71 Demand Analysis Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Demand Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Chinese Domestic Market Demand in Property Sector
    The decline in China’s property market is being perceived as an indicator of an economic slowdown in the country.
  2. Aviation Strategies Analysis of Boeing and Airbus
    The long established rivalry between Airbus and Boeing has turned out to be more aggressive through past couple of years indicate that both these industry giants have moved forward with different strategic vision.
  3. Casper & Gambini’s Company’s Strategic Analysis
    The Casper & Gambini’s firm targets to enter new markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, North Africa, and in the GCC region.
  4. Toyota Operations Management & Demand Forecasting
    Researching Toyota operations management? ⚙️ We recommend reading this overview of Toyota operations strategy, supply chain, and business forecasting methods. 🚗 You will also find how to apply the house of quality technique. 😉
  5. Yahoo Company's Environment
    This paper analyses Yahoo as a technology company by examining the market environment, nature of products, and SWOT analysis with a view of positioning its competitiveness in the global markets.
  6. Samsung Market Analysis: Business & Economics
    Looking for Samsung market analysis example? 📟 It’s here! To enhance understanding of Samsung segmentation, read this paper. 📖 You’ll learn about Samsung price & income elasticity, competition, target audience, labor force, and other issues. 💪
  7. Starbucks’ Performance and Management Practices
    The total success of the corporation is stipulated not only by the exceptional quality of the products but by the relaxed atmosphere and an excellent customer treatment approach.
  8. Primerica: Strategy and Statements Analysis
    Primerica specializes in offering insurance and financial services, operates in financial and healthcare sectors, and it is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia.
  9. Complementary and Substitute Products: Demand and Quantity
    There is a clear distinction between demand and quantity demanded; furthermore, they have their own significance in the economics arena.
  10. Operational Analysis and Effectiveness in Organization
    The role of operations in the day to day functioning of organizations is very important, especially in the manufacturing sector.
  11. Nivea Visage Products' Marketing Mix
    Since NIVEA prides itself as a leading cosmetic and skin care brand, it is unsurprising that the customer profile of the company is mainly comprised of women.
  12. Demand Analysis, Estimation, and Forecasting
    The theory of demand refers to the economic principle associated with the connections between the demand of customers for products and services and prices established for them.
  13. Cemex Company's Strategic Analysis
    Cemex Company has grown tremendously from a local manufacturer of cement in Mexico to become the third-largest cement company in the world only behind Lafarge and Holcim.
  14. Increased Consumer Demand for Smartphone Technology
    Growth in consumer demand for smartphones has positively impacted the software industry. This is because the manufacture of smartphones entirely depends on the availability of effective software
  15. Nokia Marketing Plan Analysis
    Nokia, the pioneer of mobile phone producers in the whole world, has many differentiated products. This report is a marketing plan concerning to market these products.
  16. Analysis of the Current State of the BMW Company
    The article offers an analysis of the financial position of BMW, a swat analysis to determine further development options and possible strategies for action in the markets.
  17. Bunge Corp Analysis: Decentralization does not Necessarily Mean Lack of Integration
    Bunge should take advantage of the technology to continue it obviously success decentralization with integration.
  18. General Motors: Problem Analysis
    In this paper we will discuss this problem that GM faces and will try to ascertain the reasons, not considering the US recession as the primary factor.
  19. Frito-Lay and Cracker Jack: Case Analysis
    This paper has centered to represent an analysis and examination of the merger between Frito-Lay and Cracker Jack, and an investigation of whether it would be successful or not.
  20. An Analysis of Petrochemical Industry
    Petrochemical industry has witnessed rampant growth over the past decades. There has been a shift in production of petrochemical products from the Western to Eastern countries.
  21. Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) Analysis
    Effective management is very important, and companies should therefore have a proper management body so that effective decisions are executed by the officials.
  22. General Motors Company: Pricing Strategies
    From 2008, GM had been utilizing various techniques for promoting price through retail, dealer, and fleet incentives regarding customer rebates, monetary rate assistance.
