145 Situational Analysis Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Situational Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Lush Cosmetics Marketing Plan – Strategies & Issues
    How to describe Lush marketing strategy? 🧼 This essay researches Lush Cosmetics marketing plan and Lush competitive advantages. 📊 Read the paper to learn more about how Lush produces and sells the best fresh handmade cosmetics. ✨
  2. Blue Shark Company's Marketing Plan
    The marketing plan relates to Blue Cap Limited which operates within the UAE beverage industry. It entails a situational analysis, marketing, control and implementation strategies.
  3. Branding Australian Mobile Phones: Roo Winder Cell Phone
    The paper solves the task of branding Australia and its products on the example of mobile phones. It presents situation analysis, creative strategy, and marketing communication.
  4. Starbucks Saudi Arabia: Marketing Strategic Plan
    In 2000, Starbucks Corporation opened new branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The move was in line with the company’s global expansion strategy.
  5. Building Material Website and App: Marketing Plan
    The proposed Building Material Website and App will be an online based business in the form of a website that will enable Saudis to review the construction material available in the market.
  6. Emaar Marketing Strategy for International Expansion
    What is Emaar Properties’ marketing strategy? 🏢 This paper develops an Emaar international business model for a foreign market. 🏙️ Read the analysis to learn how Emaar can expand its business operations within the British territories. 🌏
  7. Hyundai Company’s Strategic Marketing Plan
    What is Hyundai marketing strategy? 🚘 This paper evaluates the performance and marketing concepts for Hyundai Sonata hybrid within the Indonesia market. 🌏 Read it to learn more about Hyundai target audience and business strategies. ✅
  8. KeepCup Company: Digital Media Marketing Strategy
    The decision by the management of KeepCup to enter the Canadian market means that the firm has to manage the competition in the new market.
  9. Apple’s iHealth Product Marketing Plan
    iHealth is a new Apple product that not only has a modern design but also can be used to measure blood pressure, pulse, and other important medical characteristics.
  10. Wal-Mart's Retail Strategy Plan in Canada
    This analysis shows clearly that Wal-Mart Canada has evolved steadily to become the leading retailer in the country.
  11. Apple Inc.'s Internationalization Marketing Capacity
    Apple Incorporation has managed to retain its top position as the most valuable brand in the global market, edging out other reputable companies.
  12. Reflektive, Inc.'s Company and Product Analysis
    Reflektive, Inc., faces stiff competition in the market. The only way of developing and maintaining a pool of loyal customers is to embrace different marketing strategies.
  13. FreshDirect Business Model & Strategic Analysis
    Analyzing FreshDirect business model? 📦 In this essay, we investigate how profitable FreshDirect’s business model is and what can be improved. 🪄
  14. Emirates Airline's Strategic Planning & Marketing
    This report focuses on Emirates Airline’s strategic planning and marketing process. It outlines the macro-environment factors that affect the aviation sector.
  15. ABZ Cleaning Services Marketing Plan Proposal
    ABZ is a new company in the business and family hygiene market. The management wishes to introduce a new product called ‘ABZ cleaning service’.
  16. Treasury Wines Estates Company's Marketing Plan
    The marketing plan of Treasury Wines Estate presents strategies of introducing new wine brands into the Indian market to attain its main strategic objective.
  17. Capital One Corporation Marketing Plan
    Capital One Financial Corporation is one of diversified banks in the United States of America that provide a range of fiscal services and products to their clients.
  18. Company G's Analysis and Marketing Strategies
    Company G is a company in the electronics industry. It targets small electronic appliances users by providing high quality and innovative electronic solutions.
  19. Seconal Foods Company's Analysis and Marketing Plan
    This paper is to outline a marketing plan for Seconal Foods while focusing on the most important elements of the marketing process.
  20. Abayas Website
    The proposed Abayas Website will be an online-based business in the form of a website that will enable Emirati women to order Abayas without going to the shop.
  21. Atec Incorporation Marketing Plan
    This marketing plan relates to Atec Incorporation, which operates in the UAE. The firm intends to venture into the production of coffee making machines.
  22. Zimmer Motor Company Global Strategy
    The following essay is a strategic plan of the Zimmer Motor Company an Automobile company based in the United States of America.
