Negotiation Analysis — Purpose, Skills, & Examples

Negotiation skills are essential in the modern world if you want to become successful. Effective communication with colleagues and business partners is the secret to prospering at work, overcoming disagreements, and adding value to contracts. Negotiations in business assist in resolving conflicts and building solid relationships with customers and suppliers.

🔝 Top-10 Negotiation Examples in Business

  1. Orange PLC’s Organizational Behavior and Negotiation
  2. The WTO and the Failure of the Doha Rounds
  3. Cultural Interactions in International Business
  4. Labour Relations: Collective Bargaining
  5. Employee Relations Aspects: Strategies and Processes
  6. Win-Win Strategies in Negotiation Skills
  7. Approaches to Deliver Negative Messages
  8. Miami School District's Negotiation with Parents
  9. Drapers Company and Trade Union's Negotiations
  10. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

🤵 Negotiations in Business

Business negotiation is a discussion between corporate entities, vendors, or workers. Its goal is to achieve a win-win situation in which the contract signed will benefit all parties. In addition, negotiators aim to identify their counterparts’ interests and reconcile them with their own objectives.

Since the negotiation process applies to all business areas, its topics can vary. For example, a company manager can meet with employees to discuss the necessary improvements in service delivery. Or the subject of the negotiation can have an international value when the firm’s representatives communicate with foreign partners about the company’s further expansion.

Negotiation Analysis Purposes

Negotiation analysis aims to explain the outcomes of the negotiation and provide helpful advice for concerned parties. There are several reasons for the importance of examining negotiations in business:

  • Developing an effective strategy. Negotiation analysis helps choose a plan for conducting a successful business meeting and determine the values of each party.
  • Identifying proper behaviors. The method analyzes the personalities and behaviors of negotiators. This knowledge helps explain the negotiation outcomes and determine behavioral patterns contributing to effective communication.
  • Deciding on the use of power. In negotiations, the party’s power may come from its resource possessions, strong BATNA, authority, or psychological sense of control. Negotiators can increase their chances of success by choosing the appropriate power tactics.
  • Solving issues constructively. Negotiation analysis helps to take a problem-solving approach in which parties emphasize their underlying interests and focus on building relationships. As a result, they can consider their counterpart’s statements and come to a compromise without negativity.

📊 Negotiation Analysis Skills

Negotiations and their analysis require various interpersonal and communication skills to achieve success. The list of negotiation skills includes the following:

  1. Active listening. It requires the ability to heed both body language and verbal communication. A negotiator should listen to the opposing party to come to a compromise that will benefit both sides.
  2. Emotion control. Sometimes, the negotiation process can be disappointing. Therefore, one should keep emotions from taking control during a business meeting. Negotiators should concentrate on the information they receive from their interlocutors and make decisions with a clear mind. The ability to manage emotions can also help during negotiation analysis.
  3. Communication skills. One should speak clearly to avoid misunderstandings. It helps receive the desired result at the business meeting. Good communication skills can also be helpful in a negotiation analysis, enabling the analyst to obtain more valuable information about the negotiation.
  4. Problem-solving skills. The capacity to look for different ways to solve problems can aid in negotiation and its analysis. In particular, it can help negotiators develop solutions beneficial for all parties involved.
  5. The ability to maintain good relationships. It is vital to be collaborative and friendly with people participating in the negotiation process. It helps keep a cheerful mood throughout a challenging debate and persuade counterparts without manipulations.

🗣️ Business Negotiations Examples

International companies often conduct negotiations over significant business issues, such as mergers and acquisitions, legal disputes, or purchasing contracts. We have found 3 excellent business negotiations examples for you.

#1. Apple and Samsung

When Samsung infringed the iPhone patent in August 2012, the jury decided that the company should pay a $1 billion fee. However, with the help of successful negotiations, Samsung reduced the cost to $290 million.

#2. Starbucks and Kraft Foods

Starbucks and Kraft Foods had a 3-year-long conflict over distributing Starbucks bottled coffee in supermarkets. Eventually, the disagreement was resolved when it came to light that Starbucks had violated its contract with Kraft. As a result, Starbucks was obliged to pay $2.76 billion to Kraft. This case indicates that during negotiations between these corporations, Kraft had more power in defending its position.

