110 Information Technology Strategy Examples

In the 21st century, companies without an IT strategy are likely to become rudderless and directionless outsiders of the market. If you need to create an information technology strategy for your business or analyze an existing one, you’re in the right place. On this page, we’ve collected essential information on the topic together with Netflix and Toyota information technology strategy examples and many other A+ essays about other companies.

🔝 Top-10 Information Technology Strategy Examples

  1. Inventory Management in Supply Chain
  2. Total Quality Management in Supply Chain
  3. Goals, Objectives, & Vision of Nokia Company
  4. Enterprise Resource Planning
  5. Information Technology Influence in Inventory Management
  6. Quality Management in Service Organisations
  7. Taco Bell Brand: Strategic Plan and SWOT Analysis
  8. Information Technology in the Logistic Industry
  9. MaxTrade Company: Strategy and Governance
  10. Durable Vinyl Siding Corporation's Computerization

📍 What is Information Technology Strategy?

An information technology (IT) strategy is a comprehensive plan that details how and which technology tools are required to meet your business goals. The strategic plan must elaborate on the various factors that affect technology performance as it relates to your existing business processes.

The goal is to define all functions linked to technology management, such as:

  • Cost,
  • Human capital,
  • Hardware and software issues,
  • Risk management,
  • Other functions.

It requires strong IT leadership to analyze, assess, and implement the IT strategy plan. The best information technology strategy examples demonstrate the rise of technology as a critical business element.

How Has Information Technology Affected Marketing Strategy?

Technology has made marketing more efficient by providing a range of tools for consumer behavior and preferences analysis. This approach allows marketing strategies to be targeted and personalized, which instantly transforms the relationship between brands and their target consumers. Technology helped create platforms for business and marketing executives to reach and communicate with their target consumers in real time.

What Is an IT Strategic Plan?

An IT strategic plan is a document that outlines the key business processes that involve information technology (IT). It is an integral part of an organization’s enterprise government and strategic planning to meet its objectives. The plan must define how specific technologies are aligned with your business goals and the ways how you will utilize those technological tools.

How to Develop an IT Strategic Plan?

Several steps are vital in building the framework for successful IT strategic planning:

  1. Outline your strategic goals.
  2. Define the purpose of creating the strategy and its lifespan.
  3. Review your existing IT systems to identify deficiencies or gaps.
  4. Identify the technologies you need and ways to implement your new IT systems.

🏅 Successful IT Strategy: What Does it Look Like?

A successful IT strategy aligns your business goals with your IT capabilities. The best examples of IT strategy demonstrate this, such as the Toyota information technology strategy and the Netflix information technology strategy.

Let’s look at the Toyota information technology strategy first. Toyota established a business goal to increase its profitability by 50%, or equivalent to 15 million cars, within two years. One of the tactics employed by Toyota was to develop hybrid models. It allowed Toyota to penetrate a new market segment, especially among customers seeking environmental sustainability.

The Netflix information technology strategy focused on gathering customer data and insights to deliver innovations. They collect data on users’ viewing preferences and watching habits for content suggestions, which creates a personalized viewing experience.

Here are important pointers to take when developing your IT strategy:

  • Identify the technology tools and applications you need;
  • Update existing infrastructure to support these new technologies;
  • Consider using continued technological education and IT talent management;
  • Think of security planning for IT technology infrastructure.

📊 IT Strategic Planning

IT strategy is the direction an organization wishes to pursue. Meanwhile, IT strategic planning details the statements and procedures an organization must undertake to reach that direction.

For students who want to learn how IT strategic planning, here are key components from the best information technology strategy examples:

  • Alignment of IT strategy with business goals;
  • Technological roadmap followed by a technology adoption plan;
  • Change communication strategy to adopt new IT technologies;
  • Standardized IT services;
  • IT governance for compliance;
  • IT best practices;
  • IT KPIs and goals

Some examples of companies with IT strategies are:

You can check the collection below for more examples of IT strategy that you can use as inspiration to create your own.

