Employee Training and Development in Information Technology

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Information technology (IT) refers to the widespread use of technology to address commercial or organizational issues. Regardless of the position, an IT department employee collaborates to resolve large and small technological problems. Information technology is officiated with the following primary pillar responsibilities. They include hardware and infrastructure, IT operations, and IT governance. Information technology has proved to become critical for most organizations and businesses in many ways, including facilitating faster operations of the company, proper maintaining of standard level of service, and ensuring the security of these organizations.

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The learning objectives

To develop operational excellence

Organizations and institutions should adopt the use of technology for an efficient and productive organization, which will ensure the use of the minimum resources while maximizing the production of goods and services that meet the demands of the clients.

An organization that adopts the use of technology in most of its operations will facilitate an increase in the task force and improve communication between the many departments involved, ensuring saving production time and fostering efficient production.

To foster better customer and supplier relationships

Technology adoption in the company makes it much simpler for customers and suppliers to reach out to the company if they have any questions about its products.

The use of CRM (customer relations management) software technology will allow the organization to keep track of records and contact information of suppliers and customers intact.

Training Needs Analysis/ Assessment

Conducting a performance analysis is critical for the training. This technique is primarily used in the identification process of the employees, which requires training in information technology skills. Conducting this assessment is critical in ensuring that the organization has insights on the performance measures such as benchmarking on organizations that have developed these strategies ensuring the organization meets their goals and objectives. Today’s business often demands workers to be self-starters capable of making sound judgments based on little information. Such demanding tasks require employees to develop the necessary information technology skills and competency levels such as adaptability, action orientation, communication, Fiscal development, Innovation, and better leadership and risk management strategies. There are several types of training needs assessment. They include works analysis of employees, organizational analysis, work analyses, performance analysis, person analysis, and training sustainability assessment.

Chart Showing the Training Process Model
Chart Showing the Training Process Model.

The Gagne’s Model

Gagne’s instructional design model is focused majorly on the information processes model and focuses on the learning objectives and goals, ensuring the appropriate arrangement of the instructional events to help reach those specific outcomes. Application of the nine strategic approaches of the Gagne model will ensure an excellent strategy of ensuring an effective and systematic learning program since it gives insights into the lesson plan and provides a holistic view of the training process. According to the model, the specific outcomes expected at the end of the study will be developed. Some of these outcomes will include cognitive strategies, attitudes, and the intellectual capacity of the team to be trained. Next step will be inclusive of appropriate instructional events. Gaining attention. The training will ensure effective communication to capture the trainees’ attention during the training process. The trainees will hence be informed about the training objectives concerning information technology. This may be achieved by developing a correct anatomical point of the study providing rationale of the training process. The study will then continue to build a stimulating recall of the prerequisite learning to advance the team’s knowledge depending on the basic knowledge about information technology. The training process will then continue to present the stimulus material. Guidance will then be provided, and practice will be administered to them to measure their understanding of the content. The performance will hence than be assessed depending on the potential of each trainee on the course. The training may be repeated to ensure the effectiveness of the learning process. Then the necessary conclusion and recommendation shall be reached concerning the training process.

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Traditional Training Techniques and Rationale

The objectives will be delivered to the students using a blackboard accompanied by a verbal explanation of the content. Practical work will then be assigned to the trainees in the computer labs. Evaluation and feedback will be made after the practical classes. Using traditional teaching techniques will be appropriate for this study since it ensures increased interaction among students and provides a conducive environment for good relationships with other students.

Audio-visual Elements

The training will employ the use of audio-visual elements such as an Audio cassette player and language laboratory. This will be preferred since the students could take them home and listen to the training g sessions, and hence, they will act as reference points during the study sessions. The study will also use visual aid such as slide projectors, pictures, and flashcards to demonstrate a realistic view of the learning objectives of the survey.


The study will employ the e-learning items such as video streaming services, such as YouTube. The study will also encourage students to use the virtual instructor-led training and discussion boards.

The list of Elements for instructional Strategy and Training Materials

The study will require some of the primary requirements for effective learning. These materials will include student handouts, Information technology textbooks, visual aids, computers and tablets, and a working internet plan. A grading rubric will be essential to help measure each trainee’s potential during the training session. The study will employ instructional strategies such as gaining the attention of the students, Informing the leaners about the objectives of the study, stimulating recall strategies before and after learning to determine if the students grasp the content they are being taught in classroom. Assessment of the performance of the students is also a good strategy and providing feedback about performance correctness. Black boards, writing aid and projectors are some of the classroom materials necessary to facilitate this process.

Importance of Social Learning Theory

Social learning theory will be critical for this study. This theory can be essential in encouraging and teaching desirable and appropriate behavior in training set through rewards and positive reinforcement. The study will try to adopt the different training methods as much as possible, considering that trainees have different capabilities understanding concept. Social learning will be effective since it will allow the students to share their understanding.

Criteria for Determining the Effectiveness of the Training

Relevance. The evaluation of the significance of the training process and adherence to the scope of the training process. Another criterion used in the assessment of the effectiveness of the study will be the determination of efficiency. This will give insights on how effective the least available resources are used in the training process. Determination of the effectiveness of the study will be critical in tracking if the training process is moving per the set goals and objectives. The sustainability decision will be essential to determine if the benefits of the training process will meet the modern industrial needs.

Criteria for Evaluation of Effective Instructor

The selection of an ideal candidate will depend if the individual meets the following threshold. A good instructor is required to have excellent leadership skills, ignite a relatable imagination among the trainees, and instill a passion for learning and understanding the fundamentals of the study. They are also required to be consistent with their messages and never diverting from the information.

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In conclusion, employee training and development programs have proved essential in encouraging fair competition between employees, help in meeting the work standards and production of goods and services, which are not only competitive but also meet the needs of the consumers in the highly competitive market.

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