  23. Zara Company's Operations Management
    Zara business model have proved to be successful in context of the company’s business. This is due to their objectivity to outsourcing, which serves as a cost reduction strategy.
  24. Fly Dubai Airline's Market Analysis and Strategies
    The marketing audit report presents a comprehensive situational analysis of different strategies that the low-cost Fly Dubai Airline.
  25. Subway Company in the Japanese Market
    Subway’s primary target market is composed of individual customers who are health conscious in their consumption patterns.
  26. Meeras Company's Marketing Analysis
    The era of globalization creates many opportunities and threats to the companies that operate worldwide, and Meeras is one of them. The primary goal of this paper is to conduct marketing analysis.
  27. Process Control Inc: Marketing and Technology Strategies
    This case study focuses on Process Control Inc (PCI). PCI is the European manufacturing subsidiary of the American firm. PCI is located in the UK Midlands.
  28. Mackers Software Company's Strategic Marketing Plan
    Mackers is a software development company making customized software applications for customers, depending on their specific needs.
  29. Marketing Planning Process in the Company
    Marketing oriented organization seeks to satisfy the needs of customers profitably and added value much better than their competitors.
  30. General Electric Company's Global Business Management
    General Electric is currently manufacturing products ranging from household appliances to aviation products besides offering financial services.
  31. Toyota Motor Corporation's Marketing Plan
    The market plan contains a detailed analysis of Toyota, its internal and external activity, the marketing strategies that the company uses, the marketing mix and SWOT.
  32. Emicos International: Marketing Plan
    Operating in the global economic environment is a challenging task even for an organization as well established in the home market environment as Emicos International.
  33. G Company’s Marketing Plan
    Company G targets small electronic appliances users by providing high quality and innovative electronic solutions.
  34. Components of a Marketing Program
    This paper outlines a marketing plan that covers marketing situational analysis, marketing strategy, distribution channels, and pricing strategy, among others.
  35. The New Hybrid Toyota Prius: Marketing Plan
    Saud Bahwan Group has partnered with Toyota Motors Corporation to improve sales of Toyota cars in the local Omani market. In this plan, the focus was to improve the brand and sales.
  36. Arnott's Family Company Marketing Strategy
    This paper discusses an effective marketing strategy for the Arnott's family company; it will focus on marketing segmentation and marketing mix.

💡 Essay Ideas on Situational Analysis

  1. Global Factors Influencing Marketing Strategy
    The practical implementation of the PEST-paradigm poses a number of challenges because of defining the non-marketing factors that influence the deployed marketing strategy.
  2. Apple Company's Current Marketing Strategies
    In this study, the researcher will be interested in investigating the current marketing strategies of Apple Inc, and how effective they are in addressing the issue of competition.
  3. Volterman Smart Wallet: Strategic Marketing Plan
    The strategic marketing plan for Volterman smart wallet focuses on how this company can use its limited resources to achieve market success.
  4. Starbucks Australia Strategy – SWOT Analysis & Market Share
    What is Starbucks Australia strategy? ☕ This paper analyzes Starbucks Australia failure, conducts SWOT analysis of Starbucks in Australia, and offers a new marketing strategy. 📈 Read the article to learn how to regain company’s position.
  5. Adult Soft Drinks Market in the UK
    The soft drinks market in the UK has been growing fast over the past years. Beverage companies are moving away from alcoholic drinks to curve niche in soft drinks markets.
  6. Tesla Motors Company: Marketing Plan
    Tesla Motors is an organization that has existed for 13 years already. This paper presents a marketing plan that should enhance the company`s position with the help of Model S.
  7. Brampton’s Hampers Company's Marketing Plan
    In this marketing plan, we are going to define the target groups of Brampton's Hampers Company that are going to be considered in the marketing process.
  8. Development of Marketing Strategy
    The aim of marketing concept should not be only satisfying customers but also achieving its own goals and objectives. It goals and objectives can be higher profit, increase market share and growth.
  9. Easy Jet E-Business Strategies
    Europe’s low-cost airlines Easy Jet has explored the opportunities available in e-commerce. This paper discusses the e-business strategies followed by Easy Jet that contributed to its rapid growth and success.
  10. Marketing Plan for Home Appliance Repair in Australia
    In Australia, the scale of operations in-home repair industry is very small. There is approximately one retail store for every fourteen households in the country.
