138 Merger Analysis Examples

You might have heard that some well-known company is engaged in a merger with another company or an acquisition involving a specific company occurred recently. So, what does the merger and acquisition model involve?

Merger analysis and acquisition are business terms that entail companies of the private sector and their involvement in specific legal issues and discussion of some business-related matters, intellectual property, and financial problems. Keep reading to learn more about it and find helpful merger analysis example papers.

🔝 Top 10 Merger Analysis Example Essays

  1. Cisco Systems Company: Leading Organisational Change
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions: Reasons and Consequences
  3. Merck and Medco Companies Acquisitions and Mergers
  4. Diversification Strategy in Business
  5. Global Business Management and Strategies
  6. Building a New Business Within an Established Firm
  7. Apple Company's Performance
  8. Cultural Variation across International Organizations
  9. Qantas Airline Company Multi-Brand Approach
  10. Shipping Company Expansion Plan

📚 Mergers and Acquisitions: The Types

Mergers and acquisitions are not a specific framework but are, in fact, used to define an umbrella of different m&a techniques utilized by many companies such as Disney, Fox, and HP.

Let us discuss in a bit more detail the several separate transactions that commonly fall under the merger and acquisition category.


It’s one of the most common types of transactions that are involved in the world of business. This method requires the board of directors’ approval of the combination and the shareholders’ authorization.

A principal merger analysis case study involves the deal between Digital Equipment Corporation and Compaq. Although the proposal was on the table, an unexpected change occurred in the form of a merger that involved Compaq absorbing the Digital Equipment Corporation.


The primary method of acquisition is the one that involves an acquiring company, which essentially obtains the majority of the stake in the firm that the company has acquired.

What makes acquisitions different from mergers is that, even though the acquiring company captures the majority of the stake and basically owns the acquired firm, the firm will in no way re-brand or change its organizational structure.


This transaction involves the creation of a new company, which is done by combining core businesses and abandoning the older corporations.

This step is only taken when the stockholders of both companies approve of this decision and receive mutually common equity.

Acquisition of Assets

The meaning of acquisition of assets is that this is one of those types of m&a that involves directly acquiring the target company’s assets.

Another fact about this sort of transaction is that the company whose assets are actually being obtained has to acquire approval from the shareholders before going forward.

Management Acquisitions

Management acquisition is also known as management-led buyout, or MBO for short. This typical transaction involves the company executives as they begin to purchase the controlling stake of another company.

💸 Merger Analysis: How to Financially Evaluate an M&A

Formulating a merger and acquisition analysis report is not as simple as engaging in an acquisition. Still, it involves a number of different steps that must be followed:

  1. Analysis of balance sheet impact;
  2. Scrutiny of synergy;
  3. Examination of the offered considerations and the impact they will have;
  4. Implementation of appropriate balance sheet adjustments;
  5. Calculation and taking into account the transaction costs.

The thirst for knowledge regarding understanding the concepts and ways you can interview different companies before engaging in a merger with them is never complete. Luckily, there are loads of topics that are prime examples of being helpful in your journey to gather more knowledge and the consequences of the intricacies of the world of m&a.

If you need more information about merger analysis, check out the essay examples below.

