JP Barber Shop’s Business Plan

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Executive Summary

JPs is a gentleman’s barbershop that will change the old ways of grooming men’s hair to be modern. The business will give a cool atmosphere where men can sit, unwind, and experience the best prepping and administrations in an environment that is remedial and manly. JPs Barbershop will focus on a whole market and have an in-depth understanding of the client base. It will enhance the local area by offering top-notch services not offered by some other contender. JPs plan to be productive by expanding their customer base by turning into a profoundly sought-after objective. It will probably be a believed objective where customers locally can revive their minds and bodies and organization with companions and associates. The success of the business will be pursued from various approaches sought from multiple platforms and localities. Despite established competitors, the business shall have proficient schemes to gain a substantial market niche and stay profitable.

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JPs will provide superior customer service consistently with a happy relentless attitude while standing within an affordable budget for families.

Key to Success

Its key to success will be:

  • Serene setting – JPs will give a helpful atmosphere to unwinding and expert assistance;
  • Place of business – giving an effectively available area to customers;
  • Suitability – offering customers a wide scope of services in expanded business hours and a one-stop-shop for multiple customer expectations.


JPs Objectives are outlined below:

  • To become the ideal local spot within a half year.
  • To augment the number of customer services by up to thirty percent each year through predominant execution.
  • To have customers return pace of eighty percent within a year.

Summary of the Business

JPs is a comprehensive-service barbershop provider committed to giving excellent packages while outfitting a charming, loosening up air at a worthy cost. Additionally, it will be committed to giving elite men’s grooming experience. JPs guiding slogan is, “It is not simply hair prepping, it’s an encounter.” JP group chose to develop the barbershop from the beginning after looking for quite a long time for a similar profoundly perceived business that it established was not founded yet.

Summary of the Start-Up

The initial setup funds and resources will be applied predominantly to leasehold upgrades, hardware for the shop, and the plan. much of the foundational monetary reserve has been set apart for the assessed sum expected to take care of operational expenses for the initial annual quarter. Some beginning up costs will be lease, protection, writing material, pamphlets, logos, consultancy (inside plan), leasehold improvement development, and different costs.

Enterprise’s Proprietorship

JPs Barbershop is sole ownership claimed by Jane Paul, who has eight years of involvement with the hair and spa industry. To accomplish its goals, JPs look for credit financing, which will be paid from the business’ income. The credit will be gotten by the business’ resources and upheld by the proprietor’s assurance.

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Products and Services

JPs is an exclusive men’s barbershop with different products and services.


  • Hair cuts – razor shaves ointment treatment and hot towels;
  • Nail handling – nail trim and pedicure;
  • Hairstyling– one-venture hair tone, trim, and style, hair and scalp medicines;
  • Men’s administrations – profound tissue knead, sports rub, fundamental facials, and scrubs;
  • Shoe polishing – shoe sparkle while the client enjoys the services or while in the lounge area;
  • Waxing administrations – eyebrows molding; Hair Laser removal – hair removal on ears, back, and neck.

Products available are shave creams, soaps, shaving accessories, bath oils, and skincare exclusively for men.

Discussions and clarifications will be offered on a wide range of assistance and items if necessary. JPs Barbershop will consider great client support where customers will be messaged a service affirmation communication two days before the arrangement. The shop will fuse a remote organization inside the offices, which will fill in as an interior arrange and offer types of assistance to customers who need to get to the web while visiting the shop. JPs will consider marking its product offering later on. It will stay to be the best men’s hairstyling and wellbeing strategies advertised.

Market Analysis

JPs will focus on professional men who get their hair grooming performed on a workday, haircut, and deep tissue massage on weekends. JPs estimate that 60% of people live within a three-mile radius of the shop and 40% within a five-mile radius. There are several offices and settlements in the area, hence promising a constant flow of clients to the parlour.

Market Segmentation

JPs will target retired male clients and experts aged above twenty-four. Their income will be targeted at those earning above fifty thousand dollars annually. Elite professionals prefer proficient haircuts that satisfy them. Approximately 85% of the administration will relate to hair and shaves. 10 % will be from facial, back rubs, and tanning. The other 5% will be from items.

Target Market Segment Strategy

Individuals from these market sections have proficient existences loaded up with rushed timetables and extravagance cash. Every individual necessities hairstyling paying little heed to pay level and making a push to discover cash accessible to style their hair.

