The Internal Business Process Perspective

The importance of internal business processes lies in selecting and measuring those processes in the business which lead to improved outcomes for the target groups, and ultimately enable an organization to achieve its mission. The internal processes chosen are directly linked to the objectives and measures determined by the mission of an organization. The table below summarizes the objectives, measures, targets and actions identified for the Susan G.Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and their relationships (Komen, 2010). The primary mission of the Organization is to eliminate breast cancer as an ailment that is life-threatening through exploring research, education, screening and treatment.

Objective Measure Target Action
To center the efforts of the organization primarily on those suffering from breast cancer Ensure the organization’s activities involve primarily issues that help breast cancer victims Form more partnerships that are centered on breast cancer elimination Re-evaluate the partnerships and sponsorships of the organization in accordance with its mission
To economically utilize the available financial resources ensuring the greatest reach at the lowest cost possible Ensuring transparency in the organization’s financial dealings, and ensure more reach at lesser cost each year Ensuring that more is achieved by using a reduced reduced budget in subsequent years Engagement of business professionals in budgeting and auditing
To mobilize and increase a resourceful staff that is committed to the mission of the organization To realize more workers in areas that still have people suffering from breast cancer. Areas that are unreached by the organization’s breast cancer campaign Recruit more people to work for the organization especially in unreached areas
To increase corporate relationships with other cancer centers and medical institutions both locally and internationally Ensure advancement of research initiatives Improvement of the knowledge of breast cancer globally Enlarge and advance involvement with other corporate organizations that have a similar mission
To increase reach and reduce costs of screening and treatment Ensure increase in the reach to breast cancer patients Areas that the organization has not explored because of various hindrances Employ affiliates to explore unreached areas
Relationships to other objectives The strategies set in place are geared towards the elimination of breast cancer and they perfectly fit into each other in order to respond to the unique challenges that breast cancer presents; and for effective implementation of the identified initiatives. The organization’s greatest measurement is when it is seen that lives of people are changed. To ensure that the mission is achieved, the performance is monitored from results that can be seen from patients, and the internal processes of the organization, and the employee learning and growth. Therefore, strategy formulation is key with focus being on the breast cancer victims, a clear financial plan and a perspective on employee management. It is expected that all measures put in place should lead to improved performance.
The organization is specifically centered on people suffering from breast cancer, which is in accordance to the organization’s mission who may be described as the organization’s customers. Since the organization is a non-profit organization, its customer perspective is a focus primarily on serving the needs of breast cancer victims in order to accomplish its mission. With the main focus of the organization clearly determined as breast cancer victims, the achievement of its mission is simplified since this is key in an internal business perspective as it helps in the choice of performance measures. Through the increase of the awareness of breast cancer to millions of people will enable early detection of the disease and therefore easy cure. Conducting educational programs that will teach the best practices and share resources with local activists will also help to improve the awareness and asses the community needs and therefore meet them, hence fulfilling the organization’s mission. Moreover, creation of educational materials and publishing them in diverse languages to increase the understanding of the development process of breast cancer and how to deal with it. This will help to increase the survival rate.
It is practically impossible for an organization of whatever status to operate and meet its objectives without financial resources. Financial measures are consistent with quality service delivery and great efficiency. Besides, when services are expended with least cost, a greater investment would be attracted from funding organizations. Carrying out fund-raising activities, soliciting for donors and corporate partnerships as well as engaging educational institution will spur the growth of the organization and increase its effectiveness. The organization plans further exploration of investments in equity securities to increase its revenue. Services offered are measured by their contribution to financial assets and the value of these services if professional skill is employed. Transparency of inputs and valuation of assets and liabilities is also a goal that is sought after to ensure accountability and trust from donors.
The organization heavily depends on the skills and commitment of the staff to achieve the set goals. Improving of processes, operating in an economical manner, and meeting the needs of breast cancer victims would largely rely on the input by employees and the equipment they use in support of the organization’s mission. Disregarding these people is akin to suicide. They are the important drivers of the whole process of improvement (Niven, 2003).
Revisions (if any) to Module 1 and/or Module 2 Objectives no
Objective/Module Measure Target Action


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