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Want to learn more about competitive environmental analysis? You’ve come to the right place! On this page, we’ll explain what competitive environment analysis is, how to conduct it, and its best examples. Read on to find out more!

🔝 Top-10 Competitive Environment Analysis Examples

  1. Business Planning Process and Entrepreneurial Management
  2. The UAE Employment Paradox
  3. Strategic' Supply Chain Competition
  4. Innovation in Competitive Business Environment
  5. Innovation, Cooperation, Competition, Development
  6. BlackBerry Brand Management and Competition
  7. Casual Togs Company's Management Problem
  8. Pepsi Company Analysis: Operations and Performance
  9. Apple Decision Making
  10. Qantas Airline Company Multi-Brand Approach

🏃‍♂️ Competitive Environment Definition

A competitive environment is a scenario where multiple firms operate within a specific market, vying for consumer attention and loyalty. These companies utilize various tactics, such as marketing strategies, pricing methods, and promotional techniques, to gain an edge over their rivals. Businesses operating in such an environment need to adapt their practices to stay relevant and thrive amidst fierce competition.

The competitive environment can benefit customers by leading to better quality products at lower prices. Moreover, companies are compelled to continually innovate and enhance their offerings, which ultimately benefits the consumer. This healthy competition fosters growth and progress, resulting in improved products and services and better value for money.

What Is Competitive Environment Analysis?

Competitive environment analysis involves assessing the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors from a customer’s viewpoint. This process involves a comprehensive evaluation of every aspect of the competition, including their positive and negative attributes and any trends that could impact a business. Gaining deep insights into the competition is crucial to identify opportunities and challenges that could affect the organization’s performance.

Why Do We Study the Global Competitive Environment?

Studying the global competitive environment offers many benefits, including access to cheaper resources, reduced production costs, and increased revenue. By providing quality products at lower prices, businesses can attract more customers and increase sales. By analyzing the global competitive landscape, companies can identify opportunities for growth and expansion into new markets, which leads to increased profitability and success.

💭 How to Do a Competitive Environment Analysis

If you want to know how to conduct a competitive environment analysis, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we have listed and explained all the key steps of the process:

Determine the products or services to evaluate.Examining the products and services that earn the most income or have the most significant growth potential is critical. This way, a company can assess what the competitors did right and use that as an example.
Look for direct competition.A company needs to look for direct competitors to examine comparable products or services. For example, if the business sells T-shirts, it must look for another company that sells similar products.
Recognize indirect competition.Indirect competitors target the same market but sell different products. For example, if it’s a bakery business, its indirect competitor is the person selling fried chicken tenders down the street.
Assess replacement competitors.Replacement competitors offer an alternative to the company’s product or service. In this case, both organizations want to address the same problems but use different methods. A restaurant and a coffee shop in the same area may be replacement competitors.
Evaluate which aspects of the competitors’ operations should be analyzed.There could be many things a company’s competitors are doing right, and it’s the organization’s job to investigate them. These factors may include pricing, distribution strategies, customer support, etc.
Investigate all relevant competitors.A business may not find company accounting or operational records lying around, but it can target other useful pieces of information. These may include price points, hiring methods, target customers, product features, etc.
Create a concise written analysis of your study.The data can be presented using graphs and charts so the team can visualize the organization’s market position.
Recognize areas for improvement and implement the needed changes.Is it about improving product quality or adding a helpful feature? Or would lowering the product price be a viable answer? Whatever it is, execute the changes and track the results.

🍏 Competitive Environment Analysis Examples

For you to better understand how to write a competitive environment analysis, we have prepared some examples. Read on to see case studies of Apple, Tesco, and Amazon.


Apple’s competitive environment analysis shows that the company competes with other enterprises in the smartphone, computer, and tablet markets.

  • The iPhone is the second-largest smartphone product globally, behind Samsung. However, it dominates the smartphone market in the United States and the UK.
  • Despite recent increases, Apple is still in fifth place in the global PC market, with much ground to cover.
  • Apple is the clear leader in the tablet market, commanding more than half of the global market share. However, the rise of Amazon’s tablets in recent years challenges the iPad’s continued success.

