79 Regression Analysis Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Regression Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Gulfport Transit Company: Transformational Management
    The study explores the transformational managerial characteristics essential to successful global operations, using a case study of Gulfport Transit Company.
  2. Saudi Arabia's Stock Price and Inflation Rate Effects
    This paper describes the economic significance of the stock price, the inflation rate, and the GDP per capita in Saudi Arabia and its influence on the gold price.
  3. Managerial Planning and Its Effectiveness
    The paper explores the effectiveness of managerial planning in the performance of the organization. This study used the deductive approach of the research technique.
  4. Business Research Methods
    The aim of this paper is to discuss how in tackling a business problem, various issues inform the choice of methodology.
  5. The Number of Employees and Revenues of Companies
    Both the number of employees and the annual revenues have positive relationships with the annual profits of companies in New York.
  6. Improving Employee Performance: Effective Training
    Improved organization's performance depends on the employees training. Organizations need to train employees concerning the competencies required in order to increase their performances.
  7. Employees’ Resistance to Bank’s Change
    The thesis explores how to address employees’ resistance to bank’s change in the banking sector. It examines the effect of negotiation on addressing this issue.
  8. Qatar National Bank's Employees in Change Processes
    The dissertation focuses on investigating the impact of human resource bundles on change management processes in Qatar National Bank (QNB).
  9. Styles of Organizational Leadership
    The focus of this study was to review a range of styles of leadership that organizations often employ to achieve specific goals.
  10. Leadership in the Hotel Industry
    This research contributes to the application of transformational leadership in the hotel leadership. It aims at revealing the best applicable managerial strategies.
  11. How Does Social Media Influence Sports Brands Marketing?
    This paper delves into the use of social media to leverage marketing and brand loyalty creation for sports organisations.
  12. Customer Service as a Business Success Factor
    Markets are overflowed with numerous items and services that are feebly separated. Predominantly, organizations can duplicate items and services from their rivals.
  13. Apple Company's Administration and Performance
    The study investigates the adequacy of a powerful administration in the execution of the Apple Company. It utilizes the deductive methodology of exploration method.
  14. National Culture, Performance and Leadership Style
    The paper explores the relationship between leadership and organization performance and proves that evidence these concepts are influenced by national culture.
  15. Visionary Leadership Styles of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook
    Leadership styles are adapted to the demands and the situations at hand. The following study focused on the leadership styles of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook in the Apple Company.
  16. Transformational Leadership and Saudi Employees’ Change Readiness
    This research is focused on understanding the role of transformational leadership on Saudi Arabian employees’ perceptions of organizational readiness for change.
  17. The Impact of Training on Employee Performance
    The work examines the impact of training on employee performance differs depending on the company approaches to evaluate the positive and negative impact of this training.
  18. Job Satisfaction and UAE Employee Performance
    This paper investigates a relationship between job satisfaction and employee performance in the organizations in the United Arab Emirates.
  19. Minimum Wage and Unemployment Rate Correlation
    The paper establishes the relationship between the unemployment rate and minimum wage and provides possible reasons for this relationship.
  20. Minimum Wage Increase Effect on Unemployment Rate
    The research paper will also provide possible reasons for the positive or negative relationship which will be established.

