Marketing Management: Case Studies

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Do you think Greenwashing can be used to manage Legal behavior and ethical behavior, how?

The global trend towards conscious consumption is now actively gaining momentum. Increasingly, consumers pay attention to labels and choose products not so much based on their financial capabilities as on health and safety and environmental considerations. For this reason, many of the products on the shelves purchase new packaging designed to create an environmentally friendly brand.

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This situation is inevitably linked to fraud. Some unscrupulous companies can use the principles of greenwashing to deceive customers and create a false image. Such actions can be regarded as a violation of not only the legal behavior of companies but also ethical behavior because it is aimed at knowingly false information. An honest manufacturer can be certified and obtain an independent expert opinion.

How can consumer perceived value (CPV) be calculated by Hilton Hotel by adopting choice processes?

The CPV theory is based on the hypothesis that the buyer chooses the product that is of the highest value to him. The perceived value is the difference between the value of the product and the total costs incurred by the consumer in purchasing the product. The theory is that Hilton Hotel should calculate the cost of services (the sum of all the benefits that the customer receives) and the cost of consumption (i.e., the risks that the customer expects to bear when purchasing company services).

If the perceived value is lower than that of the competitor, the price of the service must also be lower than that of the competitor until the characteristics and image of the product improve.

Does a high market penetration index invite more completion, why?

Yes, usually, the company does not control the entire market, but only its share. Share means the index, which is considered in the dynamics. This is the most critical indicator of a company’s competitiveness, correctness or mistakenness of its strategy, the stability of its position in the market, and the pace of its development in general. High market penetration has a positive effect on the company and its activities, contributing to increased efficiency, scale, and profit margins, creating new prerequisites for strengthening the competitive position of the company in the market.

In the struggle for the expansion of the high market penetration index, the enterprise usually uses the entire set of means and methods of activity provided by modern marketing.

What lessons of marketing did you learn from your group project?

It is essential to understand that the modern world is changing, and many marketing rules are irrelevant today. The work on the group project has shown a need to rethink the principles of sales. The world no longer depends on information as such, because today almost everyone has access to an amount of knowledge. Instead, it is crucial to be able to process and share this information.

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Also, globalization makes countries more like each other, and that is what marketing needs to be considered. In order not to make a mistake, a company can take advantage of the experiences of other countries. After all, the promotion of a product must take all the ethical aspects that it faces into account.

How a company could use this index together (market penetration index and share penetration index) to plan their potential market?

One of the foundations for determining competitiveness is the product-market expansion grid, which takes into account the opportunities for strategic growth of the company in terms of existing new markets. A company considers whether it will be able to gain a more significant market share through its products in existing markets, using the strategy of index penetration. The market development strategy takes into account whether the company will be able to find or develop new markets for its current products. It considers whether the company will be able to create new products for its markets through a product development strategy. The firm will also find the possibility of developing new products for new markets as part of its diversification strategy.

How new company or brand they are planning the penetrated market, potential market, available market and target market by looking to the index?

The low index indicates a potential for growth for the firm in all markets. A high index suggests that attracting the few remaining prospects will be costly. The price competition is increasing, and the margin drops when the market penetration index is already too high. A comparison of current and potential market shares leads to an index of penetration of the company’s shares. If this figure is low, the company can significantly increase its share in various forms of the market. Such agreements may include a potential market, and available market and a target market. The firm should calculate the increase in share penetration from the elimination of each factor to see which investments will bring the most significant improvement.

High money less service this is disaster.

What is the different if you are in service company what are the social and legal behavior?

Work in the field of communication with people always has its peculiarities. As a representative of the company in which the employee works, he or she should be aware of the rules of social and legal standards, as this can create the wrong impression about the company. A service company cares about its reputation, so managers should train employees in communication skills. Social behavior should include courtesy, while a legal should characterize the relationship model of the consumer-company system. The professional rules are aimed at instilling in employees an understanding of their professional duty to teach them how to communicate with clients. The professional ethics requirements of staff should be set out in a specific document, such as a code.

POP and POD weakness and strength?

For a product to gain market share, consumers need to change their behavior. This means that customers will have to try a new offer.

POD is characterized as those parts of the product offer that have differences from competitors’ suggestions. Any product or service benefit that is sufficiently desirable, deliverable, and differentiating can serve as a point-of-difference for a brand.

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POP describes those features of a product that are similar to comparable products on the market. There are three criteria for this technology: communicate, simplify, inspire. The use of criteria allows creating a brand mantra, improving the positioning of the product among competitors.

PODs and POPs are substantially opposite, with the former referring to differences and the latter to similarities.

Do you release POD or POP for company emirates, DHL, Toyota, Etisalat to rebrand the brand mantra?

Mantra is a short phrase that conveys the essence of the corporate culture. The mantra of the brand is 3-5 words that describe the values of the company. Any mantra consists of three parts: communication, simplification, and inspiration. The use of POP and POP technologies makes rebranding more comfortable because they help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the product and provide a more useful description of the product. They are implemented through communication, enabling POP and POP to identify competitive details and aspects that need improvement. Simplicity is also used to create the shortest and most memorable phrase. After all, it is essential to consider the criterion of inspiration, which is to keep the mantra up to date.

