Oasis Water Company as Main Water Supplier

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About Oasis water company

Oasis water is a bottled water supply Company which is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Motto of this company is to provide customer satisfaction in all aspects. Company team believes that water is considered to be source of life and it is very important for body and mind of human beings. So Oasis water team always put their “passion and commitment to create innovative and tangible incentives that will encourage people to appreciate, enjoy, and drink more.” (History).

Customer satisfaction is one of the important obsessions for this company. To accomplish this, company started a website. The main aim of this is to provide complete details about the company and its products, so that consumer will get updated information regarding everything that is taking place in the company. Also, company opened multilingual call centers in Dubai, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in order to facilitate more customer relationship in all six days. Staffs in call centers are always helpful in providing helping hands to customers in any form.


“The Oasis Water Company was founded in 1984, as the bottled water division of National Food product Company (NFPC), the UAE’s first and largest FMCG Company in the beverage and dairy products segment.” (History).

It was in 1971 National Food Product Company (NFPC) was established in Emirates of Abu Dhabi. This company was initially started under the leadership of Faraj Bin Hamoodah and Fadi Antonios who were chairman and president, CEO of the company respectively. It was the entrepreneurial spirit and long term view that made the company super power in the market. Over last two decades, i.e. from the introduction of the company, Oasis water is leading the UAE market in supplying bottled water across the country. This company has got a position or membership in “International Bottled Water Association and the national sanitary Foundation.” (History).

At present Oasis has got nearly 90,000 homes and offices and more than 10,000 retail outlets across all over United Arab Emirates. Also Oasis is distributing more than 1,000,000 liters of water across the country daily.

Manufacturing unit

There are two manufacturing units one is located in Dubai and another one is located in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai unit was established in 1997. It first started with installing 5 gallon lines which are completely automatic and it has got capability to produce 2,000 bottles per hour. Later in 2005 another 5 gallon line was installed in the unit which raised producing capacity of the unit up to 5000 bottles per day. Later they used Robert technology in their unit “for the loading and offloading of the 5 gallon bottles from the bottle racks.” (Manufacturing: Dubai Manufacturing Unit).

This is considered as one of the world’s biggest single lines which have got capability of producing 100,000 bottles per day. Abu Dhabi Manufacturing unit started its operation in 1984. Initially, it started with 5 Gallon production line which has got capability to produce more than 400 of bottles per day. Due to more demand for bottled water in UAE, unit established fully automated 5 gallon line which has got capacity to produce 2,000 bottles per day. Still demand for water goes on increasing and this unit started to operate for 24 hours from 2007 onwards in order to meet the requirements.


There are mainly two types of products or brands available under oasis bottled water supply Company. They are namely Oasis and Blu. These come under PET products which are mainly produced in Dubai. These products are range in different millilitre bottles such as 100ml, 200ml, 625ml etc. Besides that there are some other products namely carbonated products which are available in 450ml, 500ml, 1 and 1.5 litters.

Among all these Blu is the latest product from Oasis Water Company. This product has got prestigious global award for its water packaging and its design. This is one of the best PET bottle designs. There are more than 113 entries for nomination from different countries. Among all these companies from UAE, Brazil and France came at top three positions. Blu has bagged award after beating two leading companies from Brazil and France. With the introduction of this product Company‘s reputation has been increased in UAE market.

Literature review on Certification in United Arab Emirates (UAE) with regard to ISO 9001: 2000 and HACCP

With a large number of local and expatriate populations in the UAE, and very dry and humid climatic conditions, the need for clean, sparkling and clear potable water is indeed overwhelming. While there are many companies who lay claim on manufacturing and distributing potable water, their quality standards, cleanliness and hygiene may not always be of the highest standards of professionalized customer servicing. Thus, the need for a company that truly cares for the quality of potable water for the residents of UAE consumer – enter Oasis Water.

At Oasis Water, the main emphasis is laid on providing clean, purified and sparkling potable water that has the capacity to attract and retain a large number of clients and customers. The company works hard to slake the thirst of the people in this region and is committed to meet the high demands of a wide cross section and spectrum of individual, household, institutional and bulk supply orders in apartments, villas, offices and catering units. This company seeks “continuous improvement “in product lines and services and are guided by the effectiveness of their “integrated management systems.” (Our Standards: Oasis Quality and Food Safety Policy Statement).

