The Langham Hotel Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic affected the sectors of the economy, making organizations develop new ways of doing business. The start of the pandemic was marked by lockdown as a measure imposed by state and federal governments which led to the closure of businesses and public places. The hospitality industry was one of the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic because of the social distancing requirements. The Langham Hotel was closed in 2020 following orders given by the state government of Illinois to limit indoor dining that exposed people to the virus (Popely et al., 2021). Later the bans were lifted, and the firm returned to business and is operating with strict adherence to state and federal regulations on coronavirus. Therefore, this research essay will discuss The Langham Hotel and how it has adjusted its method of operating to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Name and Type of Establishment

The organization is called The Langham Hotel and is under the classification of a hotel. The firm deals with the provision of dining, accommodation, and club services and is considered one of the top hotels in Chicago. During the pandemic, The Langham Hotel has experienced challenges just like any other business because of the healthy guidelines that changed the usual way of doing business.

History, Owners and Operators, Brand Affiliation, and Type of Ownership

The Langham Hotel, located in Chicago, was opened in 2013 and is owned by Great Eagle Holdings. The firm is operated under Langham Hotels International Limited, a company that was established in 1865 in Europe. The group operates in different countries, including the US, and has its headquarters in Hong Kong. Great Eagle Holdings bought the Langham Hotels International Limited Company in 1991 and went on to expand to other regions. In 2013 the group decided to convert some of the 13 floors of the IBM building in Chicago into a hotel which is today known as The Langham Hotel of Chicago. Decorations were done by Rockwell Group and Richmond Internationals. The brand affiliation of the hotel is Cordis Hotels and Resorts. The Langham Hotel is owned fully as a subsidiary by Great Eagle Holdings.

The Location and Features of the Site

The Langham Hotel is located on North Wabash Avenue in Chicago City, Illinois. The hotel is found along the Chicago River, close to Millennium Park. The Langham Hotel is situated at the heart of the capital city of Illinois and a few kilometers from Midway airport, making it a favorite for individuals from other countries and states. The location of the hotel is fairly warm and made up of dark woods and rich textiles.

The breeze from the river makes The Langham Hotel a desirable place for most people visiting Chicago. The COVID-19 pandemic changed arrangements in the hotel to match the requirements set by state and federal governments (Acciarini et al., 2021). The reception area is designed in a way that keeps individuals meters apart. There are also posters reminding customers about the need to use masks and wash hands as they use the facility.

Laws and Mandates in Illinois with Regard to COVID-19 Vaccine

Individuals aged 12 years and above are supposed to be vaccinated in Illinois State to increase their ability to fight coronavirus. People traveling from states with more than 15 cases of the virus on a daily average are supposed to get tested if they are not vaccinated. Travelers who are yet to be vaccinated are required to avoid less important journeys. Illinois state laws excuse people who are not willing to get vaccinated because of various reasons; however, they are required to put a mask on when interacting with other people.

The governor signed a new executive order to allow employers to enforce COVID-19 vaccination. Employees will now have to be vaccinated in accordance with the guidelines provided by organizations. Employees who are not willing to take the vaccine within Illinois are required to get tested on a weekly basis to ascertain that they have not contracted the virus.

How The Langham Hotel Communicates with Internal Customers who are not Willing to Vaccinate

Some people in the US and generally the world are not willing to take the COVID-19 vaccine because of religious and political reasons. The Langham Hotel is determined to protect its employees and customers; as a result, the management developed strategies to address the issue of vaccination within its workplace (Acciarini et al., 2021). The management has encouraged employees to get vaccinated and asked those with different ethical principles to consider abiding by the regulations of the organization. The firm has directed employees who are not willing to get vaccinated because of various reasons to take regular tests to ensure that they do not expose customers to the virus.

How the Hotel is Responding to Loyal Employees who are not comfortable to Return to Work in a High-touch Situation

The Langham Hotel has advised employees who are afraid that COVID-19 has not yet been regulated to take vaccines that are meant to prevent one from contracting the virus. The organization is using employees who have already returned to work and are faring well as proof that vaccines are effective. The Langham Hotel is willing to provide all the necessary support to its loyal workers to protect them against contracting the virus.

How the Organization is Communicating with Its External Customers with Concerns on Security and Safety of the Establishment

First, The Langham Hotel is using online campaigns to prove to its customers how well it is upholding COVID-19 protocols meant to protect everyone from the virus. Also, the firm is assuring customers of free masks and sanitizers that are crucial in keeping one away from coronavirus. Other customers ask about the safety of the items used in the hotel, and the management has assured them of a daily cleaning routine to promote safety against COVID-19 (Popely et al., 2021). The organization is pushing for the vaccination of its employees to help gain the trust of its customers about safety.

How The Langham Hotel is Differentiating Itself from the Competition

The Langham Hotel uses Facebook ads that help it achieve a competitive advantage over other hotels in Chicago. Its services reflect innovation and elegance in hospitality, making it stand out. Also, the location of the hotel makes it more suitable for customers using Midway airport. The hotel provides free masks and sanitizers to its customers, which contributes to loyalty. Free testing services to employees assure customers of safety, which contributes to competitive advantage.

In conclusion, COVID-19 led to changes in the hospitality industry, with one of the affected organizations being The Langham Hotel, located In Chicago. The firm was opened in 2013 and is owned by Great Eagle Holdings. The Langham Hotel has employed various measures to control the spread of coronavirus, including abiding by Illinois state laws. Employees of The Langham Hotel are supposed to get vaccinated or ensure that they get tested regularly. Loyal workers have been assured of safety during the pandemic, and those that are not willing to take vaccines have been requested to observe other protective measures like wearing masks. The Langham Hotel is achieving a competitive advantage by using Facebook adverts and its physical location, which is at the center of Chicago city.


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