📝 Merger Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Holiday Seekers and Small World Companies: Management Plan
    Business essay sample: The merging of two companies, Holiday Seekers and Small World, which are travel agencies, requires careful planning and addressing multiple issues.
  2. United Airlines Company: SWOT Analysis
    Business essay sample: The facts presented in this report reveal the current position of United Airlines and provide historical context for understanding current performance.
  3. Etisalat's Strategic Management and Operations
    Business essay sample: Etisalat has integrated the concept of strategic management processes in its operation. The case study is based on the Value Chain Analysis, SWOT analysis, and BCG.
  4. NXP Semiconductor Company's Organisational Change
    Business essay sample: This paper reviews the issues faced by NXP Semiconductor in the course of implementing its change project. It assesses the strategic management and leadership practices.
  5. World Travel Agency and Holiday Seekers Travel Agency
    Business essay sample: World Travel Agency and Holiday Seekers Travel Agency undergo a serious and complex transition to becoming one company.
  6. Innovation and Organizational Culture
    Business essay sample: All organizations have challenges despite how successful they are in the market place. Most of the challenges come as a result of growth and in the pursuit for greater profitability.
  7. Cisco Systems Inc.'s Organisational Theory, Design, Change
    Business essay sample: The case study assesses how Cisco Systems has succeeded in implementing the organisational theory, design, and change.
  8. Electrolux Company's Business Studies and Strategy
    Business essay sample: One of the most outstanding stakeholders of Electrolux is the targeted community of consumers who are located in various markets across the world.
  9. Google's and Westpac's Human Resource Strategies
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the role that human resource professionals play in strategy formulation using the cases of Google Company and Westpac Corporation.
  10. GlaxoSmithKline Company Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: This paper provides a marketing plan for GlaxoSmithKline Company. It provides an analysis of the forces that prevail in the market for pharmaceutical products.
  11. Bank Merger Plans and Simulations
    Business essay sample: According to the case, Southern Bank agreed to merge with the Northern Bank to offer better services to the customers and effectively curb competition from the Eastern Bank.
  12. Financial Mergers and Acquisitions: Methods and Strategies
    Business essay sample: Mergers and acquisitions are the most common expansion strategies due to an extended variety of advantages such as increasing competitive edge.
  13. Al Bawadi Islamic and Al Shurooq Banks Merger
    Business essay sample: This report presents a change management plan for two banks, Al Bawadi Islamic Bank and Al Shurooq Bank that intend to merge to create the New Bank.
  14. Wal-Mart's Low-Cost Provider Strategy
    Business essay sample: Wal-Mart employs a low-cost provider strategy that allows the company to sell the lowest priced products and make it the number one business organization in the world.
  15. Healthcare Information Systems
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to provide a description, thorough analysis, and evaluation of a new HIS implemented in the organization that exists as a result of a merger.
  16. US Airways and American Airlines Merger
    Business essay sample: The merger between American Airlines and US Airways was attributed to various reasons, particularly countering intense competition and increase capabilities on several fronts.
  17. Marlboro Company's Strategy
    Business essay sample: This paper focuses on an analysis of Marlboro cigarettes which is a brand of Phillip Morris, in particular it identifies growth options and changes in strategy.
  18. The Coca-Cola Company's International Drink Market
    Business essay sample: This paper analyses the international market of Coca-Cola to provide insights into how the company has operated to achieve the top position in the soft drink industry.
  19. Apple and SevenSeas Music Companies Acquisitions and Strategies
    Business essay sample: This essay evaluates Apple's and SevenSeas Music's mergers and acquisitions, as well as business and corporate-level international strategies.
  20. The Resource-Based View: Internal Analysis
    Business essay sample: RBV argues that any company that seeks a competitive advantage must first consider exploiting internal factors before considering the external factors/environment.
  21. Government: Stock Markets and Economic Regulations
    Business essay sample: The ways in which these factors of production are organized and deployed reflect truly the political ideas and the culture of a country.
  22. DPWN Company: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Porter’s Five Forces for DPWN company, reasons of the success of DPWN, SWOT-analysis, market expansion strategy, diversification, and acquisition strategy.
  23. Global Staffing Strategies in Acquisition Cases
    Business essay sample: This report explores the functions of human resource management and the changing roles of HRM to deal with the acquisition and other changes in a company's overall strategy.
  24. A Competitive Global Business Environment
    Business essay sample: The management of any particular business and their employees work hard to be competitive, not only on behalf of the whole company but also within their own departments or other capacity.
  25. Procter & Gamble Company's Marketing Problems
    Business essay sample: P&G is the most important competitor to Unilever on the market of personal hygiene products, to which half of the business is fallen to Unilever.
  26. Organizational Behaviour Concept and Problems
    Business essay sample: The concept of organizational behaviour began to be recognized as a discipline only during the early years of the 20th century.
  27. The Coca-Cola Company's Business Plan for 5 Years
    Business essay sample: The beverage industry in which the Coca-Cola Company operates is the carbonated beverages market or the carbonated drinks market.
  28. Human Resources After Merger and Acquisition
    Business essay sample: Merger and acquisition is a business activity on the same level as divestments, joint ventures, spin-ins and spin-outs, and strategic partnerships.

