Risk Analysis - Free Guide for Students + Essay Examples

All businesses are exposed to risks that impact their internal and external environment. Hence, risk analysis is vital in developing and strengthening organizations and creating strategies to avoid potential dangers. Today, we will review the risk analysis definition, methods, categories, and steps necessary to apply it. Don’t miss the compilation of risk analysis research topics & essay examples below!

🔝 Top-10 Risk Analysis Examples

  1. Foster’s Group and Chinese Business Environment
  2. Pronto Courier's Information Security Management
  3. Internal Control Systems Effect on Financial Performance
  4. Project Risk Management: Aspects and Tools
  5. Tea Station Company Human Resource Department
  6. Ocean Beauty Center: Business Proposal
  7. Activities Management for Achieving Results
  8. Leamington Spa Company's Competitive Product Development
  9. Effectiveness of Sleepy Hollow Company's Training
  10. AFDCO Incorporation: Business Plan

↗️ Risk Analysis Guide

Companies face many threats in their everyday operations. These risks can be related to investments, succession planning, outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, and other business situations. In order to survive and thrive, organizations should develop actionable risk management strategies. This is where risk analysis comes into play: it helps companies identify potential risks and classify them according to their severity levels.

What Is Risk Analysis?

Risk analysis is an assessment process that identifies the possibility of any harmful events that could damage the business or the environment. This approach is vital in risk management since it determines the relevance of detected risk factors. Also, risk analysis enables companies to rank dangers and develop a plan for their mitigation. Firms and governments often apply this method to decide whether to start a project, approve a financial offer, or prevent unfavorable future impacts.

Risk Analysis Benefits

Risk analysis has many benefits for companies:

  • Workplace consciousness. Risk assessment increases awareness of potential workplace hazards. As a result, the company can take the required safety measures to prevent them.
  • Legal compliance. Risk analysis can ensure that the business follows all the legal regulations applicable to its industry.
  • Company’s reputation. Since risk evaluation promotes workplace safety and legal compliance, it protects the company against events that can hurt its reputation.
  • Proactive response. Using the findings from the risk analysis, the organization can develop risk management plans for each department before a threat emerges.
  • Money saving. Risk analysis is an effective tool for saving money since it allows companies to spend fewer resources on solving issues.

Risk Analysis Limitations

The limitation of the risk assessment stems from the ambiguity and lack of accurate data. There are no standard methods to calculate threats. Therefore, nobody can determine the exact level of risk exposure at any particular time. As a result, underestimating the likelihood of the risk occurrence might result in significant financial losses.

📚 What Are the Types of Risk Analysis?

Since risks are an inherent component of all businesses, companies have to evaluate risks to prevent or mitigate potential damages. There are 2 main categories of risk analysis: quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative Approach

Quantitative risk analysis involves creating a risk model with the help of simulation or deterministic statistics to quantify risks. The model produces various outcomes that are analyzed with graphs, scenarios, or sensitivity analysis. These results aid in making decisions or creating a strategic plan to avoid potential risks.

Qualitative Approach

In contrast, qualitative risk analysis does not evaluate risk with numbers. Instead, it provides a written characterization of the risks, an assessment of the intensity of their impact, and solutions to potential problems. Qualitative risk analysis can be conducted using the SWOT framework, cause and effect diagrams, or a decision matrix. Its outcomes can prevent the company from potential income loss and other adverse impacts.

⚙️ What Are the Methods of Risk Analysis?

Selecting the appropriate risk analysis method is crucial since it affects the organization’s success. You can choose from 5 common approaches:

  1. Decision tree. Companies using this method look at a particular decision’s potential consequences and likelihood. The decision tree effectively determines the best way for the company to avoid dangerous situations.
  2. Bow tie. In this method, one divides a particular risk into two categories: causes and consequences. Then, develops a plan to address the risk factors and a strategy for mitigating its impact.
  3. SWIFT analysis. SWIFT, or Structured What If Technique, is a team-based approach to risk analysis. It uses brainstorming to identify the safety of a particular method or the potential consequences of changes to existing organizational processes. It is usually used in safety-critical industries, such as healthcare or offshore construction.
  4. Delphi method. This technique involves a brainstorming session with professional risk analysts and experts. Potential threats discovered during this analysis are later used to create a risk management strategy.
  5. Probability and consequence matrix. The method requires organizational teams to rank the identified threats and vulnerabilities depending on the severity of their potential impact. This approach helps companies determine the primary contributing factors to all risks and develop an effective mitigation strategy.

