Genesis Fitness Club: Knowledge Management

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This can be defined as bringing together intelligence to increase the chances of innovation. From this definition, there are three critical points that can be got from it. One of these points is the fact that knowledge is a collective entity and it exists as a connection. Another point to note is the fact that knowledge is a catalyst. This means that whenever knowledge is applied to an environmental condition, there is always some form of reaction from these conditions. If something does not precipitate an action of any kind, then it cannot be referred to as knowledge. Some other practitioners have defined it as existing only in application. The third fact that can be retrieved from the definition is the fact that knowledge is very much useful in environments which have not been encountered. Knowledge is very much useful when it is used to solve problems where there has not been any solution of any kind being offered before. Knowledge works best in novel situations.

There is a need for any knowledge manager in any organization to have Information Systems Strategies Business Strategies to be integrated. This is done so that the mission and the vision of the organization are maintained. There are many companies which are using knowledge management to effectively manage their decision making. The dividend of this is an edge over their competition because they get that interaction and connection with the environment. It therefore means that someone performing surgery on the organization infrastructure will not need to do this in a dark room but will require transparency. For this to take place, one must first develop a good rapport with those who know what the institution needs in order to work well. The second step is the organization telling them where there will be least damage when they cut. The third service will involve the employees telling the organization what needs to be removed in order for the organization to improve customer service.

Case study: Genesis Fitness Club

The Fitness Club of Genesis deals with issues associated with fitness. There is a rising concern on how to deal with the knowledge management in the clubs. There is a lot of information and data that need to be harvested in order for them to be utilized. The implementation of Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) will ensure that there is efficient management of information in this gymnasium. It has been found out that the success of the system would largely depend on the scheme that is used for classification. The management of the Fitness Club recognized the fact that a good system for classification would ensure that there is effective and efficient retrieval of information from the system. If this is not the case, then the whole system would be in jeopardy.

Nature of business

The nature of business for this case study is body fitness. There are people who come to the club for body fitness exercises. It is therefore important that the system that is deployed has all the modules and a good flow. Most of the activities that are seen in this organization deal with providing basic services to the people.

Issues to be addressed

There are issues that are supposed to be addressed for the implementation of the same. One of the issues that should be handled in using knowledge management is decision making within the fitness club. There are many companies which are using knowledge management to effectively manage their decision making. The dividend of this is an edge over their competition because they get that interaction and connection with the environment (Ramiler, & Swanson, 2004). The second step is the organization that is needed is to identify the places where there will be least damage when cut. The third service will involve the employees telling the organization what need to be removed in order for the organization to improve customer service.

Benefits of knowledge management to Genesis Fitness Club

With the implementation of knowledge management in Genesis Fitness Club, there are immense benefits that are bound to be seen. One of the benefits is the fact that information will reach the right people at the required time. This will help the club to make the right decisions for the good operation of the Fitness Club. For any sound decision to be made there should be enough information about the same. The innovation rate will be increased unlike times of yonder where innovation was thwarted due to poor channels of communication and poor methods of sharing information.

Another benefit that Genesis Fitness Club will get is the fact that the agility of the organization will be improved. With the fact that efficiency will be improved, it is true that the agility will be improved also. With the implementation of payroll processing, it is evident that processing will be faster in the club as the payments rates will be improved. What is more, with the improvement of inventory in the club, there is going to be efficiency and effectiveness in the club.

There will be improved call resolution time (CRT) from days to hours. If the knowledge management system is implemented well, it is expected that the cost of operations will be reduced and will equate to 0.6 per year saved. With regard to time, it is expected that on-time delivery will also be improved (Gela, 2009).

Objectives of knowledge management

One of the objectives of implementing knowledge management is so that the whole processes of the Fitness Club may be integrated into one. This will make the operations efficient enough (Boosch, 2004). There is a need for the club to integrate the operations into one so that the knowledge that is used in all these areas is one. The process of overhauling the structure of the organization design is what is popularly known as business re-engineering, business process design, and business redesign (Prescott, & McFadden, 2007). Business process redesign can therefore be defined as basic rethinking and radical redesign of the whole business, which include its processes, jobs, organizational structure, management systems, values and beliefs. The redesign process is done so that the performance is improved in the organization (Fowler, & Worthen, 2009). There are methodologies which are being developed by academicians and business practitioners. It is unfortunate because most of these methodologies are not successful yet. It has been proved, indeed, that 85% of business process design fail or come across problems which are not solved on time (Fowler, & Worthen, 2009).

