Consumer Behavior Audit: Anoush Soap

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Consumers are the focal point for any business that desires to launch its productions. They are usually the centers for all business undertakings as they are the reasons why the products are produced. As manufacture launches into a production activity, they need to remember that they desire to sell it to the people and thus ensuring that they manufacture goods that shall be acceptable to them. In doing this they need to know who their target consumers are and what they are likely to prefer. They also need to consider the various seasons in which the product will be sold so as to utilize the available marketing opportunity. The geographical location of the place where the product is to be sold will also be necessary for ensuring that the right decisions are made considering the cultural aspect of the people (Khosrow-Pour, 2008). In this review we are going to lay our focus on a toilet soap called Anoush, which is manufactured in the United States and go-ahead to look at how well it can perform in Brazil. In world coverage, Brazil is the fifth-largest in size with a diversity of cultures located in the different regions of the country. There is a lot of cultural diversity in the country due to the continuous immigration. In this discussion we are going to look at a product in Brazil and the procedures that can be employed by the marketer to ensure that the consumers have access to it. Our focus product is earth’s best baby food which is mainly a mixture of organic food products that are suitable for the baby. Brazil is a multicultural society and we therefore need to employ marketing strategies that will ensure that the target group which is mothers is access to the information.

Brazil is divided into five main regions that serve as administrative regions but also describe the different cultural inclinations of the people. The northeast region is mainly composed of people of the African descent; this means that there is a lot of African influence in the region. There is the south and the southeast part of the region which is mostly composed of people of European and Japanese descent. The north and central-west part of the region is mostly composed of the indigenous people from Brazil (Brown, 1994). There is a lot of regional immigration from the region that makes the nation have a lot of diversity in terms of race. This basically means that international products will perform according to the country in which they were manufactured. There is a distinction that is made between the rich and the poor in the country. The northern part is underdeveloped and composed of mostly the poor people. The southern part is however more industrialized with the rich people. Considering the diversity that is displayed by the various regions, people have different purchasing abilities and the success of the product will mainly depend on its components and the price it is going for. The people of the southern region are more exposed and will hence react positively to Anoush soap. This is also partly because of the reason the most of the people in the area are of American origin and will hence easily identify with the product. The people of the northern region are not exposed much and are more conservative. This region will hence need a lot of sales promotion to assure the people that the product is safe for their health.

Market Segmentation

Brazil is a large nation in South America with Portuguese as the main language. Most of its population is in the urban centers and the number of women are slightly more than men. In marketing Anoush toilet soap the company will require to subdivide the nation into some smaller parts for the purposes of marketing. This will be done for the purpose of ensuring that appropriate marketing strategies are employed for maximum coverage. The segments can be largely done basing on the two common regions of the nation, namely the southern and the northern. However, for easier penetration and to reach as many people as possible the five geographical divisions may be used. Target group here is mostly the youth who are sensitive to the components used in the beauty products (Baker, 2001). Considering this, we realize that most of such youth will be found in institutions of higher learning or be reached through modern technology which is the internet. Television may hence not be the best advertising media as they may not have the time to watch it. The product will again be preferred by the youth considering the fact that it is rich in plant products that are required for their skin. The soap also comes as liquid and solid to suit the different economical classes of the people of Brazil and also their preferences.

Considering the large size of the country and the fact that different regions are influenced by a number of factors, it will be good for the company to segment this country into such sections. There are a number of nations that border the country which has also led to interactions and intermarriages. The country has therefore a lot of cultural influences that have been brought about by immigrants. The main cultural influence of the country is Portuguese, but there are also a number of religions that cause a difference in their cultural practices. The market will hence be segmented in accordance with such religious practices. For the urban population, the Portugal culture of advertising will be most popular. For the other areas where there is much influence of the Roman Catholic and African traditions, it will be segmented accordingly and appropriately advertising strategies employed. Segmentation will not only be used at the initial stages of marketing this product but a permanent reference to determine the area where the product is extensively being sold. This will assist the management in employing more sophisticated marketing strategies in places where the product is not selling. They will also be able to extensively study the population to identify the reason why the product is not selling like the way it is selling in other areas.