  11. Bierbrier Brewery Company's SWOT Analysis
    Bierbrier Brewery is a medium-sized company located within the Griffin town, south of a city center called Montreal district.
  12. Blue Sky Clothing Company's Marketing Plan
    A marketing plan is an essential tool for any business seeking to venture or succeed in any market. This essay provides a marketing plan for the Blue Sky Clothing Company.
  13. Brumby’s Bakeries Company’s Situational Analysis
    The paper has done an analysis of the Brumby’s Bakeries chain’s current market situation, the size of its market, and how it can be able to increase its market share.
  14. Tamarind Restaurant's Marketing Plan
    In this paper, we will try to understand how marketing can be used by small businesses to develop their businesses, considering the case of the restaurant Tamarind.
  15. Toy Company: New Product Development and Branding
    The business environment is very turbulent hence is quite imperative for all manufacturing industries to have strategies that can enable it gain competitive edge.
  16. Marketing of Kitenge in Japan
    The objectives of the study is to identify all the external factors which affect markets such as politics, economy, legal and environment factors affecting markets and the four Ps of marketing of international markets.
  17. General Motors Company Analysis
    The global headquarter of GM is based in Detroit, but the company is producing cars and trucks in 35 countries.
  18. Supply Chain Management to Streamline Operations
    Businesses have to keep on coming up with strategies that streamline their business operations and give them a competitive advantage over rival’s/competitors.
  19. Fairfax Media Limited: Company Analysis
    The report has been prepared in three sections by performing the SWOT analysis, financial analysis using various ratios and stake holder analysis to observe if Fairfax Media Limited is successful or not.
  20. Triwa Incorporation's Marketing Plan
    Triwa Incorporation is a private limited company that is was established in 2006 within the non-alcoholic drink industry.
  21. Adventure Tours Australia: International Marketing Plan
    In order to introduce a new product to the market it is important that a comprehensive marketing strategy be developed by considering target market, market segment and positioning.
  22. Solar Tracking Systems' Marketing Plan
    The marketing plan analyzes the internal and external business environment in Australia to bring to market a product of a company dealing with solar tracking systems production.
  23. MaxShim Florists Company's Marketing Plan
    MaxShim Florists’ primary mission is to operate in an ethical manner and offer products that will result in customer satisfaction in terms of product quality.
  24. Service Procurement And Provision
    The report is going to focus on a strategic review of Benenden hospital, which is one of the most popular medical centers in UK.
  25. Proton Exora: Marketing Strategy
    The management of the firm will use competitive pricing strategy in positioning Proton Exora in the market. This will help in creating a positive image to the consumers.
  26. Triwa Incorporation: Marketing Plan
    The company description is illustrated by identifying the firm’s past financial performance, human resource base and mission statement.
  27. How Innovation Can Help Countries to Overcome the Crisis
    The purpose of this paper is to show how innovation can provide a competitive advantage to a firm when most economies are under the world’s largest economic and financial recession.
  28. Intersect Investments Company Problem Solution
    Intersect Investments, is a finance company that deals with helping people manage their money the best way possible.
  29. Canterra Bros Firm's Vittoria Coffee Marketing Plan
    The management of Canterra Bros incorporation can increase the firms’ level of revenue through effective repositioning of its Vittoria coffee brand in the market.
  30. Situation Report in Starbucks Analysis
    Situation report on Starbucks analysis the current situation of the company that shows diminishing profits, falling stock prices and a dwindling business portfolio.
  31. Australian Wine: Media Buying and Planning
    Australian Vineyards have been in the market since 1889, this is an indication that they have a vast wealth of experience in wine production.
  32. Sony Ericsson Company's Marketing Plan
    This marketing plan depicts the importance of situation analysis for setting the objectives and strategies, so Sony Ericsson will be able to target all segments in the UK.
  33. Problem Solution: Global Communications
    In today’s business world globalization is the issue. These last decades the market has gone global and now business companies can reach in different corners of the globe.
  34. Davis Service Group Plc - Strategy in Action
    The Davis Group Plc has been successful in expanding its operations in most parts of Europe through acquisition and organic growth.
  35. The GeneOne Company’s Strategy for Overcoming the Internal Crisis
    Product promotion strategies for GeneOne, taking into account the introduction of new technologies and effective management within the company.
