72 Market Planning Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Market Planning Research Paper Examples

  1. Lush Cosmetics Marketing Plan – Strategies & Issues
    How to describe Lush marketing strategy? 🧼 This essay researches Lush Cosmetics marketing plan and Lush competitive advantages. 📊 Read the paper to learn more about how Lush produces and sells the best fresh handmade cosmetics. ✨
  2. E-Business and E-Commerce: Difference Between Terms
    E-commerce is a part of e-business, but e-business does not necessarily entail e-commerce. To understand the difference between the concepts, one has to look at their components.
  3. Entrepreneurial Management: Business Plan and Skills
    Business plan increases the entrepreneur’s motivation in the project. Motivation combined with self-confidence enhances also courage, patience and perseverance.
  4. Business Planning and Entrepreneurial Characteristics
    Business plans guide entrepreneurs on the steps during implementation and control measures. Entrepreneurs possess such traits as autonomy, commitment, ambitions, strong ego.
  5. Blue Shark Company's Marketing Plan
    The marketing plan relates to Blue Cap Limited which operates within the UAE beverage industry. It entails a situational analysis, marketing, control and implementation strategies.
  6. Business Planning Process and Entrepreneurial Management
    Understanding of aims, steps and peculiarities of business planning, as well as the necessary traits for entrepreneurship, is the basis of a company’s successful activity.
  7. Business Plan and Entrepreneurial Activity
    A business plan contains objectives, factors that make them attainable, and a plan for realizing them. An entrepreneur has a new business venture and shoulders all the the risks.
  8. Steve Jobs: Leadership and Decision Making Styles
    This essay discusses the leadership stipule of former Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, and how he revolutionized this company to make it rank among the top 100 best performing corporations.
  9. Etihad Airways Company’ Supply Chains and Logistics
    Etihad Airways commands the UAE market. Organizations of different kinds supply products and services that seek to satisfy customer demands.
  10. The Chocolala Company New Product Development
    This paper examines the need for the creation of a new product and how a new product development team of the Chocolala Company defines its strategy for the project.
  11. IPad: Advertising Knowledge and Application
    This paper aims at looking at the importance of advertisement in iPad marketing and how it is entrenched in the marketing mix of the product.
  12. E-Commerce Impact on Business Practices
    The paper looks at the impact of e-commerce technologies on the business practices in firms, and finds out the factors that affect the adoption of e-commerce by firms.
  13. Social Media Marketing Strategy
    Firms should use the internet and social media as strategies of direct marketing. Reaping the benefits of these strategies, they will generate higher revenues.
  14. Digital Marketing: Information Significance
    Digital marketing ensures that a company’s information is intact, and even ensures that information reaches consumers in order to influence their purchasing behaviour.
  15. Securities Market in the UAE
    Banks in the UAE implemented some reforms that included integrating bond markets in the banking systems, that until today, its contribution is eminent, but less understood.
  16. Impact of Cultural Differences on International Business
    Ever thought about how cultural differences impact international business? 🎎 Knowing other cultures’ rules is a core competence for big companies. 👔 In this article, we explain how cultural differences affect international business. 📑
  17. Unemployment in the United Arab Emirates among Locals
    The present research paper investigates the problem of unemployment in the United Arab Emirates among locals. The paper is focused on its causes, peculiarities, effects, risks and policies.
  18. 2Degrees Company's Marketing Research
    2Degrees is a new entrance infrastructure based telecommunication company owned by the U.S. and Britain in New Zealand.
  19. Marketing: Concept and Approaches
    Marketing is responsible for identifying and satisfying customer demands in a profitable manner. It refers to what an organization must do to exchange value with customers.
  20. Business Intelligence: Fundamental Concepts and Principles
    Organizations must adopt new developments, such as business intelligence, in order to maintain their competitiveness and a high level of performance.
  21. Laptop Industry’s Characteristics and Analysis
    Researching the laptop industry? 💻 This paper conducts measurements of laptop market share and size: the PEST analysis and Porter’s six forces. 📈 You can find information about laptop industry in India and other countries. 🖱️
  22. UK Electricity Companies: Industry Report
    In the UK, the industry of electricity supply has been categorised into four: electricity generation, electricity transmission, electricity distribution, and electricity supply.
  23. Energy Industry in the United States
    This paper is about the energy industry in the United States. It is argued that the US energy industry has a multiproduct structure, which is majorly shaped by economies of scope.
  24. Electricity Industry in the United Kingdom
    This paper analyzes electricity industry in the United Kingdom and provides a critical appraisal of National Grid’s business plan.
  25. Feathers UAE Company: Internationalization Strategy
    This project paper develops and discusses a strategic plan for Feathers UAE to facilitate its internationalization strategy by opening stores in the UK.