The standards set by this company are such that it not only meets the food and beverages standards set by the locale, Gulf and UAE standards, but is also keen upon meeting ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP standards. It also meets the stringent testing conduced by local Municipal inspectors in certifying the water for human consumption. Oasis also has the proud privilege of being the only bottled potable water supply company within the Emirates that has gained entry and membership with IBWA (Inter Bottled Water Association) and following its strictest operating rules and regulations.

Coming to ISO 9001:2000, it is seen that this kind of certification requires prior audit and certification of each and every activity carried out within the organization and also the determinants of Eight Quality Management Principles, viz. “customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, process approach, system approach to management, continual improvement, factual approach to decision making and mutually beneficial supplier relations. “ (Quality Management Principles).

Oasis has conformed to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and has thus gained this prestigious certification in terms of quality and servicing of its range of products, etc.

Coming next to HACCP, this is the acronym for Hazard Analysis and Critical Care Point which to a large extent imbues the paradigms of management by exception (MBE). This has been a proven scientific and technological tool, especially in the food and beverages industry, that seeks to remove barriers and obstacles to food, etc., manufacturing and maintaining and surpassing quality standards in manufacture and servicing. Moving away from the staid and tradition bound management practice of severely testing only the end final product, what HACCP inculcates is the identification of critical and sensitive areas within an operating area, in terms of the hazards and deficiencies and devising ways and means by which such negative aspects are controlled or eliminated while keeping the system constantly moving. It relies theoretically on best Japanese manufacturing practices on taking effective steps to identify, prevent and reduce the possibilities of actual occurrences of such hazards.

The main idea behind quality standards could be that the greater interests of the consumers need to be upheld and also that customer reliance and trust need to be gained which could gain better business in future. It could also be in terms of understanding the standards of performance that are required in the gulf regions and acting accordingly.

Halal water categories

The ‘halal’ is the word related to the Islamic religious aspect, the word is derived from the Arab linguistics which means ‘lawful’ or ‘permitted’. The halal concept has its origin as a spiritual one from the preaching done by Prophet Mohammed. The word is related to the food habits, which indicates the permitted eating habits to suit the Islamic dietary principles and policy. “We will use these terms only in relation to food products, meat products, cosmetics, personal care products, food ingredients, and food contact materials.” (What is Halal).

The halal water categories include the fresh fruit juices, honey, milk and water from the nature; it mainly depends on the method of the processing. The food variety includes legumes, nuts and the peanuts. Any of the food from the sea are permissible for them; as they have the belief that everything from sea is that by the Allah.

The halal foods are given much priority among the retail food giants, like the McDonald, dumklin, subway, KFC follow the principles of the halal market is booming today’s world and the total revenue of them is $580 billion per year.

UAE Water industry

The UAE are the largest water consumer in the world, they have the increment in the supply about 24% annually, and they have a huge demand in the water bottle industry, which is much beneficial to the local suppliers and to the distributors. The customer satisfaction is the main aim of the water industry and they depend on the different quality standards to meet the need of the customer and they have the high profit in the industry in terms of the high quality standards and meeting the customer expectations. The mineral water is certified by the ISO 9001:2000 series and the production process satisfy with the quality norms. They use the different kind of the CRM soft wares to meet the queries of the customer and to make the different operations of the firm to a success. According to the industry highlights the mineral water industry has faced a lot of the progress in the upcoming years and contributed to the enormous increase in the sales and in the profit. The water industry has the collaboration with the European countries for the manufacturing and distribution,

The main factors that affect the progress of the mineral water are the continuous support of the market support and the huge demand for the product, the innovation of the different category of water like the children’s water and the flavored water and the water which has the huge content of the calcium and the minerals. The wide chain of the distribution channels in the country and growing sales and the distribution. The countries agreement policy in the distribution in other neighboring countries. The good business offers from them helps to increase the profit and the revenue of the company.

The water market buyers consists for the domestic purpose, which are in smaller amounts, the bulk buyers are the companies like the other soft drink manufacturers and the other companies , they are treated as the loyal customers of the company. The company also has the local distributors and they have a good sale as the local demand for the product is very high, they also have the increased profits and the revenue, the mineral water company also exports well and the export market flourishes well in the current scenario.