#3. Fiat and Chrysler

In 2011, Fiat was struggling due to the economic crisis in Europe and hoped to remain solvent by buying Chrysler. However, Fiat and Chrysler VEBA calculated the value of Chrysler in radically different ways. Consequently, the conflict involved a $4.5 billion drafting error. This situation demonstrates how miscommunication during negotiations can cost a business a lot of money. Furthermore, it shows that one should not make hasty decisions under pressure.

📝 Negotiation Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Multiparty Negotiations: Trust and Reputation
    Business essay sample: Easier to reach a comfort level of agreeing on decisions when the parties involved in the negotiation share the same societal culture.
  2. Managing People and Organizational Behaviour
    Business essay sample: For a manager, various methods of conflict resolution at the workplace exist. When problems are not entirely contrasting, collaboration is the best method to use.
  3. Excalibur Engines and Knight Engines Companies' Negotiations
    Business essay sample: Knight Engines have decided to seek products to help deal with the large order have from the government. It is a business deal that the two companies stand to benefit.
  4. World Trade Organization Good and Bad Aspects
    Business essay sample: The World Trade Organization is an international organization, which was established on January 1, 1995 as a predecessor to the GATT. This paper evaluates the good and the bad about the WTO.
  5. Employee Relations
    Business essay sample: Employee relations refer to the body of work that is concerned with the maintaining of the relationships that exist between the employees and their employers.
  6. The Art of Leadership
    Business essay sample: We sometimes ask whether leaders are born and not made. If we try to scan the pages of history, we find that leaders have their unique way of dealing with people.
  7. The Individual in the Organization: Values and Ethics
    Business essay sample: All individuals in an organization have their personal values and ethics which influence how they interact with their colleagues at work.
  8. Management of Organization Behavior
    Business essay sample: A leader is an individual who has the power and capability of influencing the thoughts and actions of other individuals in order to realize specific goals and objectives.
  9. Employees’ Resistance to Bank’s Change
    Business essay sample: The thesis explores how to address employees’ resistance to bank’s change in the banking sector. It examines the effect of negotiation on addressing this issue.
  10. Employee Management and Organizational Performance
    Business essay sample: This paper has shown that HRM plays a critical role in improving different tenets of organizational performance.
  11. Human Relations Management: Dick Spencer' Case
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes the impacts of Dick Spencer’s character to the organization, its employees, and himself and provides the best recommendations to resolved issues.
  12. KACEN Company's Sales Plan
    Business essay sample: Large audience of KACEN's clients has been left with a negative impression of the company, leaving it open to attacks from competitors.
  13. Colbertens Services Ltd.'s Procurement Expenditure
    Business essay sample: The paper will examine the sourcing plan, which is a significant aspect of expenditure within Colbertens Services Limited, which is a Dubai-based service company.
  14. Emirates Post: Strategic Supply Chain Management
    Business essay sample: Emirates Post has already achieved success in the identification of its core competencies and values. Besides, it is good at outsourcing practices and fulfilling customers’ needs.
  15. China's Global Business Cultural Analysis
    Business essay sample: Global business culture aims to enhance understanding of Chinese culture and development of business strategies to improve the performance of multinationals in and out of China.
  16. Google and the Government of China: Cultural Negotiations
    Business essay sample: This report focuses on the development of a plan for negotiations between Google and the Chinese government, recognizing the main issues and assumptions for both parties.
  17. Arabian Managers in Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Singapore
    Business essay sample: The dissertation aims to critically analyse the impact of cultural differences on the efficiency of Arabian managers working at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Singapore.
  18. Barriers to Conflict Management in the Workplace
    Business essay sample: Among the major barriers of conflict management include issues such as inadequate planning, incorrect assumption, failure to communicate effectively etc.
  19. XYZ and Aertex Companies' Merger and Related Change
    Business essay sample: XYZ Corporation is undergoing an organizational change owing to its merger with Aertex, which is a giant communication company.
  20. Kraft and Cadbury Companies: Cross-Cultural Issues
    Business essay sample: This report aims to investigate, analyze, and recommend the appropriate cross-cultural aspects and strategies that Kraft Foods Inc. needs to adopt to successfully fit in the shoes of Cadbury.
  21. Effective Leadership: Variety of Perspectives
    Business essay sample: The topic of effective leadership cannot be limited to one specific area. Effective leaders can be found in military, airline services, in banks, in technology, or even education.
  22. Channel Management and Marketing Mix Relationship
    Business essay sample: Marketing channel control will involve decision making within the four forms of distribution channels. This work shows that the various concepts of marketing channels are related.
  23. Leadership and Strategic Management Relationship
    Business essay sample: The paper explains the relationship between strategic management and leadership and applies management and leadership theory to support organisational direction.

