227 Cost Analysis Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Cost Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. UK Electricity Companies: Industry Report
    In the UK, the industry of electricity supply has been categorised into four: electricity generation, electricity transmission, electricity distribution, and electricity supply.
  2. Activity-Based Costing and Its Advantage for Companies
    Activity-based costing fits any context and is easy to implement in situations with a distinct process flow, such as manufacturing.
  3. Training and Development Programs in the US
    The objectivity of training and development and its sustained learning procedure has constantly been influenced by the software industry.
  4. Building Material Website and App: Marketing Plan
    The proposed Building Material Website and App will be an online based business in the form of a website that will enable Saudis to review the construction material available in the market.
  5. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company: Cost Optimization
    In this paper, the researcher will critically discuss cost optimization techniques and strategies at the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company.
  6. Frozen Food Production Industry Market
    The essay determines the market structure in which the low-calorie frozen, microwavable food company operates and researches the leading competitors in this industry.
  7. Enterprise Resource Planning: Costs and Risks
    The implementation of enterprise resource planning software often becomes a challenge despite all its benefits: management of resources, automation of processes, etc.
  8. Saudi Arabian Wind Power Plants: Cost Analysis
    The report covers the financial models for the wind power plants in Saudi Arabia including cost and inflation rate analyses, investment model, sensitivity analysis.
  9. Economic Risk Management in Supply Chain
    Walkers Shortbread has not optimized its supply chain because focusing on its trade relationships with traditional partners does not provide adequate opportunity to do business.
  10. Business Research Methods
    The aim of this paper is to discuss how in tackling a business problem, various issues inform the choice of methodology.
  11. EasyJet Airline Company Change Management
    The report categorises the key components of the environment, strategy, tasks, formal system, and key individuals to determine what outputs are desired, and whether they are achieved by easyJet plc.
  12. Apple Objectives, Goals for the Future, and Mission: Procurement Analysis
    Researching Apple Objectives 🎯? Apple Incorporation is one of the leading American manufactures that has specialized in the production of 📱 electronic devices. Discover objectives of Apple company, its goals for the future, and mission.
  13. Emirates Airlines' Values-Based Business Model
    Emirates Airlines was incorporated in 1985 with the assistance of the Dubai’s royal family. The company started with only about $10 million as the starting capital.
  14. Colbertens Services Ltd.'s Procurement Expenditure
    The paper will examine the sourcing plan, which is a significant aspect of expenditure within Colbertens Services Limited, which is a Dubai-based service company.
  15. Toyota Company: Supply Chain Management
    The transfer of manufacturing to factories in India, Bangladesh, and Philippines by Toyota is fundamental in understanding the dynamic needs of the target market in UAE.
  16. Emirates Post: Strategic Supply Chain Management
    Emirates Post has already achieved success in the identification of its core competencies and values. Besides, it is good at outsourcing practices and fulfilling customers’ needs.
  17. Tesla Cars Company: Marketing Strategies and Channels
    The proposed study will focus on investigating marketing methods for Tesla to help it survive in the market for its new technology products.
  18. Leamington Spa Company's Competitive Product Development
    This report evaluates technologies that are available for energy storage in the domestic sector to help Leamington Spa Company to select a competitive product in the market.
  19. Value Management
    The stakeholder management is the decisive factor for the success of any project whether small, large or complex.
  20. Performance and Reward Management: Payroll Costs
    Employees are encouraged by both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, to be effective; the reward system must recognize both sources of motivation.
  21. Integrated Management Information System – Analysis
    Integrated information system consists of information technology practices and a range of other business processes. 👔 Read this paper to learn more about integrated management information system. ✅
  22. Macroeconomic Shocks and Monetary Policy
    The government can intervene in the macroeconomic coordination process from the purposes of influencing the levels of employment, output, interest rates, and prices.
  23. TESCO PLC: Human Resources Management
    This report highlights on how the changing role of technology can be integrated into the training and development process at Tesco Plc.
  24. Marketing Management: Development and Strategies
    It is the work of the marketer to go for the most optimal choice that brings the best value proposition for the firm both in the short term and long term.
  25. Walmart Corporation's Strategic Planning
    This paper describes the situation of Walmart in remote, industry, and operating environments with the intention of creating a strategic plan that mirrors its growth.
  26. Emicos International: Marketing Plan
    Operating in the global economic environment is a challenging task even for an organization as well established in the home market environment as Emicos International.
