Job Analysis Assignment of Employee

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Position, Purpose and Objectives

Position of human resource manager in a company. The position requires exceptional experience in human resource management. Experience must be coupled with a post graduate degree in human resource management. He manages the business company with strict adherence to the existing company’s objectives. Making sure that the new policies for the development of the company are clearly communicated and within the required time frame. He issues instructions to the staff and generally helps in guiding the new employees in understanding the company’s objectives. In analyzing the prevailing trends of the business market, he maintains proper ways of marching the new trends and communicating the same to the directors. In enhancing that the staff complies with the company’s objectives he exercises a supervisory role. He trains the staff that he has recruited while keeping a close monitoring of the employees working. He balances the company’s objectives and the employee’s interests. The other objective is to mobilize the necessary resources to reach the company’s goals as put across in the resolutions. To streamline the working of the company through an efficient human resource management.

Essential Job Functions: They include the following but not restricted to only the following duties hence other possible duties as the company may assign through resolutions.

  • He coordinates and recruits new staff while providing advice on the nature of training 50%
  • He communicates to the Board of Directors on the prevailing challenges and the interests of employees 20%
  • He participates in boosting the morale of the employees in the company 10%
  • He oversees the development of employee’s skills 5%
  • He conducts meeting to review the company’s performance 5%
  • He makes a communication to the employees on the new company policies 10%
  • Maintaining coordination of works and efficient flow of the company affairs.

Responsibilities: The main responsibilities of the job entails settling the personnel issues and any other sort of problems encountered in their day to day activities.

He provides sufficient backing to enhance that the staff develops the required skills:

Activities Involved

  • By ensuring that the job descriptions provided are certain and very accurate
  • He aides the employees by offering adequate advice about job descriptions
  • He conducts evaluations of the employee’s performance while offering recommendations
  • He creates new opportunities and aspires to develop them
  • He manages training of employees
  • He also organizes workshops and other related activities.
  • He makes sure that in an event that the employee requires training outside the company while maintaining proper adherence to the laid down company standards and policies.
  • In circumstances that obstacles on the employees arise, he offers basic counseling to the staff
  • He makes sure that the new recruited employees are given proper orientation.
  • He furthers the performance in the human resource department which he heads
  • He writes proposals to the company on any new profitable business which can benefit the company
  • He makes sure that he gains access to the funds to be used in facilitating the training.

He monitors the performance of the employee and job attendance:


  • Checking the daily attendance of employees
  • He conducts investigations to ascertain the cause of absenteeism by a staff from the company
  • He offers solutions to settle recurring absenteeism issues
  • He conducts disciplinary actions and the essential recommendations
  • He ensures that during the scheduled holidays, services are provided to ensure continuity.

He coordinates the recruitment process while ensuring that the proper procedure in hiring employees is followed:


  • He offers expert binding opinion to the supervisors on how to recruit the staff.
  • He facilitates adequate advertisements and official notification on the positions which are vacant
  • He declares the interview dates and participates in the organization thereafter
  • He has a participatory role in the applications interviews
  • He conducts the possible candidates
  • He has the sole duty of implementing policies grounded on staff recruiting.
  • He officially conducts the successful interviewees

He provides information to the new employees, supervisors and the company on the issues relating to the job:


  • He develops efficient personnel management procedures and policies of the company and the human resource.
  • He observes that the working place is safe for working.
  • He makes communications and management on the issues in connection to payment of benefits
  • He manages the human resource system in the company
  • He explains to employees the new policies as put in place by the company
  • He is under duty to explain the required standards as set forth by the Workers Compensation Act, Labor Act and Fair Practice Act
  • He attends company’s meetings to offer information when called upon to do so.
  • He makes sure that computers requiring repair are handled at the time when such problem arises while organizing for the staff to do the work interfered with due to the computer shutting down
  • He arranges that workers are offered their compensations and other benefits in an event that the employees are transferred to new positions or their services terminated indefinitely.

He performs duties incidental to the above duties and other duties that the company may assign:

Other Job Functions: facilitates, coordinates and organizes

He facilitates company’s meeting while at the same time presenting the employees interests to the Board of Directors. In enhancing that the workers are working as a team he builds trust through advocating for their concerns.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: in order to perform the human resource manager job in the company to the expectations of the company, he is supposed to possess knowledge, skills and sufficient abilities. The emotional and health fitness is also very paramount.