💡 Essay Ideas on Market Planning

  1. E-activity Effects on Customer's Decision Making
    The discovery of the internet has empowered the modern customer to be flexible, refined, and adventurous. In the recent past, there has been an explosion of internet-based retail business model.
  2. Computer Sales Business Concept Strategic Management Plan
    The strategic management plan of the business idea of selling new and refurbished computers could be a success using the strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation.
  3. Integrated Marketing Communication in the UK
    This paper supports the argument that truly integrated marketing communication is the exception rather than the rule. The argument is applied in relation to the UK market.
  4. McDonald's Company Marketing Practices and Strategies
    McDonald's, a fast-food company, implements property as the best strategy for entering the market because it outweighs the rest.
  5. Sony Strategy: Management & Planning
    Working on Sony strategy report? 📷 Sony made alliances in countries with restrictions on penetrating the market. 🤓 Read more about it in the analysis of the strategic planning of the Sony company! ✅
  6. Supply Chain Management Role in Enterprise Planning
    Effective supply chain management of an organisation ensures that the systems for supply chain management reduce various costs that are associated with supplies.
  7. AFDCO Incorporation: Business Plan
    AFDCO Incorporation is a private limited company, which was established in 2000 in the UAE. The firm operates in the UAE’s beverage industry, and it is headquartered at Al Quoz, Dubai.
  8. Social Media Usage in Market Research and Forecasting
    This paper aims to explore and discuss how marketing research and forecasting can be executed using social media tool. The existing social marketing publications have been analyzed.
  9. Enterprise Resources Planning Systems
    Enterprise resources planning systems are gaining momentum in the modern business world due to their efficiency and relevance in the present-day business environment.
  10. Planning and Developing a New Product
    Planning and development are important preliminary steps that account for a major part of success before the product reaches its market.
  11. Main Steps in Developing the Marketing Strategy
    The core concepts that are involved with strategic marketing include the customers’ needs, values, wants, products, exchange, communication and establishment of relationships.
  12. Golden Circle Company's International Marketing Plan
    The Golden Circle Company is one of the Australian fine fruits and vegetable manufacturers, which produces more than 15 varieties and is one of the largest pineapple processors.
  13. Invent Electronics: Business Plan
    The small appliances will be created and designed to fit needs of households. The company has a vision and mission statements to guide the company in achieving its objective.
  14. Dynamic Audio Teaching Ltd.: Business Plan
    The Dynamic Audio Teaching projects development was devised to rectify current problems and constructed with industry collaboration.
  15. Merritt Hookah Lounge: Market Plan
    The plan entails market research with reference to competitors and consumers as the key market elements, SWOT analysis, key success factors, and the critical issues are analyzed.
  16. Wok to Walk: Marketing Plan Proposal
    This paper attempts to prepare a complete marketing plan for the purchase of a franchise of a small fast-food chain named Wok To Walk.
  17. TESCO Personal Finance and Strategic Analysis
    In the United Kingdom, TESCO is the largest and leading retail business in the food and non-food industry. This retail business is also in personal finance.
  18. Venture Screening Guide of Phoenix Solar Energy Systems
    Propose to produce and market solar energy systems for household purposes in the Indian market. A SES capable of powering the house without external power forms our chief product.
  19. Gulf Falcon Air-Conditioning Systems Fixing Company: Managing the Market
    G.F.A.S.F. undertakes the manufacturing of chilled water from a centralized place to all customers, it has professionals who address different needs of the clients.
  20. E-Market Places in Saudi Arabia: Service Intelligence
    This essay seeks to discuss how service intelligence can be used to improve e-marketplaces as well as the factors that improve service intelligence.
  21. Customer Care and Case Study of Emirates
    This report provides a recommendation and conclusion considering the outcomes of a case study of Emirates Airlines in Customer Care topic.
  22. Pursuing an Online MBA Program Over an Onsite Program
    The online MBA program will be promoted through phased out advertisements on TV, which is the most watched medium for the students, yahoo and online shops.
  23. Southwest Airlines' Business Policy Summary
    The Southwest Airlines company serves and dominates the short routes in the United States. The paper provides a comprehensive analysis of Southwest Airlines.
  24. Market Orientation and Productivity Regarding the Organization Strategy
    To enhance the performance of the firm, choosing the right strategy to pursue in terms of a competitor or market orientation is the best method that an organization can apply.
  25. Pepsi’s Investment in the Australian Market
    Pepsi is the second-largest food and beverage business in the world. Launching an energy drink to the market right now is a good and timely investment.

