Opening Your New Dunkin’ Donuts Locations

Dunkin’ Donuts is a successful business in the field of beverage and baked products, which results appear to be prominent during the recent five years. Supplying the customers with delicious pastry and bakery, it also maintains the most attractive and reasonable prices in the market. I have been the manager of Dunkin’ Donuts store in the Midwest for two years, contributed to controlling the quality of products and service delivery, and attempted to maintain a respectful and fair atmosphere in this branch office. The Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee has marked my growth potential and promoted me to the post of the district manager. The owner plans to establish five branch offices in the aforementioned region in the next two years. I was honored to play a primary role in the business expansion and received complete autonomy, authority, and responsibility to structure, staff, and operate five new locations. This way, the purpose of this paper is to outline the job design, including job analysis, description, and specification, and organizational design, and propose the most sufficient option.

Job Design

Job design appears to be an integral part of every profitable and successful business. Job design implies the proper establishment of methods and working cooperations in order to match the standards of the organization, provide appropriate technological equipment, and organize the work of employees (Daniels et al., 2017). Its beneficial influence on the working process should not be underestimated, as it allows to lead to job satisfaction and minimize some problems arising during the operation (Daniels et al., 2017). In addition, it is helpful for controlling and improving the quality of products and service delivery, which are the major priorities for Dunkin’ Donuts (Daniels et al., 2017). For this reason, it is worth paying special attention to this issue. In order to organize and structure the working process, Dunkin’ Donuts spends an appropriate amount of time elaborating the job design, which involves three fields: job analysis, job description, and job specification.

Job Analysis

Job analysis is the process of acquiring knowledge about a particular type of occupation. It also implies getting acquainted with the information on activities and responsibilities a job includes. Other aspects of the focus are essential qualifications in order to become a professional and examine the working conditions, which are required for an excellent performance. Job analysis should be applied to the entire human resources of the store. The best method of job analysis appears to be an extremely individual question, and the most effective solution depends on multiple factors. This way, the most appropriate option for Dunkin’ Donuts expansion could be the extermination method (Lane et al., 2016). This approach includes attempting to use various methodologies of obtaining necessary skills and knowledge and evaluation of the effectiveness of each one by managers (Lane et al., 2016). As for recruiting new staff members, the candidate, who meets the job requirements to the most considerable extent and shares the company’s values, should receive an opportunity to be employed.

Job Description

The following stage after elaborating job analysis is the job description. The first post, which has to be created in each branch, involves crew members. They are responsible for creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in the restaurant and prepare the dishes before delivering them to customers. Crew members are required to match the operational and quality standards while executing their duties. Their primary purpose is to satisfy the guest with the restaurant experience. Another position is shift manager or leader, who controls the crew members’ performance and the extent they match the established standards. They are capable of helping them in order to supply customers with a pleasant experience in Dunkin’ Donuts. Their duties also involve motivating the crew to improve the outcomes.

Consequently, it is worth implementing the post of restaurant managers, whose duties involve controlling the overall operation of the branch and matching Dunkin’ Donuts’ standards. The manager is intended to rule the entire restaurant and its working process. The professional should consider such activities as a marketing strategy, recruiting and employing new personnel members. Other duties include controlling the service delivery and product quality and training the employees. The responsibilities of managers are multiple and various, and for this reason, the post of manager assistant is extremely helpful in maintaining the effective functioning of the whole restaurant team. They have a possibility to share some managerial tasks and relieve the work of the managers. In summary, each of the five restaurants should be supplied with four posts, which are crew member, shift manager, manager, manager assistant.

Job Specification

After conducting the job analysis and determining the job description, the list of requirements for the post candidates should be created. First of all, it is essential to outline the age of applicants. It should vary from 16 to approximately 50, as the aforementioned posts imply significant physical activity and making rapid decisions. All the candidates must finish a comprehensive school and be able to prove this fact via special documents. Another necessary requirement involves receiving valid food handler certification and a negative coronavirus test in the context of the present-day developments. Possible employees should acquire some knowledge, which is helpful in the working process. Therefore, they must be capable of counting money quickly and without mistakes. In addition, applicants should manage to cope with Dunkin’ Donuts’ standards, use special equipment and technologies, and learn the menu positions and information about its items. The previous experience in the restaurant industry is favorable, but not obligatory only for the post of crew members.

Organizational Design

The new branches of Dunkin’ Donuts’ should predominantly follow the organizational design, which is accepted in other stores. The structure of branches involves separate machine bureaucracies, as a franchise approach is applied for the company expansion (“Careers: Dunkin’,” n.d.). Despite this fact, each store must stick to the structure organization and contact the manager and the district manager in order to supply necessary reports. This order is useful for structuring the working process and preventing considerable mistakes.


Dunkin’ Donuts shows prominent results, and its progress in the market is evident and admiring. Therefore, expansion is one of the major focuses for further development of the company. Opening five new branch offices will definitely contribute to improving the outcomes of Dunkin’ Donuts. In order to guarantee the success of this option, the proposals on the job analysis, job description, and organizational design are presented. They involve considering the common organizational structure, values, previous experiences, and other details. For this reason, their implementation is highly likely to benefit Dunkin’ Donuts and supply its revenue growth, as well as attract as much as possible customers in the Midwest.


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