Resolving the HR Issues at the Roanoke Branch

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The objective of this proposal is to report on the root cause for the problems in the Roanoke branch in respect of the functioning of the branch in general. The proposal also covers the possible course of action for improving the employee morale in the branch in particular and for eliminating the quality complaints from the clients attached to the branch. This proposal is prepared and submitted based on the findings of the study of the problems at the Roanoke branch. The detailed field investigation report circulated earlier may please be referred in this connection as the background material.

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The purpose of the visit to Roanoke branch was to study the root cause for the rising customer complaints and the reduction in the employee morale. The visit was also to find out the causes of resignation of one Art Director and one Account Executive, which led to lack of coordination in the branch. Further, the reasons for some other employees in the graphic design department and copywriting department to intimate their intention to resign, also needs to be ascertained. The interviews and meetings conducted during the visit revealed that there was no coordination of work among the staff, which necessitates extra hours of work leading to reduction in the quality of performance at the branch.

During the visit to the branch, interviews were conducted with the employees in the graphic design and copywriting department. Top ten clients of the branch including those who have complained about the quality were met. A one-to-one interview was conducted with the CEO of the branch to assess the overall situation. The working of the branch was observed and records and documents available with the bank were examined.

Because of the above measures undertaken it was found that the branch in order to meet the increased sales target has gone ahead and booked additional orders from a number of new clients, which has increased the workload of the branch. There was no planning done on the number of additional staff required in the graphic design department and the copywriting department. This has made the creative work in these departments difficult and coordinating the excessive work was not possible. This led to the resignation of an art director and an account executive due to excessive work pressure. Due to lack of coordination the staff in these departments had to work extra hours without any compensation in the form of overtime salary or otherwise. The excess work resulted in the loss of quality in the creative work by the staff, which ultimately led to the complaints from the clients of the branch


The proposal recommends the following actions to be taken with immediate effect to improve the working at Roanoke branch.

  1. Additional staff required by the branch is to be recruited immediately.
  2. Sales budget of the branch needs to be revised.
  3. Overtime payments to the branch staff who worked extra hours need to be paid immediately
  4. Art director and account executive from another branch need to be deputed to tackle the present crisis at the branch.
  5. CEO has to send personal letters to the clients who have complained to appraise them the steps taken by the company to improve working and the quality.
  6. Advertisements for the immediate recruitment of art director and account executive are to be drafted and released in the leading newspapers and business magazines.


The schedule for the above proposals can be reviewed from the following chart of activities.

Proposed Action Completion Date Responsibility
Recruitment of additional employees to the branch Within 3 weeks VP HR and CEO Roanoke
Payment of overtime wage Within 1 week CEO Roanoke
Deputation of Art Director and account executive Within 2 weeks VP HR and CEOs of the respective branches
Revision of Sales Budget Within 4 weeks VP Marketing and CEO Roanoke
Personal letters to Clients Within 1 week CEO Roanoke
Recruitment of Art Director and account executive Within 4 weeks VP HR and CEO Roanoke


While there is no immediate need for any additional staffing at this moment, there are some deputations, which need to be arranged. The recruitment of additional staff to the branch needs to be coordinated. For this purpose, the senior executive in the HR department will be assigned. As far as the revision of sales budgets are concerned, the VP Marketing and the CEO Roanoke branch will work out the requirements of the additional hands required by him. The undersigned will coordinate with the CEOs of other branches to release necessary hands to Roanoke branch for a limited period.

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The proposed budget for the above proposals is:

Proposed Action Proposed Budget Amount
Recruitment of additional staff $ 100,000
Deputation of Executives $ 35,000
Branch overtime Payments $ 120,000
Recruitment of Executives $ 30,000

Request for Authorization

The assessment of the conditions prevailing in Roanoke branch and the interviews and meetings with the employees, clients and the CEO has formed the basis for this proposal put up for your review and approval. The proposal may please be approved, to improve the working of the branch. Please revert for any other information that may be necessary to consider the proposals. Once approved, I will send the necessary communication to the persons responsible for taking actions under this proposal.

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