👣 Risk Analysis Strategy – Step-by-Step

The process of risk analysis includes 5 practical steps that you have to take to achieve an excellent result:

  1. Identify and document potential threats and vulnerabilities.
    First, determine the risks faced by employees and the organization. You should examine the workplace to identify what processes or actions could be harmful. Examples include workplace accidents, natural disasters, disruptions in the supply chain, or chemical hazards.
  2. Assess current security measures.
    Determining what safety procedures are already in place is the next step. This information will help identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the existing safety plans. Check each element of the security system and notice areas for improvement.
  3. Evaluate the risks and decide on the precautions.
    Further, you should assess the likelihood of the hazard and the severity of its potential effects. This assessment will help you prioritize risks. In addition, you should develop a strategy that includes the issues you’ve discovered, the individuals that might be affected, and the intended measures to mitigate the risks.
  4. Record your findings and implement them.
    To see the big picture, you have to record the outcomes of your risk analysis and use them in practice. After implementing the results, evaluate whether the chosen risk management strategy works.
  5. Review and update your assessment if necessary.
    The threats to the business are constantly changing. New risks can stem from innovations, new procedures, or personnel. Review and update your risk assessment procedure regularly to address emerging risks beforehand.

📝 Risk Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Atec Incorporation Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: This marketing plan relates to Atec Incorporation, which operates in the UAE. The firm intends to venture into the production of coffee making machines.
  2. Risk Management in Railway Construction
    Business essay sample: This paper examines the risk mitigation strategy in the construction of a railway between the West Midlands and Scotland based on the appropriate identification of risks.
  3. Ford Motor Company Business Model
    Business essay sample: Are you investigating Ford business model? 🚗 In this report, the Ford Motor Company business model is analyzed 🔍 in the context of the ongoing NAFTA renegotiation. 📰 Read the article to draw a Ford business model canvas.
  4. Apple Company's Poor Inventory Management Issues
    Business essay sample: Since Apple Company operates internationally, it at times experiences challenges related to the supply of products, which emanates from poor inventory management.
  5. Corporate Risk Management Decisions
    Business essay sample: Corporate risk management is an exercise in coordinating risk acknowledgment, risk appraisal, risk management systems, and the moderation of administrative assets.
  6. Risks and Opportunities in Managing Global Teams
    Business essay sample: This report will focus on an in-depth exploration of risks and opportunities from global teams and managerial processes to mitigate threats in a volatile business environment.
  7. Providian Trust Company’s Information System
    Business essay sample: This work presents a SWOT/TOWS analysis to highlight the key strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of the Providian Trust Company.
  8. Flayton Electronics Data Breach and Risk Management Plan
    Business essay sample: The paper aims to compose a risk management plan presented in the case study, which is devoted to the security breach of customer data experienced by Flayton Electronics.
  9. Operational Risk Management
    Business essay sample: A risk management team is responsible for identifying and prioritizing threats, developing a mitigation plan, evaluating the effectiveness of the plan, and making corrections if necessary.
  10. Flayton Electronics: Risk Management Project
    Business essay sample: In case of data theft at Flayton Electronics, some risk management interventions were implemented to reduce the negative impact of the possible threats.
  11. Risk Management Strategies in Business Environment
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the researcher looks at current risk management strategies that companies use in the modern business environment.
  12. Company Problem Solution: Global Communications
    Business essay sample: This paper looks at the various problems facing the company and the initiatives the company can take to ensure its survival in the global market.
  13. Audit Standards Comparison
    Business essay sample: The AICPA sets all generally accepted audit standards, which are commonly termed as GAAS. GAAS still forms the basis of other standards like the GAGAS and the PCAOB standards.
  14. Fraud Risk Assessment of Business Organizations
    Business essay sample: The study assesses fraud risk factors that are related to human, social, technological, political, and economic aspects in five business organizations.