  36. Essentials of Strategic Management. Nucor Corporation
    In order for Nucor Corporation to attain its low cost leadership strategy, the firm’s management team should improve on its strategic management process.

👍 Good Situational Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Merritt Hookah Lounge: Market Plan
    The plan entails market research with reference to competitors and consumers as the key market elements, SWOT analysis, key success factors, and the critical issues are analyzed.
  2. Situation Analysis of Hawaii’s Living Reef Program
    The Hawaii Living Reef Program aims at creating public awareness on the importance of the living coral reef ecosystem and its contribution to the Hawaii lifestyle.
  3. Davis Service Group: Strategy Action
    The report entails an analysis of the Australian textile maintenance services industry. The competitive challenges facing Davis Service Group are analyzed.
  4. Riordan Manufacturing as an Example of Cross-Cultural Management
    The Riordan Manufacturing script is a good example of problems in intercultural management. Cultural differences should be considered in the employees management.
  5. Integrated Marketing Communication & Planning Campaign
    For a business to function well, basic strategies must be used. Essential requirements may include a business plan, a marketing communications plan, and a marketing campaign plan.
  6. Wok to Walk: Marketing Plan Proposal
    This paper attempts to prepare a complete marketing plan for the purchase of a franchise of a small fast-food chain named Wok To Walk.
  7. Marketing Plan On Getting Business Management Degree
    The personal marketing plan give the insights about the complete analysis of the personal mission, vision, objectives, goals and the budget conditions.
  8. Marketing Communication for Heinz’s Desktop Beanzawavel
    The report analizes integrated marketing communication that will involve print, electronic and internet ads will be applied in order to reach target market in Heinz Company.
  9. Apple iPod Product's Marketing Audit & Management
    This report is an audit carried out on iPod, it contains within it sections like a brief introduction of Apple, the evaluation, or the analysis of the situation.
  10. The Temple Brewing Company's Marketing Plan
    The Temple Brewing Company Pty Ltd is one of the beer-producing companies in Melbourne whose reputation has remained for long despite the stiff competition in the beer industry.
  11. True Religion and Premium Jeans Company
    The challenge facing True Religion is the failure to make calculated future predictions, lack of long-term problem-solving initiatives and refusing to take competitive advantage.
  12. EBay: Customer Support Outsourcing
    Customer support outsourcing for eBay is a brilliant idea since it will increase the economic stability of the world at large.
  13. The Waan Company: Marketing Plan
    A new marketing plan would help the Waan company realize the full profit potential that the small appliances are likely to generate for the company.
  14. Problem Solution: McBride Financial Services
    The paper assesses the situation at McBride Financial by assessing the problems between the two interest groups, the stakeholders and the solutions to the problem.
  15. Marketing Fundamentals to Magnolia Web Studio
    Demonstration of the applicability of the marketing concepts to promote the website Magnolia Web Studio. The paper contains an overview of the general marketing concept
  16. Hewlett-Packard: The First IT Company Founded in the Silicon Valley
    The present proposal provided a brief outline of the main issue for HP, following their efforts in the smartphone market. The issue identified was the lack of brand loyalty.
  17. American Instant Incorporation: Marketing Plan
    The marketing strategy, which entails the firm's mission statement, marketing objectives and target market, is illustrated in this paper.
  18. The Spicer: Clean Sheet Marketing Style
    The Spicer is a new small appliance product that electronically dispenses spices based on the recipes that are input in its electronic database.
  19. Frito Lay Company: Strategy Analysis
    Frito Lay is one of the companies which develop unique strategies and marketing approach in order to compete on the market and increase sales.
  20. Marketing Plan For Secondbite Organization
    Secondbite is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteers and well-wishers to donate fresh foods so that it can be able to distribute to the hungry masses.
  21. A Notebook Computer in Huawei’s Product Portfolio
    The study assesses the market condition of notebook computers and tries to generate an idea for introducing notebook computers in Huawei’s current product portfolio.
  22. Corporate Strategic Audit of Turkcell Company
    The company is the largest in Turkey in the field of mobile and optical infrastructure. It is listed on both the Turkey Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.
  23. Marketing Communication: A Chocolate New Brand: Testty
    Testty is a new brand of chocolate. The aim of coming up with the product was to satisfy the current health needs as well as leisure activities of the users.