💡 Essay Ideas on Merger Analysis

  1. Automotive Industry. Fiat and General Motors Alliance
    Business essay sample: This paper is a case study on an alliance between Fiat and General Motors entered by the two companies in the year 2000, the crisis that arose, and how they resolved the crisis.
  2. Building Society and the Banking Sector in the UK
    Business essay sample: In the past few years, the future of building societies has witnessed an intense debate, with some people offering a scathing attack on its progress and future.
  3. International Business Machines: Case Study
    Business essay sample: International Business Machine Company (IBM) is a firm in the information technology industry. It was established in 1910 by Thomas, J. Watson.
  4. United Airlines: Strategic Marketing Analysis
    Business essay sample: The objective is to establish the importance of secondary marketing research through the analysis of United Airlines marketing strategies.
  5. Oxiana and Zinifex: Managing Organizational Change
    Business essay sample: This study takes up the issues emanating from the merger of two well known gold and iron mining companies, Oxiana and Zinifex.
  6. Pulte Homes and Its Innovations for the Homebuilding Industry
    Business essay sample: Pulte Homes’ entry into the industry was rather phenomenal: it started as a single-house builder until it grew into a subdivision developer and builder of millions of homes.
  7. Daimlerchrysler Is a Merger-of-Equals or Merger of Convenience
    Business essay sample: Schrempp admitted in an discussion with the Financial Times that the DaimlerChrysler merger deal was never meant to be a “merger of equals” and arrogated that Daimler had bought Chrysler.
  8. Frito-Lay and Cracker Jack: Case Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper has centered to represent an analysis and examination of the merger between Frito-Lay and Cracker Jack, and an investigation of whether it would be successful or not.
  9. Analysis of Failed Merger of Daimler Benz and Chrysler
    Business essay sample: If two companies merge, they would have to consider the cultural and language differences between the two countries in which the two companies are situated.
  10. Personal Finance Tesco Company
    Business essay sample: Tesco Plc is known as major grocery retail store worldwide. But now Tesco is going to offer Consumer Banking n the financial market to gather potential customers.
  11. Decision-Making Processes in Business
    Business essay sample: Business always involves a bunch of decision. A business manager has to make a wise decision and should use his experiences in the decision-making process.
  12. Acquisitions and Mergers Processes
    Business essay sample: This study brings about a clear distinction between mergers and acquisitions and provides a detailed examination of these processes.
  13. A Case Study of Powergen in the UK Electricity Industry
    Business essay sample: This report based on the case study of PowerGen analysis strategies used by electricity companies to provide electricity to consumers and generate power from their own sources.
  14. The Merger of Microsoft and Yahoo: Economic Analysis
    Business essay sample: The article under consideration dwells upon the merger of such powerful companies in the Internet sphere as Microsoft and Yahoo.
  15. PowerGen: Global Corporate Strategy
    Business essay sample: The paper begins by defining what a strategy is in corporate organizations. The impacts in changes of organisational structure on the PowerGen’s corporate planning are discussed.
  16. Strategic Planning in European Low-Cost Airlines
    Business essay sample: The objective of this study is to identify the forces that shape the strategies of low-cost airlines in Europe and the strategic options that these airlines have.
  17. Takeover, Merger and Acquisition Pros and Cons
    Business essay sample: By looking at various merger results it is apparent that mergers and acquisitions do not optimistically impact short-term productivity.
  18. Red Hook and Widmer: Corporate and Industry Background
    Business essay sample: Craft Brewers Alliance Inc has demonstrated its strong position as a market leader in a market dominated by stiff competition from the national brewing companies.
  19. The German Leadership and Corporate Governance
    Business essay sample: The German corporate governance system is derived from its social market economy, which emphasizes consensus in decision making and partnership between capital and labor.
  20. Alltel and Verizon Wireless Merger
    Business essay sample: This paper researches about Alltel and Verizon Wireless merger and associated change management it has embraced so far.
  21. Applied Research Methods - Mergers & Acquisitions
    Business essay sample: Mergers and acquisitions are corporate strategies that drive business expansion both domestically and abroad. The main issue will be rates and synergies.
  22. JetBlue in the Global Financial Downturn
    Business essay sample: Competition in airline industry has led to JetBlue Airline Company having to always be at par with the changing technology.
  23. Sony and Ericsson Merger`s Benefit to Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: This paper presents a critical analysis of Sony Ericson Joint Venture that kicked off in 2001. The merger between Sony and Ericson gave them benefit from their market segment.
  24. Veto: Health Care Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: This study analyzes the marketing plan for pharmaceutical products which Veto, a healthcare business, could use to increase its market share in America.
  25. Business Environment in Time of Globalization
    Business essay sample: Business environment today is characterized by frequent changes than poses challenged to managers. Globalization, technological advancement make business environment highly unpredictable.
  26. Mergers and Acquisitions: Cisco Acquires LinkedIn
    Business essay sample: The present paper analyses the potential acquisition, in terms of strategy, integration, and implementation, evaluating the overall success of such business dealings.
  27. Merging Compaq-Digital Process Analysis
    Business essay sample: In this work, the author examines the case of the merger of Compaq with digital equipment, analyzes the problems and requirements of the process, approaches to the integration.
  28. Charles Schwab Company, Apple, Walt Disney Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper will keenly highlight the major economic contributions of Charles Schwab Company as a brokerage company.