💡 Essay Ideas on Regression Analysis

  1. Unemployment Effects on GDP in the US
    The paper uses statistical process control tools to improve the quality of organisations. It determines if there is any relation between unemployment and tax, inflation, saving.
  2. Unemployment Rate and Affecting Factors in the US
    This paper discusses the effect of income growth rate, inflation rate, mortgage rate, and gross domestic product on the unemployment rate in the United States.
  3. Bahrain Development Bank' Employee Turnover
    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the causes of employee turnover in organizations in Bahrain Development Bank that operates in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  4. Checkpoint Company. Managing Information.
    Checkpoint is a US company that was formed in the year 1969. The company has global operations in retail security, labelling and merchandising.
  5. The GDP and the S&P 500: Correlation Analysis
    This research paper hypothesizes that there is a strong correlation between the GDP and the S&P 500 because stock market is a statistically significant predictor of economic activities.
  6. Coffee Shop Preferences Among Consumers Research
    The research report on coffee shop choices among consumers and the factors that influence them. Information will assist the coffee shops in making decisions on expanding.
  7. A Preliminary Time Series Test of Growth Models
    This reports on an effort to test the exogenous and endogenous theories of economic growth employing OLS regression on a sample of time series data from the Penn World database.
  8. Testing Sensitivity of Major Market Stock to Oil and Gas Prices in the US
    This paper examines the linkages between the United States (U.S.) firm’s sensitivity of stock prices to their prevalent risk factors and the industrial risks disclosed by the 1997 SEC’s report.
  9. Culture and Consumption Motivation
    The paper analyzes how culture and motivation are interrelated and what are the key motivating ideas which persuade a customer for the purchase of a certain product.
  10. Quality Management Impact in 4-Star Hotels in London
    The research paper will seek to explain the critical influences of hotel management practices in four-star hotels.
  11. Managerial Economics Importance for Running a Strong Company
    Managerial economics refers is the sub-discipline of economics that uses concepts of microeconomics techniques in the decision-making modules used by business managers.
  12. Supplemental Fiscal Budget and Capita Gross Domestic Product
    The two policy measures under scrutiny: devote the earmarked funding to raising the secondary school enrolment rate; or, emergency loans for the banking sector.
  13. Market Orientation and Productivity Regarding the Organization Strategy
    To enhance the performance of the firm, choosing the right strategy to pursue in terms of a competitor or market orientation is the best method that an organization can apply.
  14. Contracting Case Study
    Contractual negotiations on the matters of supplying H-19C helicopter systems, as well as enhancing the computer program development, is one of the key steps in H-19 Helicopter Program development.
  15. “Did Botswana Escape From the Resource Curse?” by Atsushi Iimi
    This working paper addresses the continued growth of Botswana’s economy and the key factors contributing to the growth.
  16. On the Problem of Staff Turnover
    The purpose of this article is to assess the existing literature, current HR policies, and practices related to staff turnover.
  17. Shuzworld: Assessment of Plant Operations
    The purpose of this assessment is to recommend the best method to be used by Shuzworld in sneaker’s manufacture, to develop a sales volume forecast.
  18. Customer Relationship Management Techniques
    The article is devoted to the analysis of the customer relationship management issue and its place in marketing performance.
  19. Etisalat’s Call Centre: Customer Satisfaction and Service Level
    A survey was conducted to understand what the current level of performance of Etisalat's contact centre in UAE is and how it affects customer satisfaction.
  20. Investigating a Business Issue - Research
    When employees are not happy with the management style, they are more likely to dislike their work, thus disengaging from it, either doing the bare minimum required to stay employed.

👍 Good Regression Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Statistical Analysis Of Fortune 1000 Largest Companies in 2006
    Fortune 1000 is a list of the 1000 largest American companies, ranked on revenues alone, maintained by the American business magazine Fortune.
  2. The Evaluation of Saudi Telecom Company
    In this report, the author describes his 28-month experience at the Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) and gives a general analysis of its work.
  3. Employee Turnover in Food and Non-Food Retailers
    From the analysis, we conclude that the food retailers have a higher turnover than the nonfood retailers. Also, the number of employees affects the turnover.
  4. Fair Value Financial Accounting
    The purpose of this article is to consider the impact of using fair value instead of historical cost in financial statements.
  5. Empirical Methods in Finance
    This paper analyzes empirical methods in finance, namely, correlogram, ARMA model, diagnostic, heteroscedasticity, autocorrelation, normality, unit root, regression.
  6. Hong Kong Stock Market: Accounting Ratio and Return
    The paper will analyse the relationship between stock returns and three ratio variables, which are Price earnings ratio, Dividend price ratio, and Payout ratio.
  7. The Relationship Between the Car Retail Price and Car Mileage in Dubai Market
    This article is a review of data obtained through correlation and regression analyses to determine the relationship between car retail price and car mileage in the Dubai market.
  8. Deltic Timber Corporation Financial Analysis
    This paper shows the financial data use in financial analysis in decision-making for potential investors, by carrying out a broad financial analysis for Deltic Timber Corporation.
  9. Occidental Petroleum, McKesson Corporation, and Nike, Inc.: Economic Performance
    This treatise is a report to the Chief Finance Officers of Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Nike, Inc., and McKesson Corporation.
  10. The Role of New Management Accounting Methods for Development of Financial Performance
    The present study employs a survey study design to understand the role of new management accounting methods for the development of financial performance.
  11. Coats Group's Financial Markets and Investment Analysis
    This paper shows the ratios for the Coats Group PLC between the years 2013 and 2015. The profitability level of the company deteriorated during the period.
  12. Accounting Information and Country-Specific Factors
    The aim of this study is to highlight the accounting information value relevance in companies within Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE.
  13. Hong Kong Stock Market: The Relationship between Stock Returns and Three Ratio Variables
    This paper analysed the relationship between Stock Returns and three ratio variables that include the Price Earnings ratio, Dividend Price ratio, and the Payout ratio.
  14. Fiscal Policy Impact on the Economy of Saudi Arabia
    The paper notes that fiscal policy investments created to increase military spending and non-productive parts of the economy do little to improve the economic growth of Saudi Arabia.
  15. Sony Corporation: Company Valuation Report
    This paper is a financial analysis for Sony Corporation. The evaluation shows Sony Corporation shares to perform slightly below projected values.
  16. Cost of Equity & Weighted Average Cost of Capita for Merchants Trust
    Raising capital through a high share of debt is unfavorable for businesses in Hungary, as financial institutions charge higher interest rates. Stocks are the best option.
  17. The Impact of Corporate Scandals on Customer Trust
    The research study aims to expose the impact of corporate scandals on customer trust in the global business arena, and how they further lead to more company losses.
  18. Comparison Between Sifchain Finance and Republic Note
    This report aims to compare the two ICOs that use the Sifchain and Republic notes and give the significant reasons each of them can be invested.
  19. Payout Polices of Banks and Technological Firms
    Publicly traded companies have to pay out dividends to their shareholders as a form of compensation for their investments.
  20. Financial Exposures and Risks in Business
    Multinational corporations attempt to measure and manage risk and exposure while in the international arena, rarely do the majority effectively profit from the strategy.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Regression Analysis

