Domino’s Pizza Implementing Order Entry System

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General description

Domino’s Pizza is the second largest company in the United States to create pizza. The company was founded and published by two brothers (Tom and James) in the sixties. Tom and James happened to buy a machine. This machine was called Dominick’s. They managed to run their business jointly until they could be able to run solo. James managed to trade part of his share. This enabled him to but a second hand car. Moreover, Tom renamed the store to Domino’s Pizza. In 1983 the Domino’s Pizza opened thousands of stores around the world. In the same year, Domino’s Pizza opened its first store in Australia, located in Brisbane (Recipe pizza 2010).

The salient function of the OES or Order Entry System is to help the firm run its errands smoothly. For example, the staff can be able to transact online with respective customers. The staff also will be able to respond to clients query about details concerning catalogue and specific ordering. Hence, the staff will be able to ship respective goods to the customer quickly. This OES assists the staff to record the item of the client in the database of the OES and will be saved in respective inventory cells. The software will ease the forwarding of clients request to be billed and then shipped directly to the customer. The process allows the entering of information to a system that is fulfilling. Order Entry System has good speed and accuracy that allows customers to receive their order quickly.


  • Users of the system are the employees of Domino’s Pizza, its visitors, management and all the organizations that cooperate with Domino’s Pizza.
  • Employees create menus, information concerning special offers and discounts. This information is used by visitors as a choice guide, and generally based on their preferences.
  • Visitors leave their suggestions on the matters of extending menu, or improving the quality of services. This may be read by employees, or managers.
  • Banks provides information for visitors on the matters of paying for their orders, for management concerning the aspects of salaries and crediting.
  • Managers provide information related with working schedules, working systems and rules. These may be summaries, as well as plans of the work.


The name of the company is postulated in the website. One profound advantage of Domino’s Pizza Company using OES is the quick ordering schedule. This where a customer’s order literary bypass the normal business counter and move directly to the pizza without congestion or queuing. As a result, this makes the ordering process, shipping and client payment much reliable and very fast. Hence, this helps Domino’s Pizza customers to be able to shop online using the internet with much anticipation and curiosity that will meet their needs faster. This where the OES allows the clients to choose their preferred pizza’s, then add to their catalogues or remove from a whole lot choices that are mouth-watering.

External Description of the information system


Inputs presuppose adding the information associated with the working performance of the organization. Considering the possibility of varying access level, this may range from ordering meals, to adjusting price levels:

  • Employees create lists of orders and make bills
  • Managers provide the access level rules, change prices and lists of meals available


Work summary, including amounts of meals sold, cash earned and hours worked

Information Processing

The information processing process is enabled by the Data modelling procedures in OES. It explores the data oriented structures and gives a variety of first hand information of the client. OES uses high level conceptual model of an easy to fill Order Entry Form. This will be able to collect virtual information. The Data attributes are basically allotted different entity types. The data is then classified by the staff and the relationship of the order, and the client is compared, and the goods are transferred to the customer at a very quick speed.

Ordering process will be defined by the key operational principles, however, the generally accepted practice is choosing the meal from a list or category and adding it to the general bill. The information may contain description or components of the meal, as well as alternatives of serving, for the personnel had an opportunity to inform a visitor. (Nyheim, 56)

Payment process is standard: visitor may either pay by cash or by a card. When the payment is confirmed, the bill is printed.

Information stored

The information about the client and shipping method are stored in the computer data base. The entries made by the customer are then wired to various departments that will respond immediately.

Ordering store

  1. The Order Handlers are supposed to work in a routine that allows them to take customer’s money after they have placed an order.
  2. The order Takers are supposed to handle and fill orders from clients. They are trained to increase more sales. Order Takers suggest different special offers in the company.
  3. The order Getters are supposed to go out and seek more customers. They improve the website and entice new potential customers to seek the services of the company.

External view of the Order Entry System

External view of the Order Entry System

Internal description of the Order Entry System

Screen Operator – Receives signal from Management and makes appropriate adjustments to the system.

Data storage is performed by implementing database that stores computer files containing digital video footage and score data.

The data is stored internally but the digital screen is physically external.

internally but the digital screen is physically external. Furthermore, the information may be used by management and personnel.

Internal view of information system

Internal view of information system


Nyheim, Peter; Technology Strategies for the Hospitality Industry. Prentice Hall. New York. 2007

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