  27. E-Business for Curio Shop of African Products
    The proposal will be for putting up an online Curio Shop for products of African culture. This will be achieved by developing a website.
  28. Islamic Financial Institutions: Accounting Concepts
    The main focus is on the analysis of differences in accounting between commercial banks and Islamic financial institutions.
  29. U.S. Fast Food Industry: Economic Growth
    This paper revealed that the U.S. fast food industry is profitable due to the provision of cheap and rapid dining options as well as the employment of innovations.
  30. Pricing Policies: Market Conditions and Costing
    The goal of every entrepreneur is to make profits, and profit maximisation is the objective of all producers of goods or services.
  31. Macroeconomic Measurement Importance
    Macro-economic growth measurement is of great significance to a nation because it helps in establishing the potential of an economy.
  32. Procter and Gamble Company: Strategic Business Analysis
    This paper provides information about Procter and Gamble Company, engaged in the production of various consumer goods; provides company's SWOT-analysis and management features.
  33. The Development of an Information System to Support Inventory Management
    This dissertation describes the perceptions and opinions of the development of an information system for inventory management on the example of “Trinidad Energy Supplies & Services Limited”.
  34. Information System and Inventory Management Connection
    This work describes the perceptions & opinions of The Development of an Information system for Inventory Management Study factors affecting their drives & examination.
  35. The Nature of Management Accounting
    Accounting is more than a way to organize financial figures. The goals of a nation and the aspiration of a people influence the structure of an accounting system.
  36. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company' Cost Optimization
    Cost optimization techniques and strategies is a widely researched topic and in this paper, the focus is to determine how these techniques can be applied at Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company.
  37. Organic Foods Market in the United States
    This paper focuses on factors determining demand and supply for organic foods in the United States and the way of how they impact prices.
  38. Activity Based Costing Analysis
    Accounting has changed over time by recognizing the effects of accounting information on management procedures, on security pricing decisions, or on social accountability and welfare.
  39. Cost Accounting and Management Decision Making
    To provide the financial information needed, accounting forms a basic priority for decision-makers. Developing a new technology in an industry is to depends on the accounting information.
  40. Johnson Beverage Inc. Case Study Analysis
    This paper aims to work out a costing system, required to fulfill the demands of each customer, for such a company as Johnson Beverage Inc (JBI).

💡 Essay Ideas on Cost Analysis

  1. Herewego Travel Case Study
    This paper is a report to Mr. Kelvin explaining different problems that are faced by the organisation, and their solution.
  2. Impact of New Public Management on the Society
    An analysis of the effects of global changes to various sectors with an emphasis on the public sector. Definition and key elements of new public management.
  3. Pilgrim Pride Corporation: Company Analysis
    The structure and the strategic decisions of the modern business organizations are well established and particularly defined to achieve their vision with skill management teams.
  4. Potential of Implementing the Modern System of Attendance Control Called Smart Time
    The proposal examines the potential of realizing the modern system of public control called SMART TIME in the UAE-based company ADSSC.
  5. Building Maintenance Management
    A maintenance policy provides the framework through and within which the maintenance activities will be carried and implemented.
  6. Service Procurement And Provision
    The report is going to focus on a strategic review of Benenden hospital, which is one of the most popular medical centers in UK.
  7. Risk-Assessment and Cost-Effectiveness of Rehabilitating Open Cut Coal Mine Spoil Areas
    This research aims to present an analytical report on risk analysis and techniques of risk analysis with respect to engineering systems.
  8. Small and Medium Enterprises in Kenya
    Small businesses play a pivotal role in the development of any country. In sub-Saharan economies, they play a significant role in the mobilization of idle resources.
  9. Decreasing Electricity Bill and Medical Insurance Costs
    The purpose of this assignment is to help CTY’s management team to find the solution to decrease spending on the most expensive categories. These include electricity bill and medical insurance benefits for employees.
  10. Managing Change and Innovation in SME
    Newer process generation, implementation and evaluation are integrated part of organisational innovativeness in terms of operation and management.
  11. Bag Manufacturing Company: Business Plan
    This is a company which will be laptop carrier bag maker and distributor them within North America before being distributed world.
  12. Country Classics: Production and Operations Management
    Country Classics, a furniture company with customized and standard furniture offerings is faced with the problem of not being able to cope with orders and also declining profits in its standardized furniture section.