👍 Good Merger Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Corporate Governances in Satyam Computer Services Limited
    Business essay sample: Concept of corporate governance from the perspective of Satyam Computer Services Limited IT company in India that specializes in outsourcing and other computer services.
  2. T-Mobile UK SWOT and PESTLE Analysis
    Business essay sample: T-Mobile UK is the one of the largest mobile operators in the world with more than 150 million customer. This study attempts to understand T-Mobile by using the SWOT and PESTLE analysis.
  3. The U.S. Brewing Industry Research
    Business essay sample: The paper will attempt to provide an overview of the brewing industry in the United States and the different strategies used by brewing companies, and the regulation's influence.
  4. Mergers and Acquisitions: Wal-Mart and Morrisons
    Business essay sample: This assignment evaluates how Wal-Mart will merge or acquire Morrison’s as expanding its operations to the UK, Europe, Far East, and the Gulf States.
  5. Human Resource Planning: Employee Demand & Supply
    Business essay sample: It is a systematic process of evaluating the human resource needs of an organization and making the appropriate human resource allocation based on their skills and competence.
  6. MyBank: The Aspect of Change Management
    Business essay sample: MyBank have survived the wave of market competition and economic recession through strategically positioning themselves to accept and embrace continuous change in work culture.
  7. Merger of Xerox and ACS Company
    Business essay sample: The case study involves Xerox Company acquiring the ACS Company for a value of $6.4 billion. This has been passed by the shareholders of the two companies.
  8. Alcatel-Lucent Company: Case Study
    Business essay sample: The paper explores the case study to demonstrate how the performance of organizations can be affected by multicultural problems.
  9. Long-Term Investment Decisions: Frozen Microwavable Food Company
    Business essay sample: Due to the help of elasticity and the function of demand it is evitable that the low calorie microwaveable food will fit best into the competitive type of monopoly.
  10. Examples of Right and Wrong Decisions in Marketing
    Business essay sample: Discussion about how marketing is defined in terms of satisfying customers' needs and wants on examples of companies.Examples of right and wrong decisions in marketing.
  11. Shangri-La Hotel Group Case Study
    Business essay sample: The Shangri-La Hotel Group has managed to succeed because of its superior products and services, and a respectable international record of accomplishment.
  12. Decision Making and Problem Solving of Kraft Foods and Cadbury
    Business essay sample: The overall management of Cadbury was changed to reflect that of Kraft Foods. The management of Kraft Foods realized that this was one of the challenges it was facing with its management
  13. Sears Holdings Corporation: Synopsis of the Company’s Performance
    Business essay sample: Sears Holdings is a result of a merger between two companies, the merger efforts have foreseen huge losses in market share and sales.
  14. Ciba-Geigy Merger With Sandoz
    Business essay sample: Mergers have become an essential strategy that is used to gain market competitiveness. The merger of Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy made them the second-largest pharmaceutical company.
