A Facility’s Relocation Project and Quality Plan

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Project Planning and Goals

For relocation of ABCD to be successful all stakeholders concerned should be involved. The stakeholder include; the shareholders, employees, customers, the project manager, and project team. The needs of these stakeholders shall be established through interviews, questionnaires, observation, and background reading. The goal of this project is to relocate and consolidate ABCD’s offices, and as a result, profits as well as its client base will improve. To achieve these goals, the project managers and the project team will have to go for best relocation strategy.

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Quality Plan

A good quality plan gives options and avenues for improving and assessing the quality of relocation and consolidation of the some branches with the head office.


The project will be completed in approximately 14 months. Moreover, the project manager and project team will be expected to work for almost 12 hours each day so that the project can be completed in the expected period. The project manager will be expected to give guidelines on how each task will be carried out (Haughey, 2010). Each individual in the project team shall be assigned a specific task depending on his or her area of expertise. This will prevent any instances of conflict of interests or duties throughout the project. The project mangers will be expected to supervise and direct every operation throughout the project. In case a problem occurs during the development period, the project mangers should notify the sponsor immediately. These problems might include; reduction of the scope of the project, employing additional resources, or renegotiating the deadline when time becomes a problem.

Testing of renovations and refurbishment

Restructuring and refurbishing the offices should take four months of the project time. In consideration of a number of factors, there are several requirements needed for the floor design of management offices. After completion all the renovations an expert inspect and give an assurance on the quality of the construction done, safety standards of the construction, value for money report and that the construction meets the requirements of an office facility. During this process, all stakeholders should be involved to ensure that each stakeholder’s need was addressed by the system. In case one stakeholder is dissatisfied with the project, necessary changes should be done at this stage to enhance the functionality of the system before it is introduced it is made to use. Note that this is a continuous process because the system will need constant maintenance and upgrades. This means that everyone who was involved in the development of the system should be ready to tackle any mishaps that might occur after the system has been issued and installed.

Corrective measures

There should be a successful contractor to manage the existing maintenance of various systems. The original contractor should state the preventive maintenance included as well as whether and how it will be in a position of addressing the counteractive or remedial maintenance requirements. This provides a guide to identification of the projects deviation from the expectations so that corrective measures can be applied to control the deviation. Monitoring is carried out throughout the project execution while control is usually done when the project’s progress has substantially deviated from the expectations.

Project control is important in project management since it gives useful data for progress measurement, prediction and re-scheduling. Control therefore plays a very significant role in project management. A project plan should therefore bear important elements such as time frame, budget and objectives to ensure that its execution, control and closure are a success.

Human resource plan

The project shall be funded and overseen by ABCD under the direction of the mangers. The management will be expected to choose project mangers and employ the project team manager (Haughey, 2010). Project mangers should not exceed 10 people; moreover, they should be qualified engineers, electricians, and supervisors. On the same note, project teams should not exceed 50 individuals. This group will be involved in carrying out all the manual work such as wiring and renovations.

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Communication plan

Since the company is the one financing this project, the management should be updated on the progress of the project frequently. The project managers will be expected to update the top management about the project’s progress on a weekly basis. Similarly, the project managers should be updated on the progress of the project by the team members. This information can be communicated to them formally or in written form on a day-to-day basis. This will enable the integral stakeholder to access the progress of the project without doubt (Lock, 2007).

Risk management plan

Many projects fail because the concerned parties often overlook the real and potential risks that are involved in the project (Kerzner, 2009, p134). After identifying potential risk for this project, the concerned parties will be prepared for any mishaps that are prone to occur. They include; unanticipated budget cuts, unclear responsibilities and roles, change in stakeholder’s requirements, and underestimated time and cost entities. Project mangers are therefore required to record these risks in a simple log book any time they arise or occur. This will enable project managers to know what to do incase these risks occur.

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