54 Talent Planning Example Essays

The past two years have seen a revolution in the labor market. The fast-changing hiring landscape means HR managers must take a strategic approach to talent planning to help businesses identify which roles need to be filled ahead of time and prepare for that.

Here, we explain talent planning and its significance for every company.

🔝 Top 10 Talent Planning Example Essays

  1. Organizational Learning and Development' Audit
  2. US Companies and Global Human Resource Management
  3. Workforce Planning and Recruitment
  4. Human Resource Dynamics in Organizations
  5. Disneyland Company's Human Resources
  6. Human Resources and Personnel Management Difference
  7. Al Hilal Bank Human Resource Management
  8. Human Resource Planning in Tourism Industry
  9. KND Corporation's Human Resource Plan
  10. Employee Selection, Retention, Motivation Practices

🤔 What Is Talent Planning?

Talent planning is a strategy that helps companies to plan hiring, retaining, and developing their current employees and future hires. The talent planning process focuses on identifying talent gaps, searching for candidates to fill them, and growing the skill sets needed to achieve the organization’s long-term goals.

Why Is Talent Planning Important?

One of the biggest problems of any organization is bad hires and inefficient employees. It can be challenging for the company’s finances and reputation. Therefore, it is essential to have a talent planning strategy to anticipate your future needs and identify people who can take on new responsibilities and work. To ensure that, HR managers must understand employees well.

✨ Benefits of Talent Planning

Talent management significantly impacts employees’ performance, motivation, and experience. It benefits not only the companies but also the employees themselves. Let’s examine five benefits of talent planning in the following sections:

Better Recruitment Methods and Onboarding Process

Talent management can streamline the hiring process, which starts by creating a relevant job ad and then screening, interviewing, and onboarding applicants. The HR manager’s objective is to help newly recruited personnel enter the organization smoothly.

Employee Growth

Talent management is needed for the employees’ growth. HR managers should be focused on bringing the best out of the employees and making them considerable assets. It can be achieved by having a training and development strategy for every employee.

Consistent Performance

When employees are motivated, they tend to work harder. It can only happen when employees understand their purpose in the organization. A transparent hierarchy and employee chart can demonstrate to every team member where they are and what direction their role can take.

Top Performers Retention

High performers have many opportunities waiting for them. A talent management system can help retain the best employees and nurture them as future leaders in the organization. Some of the best practices in this regard include health benefits, educational opportunities, additional professional training, and other methods.

Better Decisions

Overall, talent management can help companies make better decisions and assessments of their employees. As a result, the company will be able to know more about the performance of each team member to provide motivation and support when needed.

🚀 Talent Planning Process

As you already know, talent planning is a continuous process of sourcing, identifying, and delivering the talent an organization needs to meet its goals. Here are the seven steps of the talent planning process that companies should take to maximize their efforts to attract, engage, develop, and retain the right people.

Identify Company’s Goals

The first step to talent planning is knowing the company’s goals. Without a realistic idea regarding the organization’s expansion, it is hard to predict what talent and skills will be needed. Managers can break down business goals into short-term, mid-term, and long-term.

Use Talent Analytics

HR managers should rely on data to plan for current and future needs. Talent analytics software can assist in understanding what employees are top performers and what skills they have. Besides, technology can help calculate salaries.

Identify the Company’s Critical Hiring Needs

Achieving the company’s goals is impossible without understanding the company’s hiring needs. Once HR managers learn that, they can work on a hiring plan.

Analyze the Company’s Current Talents

The next step is to look at the current talents of the company. The HR team should analyze the employees’ skill sets, performance, and determination to see if any of them has what it takes to be a leader. Filling positions internally adds a lot of value to organizations.

Reskill Current Employees

The talent planning process involved developing every single employee of the company. To do that, HR managers should create planning strategies with learning opportunities and internal mentoring from senior leaders.

Create Retention Strategies

Finally, it is crucial to analyze the company’s benefits package and redesign it if needed. Listening to the employees and showing that their opinions are valued can be one of the inexpensive ways to retain workers.

