Computer Hacking as an Emerging Risk

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Many organizations all over the world share a common objective of profit maximization. Since the future is normally uncertain of what may come forth, these firms take an initiative of insuring their business incase of risk emergence. There are many emerging risks that any organization may encounter as it performs day-to-day activities. Under discussion is computer hacking as an emerging risk, its effects (both positive and negative), and how the risk managers should handle it with an intent of leading the organization in realizing its main aim.

Computer hacking

Computer hacking is defined as the modification of computer hardware and software to achieve certain objectives beyond the creators original intent. Hackers are those individuals who participate in the process of hacking. Hack is a term that has been used to refer to someone who is incompetent at his or her profession, and takes a step of interfering with other peoples efforts. The process of hacking is usually associated with young generation, who more frequently enjoy computer programming. For them, this is a real life application of their expertise skills in problem solving. Though their objective is normally clear that it is a chance of demonstrating their skills and abilities, some have gone a step further by secretly obtaining companies information that are usually vital in its operations (Jones & Ashenden, 2005).

Hacking however has got positive effects in the sense that it provides an opportunity for the young generation to demonstrate their programming abilities. In addition, hackers have been embraced by some companies to use their skills in detecting flaws in the organizations security systems to enable fast reparation. This has in a way prevented theft and other serious computer related crimes. Hacking also led to development in technology, for instance the development of UNIX operating system was as a result of the efforts of a known hacker by the name Ken Thompson. However, hacking can be a destructive tool. Hackers can access sensitive information which can be used to propel identity theft, which may be complex to repair at all. Hackers may also access personal emails hence puts them in a better position to gain vital information that may cause adverse downfall of an individual when such information is tampered with. The information may also have sensitive data in it that may be used against an individual.

Hacking has been highlighted to be the most adventurous process to the users. This has been of great advantage to many people as well as to the corporate world. The hackers are able to be used in coming up with a company system which cannot be hacked or accessed by an intended user. The people who participate in hacking are always skillful in their techniques hence they are able to access the system without any proper authority. This also indicates that their skills if harnessed by the corporate world will be of great benefit and will not pose any major risk to them. Hacking is a risk which threatens the company’s information and daily operation. This put the company at risk especially if their formulae’s or processes have been accessed by other people. This can be used by the competitors to take advantage of the situation and propel themselves to the levels where they could not have been without the information they have achieved. This indicates how risky the computer hacking is or the system hacking is in the cooperate sector. There is an in-depth analysis of the main reason why this risk is emerging in the corporate sector. The companies also which are in a position to escalate the use of the hacking to their advantage shall be dealt with later in this writing. There has been clear indication that the society we live in has been established with all its sectors represented, hence hackers are also very important in the society as well as being a nuisance (Feldstein, 2010).

Discuss why this risk is emerging

This risk is emerging because of various reasons and situations in the corporate environment. This risk is emerging first as a security alert issue to the corporate world that they should be in a position to protect their properties. This entails safeguarding all the information the company has so as to stay in business within the competitive edge which cannot be overshadowed. Computer hacking has been in the world since the initialization of the technology. Hackers have been able to hack so as to satisfy their abilities and skills which they have. They also demonstrate their abilities to the corporate world. This is a positive thing to the corporate world to ensure that they are always a head of the hackers. The technology is a dynamic field which requires constant changes hence those who do not move with the demands of the technology are always caught up by professional hackers. This presses the need of the companies to continually accelerate their innovations so as to safeguard their interest.

The risk is also emerging as there is a means which can be hacked by the malicious worm exploits. These are used to access the systems’ information or destroy any form of files or documents which are in the system. These worms’ exploits are very dangerous since they can be automated to stay in waiting for the any kind of command on them so that they can pick up the commanding codes.

This risk also is emerging since there are many learned people without employment. This increased number of unemployed youths is idle yet they have he knowledge hence they try out their concepts in hacking computers. They mostly succeed since they take enough time in internalizing the barriers they come across. They also internalize the theoretical concepts they have so as to fit the practical part which is being used by the corporate sector. This leads to the risk being common in the companies which do not have a secure line of operation (Wang, 2006).

This risk also is emerging since most hackers want to pass a message to the relevant authorities such as the government that they should not over rely on their system so much. This has been used as a political statement which signifies power on the winning side, i.e. either the hackers or the authorities. This has enabled the hacking of systems be made unlawful in countries such as the United States of America among others. The systems in place have also been improved so as to prohibit any person from hacking it. This has been made in a bid to secure the system from the hackers. The government systems are no longer vulnerable to such hackers as there have been institutionalizations of appropriate systems which prohibit or prevent the hackers from accessing the systems.

The managers need to be aware of the issues which surround the computer hacking to even include the worm’s exploits. There is need for the managers to accept that hacking is there and its unlawful hence there should be systems which identifies that the system is being hacked and that the system is facing some security threats. The managers also should use the expertise of the hackers who have been identified in coming up with high-tech softwares which cannot be hacked so easily by an outsider. The utilization of the hackers also is very important since they revolutionalizes the world and they are aware of how the computers are being changed, hence it’s easier for them to identify how the computers are evolving (Tipton & Krause, 2008).