  23. Strategic Analysis of Coach Inc
    The report of Coach Inc begins with a strategic analysis of the company with a detailed SWOT analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  24. IMAX: Company Analysis
    This paper is a company analysis of IMAX. Here we aim to understand the out-of-home entertainment industry, its current situation, and the where IMAX fits into the industry.

💡 Essay Ideas on Demand Analysis

  1. E-Business Technologies Analysis: ULMS Bike Shop
    ULMS Bike is a manufacturing firm which deals with assembling various bikes. One of the strategies that the firm consider is the incorporation of electronic business.
  2. Comparison of Gasoline Prices and Demand Elasticity
    An understanding of the price elasticity of demand for products and services is essential in the business world.
  3. External Analysis in the US Retail Industry
    The US retail market is full of political influence since it includes the people and the people are the building blocks of all politics.
  4. Dell Inc.: Strategic Analysis
    This essay reports on Dell Inc. strategic analysis. It addresses Dell Inc. internal strategic analysis through internal Dell Inc. business environmen.
  5. Exxon Mobil Corporation Strategic Analysis
    Exxon Mobil Corporation or what is popularly known as ExxonMobil is an American international company that specializes in the exploration, production, and sale of oil and gas.
  6. PESTLE Analysis for the Aveng Company
    This paper uses pestle analysis to examine the strategic capabilities of a construction Aveng Company, that deals with different products in South Africa.
  7. Noon Company Analysis
    At present, Noon maintains partnerships with local vendors and provides the region’s customers with a wide choice of products.
  8. Altria Group Inc.: The Competitive Analysis of Tobacco Industry
    This report provides an external environment examination of Altria Group Incorporated and its immediate competitors in the tobacco industry using competitive analysis, partial SWOT.
  9. Korean Air Analysis
    This article is an analysis of Korean Air to identify existing problems, and also provides recommendations to the company's management to improve its financial performance.
  10. Time-Based Competition in the Grocery Retail Industry
    Grocery retail companies should focus on logistics and supply chain management as well as the implementation of business to enjoy advantages associated with time-based competitiveness.
  11. Tesla Inc.'s Quantitative Analysis
    This paper presents an analysis of Tesla using a simple moving average (SMA) analysis and weighted moving average (WMA).
  12. Caterpillar Inc.'s Financial Analysis
    Caterpillar Inc. is the leading maker of earthmoving moving machinery like tractors, graders, excavators, and other heavy machinery used by road contractors, miners, etc.
  13. Financial Analysis and Company Performance
    The article argues the importance of drawing and increasing share value versus spending to better support the company by investors.
  14. The Google Inc. Company Analysis
    Google Inc. is a public company providing a host of internet-based products. Google has specialized in the provision of computing and internet applications.
  15. The Apple Inc. Company Analysis
    Apple Inc. company is situated in California; it has revolutionized the personal computer, consumer electronics, and computer software with its developments and innovations.
  16. Financial Analysis for Burberry and Louis Vuitton Companies
    This report presents an in-depth analysis of the financial performance of two leading clothing companies: Burberry and Louis Vuitton Companies.
  17. The Benefits of Market Analysis
    Market analysis helps in evaluating the market clients and ascertains the most viable courses of action necessary to enhance profitability and sales.
  18. Company Analysis of Chevron and Economic Factors That Affects
    The current paper examines the total economic analysis, industry analysis, and company analysis, before valuating the stock and making necessary recommendations.
  19. Abu Dhabi Ship Building: Investment Potential Analysis
    The report is based on the information gained from two official financial statement reports of the company Abu Dhabi Ship Building along with Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and the WSJ.
  20. Competition Bikes, Inc.: Financial Analysis
    Competition Bikes has an opportunity to expand its operations in Canada and it is better to evaluate the firm financial position.
  21. Financial Analysis of Roll Royce and BAE Systems
    The main objective of the report is to explore the financial and non-financial aspects of Roll Royce and BAE in order to determine their long-term profitability and sustainability.
  22. Hotel Sim: Financial Analysis
    Hospitality leisure and tourism are closely interrelated. In many instances, anybody spending his leisure time would opt to tour a restaurant that offers hospitality services.
  23. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
    CVP is based on particular data and needs great attention as it only offers approximation rather than actual. CVP is based on a number of assumptions.