In summary, while Apple is a major player in the smartphone and tablet markets, it has some catching up to do in the PC market and must continue to innovate and adapt to remain competitive.


Tesco, the leader in the UK’s food and grocery market, has successfully expanded its presence in other countries.

  • Tesco maintains the edge in UK market share over competitors like Sainsbury’s, Asda’s, and Morrison’s.
  • Tesco faces tough competition in the international markets from the competitors like Carrefour, Walmart, CBA, SPAR, Aldi, Lidl, and Penny Market.
  • Despite Amazon being considered a replacement competitor, Tesco’s partnership with Carrefour reinforces its strategic plans for the future.

Tesco employs various techniques to outperform its competitors, like offering quality products at reasonable prices and leveraging a retail location and distribution network. However, there have been allegations of underhanded tactics used by Tesco to prevent competitors from opening outlets near its locations, leading to concerns about anti-competitive behavior.


Amazon, the leading eCommerce corporation in the United States, operates in a highly competitive environment. The company’s global market share stands at an impressive 50%, with eBay trailing far behind at 20%. However, Amazon’s expansion into new markets has introduced a range of other competitors.

  • Walmart and Target, traditional “brick and click” retailers, are among the prominent rivals.
  • Online marketplaces such as eBay, Alibaba, and Etsy pose different types of challenges.
  • Amazon faces competition from a range of other companies, including Netflix in the streaming services sector and Oracle in web services.

Despite this intense rivalry, Amazon has continued diversifying its offerings, expanding its range of niche products and services to meet changing customer needs. Through strategic business moves, Amazon has maintained its position as a leader in the global eCommerce market.

To sum up, in today’s business landscape, a thorough competitive analysis is essential for understanding the competitors, their methodologies, and, ultimately, outperforming them. As such, conducting a competitive analysis is a critical component of strategic management and an indispensable tool for establishing and maintaining a firm position in the market.