Create an Employer Branding Strategy

A talent planning strategy that works does not happen by accident. It takes thinking and intention to become the organization people want to work for. For that, HR teams need to develop an employer branding strategy. Simply put, a branding strategy is how the company markets itself to job seekers. It includes the mission, values, and culture of the organization.

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📝 Talent Planning Research Paper Examples

  1. McDonald’s Company Human Resource Strategy
    Business essay sample: This paper focuses on people as an important aspect of McDonald’s overall strategy of improving its customer experience. Management of people falls in the realm of the human resource department.
  2. Talent Management and Organization Performance Relationship
    Business essay sample: In the current global business arena of fierce and unyielding competition on a global scale, talent can represent the key leverage a company needs to best its competitors.
  3. Resourcing and Talent Planning
    Business essay sample: Workforce planning is a process of identifying and addressing the current skilled labor as well as the skills needed in an organization.
  4. Human Resource Management, Planning, and Policies
    Business essay sample: Strategic human resource management (SHRM) is a tactical method for the management of an organisation’s human resource function in line with organisational goals and objectives.
  5. Strategic Human Resource Management and Objectives
    Business essay sample: Strategic human resource management guides all the organizational activities and resources that are dedicated to attracting and maintaining a highly motivated workforce.
  6. Talent Development, Maintenance and Retention
    Business essay sample: Talent Management (TM) has become a dominant theme of strategic HRM. This paper explores the fundamental aspects of TM and their role in organizational success.
  7. Wal-Mart’s Human Resource Strategy and Plan
    Business essay sample: Human resource management is a function that is designed to maximize employee contribution to an organization.
  8. Strategic Human Resource Management: Concepts and Cases
    Business essay sample: Strategic human resource management (SHRM) is a tactical method for the management of an organisation’s human resource function in line with organisational goals and objectives.
  9. Human Resource Planning Role in Business Organizations
    Business essay sample: HR planning is a critical concept in every business organization.s’. Managers should analyze the needs of their organization's, monitor and evaluate the implemented HR plan.
  10. Resourcing and Talent Planning in the United Kingdom
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses the wide variety of the latest trends in the labour market to gain an understanding of them to foster positive environments within companies.
  11. Managing Human Resources in the Organizational Context
    Business essay sample: The job of a Human Resource (HR) manager might seem comparatively easy and lacking the connection to the rest of the organizational processes.
  12. Geert Hofstede’s Theories of the Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: Geert Hofstede’s came up with a theory of how national and organizational culture is anchored in an organization.
  13. Human Resource Management: Definitions and Paradigms
    Business essay sample: The organizational setup is still vertical, restricting power and decision on the top while involving CEOs on their corporate social responsibility and the care for the environment.
  14. Human Resource Planning in a Changing and Dynamic Economic Environment
    Business essay sample: The literature review will focus on the many aspects of human resource planning, the advantages and disadvantage of HR planning, some aspects of HRM, and theories and concepts.

