Training 4 U Services Ltd Project Report


Training 4 U Services Limited Company is an institution that offers college education. The institution is expanding and aims to move its learning approach onto an online platform that will successfully work with its learners. This report is objectively aimed to discuss ways through which the Training 4 U Ltd will successfully transit its learning onto an online platform that will work well with its learners. The report will use various theories essential in project management and issues related to business issues and appropriate decision making. In the report, challenges and problems facing the company shall be identified in the market segmentation in the UK.

The report will also cover internal and external evaluation analysis with academic theories and concepts. Critical analysis of implications shall also be covered in the report to highlight improvements and proposals and establish practical means of transitioning into online learning. The report will also give recommendations and conclusive ideas about seeing the project advance in online learning. This report is focused on identifying issues and challenges faced by Training 4 U Services Ltd and using different academic theories to critically evaluate the internal and external analysis of the company and required implications.

Issues Faced by the Company

Employee learning strategy is the most significant factor that many companies and organizations strive to maintain their competitive advantage. In this regard, Training 4 U Services Ltd is a case example in the UK market that tends to experience varied challenges due to the corporate environment that has gradually promoted a slew of issues to organization and company training (Khan et al., 2016). For this reason, company faces problems related to business operability in its approach to moving towards an online platform that aims to work well for its learners.

The main business challenge is creating training that appeals to new-age learners. Companies are doing extra mile activities to maintain their competitive advantage (Ridzwan, Muhammad, and Rahman, 2017). Besides, quality in service and an extended customer service base is the determinant for many companies such as Training 4 U Services Ltd to overcome competitive issues (Training 4 U services UK Ltd., 2021). The company can overcome this challenge by personalizing learning and setting its content in context to keep up with a competitive advantage. Another challenge is meeting the demands of the mobile workforce in the UK market. Thus, new demand in the UK market is determined by the increasing rate of technological growth. Therefore, the company’s main business issue is arising mobile workforce demands.

Another business issue is the costs of moving towards an online platform for the well-being of their learners. The company has difficulty coping with escalated costs in developing eLearning systems (Training 4 U services UK Ltd., 2021). Installation of online instruments such as eLearning engines is usually expensive for some institutions. In the meantime, Training 4 U Services Ltd can subsidize this challenge by using rapid authoring tools.

There is a challenge of inadequate consistent training for global learners and the workforce. Businesses need to be consistent in their approaches and formulation of operability plans. An extensive market thus implies global expansion that requires digitalized platforms and management institutional training. Training 4 U Services Ltd can overcome this drawback by implementing eLearning translations. Another business issue is difficulty dealing with insufficient technical skills in-house and resources. Outsourcing eLearning development is the best solution for Training 4 U Services Ltd to overcome the UK market’s lack of resources and skills.

Internal and External Analysis and Evaluation

Analysing and evaluating Training 4 U Services Ltd Company will help highlight key business issues that affect its internal and external operation environments. Internal analysis of the company will encompass strengths and weaknesses, while external evaluation will pinpoint opportunities and threats. Successes of the organization emanate from within strengths that are being created for the best interest of completion. For this reason, a company’s strengths are intertwined with aspects of organizational excellence that draw significant distinctions that draw a demarcating line from other businesses.

Academic theories effectively explain the internal and external environment of a business and company operation. For instance, scientific management theory pioneered by Frederick Taylor aligns itself with the internal environment. The company aims to promote increased productivity towards training their learners within the shortest period. An online medium will cater to the needed scientific and technological applications and provide fastened services. Thus, this approach corresponds with scientific management theory as it proposes that stakeholders promote a digital environment to increase productivity and diverse skills (Su, 2017). It is focused on workplace efficiency by ensuring that every member appreciates training effectiveness.

Systems management theory is influential to study the internal environment of Training 4 U Services Ltd Company. The theory helps to highlight weaknesses experienced in the company. Components within a business must collaborate to realize functionality in a company or an organization (Teece, 2018). Many companies in the UK have adopted the digital network operation, and they are already profoundly established in online platforms. Thus, As the company moves into an online platform for their learners, they need the synergy of resources, interrelations, and interdependence between subsystems. The company is also supposed to put employees at the forefront in collaboration with other key players to ensure 100% transition in service delivery.