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Market Trend

A hole as of now exists in the retail exchange and amusement zone despite monstrous development in corporate buildings, private and generous work inside 6 miles of the shop’s area (Pla-Barber et al., 2019). JPs will be situated nearby, which gives a huge upper hand from retail plazas to top-of-the-line cafés and business uphold administrations. A few lodgings and places of business are situated inside a short drive of JPs barbershop. A populace of almost 300,000 individuals comprising of privileged families and youngsters with a normal family pay of over eighty-five thousand dollars exists inside six miles of the shop.

Market Growth

The close-by business parks have a gigantic land supply for future office improvement, which will build the daytime business populace for JPs since its exchange region’s best development potential is daytime work. The absolute daytime business populace fluctuates from various mile range like in five-mile sweep is 108,967 with a private populace at 164,188 and in a three-mile span is 45,279 with a private populace of fifty-five thousand. JPs will be the solitary courteous fellow’s shop only for men inside the region, so the future looks encouraging for a flourishing business with customers’ constant presence.

Market Needs

JPs will be more cognizant about their client’s necessities as per the moving business sector viewpoints (Paul, 2019). Proficient men, particularly the individuals who have accomplished a smidgen level of achievement, are more style and wellbeing cognizant and will pay for administrations and items equipped explicitly to men. They are searching for where they can peruse the paper, watch sports or stock news, straightforwardly examine governmental issues, organizations, and get a shoeshine.


JPs pricing will be favorable so that customers feel great value when visiting the barbershop. The anticipated price point for a haircut is $20, in exchange for which the customer will receive personalized attention after and during their visit. Customers will receive quality hair care from a familiar technician at a more affordable price (Berman & Pollack, (2021). JPs will price their services and product as per the market price, which is neither higher nor lower.

Strategy and Implementation

JPs will differentiate itself from its competitors like Smart Hair Cuts, Kings Barbershop and John & sons barbershop by offering a staff of practitioners trained in understanding customer services dynamics to meet their client’s expectations efficiently; this will help JPs emphasize originality, quality, and world-class service. According to Ferreira et al. (2018), a business’s system is characterized as its hypothesis about how to acquire upper hand. JPs will build a community/corporate relationship-oriented business by strengthening its customer base and providing services and information to help everyone obtain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. JPs will give a one-of-a-kind environment where it will separate itself altogether as an alleviating and dependable setting. Also, where its customers will appreciate the fellowship of companions and associates, get away from the pressure of their everyday lives, and appreciate being spoiled.

JPs will also consider the PESTLE model to analyze the political, economic, sociological, technological, legal, and environmental factors that will affect the business from the outside (Bismark et al., 2018). JPs’ operations will consider inflation and deflation trends: they will understand the culture and demographic factors that might affect the business directly or indirectly. JPs will stay abreast with novel innovations and discoveries in the sector.

Management Summary

JPs’ administration theory will be founded on regard for every representative, singular obligation, and regard for each customer (Randhawa and Ahuja, 2017). The supervisory group will comprise the proprietor and associate administrator. If necessary, the group will consider just the individuals who show the characteristics fundamental for working in an expert setup.

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Organisational Structure

JPs shop will have the owner and ten employees. There will be one receptionist, one shoe shiner, five barbers, one nail specialist, and two full-time combination aesthetician/massage therapists on the floor shop. As the client base grows, JPs will add more barbers working in shifts per station.

Fiscal Strategy

The fundamental component in JPs’ monetary arrangement is keeping up, starting, and improving variables that make and get the business to steady. Also, increase cash flow by creating visibility to increase customer flow and maintain a positive and dependable employee force to maximize turnover (Greene, 2019). JPs will access equity capital and financing, which will support the financial plan (Panagopoulos, 2020). JPs revenue will be from the services rendered and sale of hair products. JPs will build up a year misfortune and benefit projection, year income projection, the first day of the season asset report, and make back the initial investment investigation (Visser, 2020). The monetary arranging will help JPs fire up cautiously recognizing the absolute expenses of business to figure and keep up the benefits equivalent to the earn back the original investment point.

A simple cash flow over 12 month period is shown below (Fig. 1)

A simple cash flow over 12 month
Fig, 1: A simple cash flow over 12 month (Source: Author’s Construct).

Break-even Analysis

According to Siriya et al. (2020), “Company’s break-even point is that level of activity in dollars or units at which total revenues equals total costs” (p. 4977-4983). For its Break-even analysis, JPs will assume its monthly estimated operational costs, including utilities, rent, payroll, and other running costs. This examination will assist JPs with understanding the measure of deal income for overall gain to take care of all expenses.


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