💡 Essay Ideas on Negotiation Analysis

  1. Teamwork Effectiveness and Development Stages
    Business essay sample: Teamwork refers to a situation where human society combines efforts and thoughts through shared goals to enhance the quality of the activities they are undertaking.
  2. Case Study on Conflict and Negotiation
    Business essay sample: This report analyzes a case study of international defect claims and defines characteristics of negotiation and conflict resolution in the case.
  3. Management Consultants' Qualities and Skills
    Business essay sample: This paper focuses on the critique of skills and qualities to be applied by consultants at each of the five stages of the constancy cycle based on scholarly evidence.
  4. Kudler Fine Foods Supermarket's Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: From the case study of Kudler Fine Foods, it is evident that some functional areas require collaboration for the achievement of the organization’s overall goal.
  5. Global and Local Market Place in a Changing World
    Business essay sample: The World Trade Organization is one of the most powerful institutions. This international organization establishes the rules of trade between nations, handles trade and enforces the GATT agreements.
  6. Company Problem Solution: Global Communications
    Business essay sample: This paper looks at the various problems facing the company and the initiatives the company can take to ensure its survival in the global market.
  7. Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Techniques in Hospitality
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes key operational functions of the hospitality industry, assesses hospitality and business performance, and examines the factors affecting problem solving.
  8. Human Resources After Merger and Acquisition
    Business essay sample: Merger and acquisition is a business activity on the same level as divestments, joint ventures, spin-ins and spin-outs, and strategic partnerships.
  9. Small Firm Size Impact Upon Psychological Contracts in the Workplace
    Business essay sample: The aim of this study is to review the literature concerning psychological contracts, with the intention of evaluating its significance to the small firm environment.
  10. Human Resources Management Competencies
    Business essay sample: Interest-based conflicts are created when there is a competition between two or more individuals over apparent incompatible needs.
  11. Building Maintenance Management
    Business essay sample: A maintenance policy provides the framework through and within which the maintenance activities will be carried and implemented.
  12. Organizational Change: Forces and Methods of Change
    Business essay sample: The purpose of organizational change is adjusting the principles of an organization’s functioning to correspond to objectively existing socio-economic challenges and opportunities.
  13. Secure E-Commerce - Privacy Right Management
    Business essay sample: The problem of privacy on the internet is one of the most challenging concerns of recent times with the advent and rapid growth of e-commerce and international trade.
  14. Negotiation Strategies and Tactics
    Business essay sample: Negotiation goals are to see all parties come out as winners since it is the ‘losers’ who will retaliate and start another conflict. A triumphant strategy is the one which will ensure that all parties are winners.
  15. The Negotiation Process Analysis
    Business essay sample: Negotiation is a very cardinal aspect in conflict resolution at our work place. It provides the link in exercising continuity in interaction with several partners in engaging them in solutions.
  16. Americans Doing Business in Indonesia
    Business essay sample: Several firms of American origin have been operating in Indonesia. This implies that the EPI Company can as well do business in this region.
  17. Managers and Employees Roles in Poor Economic Conditions
    Business essay sample: The current economic environment is forcing companies to watch every move in their cash flows and grab every little opportunity to either save money.
  18. Neighbourhood Care, Inc.: A Case Study of the Mediation
    Business essay sample: Analysis of the mediation between Neighbourhood Care, Inc. and the community around the church where the former was proposing to set up a facility for the mentally ill.
  19. Organisational Structure, Power and Politics
    Business essay sample: The paper will focus on organisational structure and culture, power and politics in an organisation and conflict and negotiation.
  20. Conflict Resolution at Workplace: Knowledge and Skills
    Business essay sample: It is the responsibility of all executives in the workplace to make workplace habitable and that any differences are attended to since they may blow into interpersonal conflicts.
  21. Negotiations and Contracts
    Business essay sample: The process of Negotiations works by studying the issues revolving people involved and that includes their culture and its background.
  22. Cross-Cultural Management: The Negotiation Challenge
    Business essay sample: One aspect of global management: how does one smoothen, facilitate and speedily conclude cross-cultural negotiations.
  23. Problem Solution: McBride Financial Services
    Business essay sample: The paper assesses the situation at McBride Financial by assessing the problems between the two interest groups, the stakeholders and the solutions to the problem.

