Southwest Human Resource Management

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View of employees

The Southwest Airlines company’s HR choice concerning the view of their employees might be defined as the one where staff is treated as assets. In such a manner, the company manages to treat each employee with respect and prioritize their long-term fruitful cooperation. The company invested in its employees for their development and endured professionalism, which validates the asset status (Southwest Airlines, 2021). The impact of this approach on company performance is beneficial since the value that Southwest sees and develops in employees is transferred to the working atmosphere and individual and collective achievements. Thus, the approach is very effective for Southwest Airlines. The employees’ morale is strengthened since they feel the company’s concern about the performance of each individual. Finally, the asset view aligns with the company’s culture and strategy since the company’s goal is exceptional customer service which depends on employee quality (Southwest Airlines, 2021).

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The compensation offered by Southwest Airlines to their employees might be considered above the market since the company has a unique compensation strategy. The company has launched a profit-sharing compensation framework (Southwest Airlines, 2021). According to it, employees “are all shareholders and receive profit based on how much was realized for the year” (Verasay, 2018, para. 6). This approach improves company performance since employees are devoted to the organization and are interested not only in their daily performance but have a bigger vision of company outcomes. This approach is effective in terms of motivation and service quality but might be viewed as costly from an economic perspective. The approach is engaging and favorable for employee morale since compensation is one of the most powerful motivation tools. The compensation method aligns with the strategy since it allows for long-term cooperation and endures profitability (Southwest Airlines, 2021).

Training and Development

The training and development choice of Southwest Airlines is to implement these interventions according to a strict and precisely prepared plan. This approach is seen as very compelling in terms of company performance since employees’ professional skills development is guided and controlled by the organization. A specifically organized “Southwest Airlines University, located in our state-of-the-art training facility, provides technical training and personal and professional development opportunities through classroom and online formats” (Southwest Airlines, 2021, para. 10). Thus, the company monitors the skills and might alter them according to the vision and goals. Thus, the approach is very effective since many competing companies borrow the same methods to improve their performance as well. Such an approach has a positive effect on employee morale; it is presented as one of the benefits for employees where, by the cost of the company, they have an opportunity to grow professionally.

Job Descriptions

The company’s trademark HR feature is the precision of candidate search and selection, which highly depends on the specifics of job descriptions. Indeed, the company strives to enroll only the people whose professionalism, skills, personality, and attitude to life and work align with the organization’s vision (Verasay, 2018). It ultimately has a decisive impact on company performance since the organizational outcomes depend on the performance of each meticulously selected employee. The method is effective regarding long-term outcomes but might be perceived as time-consuming and costly in the short run. It might have a burden on applicants whose chances of getting employed are scarce. Overall, the precision of job descriptions aligns with the high quality of company culture and strategy.


The recruitment methods used by Southwest Airlines cannot be cleanly identified and might fall under mixed recruitment. The company’s most important consideration about HR practices is the ease of applicants’ information verification and the reliability of their professionalism (Verasay, 2018). Thus, when using both external and internal recruitment strategies (with a lean toward internal), Southwest Airlines manages to choose to increase the chances of employing the right person from the very beginning. Such an approach is very effective, although it limits the chances of external talents entering the company. Employee morale is enhanced by this method since people are valued for their potential, and only the best representatives of the profession are employed. The approach, therefore, aligns with the strategy of exceptional quality of company performance.

Onboarding – Socialization of new employee

The strategy of onboarding new employees is extensive with the guarantee that the new entrants grasp the company culture, structure, and employee duties in-depth (Verasay, 2018). This approach has a positive impact on company performance and employee morale by emphasizing the importance of skill, practice, and experience sharing. The company’s strategy is rooted in precision related to employees, which is why the approach is fitted to the organizational culture.


The type of bargaining prevailing in the company is collective. Such an approach allows for pursuing employee concerns at a higher speed and more effectively and organization-centered way. Employees’ issues are attended to with readiness to make a change. Thus, the company’s flexibility in terms of bargaining aligns with the organizational strategy and enhances employee morale.

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