GPS: Marketing Plan

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GPS, which is also known as the Global Positioning System helps us in tracking and showing us the way where we have started from, where we have reached. It could be rather said as a map for navigating.

“The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a technical marvel made possible by a group of satellites in earth orbit that transmit precise signals, allowing GPS receivers to calculate and display accurate location, speed, and time information to the user.”

(Zahradnik para 1). GPS is most commonly used in vehicles as it’s an in-built map. In today’s competitive world, we have more companies coming up with more navigation techniques, with more options. Proper planning should be there; else they wouldn’t be of any use. Planning is the preliminary stage where one focuses. It is from this stage that the company’s goals and objectives are placed. SWOT analysis can help develop a marketing plan. It has got its strengths and weaknesses.

Now while considering the analysis one has to keep in mind the internal and external influences. What happens then?

“The four key strategies are,

Focus, personalize, Specialize or Customize and Simplify.” (Bangs 11).

As mentioned earlier one might have its strengths and weakness. Strengths can be to formulate the plan. Know what are the necessities of the common man are. Weaknesses can be to get the right manpower, amount, machinery, etc.

How potentially is it useful as a driver?

First of all, it’s the latest technology available. Though it is expensive, it is worth every penny. One should know the use of it while buying. It can save maps, helps us in showing routes, destinations, time traveled (at what time have we left the place and at what time would we reach there), the longitudes and latitudes, temperature, dining places, airport, shopping, community places, etc. It could be rather judged as a user-friendly machine and is seen as a gadget in most cars. It helps us in doing multiple tasks at the same time.

Different ways to market a Particular Product

First of all, while marketing a particular product one should know the product in and out. The different ways to market a particular product are

  • “Overview: the marketing challenge.
  • Analyzing the market environment.
  • Developing and refining your product.
  • Total quality management (TQM).” (Small Business Guide: Marketing Your Product para 2).

There would be many challenges to be faced while marketing a product. People might not be aware of the product; so first they should be made aware of it. The production environment might not be suitable. Cost of production, the viability of the product, and manpower, etc are some of the factors faced while making a product. So, keeping these things in mind one should manufacture the product and sell it. Strong marketing can help a lot in selling a product. Proper marketing in place with the right dimension would only make it a success. Factors like cost-cutting should also be placed in mind while manufacturing a product because people demand high-quality products with low cost.

Some of the Advantages of GPS are

  • It is unaffected by weather.
  • Helps us in locating locations properly.
  • Data collection costs are lower than conventional methods.
  • Helps us in gathering information 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Some of the Disadvantages of GPS are

  • Signals might get interrupted.
  • One should be trained thoroughly as the technology changes.

“There are three major types of GPS vehicle tracking; cellular-based tracking, wireless passive tracking, and satellite-based real-time GPS tracking.” (Simons para 1).

“A vehicle tracking system is an electronic device installed in a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle’s location. Most modern vehicle tracking systems use Global Positioning System (GPS) modules for accurate location of the vehicle.” (Vehicle Tracking System para 1).

TQM (Total Quality Management): This term defines that there should not be any compromise on the quality of the product because when people invest they need the best product available. “It is a management technique designed to involve all parts of the business in the pursuit of, and commitment to, the highest quality result.” (Hakes ix).

How does it affect people

People might get focused on more of GPS and then might end up having accidents. So, people should be aware of that. Nowadays GPS manufacturers are focusing more on how to retrieve lost cars using a GPS. This will certainly prove effective. It will sigh relief to people. There are incidences where people have met with major accidents by focusing more on GPS rather than on roads. Strong awareness should be given to the people just to make sure that they don’t end up in problems.

This shows that the company is more committed to making the common people safe from all hazards, which in turn promotes the company’s organizational goals to achieve a higher level. Launching a product like this would be more precisely goal-oriented because it helps people in saving their valuable life. Like most other forms of GPS tracking, when it comes to vehicle tracking using GPS, there are two main types: real-time tracking and passive, logging tracking. Depending on why you want to track a certain vehicle will determine which method of tracking you employ.

Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

“When most people think about GPS-based vehicle tracking they think of tracking that occurs in real-time. If a vehicle is at 101 North Main Street then a person is going to want to be able to look at a computer running some GPS tracking software and be able to tell that. If the vehicle then turns left down Michigan Street they want to be able to tell that this has occurred within a reasonable amount of time – say 5 seconds. This is the power of real-time GPS tracking.” (Picking Your GPS Vehicle Tracking System para 3).

Why GPS is Becoming Common

Even GPS can be installed on cell phones and can be used to track people. As technology advances new methodologies are being found out. People nowadays would prefer quality GPS; hence, while manufacturing one should take care of all those. It should have all the latest features available and should be easy to use. It should be user-friendly. Even the security forces in the world use GPS to crackdown car thefts. In America, car theft is common. The police in the state use GPS to crack down on thefts. The tracking system is so proven that most of the cars have this technology installed in them. What happens is when a car is being taken off, the real-time GPS helps in finding it out.

The police will be able to see where the car is being taken and whether it’s being chopped off and sold in parts. They might wait for a little more time to see if more criminals are involved so that they can bust a huge gang. It gives relaxation to the common man that GPS is there and they are safe to a certain extent once the car is parked. “Bait cars are also used by police to track down car thieves. One bait car in Washington State was recently stolen and traced to the thief’s house. Many cars outfitted with GPS devices are recovered each year, even those which do not specifically bait cars. The GPS Vehicle Tracking systems allow police to find and recover the stolen vehicles the same way they do when using a bait car with GPS tracking.” (Bartlett para 5).

People when are misplaced somewhere, the real-time GPS system helps them in reaching their destination or else if someone is injured and needs medical attention, the GPS helps in paving the way to reach the hospital. Though it’s cost-effective it can be helpful. Now, depending on the application the GPS might vary. Better the application, the higher the price.

Risk Factors to be considered while using the GPS

As mentioned earlier, people should be aware of the fact of accidents taking place. They might even have serious hazardous accidents while going through the GPS because of people focusing on it. Instead of concentrating on the road, they might end up mapping the GPS, like where they have reached and at what time will they reach the destination. If not used well, it might mislead you by showing you the wrong path and might end up in accidents.

“In 2006, Great Britain’s Privilege Insurance surveyed motorists in that country about their experiences with GPS units. They found that 19 percent of drivers reported losing concentration on the road while fiddling with their devices, compared to 17 percent of paper map users. A survey released in March by Australian insurer AAMI found 14 percent of drivers using GPS units reported losing their focus on the road.” (Pearson para 12).

GPS is being accepted globally and is being used by people all over the world. People are expecting GPS to be more improved in the coming years. ”GPS tracking system is prominent on your kid’s safeness. We all distinguish that minor drivers are many times at risk. They are less knowing and more pompous than those who have been driving in the direction of diver’s years. Teenagers are more likely to take unnecessary risks and force at grand speed.” (GPS Tracking Organized Whole – Safety after Your Kids and Congenial of Mind Proper for You para 5).

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