61 CVP Analysis Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 CVP Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Business Planning Process and Enterprise
    The report conducts a critical appraisal of the business planning process. In addition, a comprehensive of the entrepreneurial characteristics is also conducted.
  2. Mobily Company: Marketing Strategy Plan
    Mobily is a Saudi Arabian internet and a telecom service provider that is operating as a private company. Its main internet products rely on mobile broadband and fixed broadband technologies.
  3. Starbucks Saudi Arabia: Marketing Strategic Plan
    In 2000, Starbucks Corporation opened new branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The move was in line with the company’s global expansion strategy.
  4. Automotive Fun and Service Company: Business Plan
    Automotive Fun and Service LLC is an innovator in the car industry. It not only offers spare parts for Toyota vehicles but also combines store, repairs, and information service.
  5. Target Corporation Marketing Plan for Clothing
    This report presents a marketing proposal for Target Corporation’s new line of clothing product - Ava & Viv dedicated to plus-size women and teens.
  6. AFDCO Incorporation: Business Plan
    AFDCO Incorporation is a private limited company, which was established in 2000 in the UAE. The firm operates in the UAE’s beverage industry, and it is headquartered at Al Quoz, Dubai.
  7. Nelson & Prada Company's New Product Launch
    In the study, the researcher has analyzed the path that the Nelson & Prada firm should take when launching its new product to achieve the expected success in the market.
  8. Paper Works Company's Project Financing
    Paper Works is a company engaged in the production and distribution of paper products used in offices, schools, and households.
  9. Notes Restore: Business Plan Proposal
    The purpose of the proposed business venture is to create a stationery product that will succeed in the current market.
  10. Florist Boutique + Café: Business Plan
    The business plan is going to be prepared on a combined flower shop and coffee house known as “Florist Boutique + Café”.
  11. Dynamic Audio Teaching Ltd.: Business Plan
    The Dynamic Audio Teaching projects development was devised to rectify current problems and constructed with industry collaboration.
  12. "Pure Business" Company Business Plan
    Pure Business is a proposed company to be established in Syria which will be responsible for marketing, advertising and research.
  13. Why Will a Firm Continue Business When It Is Making Zero Economic Profits?
    The goal of the firm is to maximize economic profits, and the firm is expected to try to make the positive difference between total revenues and total costs as large as it can.
  14. Merritt Hookah Lounge: Market Plan
    The plan entails market research with reference to competitors and consumers as the key market elements, SWOT analysis, key success factors, and the critical issues are analyzed.
  15. Marketing Plan For Secondbite Organization
    Secondbite is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteers and well-wishers to donate fresh foods so that it can be able to distribute to the hungry masses.
  16. Final Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario
    Analyzing the cost relationships and behaviors, the managers of Guillermo Store are able to identify the cost drivers with the competitors entering the market.
  17. Marketing Plan for the FlaBlaster Product
    This is a document about FlaBlaster, a product that is able to reduce the weight of a person without using other weight loss procedures such as surgery.
  18. Management and Accounting Principles in Business
    Management and accounting principles are significant and innovative tools that can be used to boost management efficiency and effectiveness in times of business uncertainty.
  19. Wonder Co.: The CVP Analysis
    CVP analysis helps to identify the optimal proportions between cost and volume of sales, which allows Wonder Co. to determine the volume of sales for each specific situation.
  20. Contribution Margin: Wonder Co. Case
    The pricing strategy and pricing principles that would allow the firm to meet its objectives effectively are being developed in parallel.

💡 Essay Ideas on CVP Analysis

  1. Shuzworld: Assessment of Plant Operations
    The purpose of this assessment is to recommend the best method to be used by Shuzworld in sneaker’s manufacture, to develop a sales volume forecast.
  2. The Financial Analysis of Coca-Cola
    The financial analysis of Coca-Cola is performed in this section, which focuses on the company’s financial performance and its stock price movements in the last five years.
  3. Price Elasticity of Demand
    One function of the market is to find an equilibrium price that balances supply and demand for Software and services.
  4. Marketing Plan for iGluco in China
    MediCorp has introduced a non-invasive blood sugar testing device called iGluco that is easily attached to a patient’s arm to relay blood sugar levels periodically.
  5. Quentech Limited's Business Plan
    Quentech Limited, through the Quentech smartwatch, provides a clinical application of a smartwatch as an assistive device in this fast-growing market.
  6. Saudi Basic Industries Corporation Annual Report Analysis
    This thorough paper review of financial statements for the last three years beginning the year 2005 up to 2007 of Saudi Basic industries corporation.
  7. Performance Analysis of Samba Financial Group
    The study evaluates the financial performance of Samba over a period of three years, keeping in view that the bank invests in staff and maximize the wealth of shareholders.
  8. Performance Evaluation of Saudi Industrial Investment Group
    The paper analysis a general financial evaluation and should not be construed as an investigation of forensic nature.
  9. Performance Analysis of Almarai Company
    The study is undertaken to evaluate the performance of Almarai Company over the years. Almarai is a company in the food industry. The company was established in 1976.
  10. Analysis of Saudi British Bank
    The report focuses on break-even, ratio analysis, performance in the market and other historical data which will assist comes up with strategies for analyzing the companies.
  11. Saudi Arabia Fertilizer Company
    Saudi Arabia Fertilizer Company is one of the largest corporations in Saudi Arabia which is in the business of manufacture and distributing fertilizer, oil, and gas.
  12. Bagpuss Import Ltd: Company Analysis
    Bagpuss Import Ltd, a company that is in the business of wholesale of a new brand of ginger ale which is imported from New Zealand for distribution in Australia.
  13. Use of Managerial Accounting in Planning and Control
    Different products require different quantities of materials and labor; some products may require higher quantities of raw materials, while others may require more labor time.
  14. Differences Between Financial and Management Accounting
    There a number of differences between financial and managerial accounting, first of all, management accounts are used internally by the management of the organization.
  15. Case Study in Managerial Accounting: Apple Inc
    The purpose of this article is to review the cost minimization and budgeting techniques employed by Apple Inc.
  16. Roger Clinic Company Analysis
    The purpose of this document is to describe the case study of Roger Clinic, its financial issues, and its relationships with patients.
  17. Variable and Fixed Costs in Managerial Accounting
    Financial accounting provides information to external users such as shareholders, financial providers, regulators, and tax authorities, thus is available to the public.
  18. Business Conferences Plc Project Assessment
    The objective of the following report is to estimate the viability of the new conference by Business Conferences Plc.
  19. Management Accounting and Decision-Making
    The current paper discusses decision-making in organizations while focusing on accounting management principles.
  20. Pringly Division Company's Management Accounting
    The case of Pringly Division presents a management decision that managers have to face in their strategic planning roles.