  15. Marketing Plan for First Abu Dhabi Bank
    Business essay sample: The current market, banking sector, is highly protected by the law. This has resulted in the difficulty of foreign banks to fully penetrate the United Arab Emirates market.
  16. Strategic Alliance As a Competitive Strategy
    Business essay sample: Any strategic alliance aims at creating value. The companies must realize the advantages of a strategic alliance through a merger, global competitiveness, and cost-saving approach.
  17. Mergers & Acquisitions and Impact on Stakeholders
    Business essay sample: This essay will discuss the quality of mergers and acquisitions and the social and economic impact on various stakeholders to evaluate the current state of M&A development.
  18. Business Decision-Making Biases and Pitfalls
    Business essay sample: The present study focuses on identifying the most common errors in business decision-making based on the four cases of questionable managerial choices.
  19. US v. Bayer AG, et al.: Case Study
    Business essay sample: The court decision on the divestiture of the company assets is fair and protects the interests of American consumers and market participants.
  20. Elon Musk Changing Tesla Company
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to analyze two significant changes introduced by Elon Musk to Tesla and discuss mistakes and competitive advantages achieved through implemented innovations.
  21. The a2MC Corporation Case Study
    Business essay sample: The a2MC corporation has difficulties in maintaining a competitive advantage in its market segment, which is caused by the entry of the other major participant.
  22. JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s History and Physical Strength
    Business essay sample: The success of JPMC is attributed to its historical operations and product positioning in various markets including mergers, acquisitions, and the strong operating base.
  23. Impact of Mergers on Other Participants of the Firm
    Business essay sample: The discussion of this paper aims at illustrating the impact of mergers on the two firms: PepsiCo and Pepsi Bottling.
  24. Issues in Accounting: Synergy and Benefits to Merging Companies
    Business essay sample: The article indicates that the rate of ABC implementation is quite low in Australian firms and is quite successful in firms where it is implemented.
  25. Ratios Analysis of Nokia & Motorolla
    Business essay sample: The essay analysis is written with a view of learning more about Nokia and Motorola and uncovering why one is a market leader and the other is merely a peripheral player.
  26. Custom Snowboard Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The financial performance of the Custom Snowboard Company has been good for the past three years making the company need to expand and venture into other markets.
  27. Accounting Summary Report: The Case of Competition Bikes
    Business essay sample: This paper is an analysis of the financial statements of Competition Bikes to decide on whether it can merge with or acquire the Canadian Biking facility.
  28. Black and Decker Firm Case
    Business essay sample: This report is a critical analysis of a firm’s strategic plan and its effectiveness in dealing with international market requirements.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Merger Analysis