👍 Good Market Planning Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Nokia: Market Planning
    Segmentation, targeting and positioning are the most important elements in marketing. Segmentation helps to identify market segments where a product can be marketed.
  2. Resourcing and Talent Planning in Labor Markets
    Understanding the nature and specifics of labor markets in different countries allows making more informed decisions on hiring and firing employees, changing their wages etc.
  3. Khalifa University Marketing Plan
    The marketing performance of Khalifa University will be evaluated as per its advantages and disadvantages in the competitive environment.
  4. Strategic Marketing: Bates Farms and Dairy
    This report will focus on the marketing efforts for Bates Farms and Dairy in the US, the current brand image, and whether it needs change for the new field of competition.
  5. Market Entries for Various Types of Enterprises
    The organizational structure of a unit has always been directly dependent on a series of factors, such as culture and local market assessment.
  6. Hamdan Footwear Start-Up Company's Business Plan
    Hamdan Footwear is a start-up company, that planned to start operating in June 2015. The semi-mechanized footwear production unit will focus on footwear for ladies.
  7. Noble Ketchup Manufacturing Company Business Plan
    Noble Ketchup Manufacturing’s objectives include improvement of inventory turnover by at least 12% in the first year of operation, and maintaining high-quality products.
  8. Marketing Management: Case Studies
    It is essential to understand that the modern world is changing, and many marketing rules are irrelevant today.
  9. Electronic Appliance Marketing
    It is a fact that our organization Company G is a strong, well-accepted, and respected manufacturer of household electronic appliances.
  10. Sports Marketing Affected by Internet of Things
    This research paper provides a holistic understanding of how the Internet of Things affects sports marketing plans.
  11. Strategy Planning for Market Expansion of Non-Profit
    Strategic planning refers to the process of documenting and mapping the objectives of specific organizations and the outline of their execution by assessing assets and plans.
  12. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Firm's Strategic Profile
    Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia does not have a significant online presence. It remains in an uncertain business state and requires strategic alternatives.
  13. How Does Social Media Marketing Affect the Economic Success
    Social marketing is one of the modern and effective strategies resting on the growing population of social networks and the spread of the Internet.
  14. Wiggo: Marketing Feasibility Report
    In the implementation of this plan, Wiggo needs to be aware of the external factors, which may influence its operations as it is revealed by PESTLE analysis.
  15. Netflix Company's Digital and Social Media Marketing
    This paper analyzes the strategic environment in which Netflix operates and develops a blue ocean idea to help it increase its market share.
  16. Nails Zone: Business Model and Plan
    Nail Zone is a full-service nail business salon that is dedicated to providing quality customer services in a calm and relaxing setting.
  17. The Quick Bites’ Food Truck: Business Plan
    This report has outlined the planned business venture to open a food truck called Quick Bites in Southwest Florida.
  18. Management: Moyon Tea Business Plan
    The goal is to expand the brand into a franchise. MOYON is meant to represent the disruption of the industry, a healthy alternative to coffee, and a modern social experience.
  19. A Digital Business Startup's Critical Evaluation
    This paper will show a complete vision of the future service, its growth perspectives, benefits, and limitations, as well as alternative options.
  20. Bridgestone Corporation's Strategic Report
    This paper will analyze Bridgestone's strategies before preparing a strategic report and recommendations for the organizational redesign.
  21. Training 4 U Services Ltd Project Report
    This report discusses ways through which Training 4 U Ltd will transit its learning onto an online platform that will work well with its learners.
  22. Business Plan For Luiz’s Home Bakery
    This paper presents a business plan for a home bakery, a small-scale family business specializing in baked products. It is presented in the form of a case study.

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