Furthermore, Training 4 U Services Ltd needs to develop a firm brand name to help make its unique technology satisfy the customer base. Therefore, the company should create an online training strategy that will be returning customer-beating results. As a result, the company should employ systems of management theory and use the output from the strategy to generate new customers and learners to their platform.

Canvas’s business model will be significant to the purposeful implementation of service delivery to learning in an online platform at Training 4 U Services Ltd Company. It helps to establish mission objectivity in the statement of business ventures (Umar, Sasongko, and Aguzman, 2018). It will help define the mission and vision of Training 4 U Services Limited’s online platform service delivery to its learners. Training 4 U Services Ltd Company should consider essential resources, customer segments, key partners, customer relationships, key activities, and cost structure (Umar, Sasongko, and Aguzman, 2018). The cost structure should include the materials and equipment needed to install online transmitters and servers to their customers, including learners.

Key partners are a significant determinant of different roles that meet customer and ultimate expectations from the business. It helps to cater to the uncertainty of risk and optimization of the economy. For this reason, the company will enjoy the canvas business model in cost structuring. The internal environment of Training 4 U Services Ltd finds its strength through a warm learner and stakeholder relationship during their training. Thus, the canvas business model is significant as it readily creates a channel for customer relationships as they interact on the online platform (Umar, Sasongko, and Aguzman, 2018). Training 4 U Services Ltd has also adhered to the canvas model by identifying customer segments and critical activities. Many people are categorized within the niche to use online platforms, especially in learning. Thus, the company has decided to move into an online platform to fill the market niche. Canvas’s business model effectively makes sure that business operations, plans, ideas, and niches are evaluated based on the market forces. It considers the summative internal evaluation of a business entity, organization, or company.

Analysis and evaluation of the external environment at Training 4 U Services Ltd Company greatly help. The external environment tends to act as the weighing and competing level to other businesses in the market. The UK market has more factors that raise competitive advantages to companies. These factors include opportunities and threats that will help Training 4 U Services Ltd move to an online platform that will serve their trainees well. Training 4 U Services Ltd can enjoy opportunities that can be enjoyed including more chances to increase diversification and specification. Since it is still in its primary stage with engagement in online platforms, there is more flexibility to install new technologies with greater interface wavelength. Another opportunity is that learners still want to learn a lot from online platform utilization. Thus, the platform will rapidly grow due to customer segmentation as learners are trained. As a result, competitive advantage will be realized from the company’s opportunities.

Threats are business issues that face Training 4 U Services Ltd Company’s business stability. Contingency management theory is self-explanatory for Covid-19 threats to disrupting normal social relations in places requiring training. However, the theory suggests that leaders should show effectiveness in making appropriate decisions during threatening environments (Omoluabi, 2016). Thus, the company’s primary decision-makers highlight a bold step into creating an online platform that will work well for their students. Additionally, the initiative will work in future uncertainties such as a pandemic. The contingency management theory is solid in formulating the decision to solve environmental constraints (Waldman et al., 2019). Government policies and regulations are other factors that Training 4 U Services Ltd should as contingency management theory is concerned.

Critical Analysis of the Implications

Discussion of internal and external evaluation and analysis of Training 4 U Services Ltd Company gives a critical understanding of key factors in project management. Investigation and correspondence of theories have helped to understand different business environments. Besides, effective management depends on collaboration between factors leading to a friendly atmosphere that allows businesses to thrive (Leiber, Stensaker and Harvey, 2018). Collaboration is required in Train 4 U Ltd to realize fruitful online services to build a customer foundation. Management of the company will also require harmonious time that will enable every individual to relate well with others.

During online interaction, there is needed support each other to ensure that every learner can interact with the online platform without any struggle. For this reason, project management can be said to be reached at its goal of collaborating with every member of an organization. Many businesses have continued to thrive due to collaboration among departments and employees. Generally, business management and many project management successes are theoretically interconnected by academic theories in realizing new ideas.

Modes of engagement and frameworks in the relationship between theories and evaluation of business’s environments have established working frameworks. Engagement frameworks have majorly focused on the wants, needs, and interests of clients on the move to starting an online platform for learners at Training 4 U Services Ltd. Customer expectation and satisfaction are the ultimate objectives of every business firm or organization that guarantees many benefits.