📝 Information Technology Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Ashley’s Home Supply IT Strategic Plan
    Business essay sample: The paper overviews the Ashley’s Home Supply Company, current situation in terms of technology and security and presents SWOT analysis for the business venture.
  2. Information Technology in Inventory Management
    Business essay sample: Information technology has affected inventory management with regard to the necessary skill sets for employees.
  3. Risk Management in IT Projects
    Business essay sample: IT projects are risky and require a thorough assessment of any dangers before commencement. Risk management in IT projects helps to reduce the chances of a misfortune occurring.
  4. The Role of IT and the Internet in Business
    Business essay sample: The concept of doing business on the Internet is commonly referred to as e-commerce. Online IT techniques helps in retail spheres of online product manufacturing and sales.
  5. Apple Company and Computing Industry
    Business essay sample: Apple is an industry leader in the world of computing. Apple has been releasing new products year in year out, which has been a groundbreaking invention.
  6. DesignIT Company: Network Consultation Proposal
    Business essay sample: DesignIT is a growing graphic arts firm. The proposal presented to the company covers issues related networking and costs.
  7. United Parcel Service's Information Technology Use
    Business essay sample: United Parcel Service has spent billions of dollars in the enhancement of its IT systems for the improvement of customer service and maintenance of minimal charges.
  8. Technology Within the Hotel Industry
    Business essay sample: Technologies make the operations of organizations in the hospitality industry more productive and competitive.
  9. Digital Marketing Trends: Technological and Social Changes
    Business essay sample: This paper reviews how technological and social changes will influence digital marketing in the next 5 years. It also discusses the implications for marketers.
  10. Apple Company Internet Technology, Marketing and Security
    Business essay sample: Apple remains a global brand mainly by embracing innovative internet marketing strategies. They include the use social media services such as the RSS Feed and Facebook.
  11. Management Functions and Impact of Technical Approach
    Business essay sample: This paper is going to take a critical look at management functions and assessing the impact of taking a technical approach in carrying out these core functions.
  12. Retail Sector of the Financial Service Industry
    Business essay sample: The retail finance services have provided a healthy platform for revenue generation in several corporations due to its stability.
  13. Haier Group Company's Marketing Principles
    Business essay sample: This report provides ways through which Haier Group in American Retail Market implemented its competitive advantage in order to attain its operational and management effectiveness.
  14. Checkpoint Company. Managing Information.
    Business essay sample: Checkpoint is a US company that was formed in the year 1969. The company has global operations in retail security, labelling and merchandising.
  15. Enterprise Resource Planning System and Issues
    Business essay sample: Using the ERP system, an organization will be able to connect with its suppliers and customers and improve the whole value chain.
  16. Information-Based Decision-Making in Management
    Business essay sample: Information is produced in response to an information need and serves a specific purpose. It helps reduce uncertainty thereby improving a decision behavior of managers.
  17. Limited Flow of Information
    Business essay sample: This paper presents the argument that the proper flow of information within an organization is helpful to new employees because it helps them to adapt quickly to the processes of an organization.
  18. Application of Linear Programming in the Oil Industry
    Business essay sample: The oil company used quite a huge sum of money to set up its own system. Although it effectively, connects major manufacturing functions in an organization, care must be taken in training.
  19. Strategic Use of IT in Business
    Business essay sample: Current essay provides necessary background of the problem and introduction which is then followed by critiques of relevant academic journal research (article) on abovementioned topic.
  20. Ethics and Information Technologies in Business.
    Business essay sample: Ethics is a crucial subject when dealing with busiess matters and public interest. Business ethics are accepttable behavior within the business organizations.
  21. Knowledge Management at Johnson and Associates: Case Study
    Business essay sample: The current wok presents the knowledge management portal system with highlighted benefits and other issues for Johnson company.
  22. Business Process Re-Engineering and the Quality Improvement
    Business essay sample: This paper is on business process re-engineering and the emphasis on the total quality management methods. The aims and the principles of reengineering will be touched upon.
  23. Technologies Role in Business
    Business essay sample: The development of the modern business world depends on the effective strategies used in companies and on operating contemporary information systems.
  24. Examination of the Information System SAP
    Business essay sample: The main aim of this particular paper is to look at the various ways in which SAP has been installed into the management system of Dupont.
  25. Information Technology and Business Strategies Aligned
    Business essay sample: This paper introduces the concepts of business strategy, business information strategy, and alignment of the two strategies as a way of achieving the ultimate business goal.
  26. Outsourcing Information Technology in Companies
    Business essay sample: In this paper we discuss all these questions with logic, facts and examples to come up with a justified answer to our question, should companies outsource their information technology function?
  27. Accounting Information Systems in the Organizations
    Business essay sample: Auditing refers to the process where an administrator or someone else keeps track of the activities of the organization so that the users and groups can use the financial statements.
  28. Technology in Business Communication
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to identify the need that is present for business communication technology, explore the main communication technologies that are available in the market.
  29. Change in the Information Communication Technology
    Business essay sample: This paper aims at highlighting the planning, organizing, controlling and leadership roles in a new internet access company setting.
  30. Palm Island Restaurant: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Creation of the work system for the case of Palm Island Restaurant. WS is a system in which human participants or machines are actively involved in the business process operation.
  31. Sources of New Venture Ideas. Business Idea
    Business essay sample: A business idea is a conception, visualization or rather a notion in the mind of a potential entrepreneur about a business that he or she can venture into and profit from
  32. ABC Company Technology Trend: On-Demand Computing
    Business essay sample: The main findings were that the company faces a lot of rising cost in computer services such as consulting and system integration.
  33. Destination Marketing Characteristics
    Business essay sample: Destination marketing is an activity that is aimed at marketing a country’s tourist destinations, cities, country, and regions.

