Event Human Resource Management Analysis


Events are important to cities and regions as they contribute to the economic growth and promote tourism of the region. An event like the Sydney world Masters games is a significant element of metropolitan and local regeneration. They are very instrumental in redevelopment and improvement, magnetize inner speculation, endorse sightseeing and generate innovative imagery for congregation metropolis. In addition they help in shedding lights on economic development and urban regeneration.At the same time they bring out modest intentions which basically aim the understand the principles and practices of managing events and measuring growth in the economy, society, culture and the averment.

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This report presents the various policies that will be used by Sydney world Masters Games in managing volunteer human resources. In addition it’s shedding lights on human resource planning, compensation, motivation and recruitment policies as well as modest intentions which are basically aim to understand the principle and practices of managing volunteer staff in Sydney world Masters Games, 2009.

Description of organisation structure & aim of your report

Sydney world Masters Games 2009 is a kind of event that brings forth the people of a particular community together with visitors from far and wide to get to enjoy the games that are considered to be the best. People with talents in masters’ games will come from far and wide bring their wares out for competition while others get to enjoy.

This particular event is going to be taking place in the in Australia. This location was picked because it is one of the most popular areas in the sporting industry not only to the foreigners but also to the local people. This s location has many wanting factors not just because of its popularity but also because of its beauty, wildlife, beautiful camping and accommodation areas, good climate, political relations with other countries but also the hospitality of the locals. This location is one that will cause many to be able to relax when it comes to taking a visit to this area. The location due to its popularity can also make Sydney world Masters Games 2009 success because many will want to go to the event due high the people associated with the game and how well it will be managed.

The program of Sydney world Masters Games 2009 will range from the ability to please the young and old for both males and females. The event will have to entertain all these groups from first day to the last. This will start from accommodation, menu for breakfast, lunch, watching sport, diner, entertainment and transportation if there be need for visiting other areas during the stay. The need of all these requirements is that this event will take eight days with the actual finals.



Volunteers are those employees who want to help with the daily needs of the event and should be welcomed. The event should not rely completely on the donor’s assistance to increase their resources; they should have an enterprising mindset. In this regard volunteers should be compensated honoraria to motivate them. The communities’ social attachment to the event is a resource on its own; the society can either make or break the event. The community is the one that understands the need for this event and thus they are the people who can be counted on to offer volunteers to this event.

HR Requirement Planning

Human resource planning is the projecting of future human resource requirements and developments for the success of the event. Is the process by which event organisers determines how an organization should move from its current human resource position to its desired position in order to achieve events goals. The organisers of Sydney world Masters Games 2009 will strive to have the right number, right kind of people at the right places and the right time to do things which can result in the success of the games. A strategy for utilization, improvement, acquisition and preservation of events human resources is including;

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  1. Sydney world Masters Games 2009 will need 30 volunteers as support staff and ten fully paid.
  2. The Australian secretariat of Masters Games has 5 full time employees and it requires additional five full time employees to make Sydney world Masters Games 2009 successful.

Recruitment; De-Recruitment

In recruitment and selection, employees are given equal opportunities regardless of sex and race, disability or country of origin. Recruitment and selection is the process of acquiring a proper human resource for event.

The Sydney world Masters Games 2009 will be responsible for the recruitment of volunteers from the local community. To make this successful the following policy will be followed

  • All prospective volunteers and employees should be given equal opportunities regardless of sex, race, disability or place of origin so long as one has working permit.
  • All recruits should satisfy requirements of job description and specification as laid down. Job description is the process of identifying the job title, the job summary, job duties and responsibilities, the relationship with other jobs, the supervision required, the tools and equipments to be used and working conditions of the job holder. Job specification entails the characteristics of a job holder like health, strength, body size, attitude, judgment, analytical skills, appearance and emotions, confidence and trust, sex and age.
  • Advertisement: all jobs should be advertised can be in the, circulating new papers, in the internet and at public notice for volunteers jobs. In the advert the following will be clearly be shown as job title, duration and the end of the event, description of the main duties, qualification, skills and experience required, salary to paid and closing date of the advert.
  • Short listing: – sorting and sifting care should be taken to ensure no discriminatory practices are avoided. When in short listing consistence and fairness should be taken into account and no discriminatory practices. It should be carried out by more than one person and the selectors should not have relatives who had applied.
  • Interview: – The interview should be conducted by more than one person and the people interviewed and interviewer should be prepared. It should be carried out in good environment without interruptions and give the candidate’s equal opportunities regardless religion, political views, marital status, family affairs cultural practices, ethnic origins and race.

According to Rose (2008) in order to find a successful match for the position, selection process should begin with steps of analyzing and prediction. This means that the organizers needs to be provided with a complete selection plan that analyzes a prospective applicant’s background, knowledge, skills and abilities that will be able to predict their success for the position of the events coordinator.

According to Heathfield (2009) the prospective applicants does not need to possess all the qualification’s necessary for the positions at the time of placement, however if the Sydney world Masters Games 2009 identified that is imperative that the prospective applicants must possess: must be able to read; write and calculate at graduate level; knowledge of various techniques and history of event planning disciplines; must be able to deal with people from different backgrounds and cultures; ability to optimize decisions under pressure; ability to analyze and evaluate all ideas and projects; ability to work in a team environment; develop and work within a timeline; meet goals and objectives; ability to budget and work according to the set terms; ability to liaise with media, suppliers, venues, employees and other volunteers; ability to communicate effectively internally and externally; must have event stamina; must be creative; strategic thinking; must have good leadership qualities; be able to motivate and inspire; have sound basic financial knowledge; must be computer literate and must be able to work on Microsoft Access and Publisher.


