Developing and Introducing a New Product

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The new product development is an Endeavour, consisting of the design and development of the product. Any products that are fresh in the market as a result of innovation or new specific features are called the new product. The new product development is the ultimate product as a result of the analyzing, designing, developing, and brainstorming of ideas and creativity. “The new products often glow with the promise and the forecast rings with the authentic precision, that entire business strategies defining an organization’s future are built on them” (Thomas 3).

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Background of the project

The background of the project deals with the garment industry namely XYZ Garments Ltd. The selection of the garment industry was a result of the availability of the jute in cheap.It is very useful in the agro textile industries.

Jute serves many purposes and it is a bio degradable material, different kinds of polyethylene sleeves are non-biodegradable are used for the purpose of sapling, as it causes the environmental harm they can be avoided by the use of the jute.

As the braiding machines are considered the different kinds of the yarns can be obtained from the spinning department without huge manpower, and as the braiding is considered the labor is cheap and the machine cost is also less.

As braiding is a small-scale industry the vast scope is there for the braiding industry in terms of manufacturing diversity and the increased sale in the local market. “Braiding is more significant for industrial fabrics than consumer textiles and with its increasing applications; braiding is one of the major fabrication methods for composite reinforcement structures” (Gopalakrishnan).

Overall aim and Purpose

The overall aim of the project is to maintain a good garment manufacturer in terms of profit and revenue, and expand the business in multiple locations and concentrate on the export market. “To impart necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes relevant to the personnel of District Administration as per job profiles comprehensively for good governance and better service delivery; as per National Training Policy of Training for All” (Aim of the Project).

As there are different factories operating and the many of them doesn’t satisfy the customers, so the analysis is conducted to identify the needs and wants of the customer.

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The aim of the concept should offer a trendy outlook, quality products, and marvelous designs and amicable relationships with the customers.

There are many limitations on time, resources and climate which affect the production and the availability of the resources at the required point of time. Another major limitation is on the concept of the penetrated pricing and making the availability at.

Cheap pricing, as a new company the different threats have to be faced by the company.


The project aims to have a good analysis of the investment and to maintain a good profit and the revenue. To manufacture the garments by the jute and the braiding process. To concentrate on the growing business and to add on the various products in the product line. To provide the materials at lesser price and the penetration pricing strategy is included to make the wide awareness of the product and to make it affordable to the wide market segmentation. “Objectives are the concrete statements that describe the things a project is trying to achieve. A project objective should be written so that it can be evaluated at the conclusion of a project to see whether it was achieved” (Mochal).

Project outcome

As the main process is the braiding material it can be made by utilizing the jute yarns from the spinning department without the intermediaries involved. the manpower is not used in the process and the cost involved in the manufacturing is cheaper. The jute products are eco-friendly and the jute sleeves are used in the different nurseries for the sapling and it is helpful for the growth of the saplings.

Qualities of the materials are found and they have the good reputation in the market. The high profit is a good outcome of the project. “Project outcomes are defined as processes and/or products targeted at specific groups” (Project Outcomes).

Approach & Methodology

A product is anything which is able to assure the felt need of an individual. Manufacture of garments is service industry lot of care should be given before launching the product. Proper research activity must be maintained taken at the time of the new product development process otherwise the product become fail in the market. Proper contacts are fundamental to accomplishment any product launch program. The new product development team must tell its concepts to the superior authority to assign property to the project. Product development team must also maintain contact with all the departments for allocating the resource. “The services marketing comprises of 7″P”s these include product, price, promotion, place, people, physical evidence, process” (Service Marketing Mix/Extended Marketing Mix).

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All products have come across certain life cycle the product become die within this time. So it is very much necessary for the industry to examine the life cycle of the product regularly to modify the product according to the requirement. “The new-product planning process involves a series of steps from idea generation to commercialization” (Product Development Stages).

New product development process

Idea Generation

It is a constant and regular finding for opportunities for new products. Various methods are also used for generating the new product idea. This company mainly adopts methods like review the past history and want estimation of braided product with stress on jute material. Review the past work helps to get a lot of ideas for new product development. Idea generation in open view helps to get lot of ideas for further steps. “There are two main components to the idea generation process. The first is the expansion phase this is where the facilitator helps the group explore lots of territories where ideas might be uncovered. The second phase is the convergence phase. This is the phase where the facilitator takes the group through a process to hone down the ideas and select those that are most likely to solve the problem or best address the opportunity” (Facilitating Idea Generation – Divergence and Convergence).

Product selection

After the idea generation about the probable product next main task is to the screening the idea for the further steps. These steps help to eliminate the unappealing idea.nowadays most of the organization using the checklist for preliminary assessment. In this first the firm makes list of new product variable and evaluate this variable with the new product attribute. So that it will help to make better selection for the manufacturing industry to using braiding method. Product selection according to taste prevailing in the market helps to get the profitable industry. Like changes also make to the braiding machine according to the product need. “Product selection can begin after the establishment of project-specific environmental goals. The environmental assessment process for building products involves 3 basis steps ie, Research, evaluation and selection” (Construction Select Production).

Protecting the ideas

Once we get the best ideas for manufacturing the garment next step is to protect the idea from others. Various methods are adopting to produce the idea. Here one the company identified the idea according to the need of the customer next the company should protect the idea from further coping. “If you think you’ve come up with a valuable idea for a new product, you should take steps to protect it. Most people who want to protect ideas think first of patents” (Product Development).