As the sales person approaches the different groups of people in the segmented areas, they will be able to know their different tastes and preferences and know how to pack and market their products to suit them. It is usually the desire of a manufacturing company to distribute products that will be appreciated by the consumers. This has to do with the way the product is packed, branded and also presented to the customers. An assumption should never be made when the product succeeds in a certain segment. The company may realize that as much as a certain group of people will prefer to buy the product in bulk, there are those that will want to buy it in smaller quantities, raising the need of subdividing them (Albau, 2005). This usually has to do with the income of the people and the different sizes of families in the area.

Product Position

Manufactures should never assume that the product will always perform well in the market. They need to carry out an analysis of how the product is fairing in the different segments of the market. This will be done by assessing the different products in the market that are giving Anoush toilet soap competition. The position of the product in the market will help the company to know whether the advertising procedures being employed are working out or more strategies need to be employed. The position of the product may vary from one segment to another and from season to season. It may also be determined by the financial position of the target group at a certain period and the various changes happening in the market. Such an analysis should hence be carried out on a regular basis to know the different kinds of adjustments that need to be made in the market. The information received will enable the company to make wise decisions that will enhance its production, distribution and marketing strategies. The analysis should not be restricted to one location but done in the entire nation of Brazil. There may be substantial costs that may be involved in the same, but after some time they will realize its worth.

Product position is not only ascertained b its performance by looking at the purchasing power of the individuals. An analysis can be made to find out what the consumers have to say about the product. Consumers may have a certain thing that they don’t like about a particular product but lack an avenue to tell it out. As the marketing personnel carry out such a field study, they will be able to know the kind of attitudes that the consumers have towards the product which hence influences them to purchase or not to purchase them. It will be an opportunity for the marketers to answer some of the questions that have been bothering consumers about the products. There is usually an impact that is created on consumers when the company sends some of its representatives to carry out a research (Hogg, 2005). A stronger relationship will be created among them which will birth a confidence in them that the company cares about what they feel and think about the product. The team will also come back with a report that will help the company to make the necessary improvements and adjustments to the product.

Apart from the oral interviews that they carry out in the market, they should have questionnaires that they will distribute to the people to ask them if the product is granting them the beauty that they desire. The youth that has used the product for a certain period of time should be able to tell the marketers if there is any observable improvement that is being made to their skin or not. They will also have the opportunity to share with them the other alternative measures that they use to keep their skin health apart from the product proposed by the company. They should also tell the marketers how they find the product in comparison to other similar products. The marketing personnel will also enumerate to them the contents of the products and how they can be used effectively for good results. Many a time people may fail to buy a product not because they don’t want to but simply because they don’t know that the product exists. Some who may be aware of its existence may be unable to purchase it because they don’t know its importance. As a research is carried out concerning such product the company will be able to know its general position in the market. The views that are collected in the Market concerning the product should be taken seriously and appropriate measures taken to ensure it gains the much-needed popularity.

During the research, a lot may be learned about the promotion strategies that are used by other similar brands that are causing a lot of competition. They will be able to borrow a leaf from them and know how to handle their consumers. Lessons should be learned not only from products that are performing better than them but also from those that are below their ranking. They will be able to know what to try out and what they should not dare because of its consequences. It may be realized that the attitudes that the consumers were holding towards the product are different from what the product really is. They will also be informed of the other potential competitors that are coming up in the market and thus putting their best foot forward to ensure that their market share is maintained and also improved. Every challenge should be taken positively and used as an avenue to improve on the production and generals packaging of the goods. It may at times be difficult to get genuine answers from the interviewees as some of them may respond according to their moods. If the research involves a bigger population, the samples will be made basing on the majority.