  24. Autonomy Corporation's Marketing Communication Plan
    The objective of this paper is to draw up a market communication plan for the Autonomy Corporation company for one year or 12 months.
  25. Procter & Gamble Co.'s Marketing Plan
    The mass market is what drives the sales of P&G consumer products. This explains why the company targets chain stores like Wal-Mart.
  26. China National Tobacco Company and Farmers
    The Chinese government controls all production of tobacco products in the market in a form of monopoly. The company lacks an intermediary with Chinese tobacco farmers.
  27. Marketing Plan for the FlaBlaster Product
    This is a document about FlaBlaster, a product that is able to reduce the weight of a person without using other weight loss procedures such as surgery.
  28. CDK Digital Marketing: Addressing Channel Conflict with Data Analytics
    CDK Digital’s original was based on the larger control of dealer websites in order to ensure the consistency in brands and models marketing which was the requirement by GM.
  29. Marketing Plan for Kraft Foods
    The marketing plan relates to Kraft Foods Incorporation which is a firm that operates within the United States food processing industry.
  30. Strategy Audit: Novartis International AG.
    One of the major threats that Novartis face from the task environment is the loss of market individuality. Their product Diovan is threatened in the market.
  31. Adidas Shoes: Situation Analysis, Future Strategies
    Adidas is the second world largest sports apparel producer. The business enjoys many strengths including a strong brand name and control over its distribution channels.
  32. Java for You Company: Obstacles When Running a Company
    Java For You company existed in a severely competitive environment; hence, the company was facing many business hardships and risks.
  33. A Brazilian Manufacturer: Embraco Kaizen Case
    Embraco, a Brazilian manufacturer that was known for its usage of lean approaches, decided to further enhance operations at its Joinville facility.
  34. Maple Leaf Shoes Limited's Strategic Analysis
    The Maple Leaf Shoes Company Limited makes profits goal and the goal of being a strong force in the market because of the wide range of products it manufactures.
  35. Microsoft Marketing Case Analysis
    Microsoft’s evolution over the years shows that the company knows how to deal with unsuccessful products and communicate with consumers to introduce new offers.
  36. Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd.'s Strengths and Weaknesses
    Maple Leaf Ltd is seen to have much strength that favors its operation and gives a competitive advantage in the market. It has the long-term experience that makes it competent.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Situational Analysis

  1. Mobile Gas Station: Overview
  2. Walmart Great Value Line Analysis
  3. Netflix: Analysis of the Strategy
  4. Reward Management Strategies and Practices
  5. Business Administration Case Study
  6. Employee Satisfaction at Hilton
  7. Xs Energy Drink in China Analysis
  8. The BMW Company's Marketing Excellence
  9. A Marketing Plan for Fremantle, Western Australia After COVID-19
  10. Guillermo Furniture Store: Analysis of Business Situation
  11. Critical Evaluation of Marketing Strategies PepsiCo
  12. The Union Carbide Company’s Critical Issues of Corporate Survival
  13. The Use of Product Line Concept
  14. Emirates Airlines' Current Financial Situation Analysis
  15. Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company: Annual Report
  16. Best Food Superstore Policy
  17. Company Analysis Alianz Saudi Cooperative Insurance Company
  18. Asian Inc.'s Situational Analysis
  19. Eden Foods Company's Marketing Plan in the US
  20. A Usage-Based Insurance Company's Marketing Strategy
  21. Arabic Coffee or Arabic Restaurant in United State
  22. Strategic Management: Parcel Force Case Study
  23. Woolworths Group: Marketing Tactics and Implementation
  24. Personal Leadership Situation Analysis
  25. MSH Brands Company's Analysis & Marketing Plan
  26. The Noon Company in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  27. PepsiCo's Marketing and Population Trends in Mexico
  28. Black-and-Decker Company: Marketing
  29. Lebanese Flower Restaurant: Case Study
  30. Analysis of the Russet Cup Cafe
  31. Wiggo: Marketing Feasibility Report
  32. Nike Company: SWOT Analysis
  33. Sony Corporation's Stance in the Market
  34. The Next Closet Expanding Service to South Korea
  35. Innovative Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Marketing Plan
  36. Morgan's Healthcare Organization's Strategic Plan
  37. The Red Bull Company's Strategic Analysis

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