  13. Align HR With Organization Strategy
    Human resources alignment means integrating decisions about people with decisions about the results an organization is trying to obtain (U.S Office of Personnel Management, 1999).
  14. Emaar Saudi Investment: Company Analysis
    Emaar - is a Middle Eeast company which is into real estate development. The main purpose of the company is to provide new infrastructure across the countries.
  15. H2O Company : Human Resource Functions Analysis
    This paper is aimed at looking at some of the various issues affecting H2O’s human resource department and give recommendations on what the company ought to do.
  16. Strategic Planning in European Low-Cost Airlines
    The objective of this study is to identify the forces that shape the strategies of low-cost airlines in Europe and the strategic options that these airlines have.
  17. Concepts of Management Accounting, Capital Decisions
    The aim of this paper is to take a deeper look at the concepts of management accounting, costing process, cost & capital structure and budgeting process.
  18. Impacts of Implementing an ERP System
    The paper provides an explanation of current business environments and why an ERP system may be necessary through the analysis of 4 cases studies in India, US, and the UK.
  19. Computerized Sewerage System in Bedford Town
    The paper presents a project for the construction of a computerized sewerage system in the municipality of Bedford Town with risk assessments and project stages.
  20. JetBlue in the Global Financial Downturn
    Competition in airline industry has led to JetBlue Airline Company having to always be at par with the changing technology.
  21. The Importance of Proper Staff Recruitment and Employee Training Processes
    This research examines the impact and importance of proper recruitment and selection of human resource, as people are the most important function in any company to gain success.
  22. Pros and Cons - Starting and Operating Korean Fast Food Barbecue in China
    Korea Korean Barbeque, which initiated preliminary operations in Canada, is all set to spread its wings around other parts of the world, including Asian destinations.
  23. International Business and Multinational Corporations Expansion
    The purpose of the study is to yield data that would be useful for proper planning, decision making, and control in the operations and management of FedEx Corporation.
  24. Cost Cutting During Recession: Short Term Benefits, Long Term Drawbacks
    The principles of strategic human resource management do not point to any of these during recessions and economic downturns.
  25. A Report on the Victorian Fine Furnishings Company
    This paper seeks to analyze the Victorian Fine Furnishings Company case and make recommendations after identifying the best option of obtaining the timber that is needed.
  26. Denver International Airport: Automated Baggage Handling System
    The need by Denver international airport management team to upgrade their airport to a state-of-the art airport led to them coming up with an automated baggage handling system.
  27. Supply Chain Management and Logistics Metrics
    Business logistics depends upon effective controls and measurements. For control purposes, too, there is an overwhelming difference in usefulness between the two types of data.
  28. Service Delivery Excellence: Engineering, Construction
    The international business manager should then study and understand the complexities pertaining to engineering and construction services delivery.
  29. A Notebook Computer in Huawei’s Product Portfolio
    The study assesses the market condition of notebook computers and tries to generate an idea for introducing notebook computers in Huawei’s current product portfolio.
  30. GlaxoSmithKline Company's Economic Factors
    This paper will critically look at the economic factors related to the business operations of the GlaxoSmithKline Company in the pharmaceutical industry.
  31. Managing People, Finance and Marketing
    In managerial grid approach, there are five types of leadership practiced by different manager in different organisational arrangement.
  32. Sustainable Logistics: Virginia Valley Smoked Ham
    By Virginia Valley putting in place sustainable logistics and supply chain management, it will be able to run operations in the most effective and efficient way.
  33. Reduction of Payroll Costs: Rewards
    Each reward systems should cater for the needs of the entire employee’s. The manner and approach to implementation of such systems may.
  34. Optimizing Food Production to Improve Quality, Reduce Cost and Prevent Waste
    This report explores the mechanisms of optimizing food production in industries to improve quality, reduce cost, and prevent wastage.
  35. Marketing Plan for the FlaBlaster Product
    This is a document about FlaBlaster, a product that is able to reduce the weight of a person without using other weight loss procedures such as surgery.
  36. Summary of Supply Chain Logistics Management
    Supply chain management covers many strategies to ensure efficiency in operations. There is a need to establish appropriate logistics to ensure the supply chain management success.
  37. Contracting Case Study
    Contractual negotiations on the matters of supplying H-19C helicopter systems, as well as enhancing the computer program development, is one of the key steps in H-19 Helicopter Program development.