💡 Essay Ideas on Information Technology Strategy

  1. Electronic Marketing Report for Horizon Travel Company
    Business essay sample: Horizon Travel is a private limited company that operates within the travel and tourism industry. The firm’s headquarters are situated at Brisbane, Australia.
  2. E-Commerce and New Product Development
    Business essay sample: Electronic commerce entails the process of purchasing, selling, distribution and servicing products and services through various computer networks such as the internet.
  3. Potential of Implementing the Modern System of Attendance Control Called Smart Time
    Business essay sample: The proposal examines the potential of realizing the modern system of public control called SMART TIME in the UAE-based company ADSSC.
  4. Programs for an Efficient Service of a Major Branch of Bank
    Business essay sample: In the case of BNP PSS, valuation the suitability of different options of IS tools and recommends specific solutions for information exchange. The investments in IT and organizational performance.
  5. Information Systems Management
    Business essay sample: The intention of this research study is to examine the role that information systems management usually plays at the firm level, in particular, Global Communication Services.
  6. Top-Rated Websites for Executives
    Business essay sample: IT is a tool in today’s business world that includes database management, global transactions, personnel management, logistics and numerous other functions of an organization
  7. Information Systems: Enabling Technology or Strategic Weapon
    Business essay sample: Organizational information system influences the planning of an organization. It has great influence on the economic factors of the organization.
  8. FedEx Malaysia: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The company analysis shows that FedEx Malaysia has extensive opportunities in the form of market growth and upcoming opportunities.
  9. Jet Blue Hits Turbulence: Business Problem-Solving Case
    Business essay sample: JetBlue Airlines Company was founded by David Neeleman in February 1999, when it had the name New Air and obtained most of its employees from Southwest Airlines.
  10. Strategic Business IT Related Tasks
    Business essay sample: This work consists of the accomplished tasks on worldwide web impact on humanity, IT business solutions, and strategies.
  11. Web 2.0 Based Business Solution for ULMS Bikes
    Business essay sample: ULMS has a history of innovating new ways to improve its performance and customer satisfaction but the same techniques have become a revolution.
  12. Effectiveness of the Information Systems in Organization
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to determine capabilities of the information system and characteristics of the organization, its work systems, its people, and its development methodologies.
  13. The Factors That Affect Usage of Mobile Banking in Saudi Arabia
    Business essay sample: Various factors affect the use of mobile phone banking in Saudi Arabia. These range from the usage pattern of the service, to demographic of the consumers.
  14. Leveraging Information Technology to Maximize Competitive Advantage
    Business essay sample: Information System plays an important role in the business strategies. Information systems are the strategic weapon in order to achieve reputable position in market.
  15. Knowledge Management Strategies in Organization
    Business essay sample: The main knowledge management strategies. An analysis of current trends and proposes new approaches in technology implementation.
  16. IT in Marketing - Online Discussion Groups
    Business essay sample: Information technology has gained a wide range of uses in marketing which has aimed at improving operations as well as quality of products being developed.
  17. Outsourcing in Pharmaceutical Industry