Points why computer hacking risk may not be emerging

There has been a joke from an anonymous person which says that as the world of computing develops, the cyber criminals would always be ahead by a step. This notion can be founded on deep considerations. Cyber crime is always abreast with measures designed to mitigate it. But as computer scientist would have it, they seem a bit comfortable with this very fact that the ever dynamic cyber crime grants them with an impetus to develop more intricate and versatile computer systems.

However, the curiosity that abounds in the computing possibilities is only the tip of the iceberg. Cyber crime, to be candid enough, has been there ever since computers were made. At every new computing dream come to life, there would be someone ready who strives to ridicule it. In essence this can be viewed as a war of scientists. One tries to dismiss or criticize the creation of a fellow developer with the explication that the present system is rather faulty or formidable.

Let us go back, if it serves the purpose to illustrate, to the working lives of our preeminent computer wizards. Mark’s first breakthrough visualizing and bringing to life of Facebook was when he hacked into Harvard students’ site. From there he gained recognition. Up to now there are claims from his former friends that he stole the whole idea from them (Parks, 2007).

A sharp contradiction is the journey of Bill Gates who dropped out of college to start the versatile and most successful software giant: Microsoft. Gates’ idea was that school life was not bearable anymore. Over the years, he has overseen the greatest breakthroughs in computer software. These two examples are perfect indicators that the world of computing is awash with possibilities spurred by creativity. These two prominent faces were and are still creative. It could even be more catastrophic if they could harness their creativity to propagate cyber and computer related crimes.

Therefore, it can be said that the knowledge in the computing field can be used for both constructive and destructive purposes. In the same light, however, most of skilled and knowledgeable individuals work to contribute positively to the computing industry. One of the reasons for this is because there is an unlimited capacity to make enormous returns from doing legitimate business. This is amplified by the international patents and copyright laws together with the incentives from the government (Gupta, 2004).

That aside, there have been concerns of credit card security. Credit card scam is still the leading type of crime. Cyber criminals hack into banking and accounting systems, steal confidential information and data with the aim of identifying weaknesses in them. From there, they would hack into these systems from remote locations, transfer monies to untraceable accounts. They would even paralyze a critical system, say of a government agency like the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But these detractions and others are no cause for alarm. Institutions and businesses are also not sitting back and watching. At least for every threat, computer security experts respond with over five solutions thereby thwarting any mass hazards. There is also a growing trend by governments around the world to put known computer hackers and criminals to work for the government to beef up computer security. The argument behind this move is that instead of incarcerating these prolific individuals, they could positively contribute to the society (Kizza, 2006).

Addressing the doubts

There are adverse doubts from the corporate world of the capabilities of the hackers and how to confront them. The computer era is full of many wide and varied issues which are able to be tapped and used for the risk management against the computer hacking. The management of most companies is in doubt of the will or the manpower they have and the hackers. The potential hackers are well equipped with wide knowledge hence they are better place in solving most company problems, hence they can be considered by the company for the position of computer specialists. They are also able to come up with softwares which are full of innovation and hence, securing the company information and advancing the security which is placed (Scambray & McClure, 2007).

There is absolute agreement on the techniques which need to be utilized by the management so as to benefit from the risk management as a whole. The ideas of the third parties on the weaknesses of the company system need to be taken into account and in-depth critical analysis should be done. Those companies which are technology giants have utilized the knowledge which is in the people but who do not know how to apply them. The company is very useful in the formulation of the policies which have great impact to the company positive. The negative effects also need to be utilized so as to attain the optimal change or challenge in the company.

Many are the times when the management fails to implement functions which are appropriate to the company security. Prevention is very important hence the utilization of professional people whom can track the efforts of the hackers is important. The software needs to be updated so as to facilitate the use of updated system which reduces the chances of the hackers accessing it hence reducing the risk of exposing the system. All the wireless connections should be enabled by use of a password so as to eliminate the computer risk (Crouhy & Mark, 2006).

There should be an overwhelming support of the staff in countering the hackers’ abilities. This will be implemented by utilization of adequate and well equipped computer specialist. The risk is at minimal level when there is enough awareness of the issue. This is very useful in monitoring the ways and actions of the hackers in a very close range so as to eliminate the vice before it occurs. The company management should be in a position to update their system at all times so as to increase the level of the system security. The credit card scam has been on high alert since hackers use its access as a means of obtaining necessary information which relates to the company security. They hack the credit cards and obtain that information which can be used against them in the counterfeiting their products. This is a security breach which needs to be addressed amicably by the company management and derive adequate measures which will prohibit the information loss or exposure.

The use of Routers is appropriate in preventing the company system from the hackers. The company also should put in place a firewall which prevents the system from being hacked. Firewall is very useful software which will eliminate all the unauthorized traffic networks from the system. It also eliminates the unauthorized access to the system by the hackers. This is very useful as it allows the system access with the consent of the administration (McGraw, 2006).


Computer hacking has been there with us for a very long time, hence there is need for the society and the corporate world to accept it and act appropriately on it. There is need for all of us to utilize the knowledge of the hackers so as to overcome the risk which comes with it. The society is complete with all the people and systems aboard. This therefore implies that the concepts of the current generation are very important. The hackers also can be economic movers of the world hence there is need to accommodate them and raise their potentials through the right path.


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