This is the introduction of volunteers to activities to taken for the event. The induction covers the

  • Brief summary of Sydney world Masters Games 2009, its objectives, names of various people to work with.
  • Volunteers will be given rules and regulations about their work, safety and health issue while working for the Sydney world Masters Games 2009.
  • They will be given personnel policy regarding discipline, education and training, method of computation of compensation and date of payment their wages.

Bartel (1994) argues that good orientation programs assist in creating job satisfaction, meeting the targets and positive approaches in the work place. Proper programs will instil confidence in the voluntary workers enabling them to release full potential in executing their roles. Irrespective of whether people can learn from occurrences, proper orientation programs are necessary for retention of employees in work place. It also serves as a feedback of the employee’s opinion about the company and the job. Some reasons that lead to failure of these programs include: poor planning, ignorance of the job requirements by the new worker and failure of the new individual to co-operate in the new area.


After Sydney world Masters Games 2009 organisers have selected volunteers’ job training is carried out. Job training is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes for performance of a particular job or task while job development is the process of improvement and growth of individual’s faculties, attitudes, insights and traits. The following will be done to all volunteers to Sydney world Masters Games 2009;

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  • Taken to a seminar on hospitality to be able to handle customers well.
  • All the staff working with Sydney world Masters Games 2009 will be updated on good organisation skills

Compensation for voluntary staff

In exchange for perfect executions of duties by volunteers, the event mangers will offer rewards to the volunteers. Reasonable rewards and compensations have the effect of maintaining a perfect workforce, satisfying the volunteers, prevent reliable workers from leaving and help motivate workers (Tyson & York, 2000). A good compensation program needs to be appropriately formulated through a planned analysis of the labor markets so that it is in line with the existing patterns of payments. Employees commonly get their compensation in terms of monetary rewards for their services. It can be in form of wages, incentives or other gifts which include paid up holidays, trips, camp outs, life insurance and pension. Adequate compensation also helps in acquisition of best fit employees argues Becker & Gerhart (1996). Therefore Sydney world Masters Games 2009 voluntary employees will be compensated as follows

  • All voluntary staff will be paid $ 100 per day to cover transport, lunch and miscellaneous personal expenses
  • Review of performance will carried out and excellent works will be added $ 20, good workers will be paid extra $ 10 while the rest will be required to work extra hard.

Motivation of Volunteer Staff

According to Mello, (2005), motivation is another factor that plays a major role in retaining of employees. Workers’ morale should be lifted by applying the right motivation strategies. Such employees will be productive in their work place and create high chances for maintain or remaining in their jobs. Motivation strategies that will be used by Sydney world Masters Games 2009 include

  • The working environment will be good
  • The work will be interesting and personal royalty to workers argues Daft (2003).
  • All voluntary staff work will be appreciated.
  • The coordinator is required to have sympathetic feelings towards volunteers who are faced one or two problems.

These motivation factors help to boost employee morale guarantees high productivity and hence developing a chance to remain in the jobs. Tyson & York, (2000) wrote that in exchange for perfect executions of duties in the event, employers often offer rewards to their workers. Reasonable rewards and compensations have the effect of maintaining a perfect workforce, satisfying the current workers, prevent reliable workers from leaving and help motivate workers. A good compensation program needs to be appropriately formulated through a planned analysis of the labor markets so that it is in line with the existing patterns of payments. Employees commonly get their compensation in terms of monetary rewards for their services. It can be in form of wages, incentives or other gifts which include paid up holidays, trips, camp outs, life insurance and pension. Adequate compensation also helps in acquisition of best fit employees.


Volunteers’ management in Sydney world Masters Games 2009 event will be attainment of success. In the larger interest of Sydney world Masters Games 2009 it is imperative that volunteers are taught the nuance of the event. Personnel with positive attitudes and can lend themselves to the causes are what event look for. Volunteers are taught to be positive, deliver quality work, have a sense of humour, and work as a team. Volunteers should be interested in performing as a team and take joy in team results, rather than individual accomplishments.

Pay is a primary source for motivating the workforce to perform. However, there could also be certain other rewards offered for exceeding targets or quality. Rewards are stand-alones, in the sense that, rewards are given in recognition of individual and team work adds Tyson and York (2000).

According to Arthur (2000) there can not be assumed is a clear relationship between pay and motivation. Indeed, as suggested, over reliance on pay to secure the motivation of employees could be at the cost of more powerful motivators such as, flexible, high-trust, and work-friendly environment. Production is dependent on performance. Workers are the assets of an organization. It is within the HR manager’s jurisdiction to identify problems that hamper production. If employees are happy, they perform exceptionally well for the growth of the organization. Decades ago, company’s never felt the need to reward or recognize their workforce for their hard work, leading to periodic absenteeism and lack of interest. Decades later, the trend has changed and companies have recognized the importance of acknowledging and at the same time rewarding their staff for their dedication and sincerity. Higher pay structures, flexible working hours, motivational activities, and bonuses are part of a company’s strategy to stay competitive and grow argues Becker et al (1996).


Marathon Human Resources Consulting Group Ltd. (2008) have written that the employment process is complex given the responsibility and cost associated with it. There are legal implications that need to be borne in mind as well as human resource questions that need to be assessed. However, it is important to note that you are assessing the skill-field of the person and not their character necessarily (although that plays a part). Furthermore, the contract is binding and therefore implications are considered if you make the incorrect choice. The interviewing process may be necessary but is not a foolproof mechanism by any means. While Thorogood Professional Insights. (2009) wrote that one must consider that the simplest design and analysis is most often the best. Complicating the selection process makes more work and costs more but may be necessary in very large corporations. Psychometric testing may be time consuming and expensive but it can also be useful for larger companies where skills need to be numerically detailed and contained. The role of the various parties involved in the recruitment process is important to ensure a smooth transition.

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