There are many factors that need to be considered when setting the price of a commodity. In this case our product is Anoush toilet soap which is a beauty product for all age groups. Our target customers here are the youth who are more concerned about their physical appearance. These are therefore young people that may either be working or are in institutions of higher learning. Depending on the areas where they are located, they have different cultural beliefs and also varying incomes. Those in the northern region may prefer the solid soap that is simpler to use and also cheaper while those in the south may go for the liquid soap due to their social status. It will therefore be important to set a price that will be accepted and appreciated by these different groups of mothers. When setting the price of the product there are things that can not be avoided. No matter how much the economic situation may be or the income of the people, there are certain expenses that have been incurred during the manufacture and distribution of the product that can not be avoided. Such costs may include; purchase of raw materials, production expenses, packages of the product, storage cost and transportation to the market. There may be also other expenses like remuneration to the employees and other unpredictable risks such as the distraction of the products. All this has to be calculated to determine the cost per unit of such products. It is after setting such costs that the company will know how much profit they will desire to make and set the price.

The price of the product may differ due to the changes in the market. This could be due to the change in the price of raw materials and the changes in the infrastructure that may influence the transportation cost. Such adjustments should be done accordingly to ensure that consumers have a fair deal. In setting up the price of the commodity, they should also consider their position in the market and the prices of other similar products. This will ensure that the price is not completely discouraging the consumers from purchasing the product. If the product is being launched a fresh in the market, the company will need to make some compromises and set it at a slightly cheaper price than other similar products (Kelly, 2005). This should be done for the reason of attracting new customers and making them have a taste of the product. Once the product has gained a substantial share in the market, the price should be adjusted strategically. As long as the product is of good quality and that it has been familiarized to the people the company should not hesitate to adjust the price. This will ensure that the other projects of the company that includes expanding on its distribution are effective.

It should be noted that price is one of the fundamental considerations that a consumer will look out for before making a purchasing decision. For baby soap, the youth may also look at the ingredients used to manufacture the product but only after considering its price. The price should hence be set in a way that will attract consumers to have an extra glance at the product. Different units of similar products should also be considered especially for those that may be having insufficient funds. If the product is new to a consumer, they may also prefer to buy it in smaller units for the purpose of testing it. The company may also consider minimizing the costs of transporting, packaging and storage of the products by having its personal facilities. This will in turn enhance the prices that are set on such products and ensuring that they reach their potential customers in good time and condition.

Distribution Strategy

Middlemen can be a big letdown to the company when it comes to distribution of the product. They may however not be avoided completely but the company should try its best to shorten the chain. Brazil is a big country and it may therefore not be easy to transport Anoush soap from a single location daily to the other areas. The products may get there either when it is late or when they are not in good condition. The company may hence consider establishing distribution centers according to the five regions of the nation. This will ensure easier distribution to the people after it has gained such popularity. The company should hence have a distribution mechanism that will ensure that the product arrives at their destination on time and when they are in good condition. In case the company does not have other branches in different regions of the Brazil, then it will have to consider establishing distribution outlets as it considers setting up the branches. The distribution outlets will also act as storage facilities that will ensure that the product is not sold due to destruction or its unavailability (Baker, 2001). It will also eliminate the company’s reliability on middlemen who set exorbitant prices with the aim of making high profits.

If transporting the product in smaller units will be costly for the company, then it can minimize such expenses by transporting it in bulk and repackaging it once it reaches its destination. It may also be easier to preserve the product when it is in larger quantities rather than when it is in smaller units. The distribution strategy should be done basing on the research that has been carried out on how the product is performing in the market. The southern areas may need to be distributed with more of the product compared to the northern areas because it has gained popularity. There are also those areas where the consumers have not yet understood the product well and may thus not be buying it in large quantities. The correct quantity should always be supplied to such areas to ensure that the company does not incur losses. This should however be adjusted as the company launches its sales promotion strategies and thus having the attention of the consumers.

