A Case Management Model Use to Work With Ryan

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Type of the Model

Considering Ryan’s case, several case management models can be found beneficial. A clinical model is advantageous because it allows to arrange access to required services and be involved in care delivery. An assertive community model can be useful because it gathers various professionals. A strengths model can help to focus on the things Ryan is able to do (CHCCM404A Undertake case management for clients with complex needs, 2012). Still, the most benefit can be achieved with the help of the clinical model. As an extension of the brokerage one, it can focus on the ability to provide all required services and meet various needs. Ryan’s situation is rather complex, as he has a wide range of problems that deal with his physical and emotional condition. In this way, a case manager receives an opportunity to assess the situation, point out required interventions, coordinate them, and monitor outcomes. Except for that, when providing direct services, one also interacts with the client closely. As a result, the knowledge of Ryan’s needs and the needs of his family can be based on a substantial background but not only on the description of the case. Being, his case manager, I would arrange the cooperation of support workers, rehabilitation nurses, psychologists, and physicians. The team of these professionals is likely to deal efficiently with all his problems. Except for that, I would have an opportunity to assist the family in finding a better job for their father if needed.

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Statutory Requirements

As case manager, I am supposed to ensure my client’s safety. According to the Acts and Regulations guide, every decision I make is to be advantageous for Ryan. In this way, I should be sure that all professionals who work with my client have a license, which allows them to provide such services and experience. I am also expected to consider the possible risk of harm, cases of assault, and the presence of the people who are not allowed to communicate with Ryan (Implementation of statutory requirements, 2016).

Possible Outcomes

I believe that Ryan’s situation can improve greatly through the process of case management. The members of his family are doing their best to meet his needs and provide the young man with everything he needs and wants. They spend their lives caring about him that is why I consider that the involvement of other professionals can simplify this situation for them, allowing them to have more free time and support the family better.

I also consider that Ryan’s physical condition can be improved. Of course, the client cannot be totally cured, but with the involvement of the rehabilitation nurse and possible opportunity to find a cheap (maybe already used) wheelchair, one can move more and get tired less. As a result, he will have a chance to visit the lake more often, which is likely to improve his mood.

Underlying Ryan’s strength and developing a new approach for communication, the family can improve their relations. If they find some effective way of interaction, the client will have a chance to communicate his wishes better. In this way, he will not be frustrated so often and will have no reasons to be aggressive. Moreover, consultations with a psychologist will streamline this process and alter Ryan’s behavior, making it less problematic.

People who interact with the client more often than others (such as his mother and support workers) can communicate with his psychologist to find out how they should act to reduce stresses and prevent lashing out.


It is imperative that Ryan and his parents should be aware of his needs as a person with CP. Assistance with physical tasks is the first issue to be addressed. It is crucial that the family members should not make the patient self-conscious about his disability but, instead, empower him to acquire the corresponding skills gaining independence and, therefore, confidence.

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Services for Complex Needs

Providing the patient with an opportunity to train physical skills is the primary need to address. In addition, due to the damage to the sensory system, Ryan will need to receive enough input to sustain the system. For instance, consistent examinations, as well as experiences related to the sensory system (e.g., watching movies, describing images, etc.) should be considered. The enhancement of family support is another step toward meeting the complex needs of the patient.

Services of the Highest Priority

Focusing on the training of physical abilities as well as solving the conflict between the patient and his family are the key issues to be addressed.

Interaction and Relationships

The connection between the issues currently faced by Ryan is evident. Being in denial about his state and refusing the options for addressing the problem, Ryan develops aggressive behavior patterns in family communication. The parents, in their turn, unintentionally make the situation even more complicated as they do not have the proper knowledge of how to address the needs of a CP patient. As a result, every problem aggravates.

Inaction Consequences

Unless the family conflict and the lack of awareness about the needs of people with cerebral palsy that family members clearly suffer from, Ryan may develop severe depression (). Furthermore, the lack of physical activity may trigger further progress of the disease.

Service Option: Description

An intervention aimed at increasing the family members’ awareness about the disease and at the same time assuring Ryan that he has the family support that he needs must be an appropriate tool for addressing the current situation.

Likely Capacity

Seeing that Ryan is currently experiencing significant difficulties in performing any physical activity, including walking, it can be assumed that his likely capacity is rather low. Therefore, assistance from the nursing facility will have to be required.

Response to Concerns

Because of the increased frustration and aggression levels of the patient, the issue of the possible harm to the staff will have to be reviewed. The subject matter should be addressed with the help of the Family-Centered Care when approaching it from the statutory requirements perspective. As far as the Duty of Care principles is concerned, the possibility of causing harm to the staff should be managed with the tool known as a restraint as long as the patient or his parent’s consent to the identified measure (Restraint within healthcare policy, 2011).

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Referral Procedures

It should be noted that the referral procedures are quite different for each facility in the area where the one in question is located. Nevertheless, general guidelines tend to coincide in most cases. For example, the referral starts with a contact form either the person requiring treatment or their parents or legal guardians, etc. (in case the patient is under age or has a medical condition that compels them to be supported by their legal guardians). Ryan’s situation is the case in point; therefore, it will be necessary that his parents should contact the facility. After the Intake Service Coordinator receives and processes the information about the case to be addressed, the referral procedure is officially over, and the diagnosis stage may commence.

Monitoring Strategies

It should be borne in mind, though, that consistent monitoring of the patient is required since he seems very reluctant to accept the treatment currently. The tools for monitoring the patient’s health rate based on multiple parameters will have to be used. Moreover, regular reports about Ryan’s condition should be submitted.

Need for Changes

As stressed above, the situation that the patient is currently in creates prerequisites for developing depression. Hence, in case Ryan experiences the condition mentioned above, the provision of the appropriate treatment and medicine will have to be viewed as a necessity.

Significance of Negotiations

An intervention between Ryan and his family, with the nurse being the coordinator, the negotiator, and the consultant, will have to be applied. Seeing that the patient is easily irritated and is at odds with his family members, it will be crucial to restoring trustworthy relationships between him and his parents. Otherwise, the chances of the treatment success will be jeopardized.

Closing the Case: Circumstances

Since the intervention can be determined as time-limited, it will have to be closed at some point. Although cerebral palsy is incurable at present, it is still treatable. Therefore, in the instance that presupposes an improvement in the patient’s wellbeing, the treatment process can be considered complete. To be more accurate, once the patient restores trustworthy relationships with his family, his irritation level drops, and the parties involved learn the essential information about catering to the needs of a patient with cerebral palsy, the case can be considered closed.


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