📝 Competitive Environment Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Standard Oil Company's Operations and Competition
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this study is to write a report on a Standard Oil Company that has its operations in the United States of America operating in the oil industry.
  2. Nike Incorporation Strategy Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper presents Nike's vision and mission, environment analysis, competitive advantage, internal and financial analyses, strategy implementation and evaluation.
  3. Emirates Airlines' Promotion for Competition
    Business essay sample: Emirates Airline is a fast-growing airline company located in Dubai. The company is entirely a property of the administration of Dubai.
  4. British Gas Strategic Objectives & Management
    Business essay sample: Writing about British Gas strategic objectives? ⛽ The paper discusses differentiation, customer satisfaction, and other British Gas facts. 🛢️Read attentively to learn about British Gas performance in the energy sector in the UK. ✅
  5. KACEN Company's Sales Plan
    Business essay sample: Large audience of KACEN's clients has been left with a negative impression of the company, leaving it open to attacks from competitors.
  6. AFDCO Incorporation: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: AFDCO Incorporation is a private limited company, which was established in 2000 in the UAE. The firm operates in the UAE’s beverage industry, and it is headquartered at Al Quoz, Dubai.
  7. Casper & Gambini’s Company’s Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: The Casper & Gambini’s firm targets to enter new markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, North Africa, and in the GCC region.
  8. Coach Inc Company' Structure and Competitive Environment
    Business essay sample: This essay provides an analysis of the Coach Inc. by examining various dimensions such as the market structure, competitive environment, demand elasticity, and enterprise elements.
  9. Du and Etisalat Companies Competition
    Business essay sample: The report presents the history of the development of the competition in the UAE telecommunication market, provides an overview of the two companies' specifics.
  10. Amazon Online Shopping and Market Opportunity
    Business essay sample: Amazon has set up the "dash button" as a business innovation that allows customers to have access to the "buy-it-now" button that is popular in an e-commerce site.
  11. Canopy Company's Porter's Five Forces Analysis
    Business essay sample: The main reason why Porter's five forces concept link to the Canopy's case is that for Canopy, understanding the competitive environment of the market is crucial to remain the market leader.
  12. Organizational Management Functions, Systems and Theories
    Business essay sample: The functions of management include planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling. Planning involves the making of decisions prior to acting.
  13. Perfect Competition' Characteristics
    Business essay sample: Perfect competition refers to the type of market where competition is experienced at its highest possible level.
  14. Steel Industry: Thriving in a Competitive Global Environment
    Business essay sample: The global steel industry is highly competitive as large multinational corporations struggle to expand their market share beyond their national borders.
  15. Kodak Company Position in the Digital Revolution
    Business essay sample: Kodak declared its bankruptcy in 2012 and since that time, this company sold many of its divisions to other enterprises.
  16. Walmart Business-Level Strategy & Corporate-Level Strategy
    Business essay sample: What is Walmart’s corporate-level strategy? 📈 This paper presents an analysis of Walmart business-level and corporate-level strategy. 📌 It also discusses the Walmart business strategy effectiveness and competitive advantages. 🔑