  15. Risk Management in Arachem(M) Sdn Bhd
    Business essay sample: Risk planning and identification in Arachem(M); Risk analysis, evaluation and treatment; Procurement planning and strategies; Procurement solicitation and source selection.
  16. Risk Management: Operational and Financial Risks
    Business essay sample: Most organizations now have a special risk assessment and risk management team to eliminate or reduce the effects of risk.
  17. Organizational Risk Appetite and Assessment
    Business essay sample: Risk is often a requirement for an organization to meet its operational goals. Risk may bring innovation, partnerships, and monetary gains to a company.
  18. Risk Management in an Organization
    Business essay sample: This paper researches the topic ‘risk management in organization’. Risk management as a subject and as a function of business management is a relatively new concept.
  19. Wal-Mart: Company Analysis and Strategy Recommendation
    Business essay sample: The major competitors of Wal-Mart include Costco Wholesale Corporation and Target Corporation. During the 2008 financial year, stiff competition came from Target Corporation.
  20. Risk Analysis and Techniques of Risk Management
    Business essay sample: The risk management in the financial institutions center round two basic issues as to the impact of risk on the functioning of the financial institutions.
  21. Credit Risk Management: Objectives and Techniques
    Business essay sample: The paper focuses on such risks and highlight and explain the different techniques of managing them. Each risk will be better explained with the help of examples.
  22. SABIC and the Petrochemical Industry of Saudi Arabia
    Business essay sample: In view of all the challenges that the petrochemical industry faces, SABIC has undertaken certain steps to meet all these challenges.
  23. Venezuela: Risk Assessment in Opening a US Style Retail Department
    Business essay sample: The paper explains the various aspects of risks involved in opening a US-style retail store in Venezuela, like social, cultural, political, and legal.
  24. Risk Management: Foreign Exchange Risks, Credit Risks, Interest Rates Risks
    Business essay sample: The credit risks are associated mainly with the global economic recession and the inability of contracting parties to fulfill their contractual obligations.
  25. Risk-Assessment and Cost-Effectiveness of Rehabilitating Open Cut Coal Mine Spoil Areas
    Business essay sample: This research aims to present an analytical report on risk analysis and techniques of risk analysis with respect to engineering systems.
  26. Diageo Ltd.: Strategic Financial Management
    Business essay sample: Diageo Ltd it's a holding that specializes in the following areas: production and distribution of alcoholic beverages; sale of bitters and liquors; hospitality industry.
  27. Intersect Investments Company Problem Solution
    Business essay sample: Intersect Investments, is a finance company that deals with helping people manage their money the best way possible.
  28. Short-Term Bonuses Culture and Instability in Management of Banks
    Business essay sample: The main aim of this dissertation is to understand the manner in which short-term bonuses culture has led to instability in management of banks.
  29. General Civil Aviation Authority's Customer Satisfaction
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes the GCAA that regulates the aviation-related operations and activities that take place in the UAE and neighboring countries.
  30. Business Plan and How to Build It
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to help highlight strategies and models suitable for turning the proposed idea into a reality.
  31. Problem Solution: Global Communications
    Business essay sample: In today’s business world globalization is the issue. These last decades the market has gone global and now business companies can reach in different corners of the globe.
  32. Risk Analysis in the Money Question
    Business essay sample: Risk analysis is involved in identifying threats that are likely to occur and analyzing the likely outcome. High risk investments bring about high returns and low risk projects have low returns.
  33. Florist Boutique + Café: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The business plan is going to be prepared on a combined flower shop and coffee house known as “Florist Boutique + Café”.
  34. Virgin Atlantic Airlines: Management Information Systems
    Business essay sample: The research aims to look into how information systems affect decision-making processes in the company Virgin Atlantic Airlines and how they can be used for competitive advantage.
  35. The GeneOne Company’s Strategy for Overcoming the Internal Crisis
    Business essay sample: Product promotion strategies for GeneOne, taking into account the introduction of new technologies and effective management within the company.