Promotion Strategy

Promotion of the product is an ongoing strategy that the company should never get tired of. This is due to the fact that every day new people come into the market that may not be informed about the product. There are also some other products that have been there and are also coming up of which the company has to compete with. Sales promotion ensures that the product is not forgotten by its consumers and also informs them of the various improvements being made to it. The fact that a product may be preferred by consumers today does not necessarily mean that they will have similar preferences for it tomorrow. There are a number of changes that are continually being experienced in this market of which the company has to keep adjusting. After making such adjustments, they will need to inform their clients so that they understand what they are going for. Sales promotion may involve a number of strategies that include the way the product is packed and how it is advertised. Before the company thinks of enticing its consumers by giving them high-quality products, they need to be attracted to the advertisements and the packages.

Potential consumers for Anoush soup are people of all age groups who are most sensitive to the results that they get from the product. They will hence look at the mechanical components of the soup to see whether it contains chemicals that will be harmful to their skins. The people of the southern region who are most exposed will go ahead to seek medical consultation to see whether the product is good for their skin. They will only be committed to buying the product after being assured that its composition is helpful to the skin. Those of the northern region may be interested in the scent of the soap and whether it will be economical for them. When looking for a media to advertise the products, they should look at the different segments that their market is divided into and consider the lifestyles of the people. Television coverage, posters and vouchers will be suitable for the people in the northern region. Those in the northern region will be perfectly reached using the internet and the advertisements placed in lifestyle magazines. People in the southern segment may also be visited personally by sales representatives from the company who will explain to them about the product. If the segment is composed of people that are in different occupations, then the internet will be the best media. An appropriate website for the same should however be chosen to ensure that the targeted group is reached. Billboards can also be put at strategic places in the urban centers to attract the attention of the masses. Magazines and other written media can also be a good advertising media that the company can use to familiarize its products.

When choosing an advertising medium, the company should consider the cost and the expected income. This is due to the fact the some companies employ expensive advertising strategies but fail to achieve the desired results. This makes them incur extra expenses which may not be replaced by increased sales. Just because a certain product is doing well because they used a certain advertising media, the company should not just apply it. They should consider the kind of people that they desire to reach and the most appropriate advertisements that will be most accessible. The media used for advertisement can be adjusted over time depending on the season and the new level that the product achieves. It may reach a time when certain means of advertisements will be discarded to utilize others that will be most appropriate. The company may consider printing fliers that can be distributed especially in learning institutions. This could in fact be the best avenue for doing their sales promotion because they are mainly composed of young people that are beauty conscious. A learning institution is an area where the marketing personnel will be sure to reach the right group of people to sell their products to.

The process should be done in a way that the youth will be made to understand the botanical value of the product and advice them to use the same even as they aspire to look beautiful and maintain a good skin. This is an environment that the company will have a high percentage of assurance on how the product is perceived. It will also be easier for the youth to trust the product since the promotion is being done in learning institution where they can carry out a research and consult among themselves about the implications of the ingredients used. They will also have the opportunity of knowing the implications of the various components that are used in the product. This will be done by making the necessary research from reliable sources. The company will be sure to have a good sale as their products get a boost from the assurance of the students and probably their lectures.

Sales promotion involves the distribution of free samples especially to an area where the product is being launched for the first time. This will ensure that the targeted individuals have a taste of the product and thus developing a positive attitude towards it. People may not be willing to buy it for the first time because they are not sure of the results. There is a tendency among people to go for the products that they have trusted and not daring to buy those products that are new (Rosen, 1964). When the products are however offered to them free of charge, they will attempt them and if they find that their quality was good, they will develop a loyalty towards them. This is hence the point at which the company should target as they distribute the free samples. Since the company is convinced that the product is of high quality, they should win the loyalty of the consumers by granting them such offers. Giving them the opportunity to use the product free of charge may make them realize how best it is and hence developing a loyalty towards the same. It will be a good starting point for ensuring that they develop a positive attitude towards the product and the company.