👍 Good Negotiation Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Managing In a Global Environment
    Business essay sample: The objective of this report is to examine and make a critical analysis of the different human resources aspects connected with the expansion of an organization into international markets.
  2. Cross-Cultural Management and Practices at Work
    Business essay sample: Cross-cultural management involves dealing with people from diverse cultural groups at the workplace. This is because people have different values.
  3. Negotiations: General Motors Strike of 1998
    Business essay sample: General Motors is one of the best-performing companies in the world and the 1998 strike caused a lot of losses to the company.
  4. Organizational Behavior Theories in Business Management
    Business essay sample: The aim is to link the theories of Organizational Behaviour to contextual aspects. The study considers different alternatives for tackling a scenario.
  5. Quality Culture in TNT Express UAE
    Business essay sample: This paper elaborates on the concept of quality culture and its impact on organizational performance. As a case study, this paper examines the quality culture in TNT Express Dubai, UAE.
  6. International Negotiations: Kosovo, Serbia, NATO
    Business essay sample: The disputed region of Kosovo has become a watershed in the quest for lasting international peace. The Kosovo dispute will be resolved if all participants agree to some compromise.
  7. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo: Global Marketing
    Business essay sample: This paper will focus on a case study of two beverage rival companies that have dominated the global market for years; Coca-cola and PepsiCo.
  8. Contracting Case Study
    Business essay sample: Contractual negotiations on the matters of supplying H-19C helicopter systems, as well as enhancing the computer program development, is one of the key steps in H-19 Helicopter Program development.
  9. Interpersonal Communication in South Korean Business Culture
    Business essay sample: South Korean business interpersonal communication both verbal and non-verbal has several fundamental notions that define its nature and set its courses.
  10. International Business Etiquette in China
    Business essay sample: The report investigates Chinese etiquette and its impact on business by studying the following key areas: business relations, business meetings, dining etiquette, superstitions.
  11. Supplier Performance Evaluation: Industrial Products Corporation and Branco
    Business essay sample: This report explains the effects of Branco’s performance on its relationship with IPC. The goal is to find actionable solutions that will salvage the long relationship.
  12. Uber Case Study: Online Technology Development
    Business essay sample: Uber is an online technology-based company that was established in San Francisco, in 2009, with a view to assisting people who needed taxi services.
  13. Developing Professional Practice: Essay
    Business essay sample: In the competitive environment, companies have realized that the only way through which they can achieve an edge in the market is a team of highly effective human resources.
  14. The Plan of Successful Negotiation
    Business essay sample: As negotiations begin, communication is very important. The negotiation process can affect the acceptance of terms as well as future relations within management.
  15. Human Resource Professional Practice Activities
    Business essay sample: The paper presents how to use a Profession Map, group dynamics and conflict resolution approaches project management and problem-solving techniques.
  16. Conflict in the North East Sales Division
    Business essay sample: This report has examined the conflicts in the North East division and established that the disputes are majorly structural.
  17. Multi-Agent Systems for Supply Chain Management
    Business essay sample: The multi-agent system technology is well situated to develop robust models for the process of creating a supply chain.
  18. Printcomm Firm's Acquisition Proposal for Digitech
    Business essay sample: Printcomm is a communication firm that provides back-to-back printing service by merging production capabilities to generate finished copies and dispense the printed materials.
  19. Guanxi Impacts on Business and Business Relationships
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the effects of guanxi on business and business relationships in China in the case of conducting business in Australia.
  20. International Accounting in Comparison
    Business essay sample: In the United Kingdom, companies have the option of either preparing their accounts by the International Financial Reporting Standards or the local Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
  21. Leverage Buyout Proposal for CSL Limited
    Business essay sample: Since CSL has previously operated as a public domain in Australia, an LBO would possibly need to impose several changes in its objectives.
  22. The Management Bargaining Book
    Business essay sample: The Management and Union’s task in this situation is to agree on the balance between minimizing costs and preventing the further reduction in the staff.
  23. Local Lawsuit in Deleware: The Case of Apple and Motorola
    Business essay sample: The discussion and analysis of the lawsuit concerning Apple and Motorola contain numerous insights into the corporate world.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Negotiation Analysis