Although there are lot of players in the mineral water arena the industry has a lot of emerging players. the different kind of the sellers in the UAE market are in plenty, The Al Ain, Masafi, Zulal, oasis and the caparison which are the key players and which also have the collaboration with the different kind of the technology and the capital partners. These being the major players they contribute much to the economy and for the overall development in financial terms. The water industry is a seller monopoly market where the contribution to the GDP is about 2% at the overall. The local government and the outsourcing units play a major role in the water industry. The water sellers find the success in the export market they also have the lot of the opportunities to excel.

Quality issue in the water company

In the UAE

The UAE residents have only one option for drinking water and that is bottled water which is manufactured by different companies. The consumers in UAE are more conscious about the quality and hygienic aspect in bottled water. IBWA is the International Bottled Water Association which is authorized to regulate and control the quality of the bottled water globally. There are more than ten companies who are engaged in producing bottled water that are approved by the UAE authorities. Even though theses companies are producing same product the price varies. This was taken as an issue by the UAE media and the companies were asked reasons for their variations in prices. This was considered as a quality issue by the consumers and companies. The consumers responded that there was no difference in the quality and taste of the water even though there is variation in prices. The companies responded that there are many companies engaged in manufacturing bottled water and the increase in the product price reflects the quality of the product plus its brand value.

For export purposes

UAE is a highly developed country and the products manufactured for domestic purpose involves strict quality regulations. When it comes to exporting, the quality requirements increase, because the quality of the product reflects the standard of the country. ISO 9001:2000 certifications are considered as the means for the company to engage in exporting business.

Registration and Application of ISO 9001:2000

This certification is given for companies that produce goods and services that are capable to meet global standard given by the organization for International Standardization. This accreditation to Oasis Water Company shows that the company is highly committed towards the quality of the product, enhancing customer satisfaction and continuously improving the quality of the product to increase its brand image in the international market.

Certificates possessed by Oasis

  • The company is certified as an ISO 9001:2000, which shows that the overall quality of the company from the procurement of resources till the product reaches the customers.
  • The company also received a design award 2005 for the “Best pet bottle design, at the second Global Bottled Water Congress”. (Oasis Water Company Triumphs at the Design Awards 2005). This was designed for its new product ‘Blu’.
  • Company uses an analytical tool for maintaining cost effectiveness in the product manufacturing known as HACCP.

Quality standards

George Antinos, the general manager of Oasis Water Company stated that “Oasis gives great emphasis to the quality of water. Oasis was the first water company in the UAE to become a permanent member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) and is still a member. This means that our plants are audited by IBWA for the quality of water produced as well as conformity of hygiene standards.” (Mirza, Rahman & Zain). Oasis focus on enhancing customers’ satisfaction by delivering bottled water with high quality. The company also introduces new technologies whereby they can continuously improve the quality of the product. An effective integrated management system is maintained in the organization to meet the quality requirements as per ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP principles. Regular inspection is done to ensure that all the standards and regulations set by the authority are maintained by the organization.

Target Market of Oasis

The target market taken for the study is UAE. It is reported that UAE is the country which is having high per capita water consumption in the world. The company targets the consumers from all income levels.


  • By following the regulation on labeling and embossing, the company can reduce the problem of empty bottles of the brand being exploited by unregistered companies.
  • The company can advise its customers to check the physical aspects of the bottle and make sure that there is no leakage and sediments and the expiry date on the bottle should also be checked correctly.
  • The consumers must be provided a list of bottled-water companies that are approved by Dubai Municipality.


It is indeed a pride of this region that a company like Oasis water is available for quenching the thirst of the people through supply of sparkling, fresh and hygienically manufactured water using the treatment that is normally provided for potable water in this region. Competitively speaking it is one of the topmost brands available in the region and it is expected to earn more laurels in the years to come. Further, it may be that believed that although the competitive business is quite strong, it is necessary for this company to gain better marketing through sound policies and precepts. It is also necessary that these need to be sustained over time for the company to remain viable in future years and contribute to the economy and welfare of the people in the Gulf States.

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