  1. Financial Management of Organized Health Care Delivery Systems
    Business essay sample: The general difference between accrual basis and cash basis accounting is the time of recording the revenues and expenses when accounting.
  2. Supermarkets of Australia. Corporate Restructurings
    Business essay sample: Woolworth (WOW) is the largest retailer store that operates in Australia and New Zealand by sales and capitalizations.
  3. Delta Airlines Incorporation in the Aviation Industry
    Business essay sample: Delta Airlines Incorporation was established in 1924 as an aerial crop dusting company. The firm offers air transport to passengers and cargo in the United States and other countries.
  4. Takeovers: The Integration Process
    Business essay sample: Takeovers result in a culture clash. For the integration process to be successful, it is vital to undertake a comprehensive cultural analysis.
  5. The Economic and Financial Effects of Dubai World Company
    Business essay sample: This article focuses on Dubai World, reviewing the history of mergers and key investment portfolios, the financial condition of the company, and analyzing performance.
  6. The Canadian Accounting Industry
    Business essay sample: The accounting profession in Canada is undergoing a remarkable revolution based on a proposed framework by the leading accounting bodies.
  7. Custom Snowboards: Financial Analysis and Strategies for Entering the New Market
    Business essay sample: Custom Snowboards Inc. will enter the European market on its own. The capital budgeting techniques will be used to evaluate the viability of building a new plant in Europe.
  8. Accounting for Consolidations: Review
    Business essay sample: From an accounting theoretical paradigm, consolidation refers to the processes of aggregation of various small company units’ accounting statements.
  9. Accounting Industry in Canada and Its Future
    Business essay sample: The accounting profession in Canada followed the same structure for several decades and no major change took place in its framework in all these years.
  10. Stock Market Analysis: PepsiCo vs. Coca-Cola Company
    Business essay sample: Over the past 12 quarters, coca-cola has raised its dividends more slowly and consistently, whereas PepsiCo has drastically upped its dividends.
  11. Financial Analysis for Burberry and Louis Vuitton Companies
    Business essay sample: This report presents an in-depth analysis of the financial performance of two leading clothing companies: Burberry and Louis Vuitton Companies.
  12. Analysis of Raising Finance in Smaller Businesses
    Business essay sample: Small and micro business enterprises face a lot of problems. In this paper, the researcher will analyze how to raise finances for small business entities.
  13. Walt Disney and Pixar Companies Overviews
    Business essay sample: Due to the innovation these days, one fruitful film can be dispersed everywhere throughout the world, which is in movies or DVD formats.
  14. International Financial Services and Institutions
    Business essay sample: The analysis will especially lay emphasis on the prospects of the new firm and how it is likely to perform when gauged against major business indicators
  15. Competition Bikes, Inc.: Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: Competition Bikes has an opportunity to expand its operations in Canada and it is better to evaluate the firm financial position.
  16. Mergers & Acquisition: Role in the Business Environment
    Business essay sample: Mergers and acquisitions have become very common in nowadays. Mergers and acquisitions, usually referred to as M&A, are aspects of management, corporate finance and strategy.
  17. Utah Symphony and Utah Opera: Merger Proposal
    Business essay sample: In 2002, it was decided that the two companies, Utah Symphony and Utah Opera, merge to take advantage of economies of scale.
  18. Financial Ratios of Wesfarmers Limited and Woolworths Limited
    Business essay sample: Financial ratios are a fundamental technique in investigating through comparison of companies along with timelines of the liquidity, profitability, efficiency and stability position.
  19. Net Present Value (NPV) and Firms’ Mergers
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the net present value method, arguments for and against mergers of the firms and success factors in mergers.
  20. Aspects of the Enron Scandal
    Business essay sample: Enron entered into long-term contracts with gas suppliers. The company was to buy oil reserves at a fixed price, then sell to potential customers.
  21. A Merger Between Hospital Corporation of America Holding INC. And Tenet Healthcare
    Business essay sample: The paper will carry out financial statements and operating indicator analysis to assess the financial condition of the two Health care facilities.
  22. Comcast and NBC Universal Business Combination
    Business essay sample: The merger will bring other changes not only in the management but also in the accounting. The merger requires the signing of different documents for the whole process to be complete.
  23. Fiat Chrysler Company Takeover and Its Evaluation
    Business essay sample: The notable occurrences during the Fiat and Chrysler takeover depict critical insights. The incidence remains one of the most ferocious and hostile company takeovers.
  24. Southwest Airlines: Merging Opportunities, Challenges, and Alternatives
    Business essay sample: Currently, the major problems facing Southwest Airlines are the challenges and the outcome associated with the plans of merging with the Air Tran Airline.
  25. Comcast-NBC Merger
    Business essay sample: The combination between Comcast and NBC Universal occurred during the period between 2009 and 2011. This occurred when an agreement was signed between Comcast and General Electric.
  26. Expansion Oportunity for Competition Bikes, Inc.
    Business essay sample: Competition Bikes, Inc. has the option to acquire Canadian Biking, Inc. at a price that is 30% higher than the market capitalization.
  27. Intangible Assets Valuation: TUI Travel PLC
    Business essay sample: Intangible assets valuation is done in scenarios where businesses want to merge or are in the process of acquisition.