💡 Essay Ideas on Risk Analysis

  1. Identification of Physical Environment Risk Factors
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to identify physical environment risk factors in the workplace, as well as communication between workers and the mental workload.
  2. Testing Sensitivity of Major Market Stock to Oil and Gas Prices in the US
    Business essay sample: This paper examines the linkages between the United States (U.S.) firm’s sensitivity of stock prices to their prevalent risk factors and the industrial risks disclosed by the 1997 SEC’s report.
  3. Critical Analysis of a Business Plan
    Business essay sample: Business Plans are very much like roadmaps that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives.“A business plan serves three important purposes”.
  4. Chile Mining Industry Pertaining to Copper
    Business essay sample: As an emerging market in the Latin American region, the nations’ mining industry in general, and copper production in particular is of great significance to this country.
  5. Project Risk Management in the Organizations
    Business essay sample: Risk management all over the world has been considered the most beneficial aspect of combating uncertainty in organizations.
  6. 4 Bedroom Villa in Abu Dhabi: A Business Project
    Business essay sample: The villa shall be constructed for personal purposes, so the design and everything need to be done according to one's own specifications.
  7. The Dolphin Hotel Group: Overview
    Business essay sample: The project is aimed at constructing the hotel building and providing all the necessary capacities for the successful development of the hotel industry.
  8. The Buncefield Explosion: Incident Command System
    Business essay sample: The implementation of the Incident Command System would have been beneficial in the Buncefield incident, as it can help to reduce the possible damage.
  9. The Buncefield Incident: Command Management
    Business essay sample: The proper incident command system is vital for any organization that can potentially face incidents of either natural or technological origin.
  10. Ryelea Minibuses Ltd.: Managing Activities to Achieve Results
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to establish ways by which Ryelea Ltd can create appropriate systems to ensure the quality of products and services.
  11. Computer Hacking as an Emerging Risk
    Business essay sample: Computer hacking is defined as the modification of computer hardware and software to achieve certain objectives beyond the creator's original intent.
  12. Development of a Time Table Management System
    Business essay sample: This project aims to develop a timetable management system. Different types of technologies are used in this timetable management system.
  13. Noncompliance Risks in Corporate Governance
    Business essay sample: Corporate governance refers to a set of policies, laws, customs, and processes which dictate the manner in which a corporation is managed.
  14. Entrepreneurial Organisation Report
    Business essay sample: Entrepreneurial organizations are the most vulnerable firms. Different steps of doing the business. These steps shape the probability of success for the firm.
  15. Risk Management in Aviation
    Business essay sample: Risk management is crucial in civil aviation as the efficiency of service delivery and safety monitoring depend on it.
  16. The In-N-Out Burger Services: Venture Into the Mexican Market
    Business essay sample: In-N-Out’s venture into the Mexican market should prove to be a good, and profitable decision, a well-planned strategy should provide the guidance it needs to be successful.
  17. Managerial Economics Importance for Running a Strong Company
    Business essay sample: Managerial economics refers is the sub-discipline of economics that uses concepts of microeconomics techniques in the decision-making modules used by business managers.
  18. Problem Solution: McBride Financial Services
    Business essay sample: The paper assesses the situation at McBride Financial by assessing the problems between the two interest groups, the stakeholders and the solutions to the problem.
  19. Jet Airways' Strategic Financial Management
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this report is to evaluate the strategic position of Jet airways. Jet Airways is one of the leading private airlines in India.
  20. Business School in London: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The school will require various personnel to facilitate its operations. These will include educators and support staff to facilitate the process of education.
  21. Foundation Schools' Program Management Plan
    Business essay sample: The case of Foundation Schools illustrates how a problem of inefficient program management can be identified and solved.
  22. Strategic Financial Management for Jet Airways 15
    Business essay sample: Jet airways is one of the major airlines based in Mumbai India. On the other hand the company prides itself as a market leader in the domestic sector.
  23. Risk Management. Fire and Rescue Services
    Business essay sample: Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) in the UK attended to over 877, 000 hazardous cases of fire or fake alarm occurrences in 1 year ending on 30th September 2006.
  24. Enterprise Resource Planning: Selection and Risks
    Business essay sample: Enterprise Resource Planning has attracted increased interest in the recent past. This system is an integrated system that provides integrated support.
  25. Remington Peckinpaw Davis: Improper Project Management
    Business essay sample: The case of Remington Peckinpaw Davis is an example of improper project management and issues it might cause to the company.
  26. Management Practices After Global Financial Crisis
    Business essay sample: This study analyzes management practices prior to the 2008-2009 global economic crisis and the actions that managers have taken since the crisis.
  27. DirecTV Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The strategy, the situation in the corporate world, market share, risks, and stock market performance exposed by both the silent and public accounts give an analysis of DirecTV.
  28. Summary of Supply Chain Logistics Management
    Business essay sample: Supply chain management covers many strategies to ensure efficiency in operations. There is a need to establish appropriate logistics to ensure the supply chain management success.
  29. Critical Reflection: Team Work and Project Management
    Business essay sample: The innovation world has undergone major transformations. This has in turn called fro more calculated measures and approach towards product development management.
  30. Evaluation of Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Note 7
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the researcher seeks to evaluate the case to understand the risk attitude and risk appetite of the Samsung company.
  31. Mindbody App: Proposed Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The Mindbody app is a business management tool that utilizes internet technology to offer a variety of service solutions to customers.
  32. Starbucks’ Management and Operations: Starbucks Delivery
    Business essay sample: Starbucks delivery service is an excellent idea. The wide selection of drinks and outstanding delivery service will promote more sales and demand for the product.
  33. Project Execution Through Risk Addressing (PETRA) Analysis Report
    Business essay sample: The report aims to analyze the PETRA results related to the risks and assess whether other recommendations need to be given in addition to the steps discussed by the review board.
  34. Java for You Company: Obstacles When Running a Company
    Business essay sample: Java For You company existed in a severely competitive environment; hence, the company was facing many business hardships and risks.
  35. Kudler Fine Foods: Case Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses identification of the key problems and to prepare a strategic plan for Kudler Fine Foods to overcome these difficulties.