  24. Financial Analysis of KOSS Corporation
    The paper discusses the financial analysis of Koss Corporation. It operates in the audio/video industry. It is a segment of the home entertainment industry.

👍 Good Demand Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Financial Analysis of Cavco Industries INC.
    This paper discusses the use of real financial data in financial analysis in decision-making for investors. It carries out a financial analysis for Cavco Industries Incorporation.
  2. Emirates Airways: Financial Analysis
    This work is dedicated to understanding Emirates Airlines' strategy and the business and economic environment in which it operates; and analysis of its financial statements.
  3. Telecity Group Plc.: Financial, Strategic and Risk Analysis
    This report covers a comprehensive analysis of Telecity Group plc and recommendations are provided for managing these risks more effectively.
  4. The Sun King Brewery Company's Analysis
    Craft beer brewers rely on several factors in selling their beer, and Sun King, as one of such brewers, counts on its product offering and pricing strategies to win customers.
  5. Choi Fung Hong Case Study Analysis
    This paper describes the case of Choi Fung Hong and chooses the way so that the organization can manage the issue during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  6. Daily News: Demand Elasticity: Sensitivity of Price Elasticity
    The case study Daily Mirror is an illustration of demand elasticity from a company’s perspective on the issue.
  7. Pembina Pipeline Corporation's Analysis
    Pembina Pipeline Corporation is one of the leading companies that operate in the Canadian petroleum, natural gas and oil sectors.
  8. Holly Farm: Case Study Analysis
    Gillian Gales is not having any issues on her end of the business. The fact that owners cannot bring extra money to the Holly Farm Corporation to grow is one problem.
  9. Analysis of Al Ansari Exchange Company
    The report revolves around Al Ansari Exchange, problems it faces, and possible solutions that can be implemented to ensure its further evolution.
  10. Job Analysis Assignment of Employee
    The paper provides interviews and observations on the job employee for a brief period using the position description form from the University of Pennsylvania.
  11. Firm Analysis for Economics for United Airlines
    The airline industry relates to the transportation of people and cargo via aircraft. Airlines are divided into international, national, and regional levels.
  12. Report of Firefighter Recruitment Analysis
    The paper discusses both external and internal factors affect labor demand and supply, which significantly the problem of shortages in regard to entry-level firefighters.
  13. Analysis of General Motors Finance
    General Motors is an American international organization whose headquarters is in Detroit and specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling automobiles and vehicle parts.
  14. MTN Nigeria Company's Strategic Issue Analysis
    The strategic issue affecting MTN Nigeria is its high operational costs. They take resources from the company, forcing it to change its pricing strategy to manage its expenses.
  15. Marketing Aspects: EZ Schedule
    The paper states that EZ Schedule helps fulfill all the needs in the context of pricing and placement. It appears to be useful equipment.
  16. Demand-Driven Inventory: Optimal Inventory Levels
    While too much inventory increases costs, its shortage can also lead to a significant loss of sales opportunities. Nestle is a food and beverage company that sells beverages.
  17. Supply Considerations and Strategic Management
    Identifying customer needs and establishing commercial equivalents of the product are two elements pertinent to any organization.
  18. An Automotive Industry Analysis on Ford, GM, and Tesla
    The automotive industry is not perceived with extremes of higher competitiveness, although it is an essential component in formulating a stable economy.
  19. The Tesla Business Environment Analysis
    TESLA is a sustainable and successful organization that can be an example for other start-ups and businesses in the auto industry.
  20. Analysis of Entering a New Industry
    The report aimed to assess the current performance of the car industry and determine the potential likelihood of moving to the motorcycle industry as a related sales industry.
  21. The John Deere Firm's Strategic Analysis
    The report provides the reader with valuable and relevant information to consider John Deere from a strategic positioning perspective.
  22. Discussion of Changes in Market Demand
    The paper's focus is to analyze how changes in market demand affected the sales volume of the giant Toys R Us retail shop.
  23. Zara: Demand Forecasting & Resource Planning
    This report addresses the different types of demand the company must manage and the strategies to forecast the demand and manage supply.

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