  17. Wal-Mart Company’s Supply Chain Management
    Business essay sample: Wal-Mart's competent organization of the supply chain management system is a useful measure to increase the profit of the company and make the whole business process as perfect as possible.
  18. Adult Soft Drinks Market in the UK
    Business essay sample: The soft drinks market in the UK has been growing fast over the past years. Beverage companies are moving away from alcoholic drinks to curve niche in soft drinks markets.
  19. Edimax Sportswear: Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: Edimax Sportswear is a private limited company that specializes in designing and developing sportswear products such as footwear and apparels.
  20. Different Market Structures Analysis
    Business essay sample: Market structure is defined based on the number of businesses operating in the market. This paper aims at looking at some of the market structures and analyzing their different pricing strategies.
  21. Costco Marketing Strategy: Marketing Mix, Branding, and Objectives
    Business essay sample: Researching 🤓 Costco Marketing Strategies of 2021? Its mission statement is to provide quality products and services 👍 to customers. Read the sample to learn about the company’s values, business strategy, and departments.
  22. Hardcore Cartels in Market Competition Terms
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses the formation of hardcore cartels as illustrated using the concept of market competition and their effects on economies.
  23. Apple Company in the Chinese Market
    Business essay sample: Apple is a company that has already established itself in the international market as a Smartphone company. It has a well-established market at home that make 38% of its total sales.
  24. Zara Company’s Business Model, Competition, Values
    Business essay sample: Zara’s business model relies on its strategies and approaches to market trends. This relates to its corporate, business, and functional strategies.
  25. Human Resource Management: Academic Theory
    Business essay sample: The human resource management sector in any organization deals with ensuring that all the complainants relevant to all staff issues are passed forward to be addressed.
  26. Oligopoly Economics: Coca-Cola & Pepsi Competition
    Business essay sample: Competition between Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the 21st century serves as a perfect example of oligopoly economics.
  27. Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly' Differences
    Business essay sample: Economists have differentiated among four different types of market competition: perfect and monopolistic competition, monopoly, and oligopoly.
  28. A Competitive Global Business Environment
    Business essay sample: The management of any particular business and their employees work hard to be competitive, not only on behalf of the whole company but also within their own departments or other capacity.
  29. J.Sainsbury Plc: Exploring Corporate Strategy
    Business essay sample: Exploring corporate strategy on J.Sainsbury Plc example with analysis regard to its competitive environments, strategic capabilities, financial performances, and future plans.
  30. Main Types of Business Innovation
    Business essay sample: The paper adducts four main types of business innovation and explores all the approaches of the innovations implementations.
  31. Integrated Marketing Communication in Intel Company
    Business essay sample: The discussion of this paper is to illustrate how Intel Corporation has incorporated the concept of integrated marketing communication in its operations.
  32. Impact of New Public Management on the Society
    Business essay sample: An analysis of the effects of global changes to various sectors with an emphasis on the public sector. Definition and key elements of new public management.