👍 Good Risk Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Gogo Juice Company: Financial Plan
    Business essay sample: Financial projections indicate that it should begin making a substantial profit, which will keep multiplying, by the end of its 3rd year with an initial capital of $200,000.
  2. McSport: Digital Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: McSport is an Ireland-based major supplier of sport and fitness products to gym facilities and football clubs globally.
  3. Amazon’s Success Models and Factors
    Business essay sample: The company adopts a customer-centric model, which involves asking clients what they desire, and strategising how the customer's requirements will be delivered
  4. Walt Disney World: Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: The financial analysis of the Walt Disney World organization demonstrates that – being a part of an extremely big company – possesses every possible instrument to perform flawlessly.
  5. Walmart: Financial Management Ratio
    Business essay sample: This report will focus on the current ratio, debt-equity ratio, profit margin, inventory turnover, and dividend yield of Walmart.
  6. Operational Risk Management: Models & Criteria
    Business essay sample: The operational risk pertains to the internal functioning of the company including the development of the products and managing human resources and policies.
  7. Supplier Evaluation: IPC and Branco
    Business essay sample: This report shows that Branco and IPC have an opportunity to mend this relationship by adopting their key supply chain functions to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) model.
  8. Dignity Plc.: Financial Statements
    Business essay sample: The present paper aims at evaluating the financial performance of Dignity Plc by using relevant ratios and exploring their dynamics.
  9. Project Management as a Critical Practice
    Business essay sample: Project management remains a critical practice for starting businesses or introducing new products successfully. Proper planning is approach for delivering quality results.
  10. Planning for an Audit for Earthwear Clothiers
    Business essay sample: Planning for an audit is essential; it helps in identifying risks, fraud cases and reducing errors in auditing. Earthwear has a business objective of increasing the customer base
  11. Malaysia’s Secret Recipe Expanding Into Australia
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to evaluate the threats and opportunities that Secret Recipe will face in the Australian market and describes viable management responses to cross-cultural challenges.
  12. Malaysian Airlines' Marketing Plan Critique
    Business essay sample: This critique assesses the marketing plan of Malaysian Airlines under the scrutiny of the theoretical framework chosen, as well as the scope, and precision of the data provided.
  13. Health Risk Management: Central Sterilization Supply Department
    Business essay sample: This paper focuses on the health risk management process of shortage of Central Sterilization Supply Department in a health care setting.
  14. Importance of Risk Analysis and Evaluation in Business
    Business essay sample: The essay discusses four external business factors of environmental: economic, political, social and technological.
  15. PepsiCo Company's Management Effectiveness
    Business essay sample: PepsiCo is a food and beverage company operating on a global level and possessing numerous brands. It poses itself as leading in the field.
  16. Analysis of the Supermarket Industry’s Performance
    Business essay sample: The supermarket industry is among the largest economic sectors in the U.S. with regard to food and other non-food product retailing.
  17. SMART Time & Attendance System
    Business essay sample: Management of the ADWEA advanced plans for privatization of two water treatment plants, for private-sector participation in expansion plans, and outsourcing of waste-water collection.
  18. Cross-Cultural Differences and Employee Motivation