💡 Essay Ideas on Talent Planning

  1. "Managing Human Resources" Book by Jackson et al.
    Business essay sample: Most organizations work towards ensuring that they have workers with a strong wish of work and capable of dealing with crucial aggressive demanding or stimulating situations.
  2. Kamuga Motors Company's Human Resource Planning
    Business essay sample: Despite Kamuga Motors Company emphasizing recruiting qualified personnel, it uses a dynamic learning approach to equip its employees with the necessary skills.
  3. Recruitment Process in the Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: Human Resource Management is an aspect of normal operation and maintenance of businesses with regard to recruitment, development of benefit packages, compensations, and training.
  4. HR Audit: Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation
    Business essay sample: An HR audit is a practice used by organizations to develop and evaluate ways of strengthening workforce performance. As a Benchmark is used Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation
  5. Human Resources Management Subtleties
    Business essay sample: Human resources management is identified as a strategic activity that is engaged in business processes. It is for working with people, finding new employees and training them.
  6. McDonald’s Company HR Management Practices
    Business essay sample: McDonald's is a global multinational corporation, which is represented on all six continents and in over 100 countries. The workforce of McDonald's has a long history of diversity.
  7. Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: HRM's main goal is to maximize employee performance and ensure the organization has sufficient workers equipped with everything they need to achieve top results and be satisfied.
  8. Human Resource Planning: Employee Benefits
    Business essay sample: Human resource management stops with neither the hiring nor the allocation of tasks to the employees. It is a continuous process that deals with many factors.
  9. Resourcing and Talent Planning in Labor Markets
    Business essay sample: Understanding the nature and specifics of labor markets in different countries allows making more informed decisions on hiring and firing employees, changing their wages etc.
  10. Human Resource Management at Amazon
    Business essay sample: The HR policies of Amazon are reflected in its systems intended to improve cooperation between managers and employees.
  11. Comparator Group: Cigna and Anthem
    Business essay sample: Cigna and Anthem companies possess comparable revenues and operate in a similar market, but there are key distinctions between the comparator group and the UnitedHealth Group.
  12. Human Resource Management - Canadian Retail Sector
    Business essay sample: This paper will discuss fundamental HR functions in the Canadian retail sector and their impact on organizations.
  13. McDonald’s Corporation’s Talent Management Program
    Business essay sample: A talent management program is the key factor in management. McDonald’s has rich experience in the development of the talent management program due to its long history.
  14. Amazon HR Practices and Processes
    Business essay sample: Ethics is an integral aspect of HRM Amazon management should take into account ethical concerns related to workplace health and safety.

👍 Good Talent Planning Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Resourcing, Talent Management and Development
    Business essay sample: This paper assesses the employee resourcing and talent management plan of a medium-sized company in the context of the contemporary employment market.
  2. How Tesco Uses Workforce Planning & Proactive Recruitment
    Business essay sample: Recruitment and selection have become fundamentally important concerns for employers globally in large part because of considerable shifts in emerging technologies, labour market.
  3. Human Resource Management and Its Five Areas
    Business essay sample: Human resource management is necessary to improve employees' efficiency and help them achieve their career aspirations according to the organization's goals.
  4. Important Aspects of the Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: The major roles of human resource management include: analyzing external and organizational environments, fair treatment, legal compliance, Human resources planning, etc.
  5. Roles and Contributions of HR Professional
    Business essay sample: The Ulrich model is based on three major functions, including HR centers of excellence, business partners, and shared services.
  6. Resource and Talent Planning Within Organization
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses labour market, future skills, workforce planning, HR planning and documentation, retention and turnover, lawful practice from managing dismissal, retirement.
  7. Recruiting and Retention at Google Corporation
    Business essay sample: In Google, the retention of human resources is a strategic activity aimed at interesting its employees in further work in the company despite periodic difficulties.
  8. Human Resource Management at Singapore Airlines
    Business essay sample: Many human resource (HR) departments face multiple challenges and obstacles, which may require a strategic approach to resolve.
  9. Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids
    Business essay sample: This report is an HR plan for an organization looking to hire a Chief Financial Officer, including selection tips, training proposal, recommendations, and orientation script.
  10. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Bank's Analysis
    Business essay sample: OCBC owes its success to the management program that has enhanced its employees' ability to deliver its customers' high-quality services.
  11. Hong Kong Rugby Sevens' Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: This study aims to investigate the Human Resource Management of the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens with respect to personal training, logistical support, and manpower rearrangement.
  12. Talent Management in ADNOC
    Business essay sample: This study examines the business case of the ADNOC, one of the largest world oil exporters based in Abu-Dhabi, UAE.
  13. Aramex Human Resources Practices
    Business essay sample: The HRM practices in Aramex were analyzed and critically evaluated. Aramex's hiring and selection practices are broadly in line with the company's business strategy.
  14. Human Resource Management at Maersk
    Business essay sample: The paper states that when the HR manager understands the company's strategic goals, it will be easier to hire the best employees at the correct time.
  15. Importance of Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: Human resources management is a function of administration dealing with employing, motivating, and retaining employees in a company.
  16. Integrated Commercial Inc.'s Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: Integrated Commercial Inc. aims to revitalize the company’s human resources, which have faced a myriad of challenges over the past three years.

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