establishing a product in a market. A marketing strategy is required for this strategy. Marketing strategy is a strategy that helps an organization to establish a product in a market and gain competitive advantage against other products (Thorelli & Becker 71). Before establishing a marketing plan and a strategy to implement the plan, the target market should be understood.

Tide to Go will be new in the Egyptian market. Although the country has a variety of other detergent, it does not have instant stain removers. The major task will be to establish the relatively new product in the market. However, food and drink stains have been in the increase in the country. The major task in establishing the product in the new market will be to make people to see the need for the product. Other stain removers in the market are used in laundry at homes. For this reason most people associate stain removers with laundry. When cloths catches stains, many people in the county use conventional methods such as using a damp cloth to clear the mess or change the cloths. Tide to Go identifies the need to have instant solution food and drink stains and goes ahead to solve this need.

Tide to Go is essentially a convenience based product. The product is well established in other markets and has a strong brand elsewhere. In establishing the product in the new product, it should be considered that the product in the global market. However, other factors should be considered in establishing a marketing plan for the product. For instance, Egypt has a large number of tourists all months of the years. Most of the tourists originate from North America and several European countries. On the other hand the country has a large population with several professional and individuals with relatively high income. The product offering should consider customer taste and economic factors of the intended market. To establish Tide to Go in the Egyptian marker, two product offering could be more appropriate. The offering should be able to address the different customer tastes.

Product is an important factor in the marketing strategy. The first part of a marketing mix consists of a product strategy. To succeed in product strategy, there must be a product, a brand name, proper packaging and choice of appropriate branding colour (Thorelli & Becker 109). Tide to Go already has brand name. The brand name, Tide to Go, is well established in various other countries. The product itself is already developed and in use in several other countries. Tide to Go packaging has been a strong factor in the product’s marketing strategy. In other market, the product is packaged in convenient pen shaped packaging. This packaging makes the product easy to carry in handbags or briefcases. In other markets, the product has well established and easy to identify branding colours. In addition, the product has been blended with good scent that makes use of the product prestigious.

Product strategy for Tide to Go in the Egyptian market has to take into consideration of different cultural and cultural factor. The language difference could lead to challenges in establishing the brand name in the market. Creating a new brand name that is in line with the country language is an option. However, this would limit the product’s ability to grow to other market in the region. Being a global product, the product’s global packaging should be maintained. The branding colours used in other countries where the product is used should also be maintained to ensure that the product global image.

Pricing strategy is the second part of a marketing mix. The pricing strategy lays down the strategy that would be used in pricing the product. The pricing strategy should enable the product to gain market, have competitive advantage against other similar product and allow the company to have sustainable profits (Thorelli & Becker 111). In establishing a pricing strategy for the product in Egyptian market, it should be considered that the market is new and the product not well established.

Market penetration prices can used to establish Tide to Go in the Egyptian market. Instant stain removers are not well known in the Egyptian market. Bringing in Tide to Go in the market will result to introducing a new concept. To do this, consumers should be encouraged to start use the product. Penetration, lower than normal, could be used to unveil the product. The penetration prices will helpful in establishing use of the product in the Egyptian market. One the product is well established in the market other pricing can be used.

Tide to Go is a convenient based product. For this product, value based pricing can be used. The price should not be tagged on cost of production and marketing alone, the prices should be used to satisfy the psychological needs of the consumers. The pricing strategy should ensure the consumers feel and pay for the value they receive.

Other pricing strategies can be used. Promotion pricing can be used to promote the product. Lower prices aimed at promoting the product can be set for a certain period. This will enable the product to gain market faster. Product bundle pricing should also be used in the pricing strategy. Tide to Go can be packed in bundles and different prices be used with each bundle. For example, the product can be packed in packages containing one, two or three pens of the products. The customers buying a pack with either three or two pens will have price advantage to those that buy a pack with one pen. This will encourage consumers to buy bigger bundle leading to higher sales.

Distribution strategy should be the third consideration in the marketing mix. Distribution strategy is aimed at availing the product to the market. The settlement trend in Egypt would influence the distribution strategy. More than half of Egyptian population live in urban areas. The people live in several urban areas, most of them along the banks of river Nile, and major towns such as Cairo and Alexandria. Dealers can be used to establish the product in the market. Capers International can establish dealer in the country’s urban areas. Use of dealer to distribute the product in the market will make the product readily available to customer. The company can also take advantage of various chains of supermarkets in the country. This will make the product to be readily available and accessible to most of consumers. An online sale can also be established to take advantage of high number of internet users.

Market communication will be very important in establishing Tide to Go in Egyptian market. A promotion strategy should help in brand positioning, competitiveness and growth. Product advertisement in the local media should be able to introduce the product in the market. Good adverts should be created to inform the public about the presence of the product in the market. The adverts should also communicate the value of the product and persuade consumers to use the product. Consultation with local advertising company can help to establish adverts that are appealing to Egyptian public.


International trade has many advantages to an organization. Trading internationally distributes business risk; in case business in one country fails a company can be compensated by success in other countries. International trade also helps to promote growth through the expanded market. However, international trade can lead to failure if proper analysis and planning are not done. After analysis, it is established that Egypt is a good country to target Tide to Go.

Egypt has a strategic geographic position as a gate to both African and Middle East countries. The geographic position of the country make helpful for future expansion. Political stability in the country lowers business risk. The country has consistent internal and political stability that allow heavy and long-term investment to be made.

Investment in Egyptian market is likely to be successful. The country has a high population of about seventy million. The large population creates a large market for Tide to Go. Economic environment in the country are favourable for introducing Tide to Go. The sustainable economy with consistent growth would provide consistent market for the product.

Social-cultural factors in the Egyptian market make success of the product more probable. Most people live in urban areas and have adopted habits associated to urban lives. The people have the habit of carrying food stuff and visits eating and drink places quite often. This life style creates need for Tide to Go.

Egypt is appropriate country to introduce Tide to Go. The country economic, political, legal and technological environment favour international trade. With proper marketing strategy, the product will be able to gain market and possibly expand to other neighbouring countries.

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