    Business essay sample: The article examines the employee motivation program at Walmart and how it can be adapted for employees with different cultural backgrounds.
  19. CFO Report on Colgate-Palmolive Company
    Business essay sample: This CFO report is going to focus on the renowned Colgate- Palmolive Company. It is one of the world’s largest cosmetics and toiletries companies.
  20. Exceptional Computer Services: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: Exceptional Computer Services is the company, which is engaged in the sphere of information services and actions, which are closely linked with information and data security.
  21. The Rio Tinto: Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper presents a financial ratio analysis focusing on the business risks and financial risks of the Rio Tinto.
  22. CBI Constructors Firm's Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
    Business essay sample: This paper deals with the issues of occupational health and safety management systems of CBI Constructors Pty Limited, located in West Perth, Australia.
  23. Auditing & Assurance Services: Audit for Revenue and Collection Cycles
    Business essay sample: The focus of the present paper is the analysis of revenue and collection cycles as suggested in the book Auditing & Assurance Services by Louwers et al.
  24. Financial Markets and Risks Analysis
    Business essay sample: Financial markets are vehicles for investors to gain a return on their investment. All investments have an intrinsic risk which is related to the returns on the investment.
  25. Huffman Trucking Company
    Business essay sample: There are Potential Risks associated with the establishment of an election system so requested by Huffman Trucking Company. This paper would widely address these issues.
  26. Fosters Australia Firm's Security Valuation Report
    Business essay sample: The paper includes dynamics of internal, operating performance, risks analysis, and growth analysis for Foster Company in Australia.
  27. The Term of Liquidity Risk: Asset and Funding Liquidity
    Business essay sample: Liquidity risk is used to describe the financial vulnerability. There are two major types of liquidity risk in financial management: asset liquidity and funding liquidity.
  28. Report for Domino’s Pizza Enterprises
    Business essay sample: The objective of this report is to apply the theory of corporate finance to a real organization and this paper selects Domino's Pizza Enterprises.
  29. Islamic Bonds – Sukuks, Risk Factors Study and Analysis
    Business essay sample: Considering the huge existing market and the potential market for Sukuks, the paper will examine these financial products in greater detail.
  30. Financial Analysis: Aveng Limited Group
    Business essay sample: The objective of this paper is to examine the financial standing of the Aveng Limited Group at the end of the financial year June 30, 2010, from a share investment perspective.
  31. Upside Risk Impact on Lehman Brothers Crisis
    Business essay sample: Essay reports on the impacts of upside risks based on Lehman Brothers Company by identifying the role played by different upside risks.
  32. Reviewing Emirate National Oil Company Contracting Strategies
    Business essay sample: This paper highlights the recommended changes that the ENOC Ltd must implement to minimise the risks established by its procurement and supply department.
  33. Cost-Benefit Risk Analysis-Djibouti
    Business essay sample: Company A wishes to invest in Djibouti, to determine the riskiness of the intended venture, the paper undertakes the cost benefit-risk analysis of the country of intended operation.
  34. Kellogg's Financial Case Analysis
    Business essay sample: The following research is set out to perform an in-depth analysis of Kellogg's Financial Case, by examining its governance, compensation, and capital structures.
  35. Financial Risk Analysis: Review
    Business essay sample: Transaction risk is the risk of loss resulting from inadequate personnel in the business, while the financial risk is a nutshell of numerous threats connected with financing.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Risk Analysis