    Business essay sample: The main objective of outsourcing in the companies is to reduce the production cost but at the same time increase the business profits this is the perceived aim.
  18. Logistics Management in the Modern International Trade Environment
    Business essay sample: The importance of logistics is extremely high nowadays because of the growing intensity of international trade.
  19. My Car Spot: Overview
    Business essay sample: To compete in the marketplace, “My Car Spot” needs to cut down production time, provide relationship marketing to clients, and reduce customer complaints.
  20. E-Commerce Life Cycle Analysis
    Business essay sample: Learning the stages of e-commerce is an important step to a company so as to be aware of what stages they are in, what challenges they will anticipate and the way they can be dealt with.
  21. Managing Virtual Information
    Business essay sample: Virtual organizations may be defined as supple networks of sovereign entities connected by information technology in order to allocate skills.
  22. Grameen Bank: Management Information Systems
    Business essay sample: Management information systems have brought revolution regarding how organizations are managed. The systems help to organize information, making management roles simple.
  23. Use of Information Technology in Marketing and Reviewing Impact It on the Overall Industry
    Business essay sample: The information technology business has an immense influence on the people as it gives opportunities for employment for technological as well as non-technical graduates.
  24. Internet Business and Electronic Commerce
    Business essay sample: The internet is dominated by online retail outlets. The retail industry is characterized by extensive use of the internet to transact their trades.
  25. Knowledge Management Systems and Technologies
    Business essay sample: This article will critically analyze ETM’s knowledge management initiative to date and do an analysis on the comments and views of Dr. June McDonald on knowledge management.
  26. Hewlett-Packard Company’s Management
    Business essay sample: Hewlett-Packard's IS, and IT management strategy is based on the principle of managing a joint hierarchical database.
  27. General Motors Company Surviving Transformation
    Business essay sample: In response to the call for environmental conservation, GM looks forward to manufacturing electric propelled vehicles as well as coming up with battery packs for the vehicles.
  28. Impacts of Implementing an ERP System
    Business essay sample: The paper provides an explanation of current business environments and why an ERP system may be necessary through the analysis of 4 cases studies in India, US, and the UK.
  29. Advantages and Disadvantages of ERP Implementation
    Business essay sample: There is an increasing dominance of ERPs in organizations that this report tends to analyze the factors that lead to its success and implementation. Pros and cons of ERP adoption.
  30. Genesis Fitness Club: Knowledge Management
    Business essay sample: One of the objectives of implementing knowledge management is so that the whole processes of the Fitness Club may be integrated into one.
  31. IBM: History, Innovations and Future Strategy
    Business essay sample: IBM is currently working to construct a computing system that can not just comprehend questions asked but also answer those questions as quickly and precisely as possible.
  32. Business-to-Consumer E-commerce: The Characteristics and Trends
    Business essay sample: Business-to-consumer is one of the tools that every new business must adapt, especially if they intend to extend their presence to a global level.
  33. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and Multi-National Enterprises
    Business essay sample: This study explores the factors behind MNC’s utilization of Enterprise Resource Planning software despite its disadvantages.