Discussed the POP and POD of the above companies that make them change the brand mantra

Emirates Airlines pays attention to the progressiveness and modernity of the brand in promoting its services. The Emirates uses the principles of emotional branding with the use of flight attendants’ uniforms, which is known to everyone. Using the means of differentiation, the airline creates exclusive waiting rooms at each airport.

DHL is a world-renowned courier company. The sphere itself is not exclusive, and it is not so easy to stand out among similar companies. As emotional branding, DHL has a long history of its brand. DHL’s competitive advantage is the GoGreen environmental campaign. Toyota cars are known for their affordable prices and good quality. Differentiation tools reveal the unique characteristics of Toyota cars: full-fledged LED lighting and adaptive lighting system.

Whatever you are good at branding –packaging- pricing –promotion how you do better?

Core competencies define the main strengths and characteristics of a company, which gives it a competitive advantage. Key abilities may include technical capabilities or enhanced knowledge that enable enterprises to outperform others. To develop critical competencies, companies must first filter out their best abilities.

Emirates’ mission is to provide high-quality passenger services on scheduled passenger flights with regional specificities in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Africa, the Pacific region. Emirates’ core competencies consist of their specific benefits, realized through technical capabilities. For example, the airline was one of the first companies to implement voice recognition systems to train new employees. The exclusive level of comfort that the airline provides not only to its passengers but also to its crew is a definite advantage. In each city where the company’s planes land, the management rents separate hotel rooms for employees, and the passengers are provided with high-class waiting rooms.

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Throughout the history of its existence, Emirates has changed the wording of its slogan several times and reorganized itself. Before the company became a world-famous airline, Emirates copied the style of other, better-known companies. For a long time, because of the tail coloring in the UAE flag color, Emirates airliners looked very much like a competitor’s aircraft – Etihad Airlines. The slogan “Hello Tomorrow” may lose consumer interest in the coming years. To maximize core competencies in the future, Emirates should continue to rebrand from time to time to remain modern and relevant.

If Dubai mall, Toyota, Etisala, Apple want to maximize core competence, suggest how they will use the 3 core?

Redefining the business concept among global companies is practiced quite often. This may be because the initial vector of development, which the company has chosen at the stage of its formation, turns out to be either irrelevant in the new world, or beyond the power of senior management. Therefore, many companies choose the way of business reorganization entirely or change the paradigm of the business model.

Apple has changed the way it thinks about its development several times, although it did not appear to be changing from the consumer side. The company’s management launches new models of electronic devices every year, and today the latest smartphones have incredible power. But the average consumer may not be able to afford such a purchase, but he or she can buy a cheaper smartphone from Apple and use paid services and subscriptions, bringing the company money.

Phone operator Etisalat was one of the first in the world to launch a 4G network, which is still in use today. To maximize the core competencies in the data exchange industry, Etisalat can provide a next-generation system. The 5G network must be accessible to everyone, and in that case, the company can take the lead.

The automotive industry is undergoing significant changes, so Toyota must take significant steps. Repositioning the company’s brand identity will help the company to acquire a new wave, and this can be accompanied by a fundamental change in the format of the goods produced. Electromachines can be a great way out of stagnation for Toyota.

Most known as the largest shopping mall in the world, Dubai Mall is in high demand among consumers. In the large shopping area, more than a thousand different shops are offering all sorts of goods. But it is challenging to stay afloat when every year in the world, there are competitors who can adopt buyers. If the Dubai Mall faces the problem of low profitability, then management will have to take steps to improve key competencies. In this case, repositioning the company’s brand identity, which includes changing recognizable attributes, and redefining the business concept through, for example, the creation of innovative store formats, can help.

What do you think core competence can have growth in re-plan the organization?

Continuous market dynamics caused by a range of factors continually change the consumer’s attitude to goods, services, and service level. Therefore, a mandatory component of the process of development of any business is the evolution of the brand, which can be implemented partially or comprehensively. Increasing the core competence of a brand relative to its analogs can be promoted by repositioning, which implies an emphasis on the new practical properties of the product.

The process of brand renewal is a sophisticated marketing tool, with the help of which the change of emotional associations of the consumer about specific products is achieved. Understanding what changes and goals rebranding brings, the management will be able to modernize the business promptly, preserving the existing and attracting a new audience.

What do you think is the opportunity and threat in this three area?

The most significant risk in maximizing core competencies through three main steps is a reputational risk. After a radical reshuffle of DHL or Etisalat, there is a risk of losing your image and reputation, and therefore your customer base and market position.

The critical point is that you need to maximize your marketing performance if you need to do so. DHL does not need to create a new image in the market, but it is already known and valued. Etisalat may need to take some steps to increase sales to become a more recognizable brand. The risks of redefining are apparent: the new brand can become obscure to the audience and too complicated.

On the contrary, the current and timely reshaping of Etisalat’s core concepts can help to increase revenues, become more reliable and attractive for old and new customers, and enter a new horizon of the region’s development. The main goal of maximizing core competences is to create a unique impression of the company from the buyer.

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