  1. Custom Snowboards: Financial Analysis and Strategies for Entering the New Market
    Business essay sample: Custom Snowboards Inc. will enter the European market on its own. The capital budgeting techniques will be used to evaluate the viability of building a new plant in Europe.
  2. Custom Snowboards European Expansion
    Business essay sample: The European Expansion presents a great opportunity for Custom Snowboards to grow its revenue and global presence.
  3. Analysis of Graphic Packaging Holding
    Business essay sample: Graphic Packaging Holding is an American company that has specialized in packaging various products. The paper concludes that it is worthy to invest in Graphic Packaging Holding.
  4. The Brambles Limited Analysis
    Business essay sample: Brambles Limited is a leading logistics company whose headquarters is in Sydney. Recall’s core function is business support through information management.
  5. Accounting: Audit of Accounts Receivable
    Business essay sample: Accounts receivable are claims against customers related to goods or services sold to them on credit. The list of accounts receivable is extended to accommodate other claims.
  6. Intermediate Financial Accounting Report
    Business essay sample: The entrepreneur expects to venture into the green fashion industry successfully and attain profit maximization. This goal will be achieved by pursuing the issues.
  7. Counterespionage Measures in Business
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this article is to present an effective counterintelligence program that can be implemented by a large software company.
  8. Audit Risk Approach and Its Components
    Business essay sample: An audit risk approach indicates the allowance that the books of accounts could be misstated. The audit risk approach has two components: inherent risk and control risk.
  9. Syndicating the Hong Kong Disneyland Loan by Chase
    Business essay sample: This paper focuses on Chase Bank. The goal is to investigate its strategy for syndicating the Hong Kong Disneyland loan.
  10. E-Laundry Business Opportunity
    Business essay sample: The paper proposed an e-Laundry business opportunity in which people can place orders while cleaners pick them up.
  11. Risk-Based Internal Auditing and Micro-Financing
    Business essay sample: Risk-based internal auditing plays a great role in enabling organizations to realize their goals. Micro-financing has served to reduce the poverty levels and improved education.
  12. Syndicating the Hong Kong Disneyland Loan
    Business essay sample: The location helped investment groups like Disney and the Hong Kong government to be comfortable with their risk exposure when contracting Chase as their loan manager
  13. Pfizer Company’s Financial Statement Evaluation
    Business essay sample: Pfizer Company’s financial statement ratios and credit ratings will convince the bank loan managers of the ability to pay the company’s maturing bank loan installments on time.
  14. Internal Control: COSO History
    Business essay sample: COSO is an organization that is dedicated to ensuring that there is thorough leadership. It does this by providing internal control and risk management guidance and framework.
  15. A Merger Between Hospital Corporation of America Holding INC. And Tenet Healthcare
    Business essay sample: The paper will carry out financial statements and operating indicator analysis to assess the financial condition of the two Health care facilities.
  16. Apple Company: Audit Risk Analysis Project
    Business essay sample: Apple Inc. was incorporated by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1977. The company was incorporated with a total net worth of US$250,000.
  17. General Motor Sports Inc.'s Risk Management
    Business essay sample: The General Motor Sports Inc. score of 34 points places the company. This maturity level is actually defined as the basic enterprise risk management practice in position.
  18. Audit Plan of Keystone Computers and Network, Inc.
    Business essay sample: This article is an audit plan for Keystone Computers and Network, Inc. that aims to analyze the audit strategy adopted and the risk associated with the company.
  19. Harry Greens Supply Company Workplace Risks
    Business essay sample: This essay identifies the workplace risks associated with Harry Greens Supply Company and develops critical strategies to counter and reduce the said risks.
  20. Dell's Company Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to provide credible information based on Dell Company in the electronic industry.
  21. Cost of Equity & Weighted Average Cost of Capita for Merchants Trust
    Business essay sample: Raising capital through a high share of debt is unfavorable for businesses in Hungary, as financial institutions charge higher interest rates. Stocks are the best option.
  22. An Employee Motivation Program for Walmart
    Business essay sample: A comprehensive employee motivation program premised on employee empowerment through task delegation and workers’ autonomy will inspire Walmart’s workers.
  23. Risk Management Implementation in the Project Life Cycle
    Business essay sample: Civil engineering projects are exposed to risks that can be potentially damaging due to the cost of investments incurred in such projects.
  24. Telecity Group Plc.: Financial, Strategic and Risk Analysis
    Business essay sample: This report covers a comprehensive analysis of Telecity Group plc and recommendations are provided for managing these risks more effectively.
  25. The Telvent Company: Hedging Alternatives
    Business essay sample: This paper analyses how and why Telvent company has adopted hedging. The analysis is made in the context of the company’s current venture into the African market through Senegal.
  26. The Failure of Risk Management
    Business essay sample: Risk management in the modern business organization does not necessarily entail avoidance of risks but rather enhancement of efficiency in the overall business processes.
  27. International Risk Company: Quanta Services in Houston
    Business essay sample: This research is focused on some of the serious risks that Quanta Services Inc faces as it endeavors to offer a solution to its clients in various countries.
  28. Comparison Between Sifchain Finance and Republic Note
    Business essay sample: This report aims to compare the two ICOs that use the Sifchain and Republic notes and give the significant reasons each of them can be invested.
  29. Royal Mail Group's Anti-Money Laundering Analysis
    Business essay sample: To perform the money laundering and terrorist financing (ML/TF) risk assessment, the Royal Mail Group plc, a British-based multinational postal service company, has been chosen.
  30. The Concept of Fraud Risk Factors
    Business essay sample: The concept of fraud risk factors is a situation that involves three conditions. These conditions include: incentives/pressures; attitudes/rationalizations; and opportunities.