👍 Good Information Technology Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. ERP Implementation – The Best Way to Enhance Business Communication
    Business essay sample: Enterprise resources planning is a technological strategy that is used to enhance communication in the organisation. The paper also describes pros and cons of ERP implementation.
  2. RFID Impact on the Food Industry and Global Trading Patterns
    Business essay sample: The study looks at RFID and barcode technology. The RFID and the bar code difference is that RFID does not apply the line-of-sight technology.
  3. Google Inc.: The History of the Company’s Success
    Business essay sample: Google Inc. is a successful internet technology company originally founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who holds a computer science degree from Stanford University.
  4. Technology Management in the Information Age
    Business essay sample: In this study, the author examines the main aspects of technology management during the information age on the example of the giant company BMW.
  5. Impact of E- Commerce on B2B Organizations
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to identify E-commerce and its Impact on B2B Organizations Supply Chain and identify the way in which the logistics of business to business e-commerce can be managed.
  6. Strategic Planning: Resource-Based Perspective
    Business essay sample: It has been proved that internal organizational resources, core competencies of the organization, and distinctive capabilities are all important assets.
  7. Strategic Planning from Resource-Based View
    Business essay sample: The conceptual approach to resource-based view is in line with the theory of a firm’s resource-based competency or capability of the system in line with strategic planning.
  8. Strategic Implications of Information Technology on Overstock
    Business essay sample: Overstock operation involves multiple specialized processes, carried out by different people at different levels of the business organization.
  9. E-Business Technologies Analysis: ULMS Bike Shop
    Business essay sample: ULMS Bike is a manufacturing firm which deals with assembling various bikes. One of the strategies that the firm consider is the incorporation of electronic business.
  10. Aureola Program at Thomson Reuters Marketing Technology
    Business essay sample: Working as an Assistant Project Coordinator for the Aureola program in Thomson Reuters Marketing Technology gave me the opportunity to see management skills in action.
  11. Information Management for a Company's Success
    Business essay sample: Managing information is a key element for the success of an enterprise. Firms are increasingly incorporating emerging information technologies.
  12. Information Technology for Management in the Digital Economy
    Business essay sample: This article examines the information technologies used for management, as well as the transformation of organizations in the digital economy.
  13. Smarts Company's Post-Implementation Issues
    Business essay sample: The document is aimed at identifying strategies that can be used by the SMARTS Company to ensure the flexibility of their work.
  14. Tide to Go Product Introduction in Egypt
    Business essay sample: Tide to Go is essentially a convenience-based product. The product is well established in other markets and has a strong brand elsewhere.
  15. External Analysis in the US Retail Industry
    Business essay sample: The US retail market is full of political influence since it includes the people and the people are the building blocks of all politics.
  16. Commercial Information Development System: Tesco
    Business essay sample: The report is aimed at gaining a comprehensive understanding of how Tesco has integrated Information System in its operation.
  17. The Implementation of Knowledge and Innovation in Company
    Business essay sample: This paper describes the role of information management and innovation has never been more vital than it is today in boosting any company's performance.
  18. Contingency Plan in Action: Hampton Specialized Medical Center
    Business essay sample: The report presents a contingency planning strategy to ensure the challenges are addressed to improve the Hampton Specialized Medical Center's overall security and preparedness.
  19. Information Technology Business Outsourcing and Off-Shoring
    Business essay sample: IT outsourcing increases organizational flexibility through increased lead times, throughput and turnaround times that reflect positively on business processes.
  20. Frito Lay Firm's Information Technology & Business Strategy
    Business essay sample: The overlap between the IT strategy and Frito Lay business strategy is on their scope. A business strategy covers the needs of an IT strategy.
  21. Information Systems Strategic Planning in Business
    Business essay sample: The aim of the document facilitates easier realignment of the information technologies to the business objectives and the management plan.
  22. Employee Training and Development in Information Technology
    Business essay sample: Employee training and development programs have proved essential in encouraging fair competition between employees.
  23. Contextual Application of IT in Walmart Business Operations
    Business essay sample: This project aims to examine the contextual application of IT within Walmart's business operations, provide a comparison with some of the firm's competitors and discuss efficiency.
  24. Interview with West Park Cultural Center's Executive Director
    Business essay sample: The paper focuses mainly on the performance of West Park Cultural Center and the answers given during the interview.
  25. IT Application and Global Organizations
    Business essay sample: The complexity and unpredictability that characterize our global and chaotic business environment elude comprehension and therefore control.
  26. Self-Service Technologies Application in Organizations
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes the application of self-service technologies within organizational systems. It explains the technology’s benefits to organizational processes.
  27. Amazon Inc.'s Societal and Social Marketing
    Business essay sample: Amazon Inc. is an American-based multinational company that primarily deals in the wholesale and retail business.
  28. General Electric Company: Stock Analytics
    Business essay sample: In 2011, General Electric Company was in the top 20 of the US's most profitable companies, but the situation has changed since then.
  29. Management Planning Tools and Responding to Financial Problems
    Business essay sample: Management is different from financial accounting in that their roles, processes, uses, and purposes are other. Yet, they play significant roles in an organization.
  30. Importance of Understanding and Proper Contribution of Leadership Role
    Business essay sample: Business success depends on many factors, one of which is understanding and proper contribution of leadership roles.
  31. Techfite Firm's Problem and Emerging Technology Solution
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses strategies that could enhance the security performance of TechFite's firewall and provide the corporation with extra storage space.
  32. Closed vs. Open System Management Model
    Business essay sample: Management is the process of achieving organizational goals through controlling the organization's human, physical, and financial resources.
  33. "It Doesn’t Matter" by Carr
    Business essay sample: Nicholas Carr’s article "It Doesn’t Matter" explains the impact of technology in the modern business environment.
  34. Discussion of Data Breaches’s Impact
    Business essay sample: The report focuses on looking at the root causes of data breaches in a companies and identifying possible ways to prevent the risk of data breaches in the future.

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