  1. Company X: The Performance Management Revolution
    Performance appraisal is an essential part of performance management since it can help companies to track employees' productivity and motivate them to achieve better.
  2. Lower Oil Prices' Impact on the Stock Markets
    This paper will analyze the relationship between lower oil prices and the stock markets. In this case, the lower oil price is the dependent variable.
  3. Job Satisfaction among UAE Employee
    The paper aims to investigate the relationship between job satisfaction and different factors by surveying employees in UAE from different positions and gender.
  4. The Effectiveness of Occupational Stress Management
    The focus of this study will be on the experiences of both workers and managers, to determine the effectiveness of occupational stress management.
  5. Employee Performance of Abu Dhabi Police
    The purpose of the study is to determine whether employee performance of the Abu Dhabi police is significantly affected by employee attitude.
  6. Knowledge Economy: Impact on Firms' Performance
    The emergence of the knowledge economy decreased reliance on physical inputs and natural resources to produce goods and services.
  7. Sports Marketing Affected by Internet of Things
    This research paper provides a holistic understanding of how the Internet of Things affects sports marketing plans.
  8. Forecasting and Inventory Management
    The paper provides a comprehensive evaluation of the purpose of inventory management and forecasting within operations management.
  9. Wild Dog Coffee Company: Business Plan
    Gathering information on business operations is crucial in business decision-making. It requires the stakeholders to use tools such as checklists.
  10. Hong Kong Rugby Sevens' Human Resource Management
    This study aims to investigate the Human Resource Management of the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens with respect to personal training, logistical support, and manpower rearrangement.
  11. Restaurant Managers' Effect on Employee Motivation
    The focus of the study was to investigate the effect that managers have on the motivation of international and intercultural employees in restaurant business settings in the US.
  12. Full-Time Versus Part-Time Workers at Jing Jiang Tower Hotel
    This paper uses data from the study of Jing Jiang Tower Hotel -a hotel in Shanghai to study the level of commitment among part-time and full-time employees.
  13. Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Employees’ Careers at Workplace in UAE
    The profound growth and development of the global economy renders the necessity to focus on the productivity of the employees and their welfare as a unique selling point.
  14. Customer Satisfaction and Pricing in UAE Shopping Centers
    This research paper aims at identifying the role prices have on the satisfaction of customers in shopping centers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  15. Jain University’s Business School and Its Problems
    Jain University's business school currently faces several problems which complicate its functioning as a respectable educational institution.
  16. Boeing Company and Its Purchase Power
    As the dollar weakens between their manufacturing and purchasing in Canada and China, Boeing is likely to notice very gradual increases in value.
  17. Organizational Virtue and Its Impact on Employees’ Satisfaction in the UAE
    The study investigates the critical aspects of organizational virtue and their impact on employee satisfaction in UAE enterprises.
  18. Ethical Organizational Culture and How It May Affect Innovation
    The aim of this paper is to assess ethical organizational culture and how it may affect innovation within an organization.
  19. Impact of Recession on Capital Structure
    One of the primary research problems in corporate finance is how a recession influences the adjustment of a firm`s capital structure.

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