💡 Essay Ideas on Competitive Environment Analysis

  1. Google: Strategic Management Case
    Business essay sample: Google offered advertising solutions, international internet search solutions, through its portal that means the computing domicile site for a web browser on the internet.
  2. Furniture Company: Marketing Research and Enhancement
    Business essay sample: This report identifies the future changes in the trends of the furniture market and also recommends possible strategies which can be helpful to recover from this situation.
  3. Positioning and Brand Management in Coca-Cola
    Business essay sample: In the case of Coca-cola positioning and brand management is the key point of the company’s sustainability and survival in the open market.
  4. TESCO – The Customer Relationship Champion
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes the competitive environment TESCO operates in by using Porter's five forces model to determine whether retailing is an attractive place to compete.
  5. Qantas’ Resource- Base Analysis and Competition
    Business essay sample: The document describes the internal and external environment of Qantas airline in terms of its management and strategy to compete in the industry environment.
  6. Procter & Gamble in India
    Business essay sample: Procter and Gamble (P&G) is a private limited company that is established within the Personal Products industry. According to P&G history, the firm has been in existence since 1837
  7. Proton Exora: Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: The management of the firm will use competitive pricing strategy in positioning Proton Exora in the market. This will help in creating a positive image to the consumers.
  8. Nike: Company Culture and External Environment
    Business essay sample: This study is dedicated to shed more light on the analysis of internal and external influences of Nike Company.
  9. AutoMakers, Inc.: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The presented business plan is the comprehensive account on the newly launched car making company titled the AutoMakers, Inc.
  10. Merritt Hookah Lounge: Market Plan
    Business essay sample: The plan entails market research with reference to competitors and consumers as the key market elements, SWOT analysis, key success factors, and the critical issues are analyzed.
  11. Zara: A Cut Apart From the Competition
    Business essay sample: Zara acquired the fastest growth and success in the fashion business in recent years. The main aspect of its development is its fast and efficient production and delivery process.
  12. Marketing Analysis of Frito Lays Dips
    Business essay sample: Frito Lay is a company that manufactures and distributes snack foods and this company was incorporated in 1932 in the US with its headquarters in San Antonio Texas.
  13. McDonald’s Corporation’s Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    Business essay sample: The McDonald’s company believes in ethical practice and aims at being of integrity, honest and fair. It maintains good company ethics and is accountable.
  14. Business Strategy and Organizational Culture
    Business essay sample: If one does not understand the culture of an organization and the influence of a strategic leader, it is impossible to understand strategic management in that organization.
  15. The Neoclassical View of Competition in Post-Keynesian and Austrian Frames
    Business essay sample: The role of the Post-Keynesian school of economists is important as they contributed to economic theory. Although they differ from the neoclassical view, changes are necessary.
  16. Foo.go Development Strategy Case Study
    Business essay sample: This essay will look into the reasons why the brand from a small independent operator has achieved great acceptability considering the competitiveness of the market.
  17. Reorganizing Accounting Firm
    Business essay sample: During reorganization, we need to make sure that every employee is accounted for and withheld in a reporting relationship to understand tasks that the company is going through.
  18. Hilton Adelaide: External, Industry Environment Analysis
    Business essay sample: Political, economic, technological and social factors are the main external factors affecting Hilton Adelaide's business performance.
  19. Contemporary Developments in Business and Management of Apple INC
    Business essay sample: PESTLE (political, economic, social/cultural, technological, legal, and environmental) analysis of Apple Inc. Corporation.
  20. Marketing Fundamentals to Magnolia Web Studio
    Business essay sample: Demonstration of the applicability of the marketing concepts to promote the website Magnolia Web Studio. The paper contains an overview of the general marketing concept
  21. A New Mobile Phone That Is Compatible to Projectors
    Business essay sample: Development of technology is a well-cited demand of consumers of mobile phone sets and innovation in the field becomes the single indicator of success.
  22. Contemporary Developments in Business and Management
    Business essay sample: Effective communication, motivation, the work ethic of workers, risk management system, internal control, and internal audit are the major internal issues for the company's growth.
  23. Phantom and Wakame: Companies Analysis
    Business essay sample: Phantom is a consultancy firm that could help Wakame in regard to management optimization and marketing changes.
  24. Nike Company Case Analysis
    Business essay sample: Nike is among the brands that can be called world recognized. Not many companies can be proud of such an accomplishment.
  25. P&G Fighting Competition
    Business essay sample: The level of competitiveness determines the structure of the consumer goods industry, during harsh economic times, volume-based is bound to succeed more than a value-based strategy.
  26. Java for You Company: Obstacles When Running a Company
    Business essay sample: Java For You company existed in a severely competitive environment; hence, the company was facing many business hardships and risks.
  27. Quaker Oats’ Oatmeal Division SWOT Analysis
    Business essay sample: Quaker Oats Oatmeal Division has not been very successful by the year 1998 as was planned. The reviving of the company had been put on the shoulders of the chief executive.
  28. Why Macy’s Inc. Cannot Keep Up With Online Competition?
    Business essay sample: The target organization of this project is Macy’s Inc., which is one of the largest department stores in the United States, a retail store that supplies various products.
  29. Perpetual Mercy Hospital's Market Competition
    Business essay sample: To survive within the increased market competition, Perpetual Mercy Hospital has to make necessary changes to assess its organization's principles and strategies.
  30. Amazon: Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: Amazon should focus on its competencies to stay ahead of the competition and leverage its immense skills and experiences to improve the quality of services and goods.
  31. Aldi: A Case Study
    Business essay sample: The German company is also rather successful in terms of its time-based management owing to the fact that it requires its employees to remain as flexible as possible at all times.
  32. Compare Ways in Which Organizations Use Elements of the Marketing Mix (7Ps)
    Business essay sample: How IKEA has applied the 7 P’s of marketing to enhance its brand. The 7 elements of the marketing are product, price, place, promotion, people, processes, and physical evidence.