In evaluating internal and external business environments while incorporating theories, the report has highlighted the necessity to evade weaknesses and satisfy customers’ expectations. Customer needs are usually spearheaded by unpredictability in demand forces. Unpredictability is caused competitive nature of the market. Training 4 U Services Ltd strives to cope with heightened competition in the market to enjoy a competitive advantage and satisfy their learners’ expectations.

Customers’ interests are at the heart of the business operation to realize customer loyalty and satisfaction. Training 4 U Services Ltd theoretical analysis and evaluation of external and internal environment has helped create a chance that helps to address clients’ interest to begin an online platform. The company should develop an executive part of employment rules to help them transit to the digital online platform. Additionally, the company should make sure that customer satisfaction is a top-rated priority (Leninkumar, 2017). Generally, meeting customers’ interests is beneficial, including creating customer loyalty and building a customer base.

Identifying business issues and challenges is a matter of appreciation and benefits business operators. Theories have brought light on flexibility in creating essential ideas and means that promote understanding between business starters and customers. This flexibility is reflected upon more accessible responses to customers’ needs, wants, and interests. For instance, the company’s evaluation of its environment has paved the way to create an online platform niche.

For this reason, it will benefit many people who want to save on their time. Besides, there is the creation of responsibility among team members. Corporate responsibility is at work within an organizational environment. Furthermore, every action that intends to violate online guidelines will lie responsible to individual perpetrators. Leadership is also a matter of focus that will help to guide everybody. Thus, responsible leaders carry the responsibility in the strengths of the internal environment.

Table 1. Proposed Project Plan

Training 4 U Services Ltd Project
Phases Goals Mission Success Strategy Timeline Team Swot
  1. Planning
  2. Team organization 3. Prototype 4. Implementation

5. Feedback

1. User experience
2. Satisfaction
3. Effectiveness
To create a user best experience online platform Ultimate customer expectation and satisfaction 1. Competence Leadership
2. Corporate Responsibility principle
Implementation of the project should take at least half a year. 1. Company informatics directors
2. Learners
3. Key partners
1. Strengths
2. Weaknesses
3. Opportunities
4. Threats
Financial Analysis Capital $654 Assets, Current Assets $2,098, Non-current Assets $698
Liabilities Current liabilities $456, Non-current liabilities $567

Recommendations/Conclusive Arguments

In a world where enormous technological advancement has taken the lead, online platforms need regulation to eliminate misogyny. Thus, Training 4 U Services Ltd’s evaluation creates a sense of control in business activities and transactions. The company should thus create robust security machines that will monitor the processes that result from people’s interactions on the internet. It is effective if all online communities access measurable control to ensure user privacy remains intact as found. The company will also be required to train more personnel who can have full-time circulation to monitor the business’s active activities.

Training 4 U Services Ltd company should review the cost structure and accrue sufficient capital and resources to match the program. There are competitors in the UK market; therefore, there is a need for Training 4 U Services Ltd to produce quality services and timely attendance to customers (Training 4 u services (UK) Ltd overview, 2021). Also, the company needs to install modern technology to enjoy fair competition for the millennial age group. Companies and organizations need to review their resource, cost structure, key partners, and market segments to enjoy favourable and competitive advantages.

The company’s internal and external evaluation of its environment has revealed the nature of competition. UK market is highly competitive in online platforms in most businesses. The internal environment of Training 4 U Services Ltd finds its power through a warm learner and stakeholder relationship during their training. Technological advancement to Training 4 U Services Ltd has been its weakness while evaluating the internal environment for competitive strengths. An opportunity is a space to adopt new technologies in the company. On the other hand, threats include effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that limit social crowding during training.

In conclusion, evaluation of the business environment is a crucial step in business and project management as well as following the proposed project plan (Table 1). It also helps to highlight the competitive ability in comparison with other businesses. Incorporating critical theories and model concepts such as canvas helps ground the company’s information from the market statistics (Türko, 2016). Customer satisfaction and expectation are the ultimate aim in every industry to gain competitive advantage, customer loyalty and base. Thus, business management in project management like Training 4 U Services Ltd Company needs to set up necessary strategies to enjoy favourable competition in the market. Besides, cost structure and resource funding should be critical considerations while developing online platforms to enhance the adequate user interface. This research has based its conclusion on theoretical findings. Future research should, therefore, incorporate other methods such as interviews and surveys.

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