Business analysis

Business analysis for the new product development process is more comprehensive than the other various factors should be considered for preparation.

First factor that needs to consider is the price of the garment as well as its relationship with the sales volume of the garment. It is necessary to examine its sales growth rate as well as the repurchase of the garments. Another factor taken into consideration is that the profitability of the firm out of the new product, preliminary investment needed, competition prevailing in the market etc…this stage helps to eliminate the unimportant items for the development of the product. “Business analysis for a particular product requires company history and resources including a projected income statement, measurable goals and objectives, and an account list that includes an analysis of the most valuable customers” (Business Analysis).

Product expansion

Product expansion changes the product idea into the tangible form. Once the firm identified the entire attribute required for manufacturing the garment product expansion change these attributes into the tangible forms. This stage includes, branding, positioning of the garment, covering of the garment and all. Necessary modifications for the braiding machine should be maintained.

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After the test marketing of the garment next stage the company is in position to launch the product in the open market. Marketing mix of the product is also considered at time of product launch. “Full commercialization of the product – the beginning of full production and commercial launch” (Stage-Gate – Your Roadmap for New Product Development).

Resources used in Manufacture of garments using braiding methods

Braiding is a very important technique used for the purpose of manufacture of clothes. ”Braiding of fiber yarn creates a strand or rope that is thicker and stronger than the strands would have been separate” (Braiding Definition: Definitions for the Clothing & Fabric Industry).

The meaning of braid is to intertwine three or more three different strands of one or many materials in a crosswise overlap model. Silk& jute are important materials used in the braiding method. Any resource that can resist scratches & cuts during the braiding process can be used. The type of yarn that is being used is of high importance in the process of braiding. “The effect on the appearance of a finished work does not only come from attributes of the kinds materials such as silk, cotton, wool, etc., but also from the type of the yarn used” (L-M Brick News).

Chemicals are also an important resource. Braids can be done in both orthodox and unorthodox patterns. The most important thing in the process of braiding is the creation of loops. Braiding is very useful for lightweight garments and so is very beneficial for the textile industry. Braiding is a very important technique of fabric development in textile compound mechanized industry. Braided materials can be used for fashion wear and even for shoelaces. Braiding is also done on human hairs. The art of braiding not only requires special skills in the human resource employed but also patience in the job. The creation of loops requires specially skilled people in designing. Similarly the method of joining the braids is also important and requires trained manpower.

Dyeing of the fabric, cutting, degumming, braiding and tufting requires the employment of specially skilled manpower. A braid is created through a braiding machine Braiding machine is of small diameter with blades. Electronic resources which are needed for the purpose of braiding are braiding stands. There are round, high standing and plaited braided cords. “The karakumidai is a small braiding stand that produces twined braids made up of diamond and half diamond shapes. Braiders find it fascinating to watch the colorful diamond shapes take form as the braid grows” (Braiders Hand). Braiding in textiles is a very modern & useful technology. “Because of the many crossover points, braids also have excellent also have excellent crack-stopping capability. a potential problem, often alleviated by good braid design, is the loss in properties because of crimping” (Strong 256).

The cost of Different special abrasion-resistant fabrics used for braiding is very high. Similarly the structural machines that are specially required for this purpose are quite high because today braiding technique is being used very popularly in textile industry for the fashion world.


There are many types of risks involved in the Manufacture of garments using braiding methods like technological risk, price risk, calendar risk, program risk and supportability risk. “The top-level risk matrix is applied at the total program level as a starting point” (Schott 4-6).

Risks in braiding industry relate to the proper resistance of the yarn while the process of braiding is being done. So risk in terms of proper fabric is quite high. Since the process of braiding involves cutting and use of dyes, degumming so it involves the need for the care of manpower so proper protective gloves should be used. Using the process of braiding “textile manufacturing is one of the largest industrial producers of wastewater” (Manual: Best Management Practices for Pollution Prevention in the Textile Industry). “The concomitant of depression was the emergence of a large amount of surplus capacity, which lowered returns because immediately trade improved slightly some idle capacity could be brought into service, thus bringing prices down again” (Briscoe 163).

Protection of fabrics is a highly risky venture.


Braiding is a very health-friendly concept used in textile manufacturing and is very beneficial because it is very environmentally friendly. Secondly it removes the deficiencies in traditional systems like knitting, weaving etc. So the project is highly recommended.


WBS (work breakdown structure.)

“A project is made manageable by first breaking it down into individual components in a hierarchical structure, known as work breakdown structure. Such structure defines a task that can be completed independently of another task, facilitating resource allocation, assignment of responsibilities, and measurement and control of the project” (Work Breakdown Structure).

Gantt chart of the design process

Task: Project No:1 Starting Finishing
1.Idea Generation 03.02.2010 06.02.2010
2.Product selection 06.02.2010 18.02.2010
3.Protecting the ideas 18.02.2010 30.02.2010
4.Business analysis 30.02.2010 18.03.2010
5product expansion 18.03.2010 29.03.2010
6.Commercialization 29.03.2010 05.04.2010

Responsibility matrix: The team has put in total efforts in discovering the new method of braiding which can be very technology used in the textile industry. Resources were discovered and searched for the project. Human resource safety measures were also considered. The new product development process (idea generation, screening etc.) was properly done.

Risk plan: The risk plan includes the changes in customers’ tastes from time to time in textiles. It also involved the lack of adequate yarns at proper times needed for the method of braiding in textile manufacturing.

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