Warner Bros Pictures: History and Analysis

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Warner bros is an American company that produces and distributes a wide range of great movies and television programs. The company has the largest movie library in the world and produces hit shows. The company also owns the Castle Rock Entertainment studio, DC Entertainment that deals with comic books and almost half of CW Network and Midway games. Warner bros is a subsidiary of the Time Warner Company, Warner Bros Pictures, Warner Bros Records, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, Warner Bros Television, Warner Bros Animation, Warner home Video, New Line Cinema, TheWB.COM, HBO, Cinemax, TBS, TNT and DC comics.

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The Warner brothers Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack L Warner who emigrated from Poland to Ontario in Canada, established the Warner Bros in 1918. It the third oldest American movie company that is still operating following Paramount pictures, Famous Players and Universal Studios, all established in 1912. The brothers started with show business where they went about showing films in Pennsylvania and Ohio. They then began a theater called Cascade in New Castle, Pennsylvania in 1903. In 1904, they began the Pittsburgh- based Duquesne Amusement and Supply which they signed for distributing movies. They company started to grow and they were able to distribute films in a number of states. During the period of the World War I, they had begun producing movies that led to the opening of the Warner Bros studio in 1918 in Hollywood. Sam and Jack were responsible for the production of the films while Harry and Albert managed the finances and distribution within New York City. In 1923, they officially integrated as Warner Brothers Pictures.

They brought in a dog-named Rin Tin Tin who featured in the film “Where The North Begins” and it was highly successful. (Warner-Sperling &Millner)The dog instantly became a superstar in the studio. They hired Darryl F. Zanuck as the executive producer in the production of the movies and Ernst Lubitsch as the head director. In 1924, The Marriage Circle movie became a hit and was listed as the best movie of the year. They gained support from Wall Street and in the process they bought Vitagraph Company which had the largest distribution network in the country. By the end of 1924, Warner Bros was among the most successful studios in Hollywood. They opened up a radio station called KFWB Los Angeles in the year 1925.

In 1926, the Warner Bros with the help of Western Electric founded Vitaphone and thus started making films with music and soundtracks. Such film was Don Juan but although it became a success in the movie industry, the company had financial crisis and the movie did not earn back the production costs. This financial state of the company made the brothers begin a feature commonly referred to as “talking pictures” in their films. The Jazz Singer was such a film, and it became a success to the Warner Bros studio and money flooded the studio. However, it was during this period that Sam Warner died in 1927 and the brothers were in his funeral while the film premiered. This led to many successful films and the Warner Bros were able to shift from the poor section of Hollywood to a mansion in Burbank, California. The studio grew very fast and they bought the Stanley Corporation, the main theater chain at the time.

The brothers also acquired shares at First National Pictures and Darryl Zanuck was assigned the manager of the studio. In 1929, they purchased St. Louis and within two years, they were able to recover from the losses they had experienced. Towards the end of 1929, the Warner Bros ware able to gain control of the entire First National with the help of Harry. By 1930, Harry was able to purchase additional theaters in Atlantic City and the studio felt the Great Depression of 1930 in 1931, as many citizens were not able to afford the movies. The company experienced a great loss during that year and things became worse in the following year.

In 1933, a come back with a musical 42nd street was so victorious and it saved the studio from bankruptcy. This success helped the company make other moneymaking musicals. However, this success was short-lived as people got tired of the musicals and stopped buying them. The company shifted its attention to making gangster films. In 1933, the economy flourished and thus the company began to make profits. Warner Cartoons came into being in the year 1930. They collaborated with Harman and Ising studio to make cartoons until 1933. The Warner Company finally purchased Schlesinger’s cartoons, which had flourished and merged with their company. The cartoon unit continued to flourish thus improving the company’s image.

Many films of war were created and the audience seemed to love them very much. The war films produced included Casablanca, This Is the Army, Now, Voyager and Mission to Moscow. Many stars were shaped including Lauren Bacall and Doris Day as the company regained its glory after the II World War. In 1946, the company was making huge profits weekly. In 1949, the television production was not doing well and Harry Warner wanted to focus all his attention to the television sector. However, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) did not allow it. This led Jack Warner to result to doing the 3-D films in the movie House of Wax. The movie was a success but the 3-D lost its demand to the movie lovers. The company resulted in using CinemaScope in their films. In 1956, the company declared that Warner Bros was up for sale but Jack Warner secretly arranged with a group of friends to buy the shares of the company once the brothers sold the company. Once the company was sold, he purchased all his shares back and since he was the one with the highest shares in the company, he assigned himself the presidency of the company.

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In 1963, Jack decided that the ownership of Warner film music should be his and resolved to focus on making profits through Warner Bros. He sold his rights of the studio and its music industry in 1966 to Seven Arts Productions since it was not making profits. It was renamed Warner Bros-Seven Arts although Jack continued as the president of the studio until 1967 when he retired after the Seven Arts sold the company to Kinney National Company. The new owners changed the company name back to Warner Bros. Inc. They made the company successful in the 1970s and 1980s through popular movies including Superman and Batman.