Anoush is a botanical soap that has been formulated to suit all skin types. It comes in various packs to suit the tastes of the people. For those that love scent min their soaps, the product ahs the provision and for those that prefer it plain will also not be disappointed with the same. There are varieties in terms of solid and liquid soap. The soap products are similar but designed with such differences to suit the needs of the people. The people in the southern region who are mainly wealthier may mainly prefer the liquid soap. For the people in the north, the solid soap may be the most preferred due to their cultural inclination. The solid soap is also cheaper than the liquid soap and thus making it preferable to the different regions of the people. The product is composed of natural ingredients that moisturize the skin and give it the radiance that the body deserves. The different components of the soap should be clearly enumerated to the people considering the difference in their cultures. It may not be easy for those in the remote areas to understand the implications of the ingredients and how beneficial it will be to their skin, the marketing team will hence need to use some of the indigenous terms and examples to explain to them. It is only when they have such a proper understanding that they will be the products it will be quite easy to sell the product to the people in the southern region because they are exposed. Intensified promotional strategies will hence be employed in the northern region.

Customer Satisfaction and Commitment

The aim of employing all the sales promotion techniques is to ensure that the product being offered to the customers is satisfactory to them. The company aims at producing products that will not only appeal to the customers but also make them desire more. This is a point where the product has gained such goodwill that the company will not have to advertise much. Customer satisfaction comes when the customers have had a taste of the product and consequently seen the results. Until that point when the company reaches when they don’t have to convince the customers that their product is the best, they need to employ more extensive sales promotion techniques. This may require the company to makes certain improvements to the product to enhance its quality. Customer satisfaction is a goal that is not easy to achieve considering the number of similar products available in the market and the different tastes of the consumer. This should however not be the ground to make the company discouraged. There is always that higher level that can be achieved if the company continues to employ consumer satisfaction strategies like improving the quality of the product.

Customer satisfaction is not based on the number of people that will use the product but rather the good report that is received from those that are using it. There could only be a small percentage of them that use the product yet none of them has complained of the side effects that may come with such similar products. When the group that is using the products appreciates it, then there is a very high possibility that other customers will be attracted to the product. Loyal customers are the people that the company can rely on when it comes to attracting more customers. These are the people that absolutely trust the product and are ready to encourage others to use it. There is a greater impact on consumers when their fellow user recommends a product to them than when they are approached by a sales representative. This is basically because they feel a sales representative is only persuading them to buy it without knowing how effective it is. When the encouragement comes from a fellow user, they tend to trust them more because they have used it and known its affectivity.

Conclusion/ Recommendation

Consumers are unpredictable groups of individuals that need to be studied on a daily basis. There can be no telling when they are going to prefer a certain product over the other. It is the role of the marketing department to ensure that they are informed of the changing trends among consumers and thus implementing strategies that will work for them. No matter how long a product has been in the market, it can always be adjusted to suit the current taste of the people. It requires the company to be dynamic and ensure that the necessary changes are made to the product. This does not basically refer to the design of the product but also the strategies that are used for advertising. The manufacturing company naming located in the United States may not be able to know the changes that are taking place in Brazil to design appropriate products. The company hence needs to rely on the frequent reports presented to them by the marketing department to implement the changes. Considering the difference in the cultural inclinations of the [people in Brazil and the united states, it will be appropriate for the manufacturing company to design packages that the people will easily be connected to. The language sued to describe the components in the product should be easy for the people to understand so that they can be sure of what they are buying.

The company may also find it necessary to change the brand name of the product which is necessary min attracting customers. The name Anoush may be easier for the people of America to pronounce, but the case may be different to the Brazilians especially those in the northern region. After studying the culture and way of the people, they will be required to give the product a name they can easily prono8unce and relate with. The graphics that are used on the package of the soap should not be foreign just in case there are some people that have negative attitudes towards foreign items. People have a tendency of being loyal to their own products and thus minding much about such display. In case some of the components of the product are too sophisticated for the people to understand, the company may consider reducing on them to make the product more acceptable. The youth may also prefer different beauty products to be included in the product such as aloe vera and rose extracts (Council of Europe, 2009). A variety of soaps with such components should also be considered for manufacture to suit such different changes. Above that may be said, the company needs to be sensitive to the changes in the market and adjust accordingly in order to increase the sale of Anoush in Brazil.


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