👍 Good Competitive Environment Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Company's Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: The Searchie company’s business depends on the increase in the number of recruiters and companies using its services in their recruitment process.
  2. Amazon Company: Internal & External Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the Amazon industry, the discussion includes the internal organizational audit, external stakeholder analysis, and strategic plan of the company.
  3. Analysis of the Supermarket Industry’s Performance
    Business essay sample: The supermarket industry is among the largest economic sectors in the U.S. with regard to food and other non-food product retailing.
  4. Time-Based Competition in the Grocery Retail Industry
    Business essay sample: Grocery retail companies should focus on logistics and supply chain management as well as the implementation of business to enjoy advantages associated with time-based competitiveness.
  5. Halfords Group Plc.: Financial Reporting
    Business essay sample: The paper seeks to analyze Halfords for purposes of possibly investing with the company’s stocks based on its annual reports including the financial statements thereto.
  6. Microsoft: Financial Statement Analysis
    Business essay sample: This financial analysis of Microsoft has presented a forward-looking statement in context of the present financial condition of the company.
  7. Apple’s Success: Consumer Electronics Industry
    Business essay sample: This essay provides an evaluation of Apple’s position that enables it to sustain its recent success in the consumer electronics industry.
  8. Apple Inc.: A Global Company Linked With Electronics
    Business essay sample: Since 2010, Gartner, a renowned IT research company ranks Apple Inc. as the multinational with the best supply chain in the world.
  9. Apple Corporation: Case Study
    Business essay sample: The paper critically evaluates how well placed Apple is to sustain its recent success in the consumer electronics industry.
  10. Auto Parts Product Category of the Toyota Company
    Business essay sample: The standard markup or the competitor-based pricing approaches can be applied to the auto parts industry players.
  11. Kellogg Company's Strategy and Quality Analysis
    Business essay sample: Kellogg company is the leading global manufacturer of cereal and other so-called convenience goods (cookies, waffles, pastries, crackers, bars, and other snacks).
  12. EMAAR Company Valuation
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to present the valuation of EMAAR, a premier business entity in the United Emirates located in Dubai.
  13. Management Accounting Concepts in Decision-Making
    Business essay sample: This paper explores how management accounting helps in the decision-making process by investigating costing and its antecedents as critical tools in the decision-making process.
  14. Analysis of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Firm
    Business essay sample: The Consensus Forecast among some 18 companies indicated that Harley-Davidson's performance would outperform the market.
  15. Sainsbury’s Supermarkets in New Zealand: An Overview of Investment Opportunities and Risks
    Business essay sample: The report reveals that New Zealand, indeed, presents a favorable business environment for Sainsbury’s operations, and the company’s management should consider further expansion.
  16. Concha Y Toro: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Concha Y Toro is similar to Barefoot in its general approach, offering a broad and diverse range of various wines to customers worldwide.
  17. The Roccoco New York Hotel: Management Issues
    Business essay sample: The purpose of the study is to analyze and evaluate the management problems experienced by Roccoco New York Hotel in meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations.
  18. Amway Online Retail Environment
    Business essay sample: Amway is one of the most respected companies in the online retailing environment, the company is a direct selling company that has adopted modern product distribution techniques.
  19. Home Automation System Start Up
    Business essay sample: This research is aimed at starting up a company in the market of a household technology company that deals with high-tech installations aimed at improving home security.
  20. Retailers and Competitive Struggle for Survival and Growth
    Business essay sample: Retailers do not operate in a vacuum situation, since surviving in the retail sector is a constant struggle and requires constant change in strategy.
  21. Tempur Sealy International Perfomance
    Business essay sample: The strategic analysis will discuss the performance of Tempur Sealy International relative to its technology industry.
  22. Nestle Food Science: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: This report is going to focus mainly on the Nestle Corporation’s position in the Food science industry segment in which it operates.
  23. Almost Heaven PLC: Solutions to the Human Resource Concerns
    Business essay sample: This paper will focus on finding an effective solution to the Almost Heaven PLC Company's human resource concerns.
  24. American Airlines' Industry, Market, and Competition
    Business essay sample: American Airlines’ competitive strategy includes transparency regarding health and safety measures, strategic alliances with competitors, and collaboration with external agents.
  25. Business Ethics During Competition
    Business essay sample: Each firm should be responsible for its products and admit to acting ethically irresponsible when products in the market cause harm to society.
  26. Amazon Company's Resources and Competencies
    Business essay sample: The external analysis incorporates the Five Forces developed by Porter as well as the Political, Environmental, Socio-cultural, Technological, Economic, Legal framework.
  27. The Noon Company in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Business essay sample: The current study aims to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities available to the Noon company in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  28. Ryanair Firm's Competitive Position in the UK
    Business essay sample: Ryanair is a massive low-cost service coverage across Europe. This report will focus on how Ryanair may retain its customer base and improve its competitive positioning.
  29. An Analysis of Twisted Sistuhs’ Marketing and Competitive Environment
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes the marketing approach of the Twisted Sistuhs company to discover possible improvements by assessing the marketing environment, competitors, and pricing strategy.
  30. Strategic Analysis and Operational Considerations
    Business essay sample: An adequately prepared strategic analysis of an enterprise allows it to make informed management decisions and reduces the risks affecting its position in the industry.
  31. Uber’s Business- and Corporate-Level Strategies
    Business essay sample: The given assessment will primarily focus on the analysis of Uber’s business-level strategies, corporate-level strategies, competitive environment, and market cycles.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Competitive Environment Analysis