✍️ Merger Analysis Essay Examples for College

  1. Reverse Mergers & Initial Public Offering (IPO)
    Business essay sample: A company that wants to go public using the Initial Public Offering (IPO) has to disclose all business and financial information.
  2. Westlaw.com: Developing B2B Relationships
    Business essay sample: This report examines westlaw.com within the United States online legal research market to show how a company can develop its business-to-business (b2b) relationships.
  3. Hewlett Packard: The Merger With the Compaq Corporation
    Business essay sample: HP and Compaq brands were severely affected by controversies that followed the merger. The main objective of the merger was to provide customers with valuable full package products.
  4. Kraft and Heinz Merger History
    Business essay sample: In the history of mergers and acquisitions, there have been both many successes and failures. In 2015, the union of Kraft Foods Inc. and H. J. Heinz Company created Kraft Heinz.
  5. Strategic Management Analysis Nike
    Business essay sample: The paper gathered analyses and evaluates relevant information on both the Nike company and the industry it occupies.
  6. Tim Hortons Inc.: Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: Tim Hortons Inc.’s vision articulates what the company hopes to become in the future while helping direct its strategies such as expansion into the global presence.
  7. American Airlines' Advantage in the Industry
    Business essay sample: Aviation is one of the fastest and dynamically developing sectors of the world economy. It remains in an increasingly strong position in the global transport system.
  8. GEA Company’s Main Business Issues
    Business essay sample: A major challenge to the GEA company’s business is that many companies are now considering shifting from using fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources such as solar energy.
  9. The Dixons Carphone Merger's Merits and Drawbacks
    Business essay sample: This paper evaluates the Dixons Carphone merger, considering the merits, drawbacks, and implications for critical stakeholders.
  10. Discussion of the Strategy Failure of Sears Company
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses Sears decline can be attributed to strategic mistakes, including diversification, corporate merger with Kmart, and poor management.
  11. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia's Strategic Alternatives
    Business essay sample: Marta Stewart Living Omnimedia is a large corporation specializing in the segments of publishing, broadcasting, merchandise, and e-commerce for nearly three decades.
  12. Caterpillar Inc.'s Strategic Management and Sales Increase
    Business essay sample: This report focuses on Caterpillar Inc.’s strategic management and the approaches that the company has exercised to increase its sales and remain competitive.
  13. Lloyds Banking Group Plc's Corporate Performance
    Business essay sample: This evaluation report conducts a comprehensive analysis of Lloyds Banking Group plc (Lloyds), keeping in view that the Arden Fund wants to invest in its stocks.
  14. The Role of Human Resource Management Department During a Merging Process
    Business essay sample: The paper strives to highlight some of the important roles of the human resource management department when two or more corporate agree to merge.
  15. Mergers in Financial Processes
    Business essay sample: The paper evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of mergers and gives an example of an unsuccessful merger in the real world of business.
  16. The Microsoft and Skype Merger Evaluation
    Business essay sample: The merger between Microsoft and Skype gave Microsoft access to versatile mainstream applications which support video calling and conferencing.
  17. Mergers and Acquisitions: Success and Failure
    Business essay sample: Mergers and acquisitions can be an excellent opportunity for companies to grow and enrich their business potential.

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