  • He must have adequate knowledge in human resource management
  • He must posses sufficient knowledge in job descriptions
  • Knowledge in techniques of reviewing the performance of the employees
  • He must have knowledge in development of staff training
  • He has sufficient knowledge in delegation of duties
  • He must be know how to coach and mentor
  • He must have knowledge in the relevant laws and the existing procedures
  • Knowledge in understanding the new policies of the companies
  • Knowledge in the roles of a resource manager in a company


  • Skill to supervise the employees and supervisors
  • Skillful listening to what workers are complaining about while taking time to understand and avoiding unnecessary interruptions
  • Skills to identify the suitable people in a work force for a certain job
  • Be skillful in applying logic to assess a situation and offer possible solutions to company related issues.
  • Be skillful in determining essential procedure in a system and how the new system should work
  • Having skills to substantially adjust a certain action in the company to relate well with others
  • Be skillful in understanding the workers reactions and what triggers them to react in that way
  • Skills in team building are very essential
  • Skills in problem solving in the company
  • Skills in counseling used in basic staff
  • Skills in negotiating with the employees during recruitments
  • Skills in computer which must entail word processing programs are highly required.
  • Effective communication skills which are both oral and written to communication to prepare annual reports of the company
  • Skills in public speaking coupled with sufficient skills in public speaking
  • Skills in research and fundamental understanding of developmental programs
  • Skillful in management of stress during the companies dealing
  • A skill in multitasking of different jobs under his management
  • Interviewing skills are very essential for the human resource manager
  • He has to be skillful in time management


  • He has the ability to clearly comprehend ideas and information before him in writing after reading it
  • He has to possess the ability to attentively listen to information and ideas communicated through spoken word
  • Has the ability to convey ideas in a very clear and in an understandable way to others
  • He has the ability to convey written words in a clear understandable manner
  • The ability to clearly speak so that the audience can get the meaning of the said words
  • Ability to apply the known general rules to arrive at a result which makes sense
  • Ability to read the prevailing circumstances and predict or acknowledge that something is going wrong. It does not involve solving the problem but recognizing that the problem exists.
  • Ability to combine and analyze information of unrelated events to draw conclusions
  • Ability to sustain any form of distraction while handling a task
  • Ability to have a wide scope of analyzing company issues
  • Ability to understand the employees and the work force at large
  • Have the ability to create business partners and coordinate well with the major stakeholders.
  • Having an ability to move from one event to the next without much struggle

Personal attributes

  • They entail making sound and exercising performance his duty independently without favoritism, coercion or undue influence. In the performance of the company duties, he must maintain high standards of confidentiality
  • Personally he should maintain upright working ethics
  • Being adhering to the company’s set norms of conduct
  • He exercises flexibility in executing the said duties
  • Having a diverse political cultural and a sensitive grasp of the said aspects of life.

Supervisory Responsibilities

All workers in the company are under the overall supervision of the human resource manager though sometimes the supervision is mainly conducted by the subordinate staffs that are directly answerable to him. The said supervisors report the progress of their supervision to the human resource manager who has the mandate to take the necessary steps to contain any arising situation. He is expected to portray high standards of business discretion which the company runs.

Work Environment

The inevitable conditions on which the conditions the human resource manager is supposed to work in.The exact physical and mental demands produce the results that the company desires. They basically entail physical conditions, emotional conditions and environmental conditions:

Physical Demands: He spends much of the time seated and working on a computer in an office. Since company’s projects have to be finished, he extends long periods of hours to meet the said deadlines. Sometimes the said physical constraints lead to fatigue.

Environmental Conditions: The surrounding situations which have the power to interfere with the smooth working of the human resource manager in the company. Bearing in mind that the human resource manager works in an office with other employees of the company, he will be highly interrupted and subsequently required to settle the challenges of the employees. The environment is obviously too congested and stress management is key to make sure that the working of the company goes on. Under the stated environment, tasks are completed perfectly if the required skills are applied.

Sensory Demands: Hazards of a busy office environment are very likely to cause eyestrain due to the over use of a computer. This can also be caused by constant noise in the company’s office which leads to strong headache.

Mental Demands: Dealing with many tasks is part of the human resource manager in the company. It is hard to rule out the possibility of mental or emotional constraints. In handling stressful emergencies the manager will incur mental fatigue which may sometimes have a lasting effect.

Minimum Qualifications

A master’s degree in Human Resource and Management and a minimum of five years experience in human resource management. Must be a computer literate with analytical computer skills. Must also have knowledge in public relations and the employee’s protection legislations (Kleynhans, 2006). In addition he must have a degree in administration with a working experience of not less those three years.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations

A valid driving license is very vital since the company offers cars but does not provide a driver for the human resource manager.


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