✍️ Risk Analysis Essay Examples for College

  1. Credit Risk Management in British Banks
  2. Financial Analysis for Sturm Ruger & Company
  3. Sainsbury’s Supermarkets in New Zealand: An Overview of Investment Opportunities and Risks
  4. Risk Analysis for a US Footwear Business Venture in the Indian Market
  5. Project Quality and Risk Management Plan
  6. Risks, Budget Constraints and Recommendations
  7. GlaxoSmithKline: Finance for Decision-Making Assessment
  8. Burberry: Case Analysis
  9. BMW: Customer Relationship Management and Risk Implications
  10. Quillstine Farm's Start-Up Business Plan
  11. Industrial Safety: The Role of Leadership and Management
  12. Tim Hortons Inc.: Strategic Analysis
  13. Management of Health and Safety
  14. Fire Safety Management Plan (FSMP)
  15. Operations and Finance Strategies for Copious.com
  16. Nestle Food Science: Company Analysis
  17. Change Management Plan in Locus Fs Company
  18. Nike Inc.'s Marketing and Corporate & Business Strategies
  19. Apple's iPhone Supply Chain Mapping and Risk Assessment
  20. Simons Inc.'s Accounting and Auditing Standards
  21. A Business Case: Expansion of Murray’s Cheese Company
  22. Nokia’s Supply Chain Management
  23. Company Financial Analysis and Credit Risk Assessment
  24. Organizational Project Management Office
  25. Cleaning Company: Risk Assessment of the Working Environment
  26. Security Risk Assessment Report
  27. Operational and Other Financial Risks
  28. Southwest Airlines Assessing and Managing Risk
  29. The Dudebox Subscription Market Research Project
  30. Management: Moyon Tea Business Plan

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