A Project of Online Shopping for an Electronic Supermarket in US

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The aim is to develop a project of online shopping for an electronic supermarket in United States. Even though there are many super markets in this country, the people find some difficulties in their shopping. They have to waste a lot time for shopping, because they have to arrange shopping list, specify a time to go to the supermarket, gather the things from the shop and so on. Therefore, the aim of this project is to replace the old style of shopping and save the customer’s precious time. This project creates a website for online shopping, so that the customers can access their shopping requirements through it.

The customers can choose their requirements through the shopping card and get the goods delivered by making payment through credit card. Online shopping makes shopping easier. One of the main benefits is that the customers need not waste their time. When the customer gives order for the commodities, it brings their commodities from the store to the customer’s location and at correct time. Online shopping not only helps in saving the customer’s time, but it also reduces their efforts in shopping.

A project stakeholder analysis

Project stakeholders are the members involved in the overall functioning of the project development. It includes the project team, project manager, customer, functional management, sponsor, and so on. “Stakeholder analysis yields useful and accurate information about those persons and organizations that have an interest in health in health reform.” (Schmeer n.d, p.5).

The project stakeholders have important role in the project management, because they do all-important tasks in the development of the project. The “Stakeholder analysis is the identification of a project’s key stakeholders, an assessment of their interests, and the ways in which these interests affect project riskiness and viability.” (Guidance note on how to do stakeholder analysis of aid projects and programmes, 1995).

Stakeholders’ analysis is the recognition of the stakeholders needed in the functional activities of the project development. The success of the project is in the hands of the project stakeholders, and therefore, they plan the project at the beginning stage itself. “A good beginning includes time at the outset to discuss project stakeholders’ key needs and expectations. This should be augmented with a documented plan to meet these requirements, deal with potential risks, and define project information communication routes to stakeholders.” (Smith 2000).

Each stakeholder should have good idea and knowledge about the project, which they are doing, that is, actual requirement of the customer and the aim of the project. “Timing is an important factor in the implementation of Stakeholder Analysis to assure the usefulness of the results for policy formulation.” (What is stakeholder analysis? n.d.).

Every member of the project has different tasks to carry out. The tasks, which are to be carried out in the development process of the electronic supermarket, is divided and specified to the project team. “The more people you affect, the more likely it is that your actions will impact people who have power and influence over your projects.” (Stakeholder analysis, 2010).

Effective involvement of all the stakeholders produces a successful project.

A brief description of how the project was managed

Efficient management is very essential for the development of a project.” Project management includes developing a project plan, which includes defining and confirming the project goals and objectives, identifying tasks and how goals will be achieved, quantifying the resources needed, and determining budgets and timelines for completion.” (Project management, 2009).

The management of the project should also consider constraints like time, budget and scope. The project on electronic supermarket in the United States had well defined management steps, which enabled easy managing of the project. The project was started after preparing a project plan. The project team and the members of the team were selected at the initial stage. “It is important to plan the project with the team so that their contributions and commitment are included and developed.” (Managing project, n.d.).

The customers were consulted to know their needs and requirements, and they were included in the project. All the stages of the project were managed properly. The different stages in the electronic supermarket project were initiation, planning and development, production, monitoring and controlling, and closing. In the initiation phase, the nature and scope of the project was defined. This was very essential for the project to meet its business requirements. It was made sure that all the necessary controls were included in the project. After the initiation phase, designing of the project was done. A prototype of the project was built and was also tested.

It helped to make sure that the final output meets the project specifications. In the production stage, the people, resources and activities were used according to the project management plan. It was also ensured that the outputs were produced in accordance with the plan. In the monitoring phase, the execution of the project was monitored to identify the potential problems and to correct them. In the closing phase, formal acceptance of the project was maintained. All the activities were finalized and the project activities were closed. All the contracts applicable to the project were closed. Good management of the project helped in the success of the project largely.

ESM “protect our databases with various physical, technical and procedural measures and we restrict access to your information by unauthorized persons. Our information systems are maintained behind a software firewall to isolate them from access by other networks connected to the Internet.” (Privacy policy, 2007).

The implementation phase of the project

Implementation phase is the final stage in the project development process. “The goal of the implementation phase is to implement a system correctly, efficiently, and quickly on a particular set or range of computers, using particular tools and programming languages.” (Implementation stage of the system development life cycle, 2010). The outcome of the project is decided in this stage. If the project is done in the correct manner, implementation becomes successful.

Therefore, effective planning is required for the success of the project. The purpose of the implementation phase is to determine whether the entire project has been done according to the plan, and whether it covered all the requirements. “Implementation refers to the final process of moving the solution from development status to production status.” (450.0 implement, 2007). Planning of the project is the important step in project development, and the overall activities in the project development are decided in the planning process. Without proper planning, the entire task cannot be completed accurately.

In the project development, effective planning helps the project manager to avoid the risks that may happen in future. “Careful planning at the outset, as well as during the project, can help to avoid costly mistakes.” (Project planning and lifecycle, 2009). Even if planning is done in proper way, if the tasks are not carried out according to the plan, it will result in failure.

A critical analysis of the project outcome

The success of every business plan depends on the objective of the project. “Objectives give the business a clearly defined target. Plans can then be made to achieve these targets. This can motivate the employees. It also enables the business to measure the progress towards to its stated aims.” (Business organisation: Business aims and objectives, n.d.).

This project aims only the people who are facing many difficulties in their fast life and it adds value to their shopping style. The resources needed for this project includes partners, stakeholders, and employees in several departments, website servers etc. Critical analysis is essential factor in the business management projects. Through this, the performers can analyze the possibilities of the project in future. There are several factors, which affect the success of every business plan. They are listed below:

Human factors

  • Commitment from management
  • Perceived usefulness to content developer
  • Staff members with responsibility for project

Technological factors

  • Ease of information input and maintenance
  • Ease of information access.” (Kueppers & Schilingno n.d.).

By critically analysing the feasibility of electronic supermarket, the project members can recognize that this will provide time saving method for the customers. The outcome of the project will meet the objective of the project to some extent. It will help to meet the requirements, such as, save time and efforts, introduce a new shopping style, and earn more market share and profits. Other advantage of employing this shopping style is that it provides sufficient time to select their most favourite item.

“Retailer warranty programs can have many pitfalls. Fine print and repair limitations will have you pouring over complicated service agreements that seem to be trying to stop you from getting the service you wanted.” (A better extended warranty, 2007).

To overcome this, ESM is increasing the warranty of their products.


  • Give better customer support and provide friendly approach.
  • Increase the warranty of the products.
  • Make the online shopping process simple for increasing their revenues.
  • Implement security measures against online thefts.


The main aspect of this business plan is to consider the viability of this business. Through different studies conducted as a part of the project, it is seen that it will be a profitable method for the future business process. Besides, the use of such online facilities will soon become the accepted method of almost all the people. As has been evidenced from the deliberations of this business plan, the future holds immense potential for this kind of business, if it is conducted in the right way, and strong and efficient monitoring mechanisms are devised and implemented on a rigorous basis that could bring about large-scale economies and generate sufficient revenues in the business.

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