  1. Management Accounting Concepts in Decision-Making
    Business essay sample: This paper explores how management accounting helps in the decision-making process by investigating costing and its antecedents as critical tools in the decision-making process.
  2. Saputo Inc Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: Saputo Company was founded in 1954 and is based in Montreal, Canada. The company deals with the production and sale of an extensive variety of dairy products.
  3. Strategic Human Resources: Collective Bargaining
    Business essay sample: Collective bargaining is a process that implies negotiations between an employer of an organization and the employees.
  4. West Gate Bridge Project Fundamentals Structure and Management Analysis
    Business essay sample: The West Gate Bridge Project Fundamentals case study is a comprehensive case that explores the course of managing projects and the procedures and processes therein.
  5. Cross-Cultural Management in Lebanon and the Netherlands
    Business essay sample: The challenges of financial sector operations in the Netherlands highlighted the importance of the executive's mission, including the relevant cross-cultural management activities.
  6. Cross-Cultural Management in Dutch Finance Industry
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this report is to provide a brief discussion of differences in the cultures and working environments typical of Lebanon and the Netherlands.
  7. A Case Management Model Use to Work With Ryan
    Business essay sample: The paper identified a case management model with established effectiveness that a case manager might use to work with Ryan.
  8. Communication and Relationship Building Importance for Managers and Leaders
    Business essay sample: If a manager lacks effective communication skills and good relationships with the employees, it leads to many problems with communication.
  9. Roles and Contributions of HR Professional
    Business essay sample: The Ulrich model is based on three major functions, including HR centers of excellence, business partners, and shared services.
  10. Conflict Negotiation and Resolution
    Business essay sample: The study aims to comprehend the conflict negotiation process by identifying variables that result in disagreements in an organization.
  11. Optimizing Productivity at the Workplace
    Business essay sample: When employees face challenges in the workplace, overall performance become a problem. This paper describes these challenges and ways of offsetting them.
  12. Conflict & Negotiation in Organization
    Business essay sample: Moderate conflict promotes general growth, but too much or too little conflict may lead to harm as opposed to benefits.
  13. Bullying in the Workplace: Conflict and Negotiation in an Organization
    Business essay sample: Bullying at the workplace has become one of the main causes of conflicts in organizations. The stress resulting from the act may lead to a loss of jobs.
  14. Office Space – Change on the New Space: Case Study
    Business essay sample: The new space is a real change from what the programmers are used to. Their old space was a big open room with one wall of floor-to-ceiling windows.
  15. HR Portfolio of Evidence: Elements of Group Dynamics, Conflict Resolution
    Business essay sample: To a large extent, an HR specialist’s success depends on their understanding of the organization and whether their competence is sufficient to lead.
  16. Purchasing Principles and Law: Supplier Selection
    Business essay sample: The focus of this report will be on the selection of a supplier for Hydrec Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of forecourt petrol dispensers for the European market.
  17. Business Negotiation Process: Before and After
    Business essay sample: The case study examines the main essential aspects before and during the negotiation process, based on the situation between the company developing GPS devices and the department.
  18. Management Skills and Effectiveness of Organizations
    Business essay sample: The paper states that there is a close relationship between the practical work of the management team and the competitiveness of the organization.
  19. Management and Leadership Influencing Skills
    Business essay sample: Leadership is a cornerstone of management and, in parallel, one of the most multidimensional concepts in this sphere of knowledge.
  20. Researching of the Organizational Changes
    Business essay sample: This paper lists the main positive and negative aspects of the dynamics of change and the approaches that managers use to help employees accept change.
  21. Response to "Organizational Behaviour" by Robbins & Judge
    Business essay sample: The paper entails a response and description to each of the chapters in section 3 of the "Organizational Behaviour" book by Robbins & Judge.
  22. Organizational Leadership and Contextual Application
    Business essay sample: This paper’s purpose is to discuss organizational leadership: Its nature, theoretical interpretations thereof, and its contextual application.

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