Knowledge complexity: explicit and tacit

There are two categories in which knowledge can be categorized which are explicit and tacit. Knowledge can either be tacit or explicit. Explicit knowledge is the knowledge that can be transferred easily to others (Koirt, 2007). On the other hand, the knowledge which is personal and residing in an individual’s head is very hard to articulate and transfer to others. Despite the fact that knowledge management has gained a lot of popularity in many organizations today, it is still not yet standardized in its operations today (Dodani, 2009). In this paper, I will look at knowledge management as a way of systematic process of finding, choosing, organizing, distilling and presenting the knowledge in a way that brings some improvement to the interests of the organization. The main objective of knowledge management is to make sure that the right knowledge is availed at the expected time; this will ensure that there is timely decision-making. The notion of knowledge management involves the way organizations function, communicate and solve problems together (Ramiler, N., & Swanson, 2004).

Explicit knowledge is the knowledge that is explicitly exposed in formal communication where it is easily transmitted among the individuals in both synchronous and asynchronous ways (Fowler, & Worthen, 2009). On the other hand, tacit knowledge is the knowledge that is personal to an individual and cannot be shared or transmitted to another person. An example of tacit knowledge is personal belief, instinct, and values that are kept by someone (Prescott, & McFadden, 2007).

For many years, Genesis Fitness Club has directed its investment in information technology on explicit knowledge areas. This is misinformed as it should have directed more effort to tacit knowledge areas. There are three main reasons why this is happening: one of the reasons is the fact that explicit knowledge is conveyed as a standard part of most information systems which are based on transactions (Dodani, 2009). The second reason why this is happening is the fact that explicit knowledge is far much faster to capture and convey when compared to tacit knowledge. The last reason is the fact that the mistrust of anything that cannot be quantified or represented objectively.

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is an integral component of the strategic planning process of any club and is used to study the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of that particular organization. The central theme for the SWOT analysis of Genesis Fitness Club is to identify the strengths that the club has and how it utilizes these strengths so as to compete effectively in the market (Martin, & Hoover, 2008). By identifying it strengths, the club will be able to rate the performance of its product in the market.

The following SWOT analysis shows Genesis Fitness Club current position in the market place, their core competences and possible improvements which can be utilized so as to advance the strategies of the business.


The first strength is that the club has a recognized brand name. Since the club has been in place for a long time, many people have come across their products and therefore they can identify with them (Ramiler, & Swanson, 2004). Their global local presence is also another strength in that it serves many countries and therefore has gained a competitive advantage over many regions. It utilizes a strong advertising and promotional campaign which has been made possible by the recent developments in the use of the internet. This has made sure that the product can be viewed over the internet making it possible for a greater percentage of individuals to be reached at.

The club offers a variety of products and varied features of the product therefore appealing to a diverse group of people (Cateora, 2009). The Similarity and uniformity of quality across geographical locations makes the club to experience a greater market share. The club offers convenience and timeliness services thus making sure that their customers enjoy them to the fullest. The affiliation with other bodies like heart to heart foundation and Coca-cola corporation ahs also enabled the organization to gain an upper hand with its customers (Gronroos, & Ojasolo, 2004).


The club has over the years experienced a negative public perception that its services are low. Because of lower disposal income, people have resorted to spending less on body exercises (Dodani, 2009). Social changes and lifestyles of people have made the club less flexible.


Further investment in charities has made it possible for the club to expand its operations and made its brand name well known. Creativity and innovation within the services they offer and a variety of choices in store has made the club to design new and more personalized products. New greener policies and conversation with regard to new tools, equipment and packaging of products has necessitated the club to influence a greater market. The current trends in technology have proved to be an opportunity since in trying to be in a brace with technology, many have been forced to go for the new services in the club.


There has been a shift from fast going to fitness clubs to doing exercise at home for many peoples in the world today thus posing a threat to products of this club. The services that Genesis Fitness Club offers are highly substitutable products thus a threat in terms of its products not obtaining an upper hand (Parrott, 2009). The highly competitive and mature marketplace today is also a threat to the club. The continued inventions and innovations are a threat to this product since new and appealing features are being introduced, a scenario which may mean substituting this product.


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