  38. Biases and the Cost of Living in the US
    The Boskin commission findings have changed the economic landscape and some of its recommendations have been adopted by the state.
  39. Mindbody App: Proposed Business Plan
    The Mindbody app is a business management tool that utilizes internet technology to offer a variety of service solutions to customers.
  40. Aerotech Cost Management System
    This article is a detailed account of the changes in the cost management system at Aerotech: reasons, implementation, benefits are considered.

👍 Good Cost Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. The Plan of Successful Negotiation
    As negotiations begin, communication is very important. The negotiation process can affect the acceptance of terms as well as future relations within management.
  2. Productivity & Costs of Small vs. Large Firms in Short & Long Run
    Productivity is the ability of a company to maximize its profits while reducing costs during a production process.
  3. Management and Accounting Principles in Business
    Management and accounting principles are significant and innovative tools that can be used to boost management efficiency and effectiveness in times of business uncertainty.
  4. Time Delays and Cost Overruns in Large Public Construction Projects
    The purpose of this paper is to identify how quality can be applied in many ways to various aspects of the construction process.
  5. Wonder Co.: Strategy Analysis
    The W1 customers are willing to have a moderate price, and they are less concerned about the functionality. The price decrease allows the company to attract more customers.
  6. Pro-Tech Management Accounting
    Pro-Tech seems like a big organization from the study, and big organizations are characterized by a large number of employees.
  7. Management Accounting: Apple Plc, Absorption Costing
    Management accounting is primarily concerned with the internal activities of the organization and therefore central to key organizational functions.
  8. Production Management in the Company Jianxi Ventures
    The Jianxi Ventures company specializes in beauty products ranging from lotions, creams and hair treatment products.
  9. Tonka Corporation's Financial Aspects of Business
    This paper proposed to consider the financial aspects of the business of Tonka, one of the oldest toy manufacturing industries in Minneapolis, USA.
  10. Air Force Materiel Command: Case Analysis
    The problem at Air Force Command was to reduce costs and improve quality. For this, powers of chief operating officers were broaden, without appropriate reorganization of the system.
  11. Landshark Co.: Cost Report for Individual Loans Section
    The report studies how the costing information can be used for making better managerial decisions by the Landshark Co company.
  12. Activity-Based Costing at The New Millennium Manufacturing Company
    This paper deals with the application of activity-based costing, the company selected is The New Millennium Manufacturing Company which produces two types of products.
  13. The Importance of Enterprise Resource Planning
    The use Enterprise Resource Planning in the operation processes is an absolute necessary in the long-term success of any modern business entity.
  14. Performance Analysis of Samba Financial Group
    The study evaluates the financial performance of Samba over a period of three years, keeping in view that the bank invests in staff and maximize the wealth of shareholders.
  15. Performance Evaluation of Saudi Industrial Investment Group
    The paper analysis a general financial evaluation and should not be construed as an investigation of forensic nature.
  16. Performance Analysis of Almarai Company
    The study is undertaken to evaluate the performance of Almarai Company over the years. Almarai is a company in the food industry. The company was established in 1976.
  17. SMART Time & Attendance System
    Management of the ADWEA advanced plans for privatization of two water treatment plants, for private-sector participation in expansion plans, and outsourcing of waste-water collection.
  18. Craving for Cake Ltd.'s Activity-Based Costing
    Activity-Based Costing (ABC) is a transparent system by which the inefficiencies and cost control drawbacks of management could be visible.
  19. Advantages of Activity Base Cost
    Activity-based cost is a new method that simplifies the assessment of business organization monetary condition.
  20. Issues in Accounting: Synergy and Benefits to Merging Companies
    The article indicates that the rate of ABC implementation is quite low in Australian firms and is quite successful in firms where it is implemented.
  21. The Different Concepts of Accounting
    Looks into the different concepts of accounting and it lays emphasis on the activity-based cost accounting model that has been put into effect in the management of organizations.
  22. Saudi Arabia Fertilizer Company
    Saudi Arabia Fertilizer Company is one of the largest corporations in Saudi Arabia which is in the business of manufacture and distributing fertilizer, oil, and gas.
  23. Management and Allocation of Support Service Costs
    Management and allocation of support service costs are identified as one of the most important activities to be undertaken by any financial manager.