In 1995, the Warner Bros made many several teenage and family dramas that included Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, Spelling Television, 7th Heaven as well as Charmed. They later renamed themselves Warner Communications and until 1987, they were in collaboration with Colombia Pictures. Warner then in 1988 united with Walt Disney Pictures until 1993 in making the movies. They separated when Disney developed Buena Vista International. Then the company in 2006 together with CBS Paramount Television Network in cooperation opened The CW Television Network. The Warner Bros Company celebrated its 90th anniversary in 1 June 2008.

The Warner Bros Company is one of the biggest and largest producer and distributor of television programs and movies in the world. They have produced very many hit movies and television programs that are both entertaining and educative. Their work is virtually admirable because of the consistence and quality of materials that they produce. They have maintained a high level of material that has not failed to impress the public who enjoy the films very much. They are always creative in their films that are produced in time to the customers’ satisfaction. They maintain the customers through the various advertisements in the Internet with the products prices being constant all the time.

The company has also ensured a diverse production in their work. It varies from films, television programs, musicals as well as entertainment in the cartoon sector. This work has received a lot of thought because many of their projects have been successful thus boosting the company in the market. The Warner Bros Company is wholly dedicated to maintaining its standards in the film industry by being able to withstand constant competition and products demand in the market. They have been able to remain focused and thus remained in the industry with the exceptional films they have produced. This is a commendable thing about the company as it is there to serve and maintain its customers. The Warner Bros Company distributes its products not only in the United States but all over the world. The company has many branches in other parts of the world including the UK. This has given them an opportunity to distribute their films and television programs all over thus maintaining and strengthening their client base.

The other thing that makes Warner Bros admirable is there level of management and promotion skills. The company has a well defined reward scheme that helps promote the talents and potential of the actors and film directors who have excelled in their work. The scheme recognizes the company employees who do well through rewards and public recognition thus motivating the employees to work hard in building the company’s image. They have also put in place a scheme that rewards citizens who campaign against piracy that threatens to destroy the industry. This helps the company expand thus maintaining high standards in the market.

The Warner Bros Company stays ahead of its competitors by preserving the image of the company while staying away from media scandals that may ruin the company. It maintains very straightforward company standards that advocate for customer satisfaction and protection. The company does not fail to keep its deadline on the set projects in the company thus keeping the customers satisfied and entertained all the time. The company uses a great marketing strategy by always keeping the products on time and up to standards. This marketing strategy involves keeping their products in their official website so that the customers will always be able to view all the available products to their satisfaction.

The Warner Bros Company differs from its competitors through maintaining high standards in their company policies. This happens with the company putting more emphasis on the creation and distribution of films as its major goal. It also tries to balance the market in a way that they not only maintain customers locally but also within the international markets. Warner Bros campaigns against piracy in the movie industry because that is what brings down most companies in the sector. Partnering with other companies ensures that their movies are high quality and varied. This helps the company in beating the competition in the industry by ensuring their products are not short of supply in the market.

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The company maintains low prices in their movies and programs which other competitors have not been able to master. This ensures that they keep their customers coming back all the time. This explains the consistence in the way the company has been able to keep in the market for a long time while other competitors have failed. Maintaining the product cost helps keep the customers from looking for other companies that have got lower prices. Warner Bros has maintained the products low because they have great marketing and advertising systems. The company makes great movies that are popular in the public thus they are able to earn back their production costs.

The Warner Company is a great company to work for because the employees are kept steady and are not fired aimlessly. This is because the company has a great work ethics department that makes sure all the employee rights are observed. The Warner Company is solid in the sense that an individual is assured that it will not go bankrupt since it has well set standards. The Warner Company is able to handle a large number of employees since it has many departments dealing with company products. The company has well defined company standards to handle rapid growth in both products and service delivery.

The Warner Bros Company has a great management team and experienced film directors. Working for Warner Company ensures that one has gained a lot of experience in movie making, graphics and other media operations. While working at Warner, I will be able to nurture and utilise the talent that I have which will be beneficial to the company. This will give me vast knowledge and an opportunity to experience high quality employee satisfaction in my work. Their partnership with other big companies to produce great movies creates more job opportunities for many people.

I would encourage the time Warner Company to go e-commerce in all their dealings. This is because all the companies nowadays are doing business online and this makes it easier to reach more people all over the world. This is because the companies are very competitive and thus one has to maintain a unique method of getting into the customers all the time. This will help them cut the costs of production thus the prices will be much than in the other companies thus maintaining their customer base. (Warner-Sperling &Millner)


Warner Bros is a company that was established by the Warner brothers to produce and distribute films. It is a large company throughout the world using the latest technology to produce as well as distribute films and television programs. The company also deals with the production of cartoons thus expanding its capabilities. It is a company that has been able to use and maintain very high standards that has seen the company into existence for a very long time. It is important to note that the company has been recognised in various rewards for producing and distributing hit movies and programs in the industry. It is an exceptional company in its daily productions and maintenance. It is cherished by many people due to its various graphics and animations that they use in the movies giving customers the satisfaction they require.

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