Respect, Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction

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This survey analysis was conducted in order to determine the ways in which Campbell-Ewald has handled its consumers in the market, this was done by investigating the degree of respect, loyalty and consumer satisfaction experienced by the consumers. The survey analysis is basically designed to determine the distributions and the ratios of market composition with emphasis on the circumstances surrounding the handling of consumer related issues (Cooper and Schindler, 2009).

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This survey analysis will basically disclose the status of events in Campbell-Ewald on the consumer’s beliefs and perception about the company in terms of provision of respect, loyalty and consumer satisfaction. It will also be designed to access the strengths and weaknesses of Campbell-Ewald and the best ways to overcome them through the analysis of the sampled information from the consumers. The main aim of this is to determine the market perception of the company and advice the management on the best circumstances to formulate their marketing strategies and policies effectively and efficiently. A comprehensive analysis will be conducted.

Preliminary results

The results of the survey can be summarized as follows:

  1. Most of the consumers were satisfied with the services provided by the company with 77.8% of the total sample having either satisfied or very satisfied.
  2. The majority of the consumers are loyal with most of them having a shopping experience of more than 4 years.
  3. Consumer satisfaction strategies proved successful to most of the consumers with the most influential factor being price.
  4. The level of service provision In terms of price, ease of use and credibility of the expected results was high; this means that the organization provides high quality products and services.
  5. The company’s competitive strategy is efficient with most of the respondents indicating that the pricing strategy of the company was efficient against the competitors with 70.9% supporting this issue.
  6. The staff were said to be trustworthy and their response to the consumer needs was rated highly.
  7. The consumer relation mechanism of the organization was efficient since they consider the business of the consumer, their interest and the tendency of commitment and consumer need satisfaction was efficient.
  8. The incentives given by the company seems to have a big impact on the consumers with the majority agreeing with the incentives and some recommending their increase.
  9. Consumer loyalty was identified to increase the sales of the company greatly with value for business and the friendly staff being the highly rated attributes.
  10. The majority of the consumers are females with 79.2% of the composition and males with 20.8% with the ages between ages 21-60 year.

The questions asked were satisfactory to the intended areas of analysis but some questions were not easily understood by the respondents. The question on whether to take the business elsewhere was confusing and thus the results of the question cannot be reliable for decision making. Some questions were slightly confusing although they gave the required results e.g. the price of a product remaining below the competitor is of high importance to me, this question confused many respondents.

Survey analysis in Campbell Ewald case

The constructs were used in the survey as survey questions and they will be analyzed from question to question with an in-depth examination on the responses. This will determine the validity and reliability in the event that decision making process is needed. They are analyzed as follows;

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction was one of the components which influenced the consumers’ decisions and it formed the basis of the questions. The first question on the level of satisfaction the company scored highly with half of the respondents either satisfied or very satisfied with the services. Satisfaction of the consumer increases the loyalty as well as showing the respect to the consumers and thus if the company was rated highly then this shows that it is positioned is a favorable position. The management should try to maintain and increase this current status of the organization to try and increase its market share in the required margin in all sectors (Surveymonkey).

It is evident from the respondents in the question on the shopping history that the company enjoys high levels of loyalty since most of the respondents had a minimum of 4 years shopping experience with the company. Consumers had different responses on the issue of what they considered as important in their satisfaction, most of the respondents indicated that price was the major indicator followed with cleanliness, return policy location convenience and finally friendly staff, this can be graphed as follows:

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Important characteristics to customer satisfaction
Figure 1. Important characteristics to customer satisfaction.

Quality is rated highly with only one respondent dissatisfied with the quality of the products offered. The company was also rated highly in terms of price of consumer goods with the majority rating the products pricing strategy highly (Surveymonkey).

The majority of the consumers were satisfied with the commodities
Figure 2. The majority of the consumers were satisfied with the commodities.

The graph above shows that the majority of the consumers were satisfied with the commodities provided by the company and more than half were satisfied with a margin bigger of the very satisfied group.


Respect was one of the challenging aspects to capture but the questions addressed the core basic information required. The question on the price being maintained below that of the competitors, this was viewed as the greatest indicator of respect and all the respondents except two had this view. Staff looked trustworthy in the general respondents with only two disagreeing, the rate at which the company is reliable to the provision of the commodities with only two disagreeing. The last question was based on a range of questions on the importance of the identified issues on the consumer among them reward, interest and the listening of the consumer needs (Surveymonkey). It can be displayed as follows in the graph;

The factors influencing the consumer respect
Figure 3. The factors influencing the consumer respect.

The graph above shows the factors influencing the consumer respect, most of the respondents indicated that pricing was the major component with a majority strongly agreeing while only a small margin disagreeing. Consumer satisfaction is also rated highly with the majority saying that the service was good and finally the advertisement was viewed by most as inconsistent and this is an issue the management should address to increase the consistency and to boost the consumer reliability on those adverts as a source of information.

Service rating was high and was seen when the majority of the respondents responded by rating the company between 2- 5, this shows that the company scores highly in the provision of service with room for improvement on the poor areas (Surveymonkey).


Loyalty rating was investigated on the question on whether the consumers would prefer the company to have branches in other locations where none of the respondents opposed. The second question on the motivation and incentives given by the company discounts, rewards and coupons all rated highly with only three respondents disagreeing, the incentives given have proved successful as seen in the respondents responses and thus the trend should be maintained and a better incentive program established to increase the loyalty levels in the market and also boost the respect level of the organization to its consumers (Surveymonkey). Consumers were expected to answer what they saw as determining factors of customer loyalty and the majority preferred the valuing of their business while the others followed the trend as seen in the graph below;


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The graph above shows the consumer satisfaction characteristics, these are the determinants of satisfaction. The value of the consumer business was the highest rated factor followed by the staff friendliness then the others as seen above. All these factors when increased will increase the satisfaction and thus an increase in the loyalty of the company as a favorite shopping destination beating the competitors.


The company has a majority of its consumers being female with 83.3% as compared with a 16.7% male respondent sampled with whom are in the age groups 21 to 60. The survey showed that the respondents responded effectively thus giving credibility to this survey. The study of the demographic characteristics of the respondents help the company designs the products for the market with the potential growth areas being identified (Surveymonkey). This can be seen in the graph below;


Research taking process

The research taking process is very demanding and requires skills and statistical knowledge for the analysis of the results for the main goal of decision making. Throughout the research process the basic knowledge of the researcher in the steps of data collection, question formulation, analysis and presentation of the results in an easy and convenient way is the most important lesson I have learned from this course.

The approach of the course was to educate on the data collection mechanism, the concepts taught could not give required information as seen in the survey the respondents left most of the questions unanswered. I recommend an evaluation of the collection method to focus more on the consumer behavior or marketing trends with consideration of the environmental changes to decision making process and strategy formulation. The analysis method cannot give credible results if the data analyzed contains errors or incorrect information on the consumer needs and preferences.


This survey was designed to collect information, analyse it in the best, credible and reliable method and give conclusions on views of the respondents. Statistical data including the relationship between the three variables was constructed to enable the company evaluate its position and re-engineer itself to meet the market demands in terms of respect, loyalty and customer satisfaction.

All these components when coupled together could bring an enabling environment for increasing both the market share and the satisfaction. This was done by investigating the degree of respect, loyalty and consumer satisfaction experienced by the consumers. The survey analysis is basically designed to determine the distributions and the ratios of market composition with emphasis on the circumstances surrounding the handling of consumer related issues.

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