👍 Good CVP Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Fly Ash Brick Project: Feasibility Study
    The purpose of this paper is to draw up a fly ash brick fabrication project and provide a feasibility study using cost-volume-profit analysis.
  2. New Footwear Product – Tarco Footwear Company
    The product meets the needs of all age groups, as well as genders; hence, has enormous potential in the footwear market. The business venture has an excellent indicator of a successful future.
  3. Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis
    After the manufacture of products or provision of services, business leaders should ensure that the price quoted for the product covers costs related to the product/service.
  4. Investment Appraisal and Sources of Finance
    The paper discusses that Madison PLC should invest in the Madison Supper because it yields higher returns as shown by the results of NPV and IRR.
  5. Pampers Health Spa: Financial Management
    As informed, Pampers Health Spa (PHS), located 10 miles from Birmingham city, is engaged in the luxury spa and hotel business.
  6. HAYLO Hair Products Company Analysis
    The purpose of this paper is to give an analysis of HAYLO Hair Products, Inc and ​established that the new hair product would compete well within the hair care products industry.
  7. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
    CVP is based on particular data and needs great attention as it only offers approximation rather than actual. CVP is based on a number of assumptions.
  8. Baric Footwear Limited: New Footwear Product
    New product launches require that realistic cost and revenue assumptions are made to attract potential investors who will fund the project.
  9. Management Accounting Concepts in Decision-Making
    This paper explores how management accounting helps in the decision-making process by investigating costing and its antecedents as critical tools in the decision-making process.
  10. Financial Reporting Case: JB Hi-Fi Ltd
    The retail company JB Hi-Fi Ltd’s financial ratios are stable and this corroborates the earlier view that the retail company is considered as the best.
  11. Cost Behavior and Cost-Volume-Profit Business Analysis
    The author uses the cost-volume-profit model to explain how businesses can increase their prices during the recession period.
  12. Business Plan For a Proposed Company Key Business
    Key Business is a proposed company that is to be based in the UK. It is intended to specialize in research, marketing, and advertising.
  13. Arabic Coffee or Arabic Restaurant in United State
    This is a strategic marketing plan which will provide a general overview of the Arabic coffee or Restaurant in the USA.
  14. GlaxoSmithKline Firm's Business Growth Opportunity
    The report assesses a growth opportunity for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to take advantage of the situation with AstraZeneca's vaccine being called off in several European countries.
  15. Maxway Company’s Financial Performance in 2019-20
    This paper aims to outline the financial ratios computed from Maxway company’s financial statements for 2019 and 2020.
  16. JP Barber Shop’s Business Plan
    The examination assists JPs with understanding the measure of deal income for overall gain to take care of all expenses.
  17. The Medical Equipment Manufacturing Firm: Business Plan
    A detailed business plan in starting medical sports equipment which will be used by our target market to keep physically fit as well as rehabilitate injuries.
  18. Financial Analysis of Decision Concerning Party
    This paper provides a financial analysis of the decision concerning the party considering ticket sales price, estimation of major expenses, and potential revenue for the party.
  19. Basketball Shoe Manufacturing Company: Cost Behavior & Budgeting
    This assignment evaluates a basketball shoe manufacturing company. The company is currently able to sell an average of 1,000 shoe pairs every month at $100 per piece.
  20. The M Industries Company's Evaluation
    I chose to analyze M industries which is a manufacturing company located in India. The company deals with metal activities such as mining and refining.
  21. Virtual Wardrobe Application: Special Pricing for the Markets and Customers
    Your outfit planner is a virtual closet app that helps individuals get more out of their clothes. The majority of virtual fitting rooms use increased reality.

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