  1. Tim’s Coffee Shop’s Future Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: The coffee shop environment at Tim’s location is competitive, as Tim’s, which is a small shop, is competing with two major coffee retail chains.
  2. Analysis of the Russet Cup Cafe
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes the Russet Cup cafe, which will be a one-of-a-kind coffee shop and café in Overland Park, Kansas.
  3. AT&T TOWS Analysis: The Network of the Future
    Business essay sample: Based on PESTEL and SWOT analyses, it is possible to conclude that the most significant issues of AT&T are emphasis on the US and its highly competitive environment.
  4. Vapiano’s Response to the Competitive Environment
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to examine the case of the Vapiano restaurant chain in terms of its competitive environment and strategy while providing recovery recommendations.
  5. Tesla Inc.: The Research of the Firm, Industry, and the Environment
    Business essay sample: The central objective of the proposed paper is the in-depth analysis of Tesla Inc: the research of the firm, industry, and the environment.
  6. The Libra Company's Strategic Marketing
    Business essay sample: Two marketing challenges selected for this report are product and integrated marketing communications challenges, which Libra is currently facing.
  7. Business Simulation and Management Report
    Business essay sample: Making decisions in business is one of the most crucial things. This is because it dictates the direction of the business relative to the market.
  8. Fishcare Company Rationalize the R&D Work and the Cross-Functional
    Business essay sample: For a long period, fish has been viewed as food. It is a rich source of protein. However, due to innovative minds, people came to realize that fish could also be a pet.
  9. Selling Eggs on Wholesale: A Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The business that I will venture into to earn profit will be selling eggs on wholesale. The business will be profitable because its main source of revenue is from my capital.
  10. Emaar Properties' Industry Opportunities and Threats
    Business essay sample: Emaar Properties is one of the leading real estate developers in the Middle East. Since 1997, it has developed and grown rapidly and is already represented in multiple markets.
  11. Netflix Company's Digital and Social Media Marketing
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes the strategic environment in which Netflix operates and develops a blue ocean idea to help it increase its market share.
  12. Kodak: Strategy Failure
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the strategic decisions that led to Kodak's failure and the possible reasons for its decline.
  13. Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies in Amazon Corporation
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the case of Amazon will guide the discussion of the difference and nature of business-level and corporate-level strategies.
  14. Blackberry Company Major Problems and Their Solutions
    Business essay sample: One of the main problems is that when the Apple iPhone and Google Android were developed, it caused Blackberry's growth and sales decline.
  15. McDonald’s Threats and Opportunities in Norway
    Business essay sample: This essay will discuss threats or opportunities for McDonald's in Norway and include an industry review, Pestel analysis, and Porter's five forces examination.
  16. ABC Company Improving Efficiency During Mining Process
    Business essay sample: ABC Company's board of directors is discussing whether to act upon the proposal made by the management that they should invest one million dollars in new machinery and equipment.
  17. Case Analysis of the Target Corporation
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes Target’s business from external and internal perspectives, including the factors affecting the operation of the retail network.
  18. The United States’ Auto Industry’s Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: The automotive industry, also known as the automobile industry or simply as the auto industry, is one of the largest sectors of the United States’ economy.
  19. Core Competence in Developing Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    Business essay sample: The competitive environment of the present-day global market requires any organization entering the realm of the global economy to have a unique competitive advantage.
  20. Amazon Company’s External and Internal Environments
    Business essay sample: This essay is going to analyze the Amazon e-commerce company's external and internal factors influencing the operation.
  21. Kellogg Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The Kellogg Company is the world’s leading producer of cereals and one of the leaders in the production of convenience foods.
  22. The Langham Hotel Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Business essay sample: This research essay will discuss The Langham Hotel and how it has adjusted its method of operating to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  23. Leadership in Cultural and Creative Industry
    Business essay sample: This essay will analyze most of the encounters and opportunities for leadership in the cultural and creative sector both in the current and future.
  24. The Quick Bites’ Food Truck: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: This report has outlined the planned business venture to open a food truck called Quick Bites in Southwest Florida.
  25. Employee Performance in Qatari Construction Sector
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the focus was to investigate the impact of transactional and transformational leadership on employee performance in the construction sector in Qatar.
  26. The Dudebox Subscription Market Research Project
    Business essay sample: The market research project that was conducted revealed that most of the companies that manufacture personal care products often target women.
  27. Netflix and Its Future: Organizational Behavior
    Business essay sample: Netflix is ​​one of the most popular video streaming services in the world. Even if there are people, who didn't know anything about it before.
  28. Quibi Venture’s Strategic Business Planning
    Business essay sample: The current case study utilizes the new venture, Quibi, to illustrate strategic business planning and possible failures in cases where venture planning is inappropriate.
  29. The John Deere Firm's Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: The report provides the reader with valuable and relevant information to consider John Deere from a strategic positioning perspective.
  30. General Motors Firm's Marketing Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper entails an analysis of the new product, competition, the target market, competition, and a communication plan that will help the marketing team implement the new product.
  31. McDonald’s Corporation’s International Analysis
    Business essay sample: The given assessment will primarily focus on McDonald’s Corporation, which is one of the largest fast-food chains with a massive international presence.

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