  24. Establishment of an Aviation Company
    Adam Aircraft is a startup company with no previous market experience it does not have a good reputable name. It has no name at all.
  25. E-Business Application. The Company and Environment
    A recipe data would enable the follow the production process, ensuring that the various brewing ingredients are optimized to the required levels.
  26. International Accounting Standards 2 – Inventories
    This paper seeks to analyze how the International Accounting Standards or International Financial Reporting Standards handle inventories in the accounting practice.
  27. Future of Management Accounting in Strategic Management Accounting
    Strategic Management Accounting is more long-term oriented than traditional management accounting. Management accounting only provides internal operational information.
  28. Slick Jim’s Used Cars: Analysis of Business Performance
    This report discussed at length the performance of Slick Jim’s Used Car business with model input, processing and reports using MS Excel.
  29. Three Types of Costing Techniques in the Organizations
    The paper discusses three types of costing techniques that can be used by organizations to cut down their costs and achieve profitability.
  30. Investment Appraisal for BL
    BL should invest in the machine as it will increase the shareholders' value in both the capital expenditure manual criteria and recalculated NPV.
  31. Packwell Limited: Analysis of Costing System
    The objective of having an efficient costing system is to arrive at the cost and profitability of the individual unit of product or service manufactured.
  32. Competition Bikes Inc Case Study
    Holding a commodity's selling price constant, an increase in fixed cost and a decrease in contribution margin results in an increase in the number of units required to break even.
  33. Capital Budgeting and Cost Analysis
    The main idea of the paper is to dwell upon the problem of accounting in capital budgeting and to consider various cost analysis methods which may be used for investment appraisal.
  34. Financial Practices of the Citi Group
    This paper describes the methods of financial activity that the Citi group, a company dealing with intangible assets, uses in its daily practice.
  35. Network Project: The Company IT Solutions INC.
    The company IT solutions inc. is a small company dealing in turnkey network design and implementation. Services provided by the company include onsite network solutions.
  36. Managerial Accounting and the Business Environment
    Managerial accounting gives the managers and the internal personnel a summary of all the company’s activities that are of importance to them.
  37. Management Accounting: The Transformantion in a Modern Business World
    In any business enterprise or organization, there are two broad categories of accounting information that are produced.
  38. Product Costing and Product Pricing Practices
    This work presents an annotated bibliography, on the basis of which it is possible to conduct research on the topic "Product Costing and Product Pricing Practices".
  39. No Risk in Abolishing Budgeting
    Beyond budgeting has a very simple slogan in its head. That is “abolish budget”. This model claims to have abolished the traditional budgets and budgeting techniques.
  40. Activity-Based Costing
    Activity-based costing is not essentially a groundbreaking accounting concept; the author just endeavors to look at the costing mechanisms from an entirely different perspective.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Cost Analysis

  1. Fuel Costs and Transportation
  2. Budget Process and Its Role in Organizations
  3. Financial Proposal For ‘SILK’ Hair Protection Gel
  4. Management Accounting Innovations in Organizations
  5. Activity-Based Costing in the Organization
  6. Allocation of Fixed Costs
  7. Best Cost Managerial Accounting Approach for Web Ad
  8. New Venture Report: Customer Segments, etc.
  9. Case Study in Managerial Accounting: Apple Inc
  10. Financial Asset Valuation Methods
  11. Weighted Average Method of Inventory Valuation
  12. Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority: Strategic Financial Management
  13. Budget, Cost Cutting and the Risks
  14. Costing and Cost Management: Comprehensive Study
  15. Variable and Fixed Costs in Managerial Accounting
  16. Budgets and Estimating Costs: Definition
  17. Management and Cost Accounting Reporting System
  18. Business Intelligence Solutions for Dafydd Hardy
  19. Researching Agency Cost Problems
  20. Agency Cost Problems in Corporations
  21. Internship in Harley Davidson, Saudi Arabia (Dammam)
  22. Absorption and Marginal Costing Systems
  23. Depreciation: Concept and Significance
  24. Apple, Inc. Financial Performance Analysis
  25. Cost Accounting: The Case Study Analysis
  26. Custom Snowboards: Financial Analysis and Strategies for Entering the New Market
  27. Custom Snowboards European Expansion
  28. Ocean Commercial Holdings: Accounting
  29. Innovation in Management Accounting
  30. Advanced Management Accounting in Hospitals
  31. Cost and Activity Management: Contemporary Manufacturing, Contemporary Costing, Process Costing
  32. Job Order Costing and Process Costing
  33. Advantage Job Order Costing
  34. Mendel Paper: Production Costs and Selling Prices
  35. Auerbach Enterprises' Overhead Costs Allocation
  36. The Weighted Average Cost of Capital

✍️ Cost Analysis Essay Examples for College

