Recruitment and Selection as Management Process

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In the modern world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to find qualified workers, which forces them to fight among themselves for professionals and raise wages at all levels in order to get quality employees. This can be beneficial and convenient for employees, but it is economically ineffective for those companies that are at the initial level of development and cannot afford such salary levels.

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How Would You Approach Hiring a New Worker for Your Unit?

Recruiting begins with assessing the supply and demand of personnel for this particular position in labor. This helps to determine the shortage or excess of qualified employees suitable for the position and to make the appropriate choices regarding the proposed salary, the skills and knowledge requested, and other criteria (Noe et al., 2017). Additionally, it is important to plan and build a recruitment strategy in advance, taking into account the matrix of the goals, desired results, and the labor situation so that the organization does not spend additional funds on recruiting and hiring employees while they are in high demand.

Further, for the recruitment of a specific employee, a job profile is developed based on the ideal qualities of the candidate, which are realistic based on the existing supply and the company’s capabilities (Hamza et al., 2021). In the candidate’s profile, it is important to separate professional competencies and personal qualities. The recruiting process should also be planned in advance depending on the position, the required number of employees to be hired, and the expected number of applications.

At this stage, it is also important to work out an anti-discrimination policy that will allow the selection of employees only on the basis of compliance with the selected criteria, without those criteria that do not directly relate to work performance. According to the Scripture, everyone is born equal (English Standard Version Bible, 2001, Luke 20:36). Another important aspect is the motivation of employees and candidates. Financial motivation is one of the dominant ones, while others, such as team spirit, company support, and so on, can work in the company’s best interests.

What Particular Methods and Sources Will You Use and Why?

Various channels should be used for the selection of candidates. Primarily, it is worth considering the company’s existing employees who can apply for a new job (Noe et al., 2017). If there are promising, dedicated employees among them, the process of promoting such an employee will become less costly and more efficient for the company. Alternatively, in the modern world, especially taking into account the specifics of 2020-2021, it is worth turning to electronic sources for recruiting employees. Electronic sources allow the reach of a maximum number of candidates around the world during a COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, the remote screening process, or even remote employment, allows a company to minimize the physical interaction of employees at a time hazardous to health, recruit employees from all over the world and reduce salary costs, increase the reach of candidates. Additionally, a company can reduce the cost of office space if it adapts its processes for remote work. After that, several stages of selection will be carried out, such as selection by resume, an interview with a Human Resources (HR) representative, and an interview with the management of the company or the management of a particular department. Intermediate tests are possible depending on a specific position.

The qualifications of the candidate are not always the only indicator. The employee must also be promising in terms of maintaining the values ​​of the company’s development, involvement in processes, and plans for long-term cooperation (Sami, 2021). The in-house Human Resources (HR) staff member is the optimal person for developing a job profile and conducting screening since he is familiar with the values ​​and important personal qualities of the company. Each company is individual in this regard and only in rare cases outsourcing HR function is suitable due to the lack of involvement in the company’s processes.

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What Methods Will You Use to Make a Final Decision and Why?

Deciding on candidates requires research on a number of factors, such as comparisons of qualifications, personality traits, achievements, and suitability for the company. Predictive validation as a concept should also be applied, as it helps to assess that the existing employees in the company, for example, may have more knowledge about the questions asked during screening, while new candidates may be more motivated (Noe et al., 2017).

Thus, when making a decision, the difference will be taken into account in relation to the criteria set by the newly arrived candidates and the existing employees of the company, in the case of participation of both in the selection. For all newcomers, as well as for existing employees of the company, Key Performance Indicators should be monitored, which, in relation to HR, will show the effectiveness of previously used recruitment methods, and it will be possible to adapt them to increase the effectiveness of new recruits if necessary.


In conclusion, the employees of the company are one of its most valuable strategic advantages. It is the employees who can influence the financial solvency and reputation of the company. In this regard, the development of job profiles, the selection of employees, and their adaptation and training should be considered by any organization as a very important process that requires an integrated approach.


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