  1. Durango Manufacturing Company's Business Plan
  2. Jokkmokk Industries: Absorption and Contribution Margin Income Statements
  3. Apple Inc.: The Cost Accounting
  4. Imperial Tobacco Company Analysis
  5. Abu Dhabi National Energy Company's Financial Management
  6. Absorption Costing Approach
  7. Reclassifying Period Costs as Product Costs
  8. Kingsgate Consolidated Company's Financial Analysis
  9. Accounting: Costing in a Manufacturing Environment
  10. Financial Decision Making: Microsoft Corporation
  11. Financial Research Report Apple, Inc.
  12. Noble Ketchup Manufacturing Company Business Plan
  13. Abu Dhabi National Energy Company's Analysis
  14. New Footwear Product – Tarco Footwear Company
  15. Product Costing- Traditional Methods and Activity
  16. Cost of Equity for Apple Incorporation
  17. Walmart Company's Cost of Capital Estimation
  18. Bonds in the United States of America
  19. Managerial Accounting Concepts in Service Industry
  20. An Analytical Presentation for the Custom Snowboards Strategic Expansion
  21. Kingsgate Consolidated Ltd: Shareholders Value
  22. Activity Based Costing in Competition Bikes Inc.
  23. HAYLO Hair Products Company Analysis
  24. Case Study: St. Edith Memorial Hospital
  25. Baric Footwear Limited: New Footwear Product
  26. Accounting: Allocation of Fixed Assets
  27. Ethical Issues Facing Managerial Accountants
  28. Professional Ethics in Accounting
  29. Current U.S. GAAP and IFRS
  30. Management Accounting Elements and Evolution
  31. Cost Accounting for Uptown Clinic
  32. Century Company: Financial Analysis
  33. What Is Activity Based Costing
  34. Financial Analysis for Currency Transaction
  35. Finance for Non-Financial Mangers
  36. Banking and Financial Intermediaries

🏆 Best Cost Analysis Research Titles

  1. Legit Technologies Ltd Company's Cost Accounting
  2. Cost of Equity & Weighted Average Cost of Capita for Merchants Trust
  3. McDonalds: Financial Analysis
  4. Which is Better to Continue or Stop Sending Jobs Overseas
  5. The Traditional Method of Cost Absorption
  6. Praxair Inc.: Weighted Average Cost of Capital
  7. Febreze: Production and Costs
  8. Financial Management in Non-Profit Organizations
  9. Corporate Accounting: Fair Value & Historical Costing
  10. Tassal Group's Working Capital Management
  11. The Cost Allocation Process of Assets
  12. ABC Inventory Analysis and Inventory Costs Reduction
  13. Cost Cutting in Supply Chain Management
  14. Market Metrics in Measuring Performance
  15. PepsiCo.: Comprehensive Product Costing
  16. Shipping Production Costs of Hawthorne’s Plastic Division
  17. Home Automation System Start Up
  18. Project Management Skills, Conflicts, and Costs Problems
  19. Arabic Coffee or Arabic Restaurant in United State
  20. Lennar Corporation's Warehousing Management Strategy
  21. Labor Relations Process and Cost of Labor Contracts
  22. Growing Blueberries in California
  23. Lean Project Management in Different Areas
  24. Good Mark Company Limited: Evaluation Management Project
  25. Modernization Case Study: Deloitte
  26. Management Accounting System: Origin, Role, and Principles
  27. The UK Oral Hygiene Market
  28. The Feasibility for Building a New Chemical Distribution Facility
  29. Maxway Company’s Financial Performance in 2019-20
  30. Pembina Pipeline Corporation: Generic Strategy
  31. Public Service's Costs and Alternative Sources of Funding
  32. DDM Lab Determining Effective Financial Strategy
  33. BlueStar Supply Chain Company's Cost Reduction
  34. Management Planning Tools and Responding to Financial Problems
  35. Impact of Total Landed Cost on Global Supply Chain

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